Yasir Qadhi – The Descriptions of Jannah #1 – The Names of Jannah

Yasir Qadhi
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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh who Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah we thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for each and every blessing that He has given us the blessings that we recognize, and the blessings that we do not recognize for Indeed Allah subhanho wa Taala has immersed us in His blessings. We ask Allah subhana wa to Allah to guide us and to guide others through us and to protect our faults and to cover our sins. And we ask Allah subhana wa tada for a man that is perfect, and for his loss that is sincere and for good deeds that are accepted and for the eyes that are responded to, and we ask Allah azza wa jal for knowledge that is beneficial. And we ask Allah

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azza wa jal for pure Eman and to be amongst them with 13 Alhamdulillah. Today, we are starting a new series after an entire series that hamdulillah we managed to do, we've noticed we're now starting the final series of this multi series part if you remember, the last talk that I gave on this subject is that the goal was to really do an entire journey of the end of times, which is the science of the Day of Judgment, which we did last year, and then move on to the barossa, which is the reality of that intermittent state between death and between the Yama we did 10 series on the bottles, and then an entire series on the actual day of judgment, a very detailed series about the

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various aspects and the outcomes of the Day of Judgment. That was number three, the number four we have the series about jahannam and the details of jahannam. And now the final, this is the fifth series of this entire multi part series and our journey has taken us 100 Law Firm Alhamdulillah more than almost a year and a half now and hamdulillah of the series. So now we're going to begin the last of our series, and Allah knows how many lessons is going to be and this series is of course, in many ways, the most important and the most exciting, because at the end of the day, this is our goal, this is the destination This is why we're doing all that we're doing everything revolves

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around this goal. This is why we are here this is our ultimate goal. This is the destination This is our ultimate desire. And that is of course Jen itself where the paradise that Allah subhana wa tada has promised and of course, our Prophet sallallahu ala he was sending them has described Jenna in so many traditions and the Quran is full of the descriptions of gender in a hadith that is reported in both pahadi and Muslim and it is a hadith could see so this is really the highest of the high because again, in terms of authenticity, Bukhari and Muslim is the most authentic in terms of nobility had you could see is the highest category Have you could see is one the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam narrates from Allah subhanho wa Taala so when you have a hadith could see that is in Bukhari and Muslim you are really talking about the most blessed and the most precious category of Hadith that is known to man, and one of these ahaadeeth could see is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying that Allah subhana wa tada said, that added to the rebellious side of Hina Myrna I know Rottweiler udaan, semi Aquila hot or other calibers of thermocol Rasulullah sallallahu idea he was selling them

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to him fella talamona some of yellowman karate ninjas American Yama loon, Allah azza wa jal says in a hadith kotse, I have prepared for my righteous servants, those blessings that no eye has ever seen, and no ear has ever heard about. And in fact, even the imaginations of men have never even conceived them.

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Pause over this Hadeeth here, we are now entering a journey that is going to describe in human words is going to describe in the speech of men, that which no man has seen, that which no ear has heard, and that which no human has even conceived. So realize that our

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Our entire series will not even do a fraction of the justice to the reality that is beyond our entire series is merely the beginning. This is merely a speech that is meant for us to begin to comprehend. But whatever we comprehend, it is not real. It is not the actual, it is simply some aspect, an infinitesimally small amount of the reality that is beyond even what anyone has heard. And in fact, the descriptions of gender, they are only they're really to entice us to what we can understand the reality of gender is beyond human description, the reality of what is actually there. Words cannot do justice to us. And therefore that's why the prophet SAW us and told us that Allah

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himself has said, that what is really engender, is something that no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and in fact, not even the mind has possibly conceived. And then the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam after telling us of this, he then says, If you wish to confirm this reality, then look at the Quran itself. And he recited sutra says the verse 17 fella tie the moon up soon, man Oh, yeah, the human karate iron. No soul has ever realized what has been prepared for them of that which will make them comforted that which will make them happy. That is because Joseph Macario Maroon, it is a result of all that they used to do. No soul is aware of what has been hidden from them. alone. It is

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hidden from the eyes of men. People do not know what it is people have not seen or conceived it and yet the Quran is describing it now here's the question.

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How can the Quran describe what Allah Himself is saying? That no ear has heard think about this right what a hot rod called Viva la una semana toda la coka Basha, no I have seen no ear has heard and no mind has conceived and yet the Quran is full of descriptions of gender. The response to this is as a been a bus for the low dollar and who said in a authentic author reported in a very healthy as even a bus said lace FL gender t shape or method dunya lol SMA memorize this as we go through this entire series, there is nothing in gender that is similar to anything on this earth, except the name that is being used. The name so when Allah says gender, we understand the gender of this dunya

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when Allah says an apple when Allah says there's going to be dates in it when Allah says, there's going to be reversed as human tactile and how when Allah says palace is fulfilled when Allah says chambers hoerauf. We understand these words, these words we can imagine them in this world to the most amazing imagination. We can visualize in this world the realities of this world in the most exotic manner, but the actualities of Jannah are beyond mere words. And therefore words do not do justice as if an Ibis said the only thing in common with the agenda of the archaea. And the agenda of this world is the word agenda. The only thing in common with the Fawad came with the fruits of

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gender, and the firewalker of this world, with the Roman agenda and the Roman of this world, with the pursuit of gender and the culture of this world, the only thing in common is the word the same word is used Otherwise, the realities of everything in Jannah is beyond human imagination. So whatever description Allah is giving, whatever wording is being used, realize that your imagination is only for this world. And it is not just it is not doing justice, to the exact jewel or the exact, if you like existence of what Allah is saying in the Quran, that is only going to be experienced for those who enter it. In fact, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that the place that a whip

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of yours occupies, you know, the whips that used for the animals, you know, there's small little thing that you use, right? That That place is small little place in those days, it would have a small little thing that you know, you hit the animals if needs to be hitting, you know, beaten to move it faster or whatnot. So he said that small bit that you have that place of Jannah, that small, little amount, it is more precious than all of the blessings of this world. Everything in this world can you imagine all the wealth of this world? All of the pleasures of this world? Could you imagine the most exotic destinations, all of the treasures of this dunya everything this world has an our

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the place that your whip occupies in Jannah is more precious than

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The entire creation everything in the dunya it is more precious than that. So then what do you think would be the reality of that abode? And that is why do your brothers and sisters as we begin this series, as we begin this series, we simply point out, these are mere words, the realities are beyond our imagination, and nothing, nothing can actually make us understand what is the reality of gender, until insha, Allah to either we intergender so all that we have, make this as an incentive for your imagination, because it is only your imagination and realize the actual incentive, the existence is beyond anything of our imagination. In fact, everything that we are doing, it is meant for that

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goal. And this reminds me of a beautiful Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that is narrated in a Buddha with and others that a Bedouin came to visit the Prophet salallahu it he was setting them. And the Prophet says and observed him praying. And he said, that, tell me, what do you say? What do you say, in your prayer? What do you say in your Salah? What is the draws that you make in your cider? And so, the man said, I simply say the Shahada shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, say, the Tisha hood, excuse me, I say that the show would adhere to the law. And then after I finished the Tisha hood, I asked a law for Jana and I asked a lawyer to protect me from the fire of health

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and then this innocent veteran he's you know, new to Islam. He hasn't memorized anything. He simply remarked in his complete innocence. He said, I don't know the the the murmurings you know the Arabic is done, then that law or sin would then then attack at what at the dinner time was, I haven't memorized the murmurings because you know what the process would make up so he is saying, you can see the whispering you can hear something but you cannot hear the reality. So the better one said that I don't understand your then then I haven't memorized your murmurings or the murmurings of more either. bingeable who is one of the most famous Sahaba and the Professor Smith smiled and said, how

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they're handled and you know, all of our murmurings all of our whisperings, all of our doors are around which you yourself have just said, what was the do out of the bedroom? Oh Allah, I asked you for agenda and a secret protection from the fire of *. This is the ultimate goal. Everything else is secondary. Allah says in the Quran femen Z, how it would fit agenda codifies whoever is managed to see from the fire of * and enters Jenna, that is the person who has won everything else is irrelevant. The ultimate goal is Jen. If we get there having saved ourselves from from jahannam then it hamdulillah everything was worth it. And that's why the prophet SAW some smiled and said, How the

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* do then did everything is around this what we are doing that is all that is all that we are making dua about and of course, our talks today and from this series onwards will be a description of gender and what is the reality of gender? As we said, as best as we can visualize, in reality, our the realities are more than what we can visualize, and I will begin today today's topic will be about the various names of Jenna that are used in the Quran, what are the names that Allah subhana wa tada uses to describe 10 and by the way, most of my series will be based upon the famous book of Enoch, Liam hadn't elaborated, have elaborated for that the guide of the souls to the abode of

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delight, and this is a

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one of the most comprehensive books ever written in our history of Islam, about the blessings of gender, it's a beautiful book, and a block time has also mich poetry, which unfortunately, we're gonna have to gloss over because it's all in Arabic. And he has compiled a very new many in a lot of detail the various blessings of gender and the various aspects that are related to gender. So most of my series will be taken from this book, and of course, I have other references as well. So we're going to begin today talking about the names of gender and of course, the most common name and the prominent name, and the one that is used most frequently is the term Gen itself. In fact, it is used

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over 120 times in the Quran, the word gender is used more than 120 times in the Koran to describe of course the Abode and what does the word gender mean? The route of gender gene noon the route any time this route occurs in the Arabic language, it means something that is hidden, something that is concealed. And of course, the the sort of the basis is jeem. New new Angelina and then the last two have been merged with a shed that Jen so any word in the Arabic language that revolves around the gene and the noon there is something hidden

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in it and therefore for example, the term Jin is used to describe those entities that Allah created that are beyond our vision that's the Jin and the jenine is the embryo because it is hidden in the womb of the pregnant lady and the and the Moo Jin is the the the head covering that is put on the one you go to war you wear that head covering and the Majnoon is the one whose brain is concealed so he is crazy or he acts crazy. So he's called him a junoon because his brain is concealed or his intellect is concealed. And the term Juna is used as a shield. So our Prophet sallallahu I sent him said also Moo Jin, that fasting is a shield or a barrier so joona Shield because when you put that

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shield you are covered remember the term genda means everything that is covered up Jim noon. genda, not the gym noon tab, which is that what we're going to come to and therefore Jenna with the time of Buddha, which is what we're talking about. Jenna is a garden that is concealed from the eyes of men. Okay, so anything that is beautiful, that is luscious, that is green, and that is covered up that is called a gin. And so by definition, the term gender with the Tamar Buta it means beautiful gardens that are concealed from others, it's your garden, nobody else will have access to it, it is something for you and only for you, and that is the term gender. So this is the most common term in

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the Quran. And it occurs as we said, more than 120 times of the terms that a lot subhanho wa Taala uses to describe this abode is darussalam darussalam. And this is used twice in the Quran. In surah Yunus verse 25, Allah says, well, La Jolla drew in it selam Allah is calling to daddy Salaam and assaulted and arm verse 127. Allah says la home de Rue salami in the lobby him they shall have darussalam with their Lord or in the presence of their Lord. So the darussalam What is darussalam darussalam the word doubt means abode or place that you live in. And of course Salam here means the ultimate place of peace Salam there is no harm Salaam there is no evil Salaam there is no suffering

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Salam there is no pain. Salaam there is nothing but peace. That's what Salam here means. So the abode of Salaam is the land in which there is never going to be any pain or suffering, no anguish, no grief, no anxiety. Can you imagine? There is not a single day that goes by in our lives except that something is worrying or something is troubling us. Either there's physical pain, or there's mental mental anguish, it is impossible really, that day goes by except that there's some worry that comes across our mind, because this is not the abode of Siam in general. There is no worry no grief, and that's what Allah says the whole family while at home, yes and when they will not fear nor will

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their worry. And that's why Allah subhana wa tada says, when the people enter agenda, they say Alhamdulillah Hilda de la habana hasn't. We thank Allah who has removed all anxiety from us. The people in darussalam will never be worried about anything. Ultimate peace. That is why it's called out of Salah. And now to sell them also implies that the people will be greeted with set ham and this is also in the Quran, that when the people enter agenda wherever they go, they will hear Salaam and they will see the angels and the angels will say to them, set them when I lay can be mouth. Salam aleikum to bittium that BP a Peace be upon you. May you live in peace salam, aleikum. libitum

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and so the angels will say Salaam to them. And the people of gender will say Salaam to them and most importantly, Allah Himself will greet them with Salam Salam on kolam Robert Rahim Salam on kolam mirabell Rahim salam, it shall be a word from an ever Merciful Lord. And so Subhana Allah, we have here the beauty of calling genda darussalam. Because remember, one of the names of a lot is a Salam. A lot is a Salaam, Allah xojo is the source of peace, and his religion is Islam. And he commanded us to spread the lambs and he calls to darussalam. And the angels will greet the people of heaven would set up and so when the people of Islam who spread set out in this earth and followed Islam, when

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they follow Allah subhanho wa Taala and they walk on the Abode or the journey of darussalam towards darussalam. Therefore when they enter the

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Salam. Salam will greet them with the greetings of Salaam and that's what Allah says Salah moon hola murghab Rahim and that's why it is called darussalam the abode of Salaam nobody shall feel anger towards another. Nobody shall feel jealousy. Nobody shall feel hatred. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said la de la verbena, what about hope? There will be no difference in gender, there will be no animosity in gender audioboom calobra Julien wa hit, their hearts will be united as if it is one heart. Can you imagine? Every one of us has to deal with grief, with anguish with talk and with Calum and with Taylor will call with backbiting with politics every one of us has to deal with

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backstabbing and this and that that's the reality of this world. When you enter agenda, nothing, nothing but peace. Nobody is going to backbite you nobody is going to cause you any issue How can it not be called darussalam and so of the names of gender is darussalam of the names of agenda we'll put actually three of them now because they're all very similar meanings, doubt will hold and doubt will curar and they are all more karma will mention three of them. In fact, so three a three B three c node will hold and download Corrado narooma comma, and all of them imply the same thing. And that is the eternality that is that they shall live there forever and ever and ever. That's what it means

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here that the Dow is going to be the Dow where people will live permanently. There is not going to be an expulsion. There is not going to be an end. That's what DOD will hold means and that will corral the permanency is going to be there. Darren mahkamah they shall have their karma. They shall have the residents over there for all of eternity. And of course these terms are mentioned in the Quran and sort of falter. Verse 35. Allah says that the same verse that I quoted right now, we'll call it hamdulillah. Hilary abandoned has an inner Robin Allah foolin Shaku, Allah He a Helena, dar, Al Mohammad, even fogli the people of gender will say when they enter agenda, we thank Allah who has

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removed all worries from our hearts. And indeed, Our Lord is forgiving, and he is ever thankful for what we have done. He is the one that has permitted for us to live in doubt and more karma from his blessings, doubt and more karma when they enter Jannah. You know, it's not a temporary move. Every time we move somewhere, we wonder, how long are we going to stay here? What is going to be our next place of residence we do not know. But gentlemen, is thermo karma. It is our permanent abode. And that's why Allah calls it datatable karma. And of course, datalocker are you sort of offered verse 39, we're in the theater here, Darrell Cora, that indeed the hereafter it is the DAO de la kharar.

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It is the abode of no coming back, no changing it will be permanent for all of eternity. So these are terms that the Quran uses to describe the hereafter. And in particular, Jen is going to be the doubt that excuse me, the doubt that there is no coming out of and it will be a permanent residence.

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Another common term that the Quran uses, is doubt will Akira doubt the abode of the hereafter the abode of the next life and this occurs around 10 times in the Koran era. And generally speaking, Allah subhanho wa Taala uses this term to contrast this world with the next world that it is as if Allah is saying this world is temporary, this world is not permanent, why would you substitute the permanent for the next which is forever and ever. So, especially in the context of contrasting the pleasures of this world of the pleasures of the hero, the temporal nature, the temporary nature of this world, and this is the data dimia this is dunia means close by dunia means this right here, our

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hero, the one that's going to come and there's going to be permanent. So Allah subhana wa tada mentions the archaea, as Look, it's like imagine you're going on a journey. You take a bus, you take the car, and imagine you stop for a while to freshen up and whatnot. Right? This is the dunya This is just the stop and you know that you have to get to the next destination your final destination. Would you in your temporary destination you know construct a big palace when you know you're going to stay there for 10 minutes. You just have to fill up the gas, get some food, you know freshen up and move on. Would you spend all of your money and wealth in that place? Or would you say let's just

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get to the final and that is shallow we can build what we need to build. This is why it's called the Donald Akira is the final destination it is where we're going to go so more than 10 times in the Quran. Allah subhanho wa Taala calls the word the hereafter agenda he calls it after. And when speaking of PowToon for example, the one who is most wealthy of the people of Musa Allah says tilka del Hara to Niger aloha Linda de la rue de la luna for the world a facade that In contrast, Harun who built his

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wealth in this world, Allah is saying that the downhill arc here is what we should aim for. That's the area that we should be more interested in, rather than the wealth of this world and what PowToon has done. And Allah said, We shall give it to those who do not live in this world with arrogance. They don't want haughtiness in this world. They don't want to cause any evil in this world, in the context of another verse that mentioned in the context of the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when they asked, you know, there was a point in this era, when the wealth began to come in. And it is human nature, that our mothers, they asked for a higher standard of living, and that's

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normally and that's fine. That's absolutely no problem with that they asked the Prophet system for a higher standard, and the Prophet system did not want to live a luxurious life. And so he said to them, which is in accordance with Allah, that Allah gave them a choice that if you wish, this world then come, I shall give you all that you want, and then I'll let you go. Then Allah says, When continued to return a law how what are Sula who were down here, notice the context here, that once again, it is this world versus the next world. This is not the permanent This is not the end destination. So Allah says to the wives of the prophets of Allah, why do you send them that if you

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choose Allah and His messenger and the final abode, then indeed I prepared for you a reward beyond measure? Once again, the deltas are here. And Allah says in the Quran, Linden Arsenal, Allah who snap that Lily Lilith in Sofia, Heidi dunya Hasina wa Salatu, higher hire those who do good in this world, they shall have good in this world as well. Then Allah says, but the doubt will Acura is better than this world. Once again, the contrast Allah azza wa jal is constantly reminding us by using the term doubt we are here that this dunya is temporary, it's not the final destination. So he keeps on asking us to check ourselves, why are you spending your entire lives on a temporary

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destination? Why don't you invest for the destination, that will be the permanent one that will come later on, but it will be the final destination. So that's why it is called the doddle after another term that is used in the Quran is gender, not gender to me. And of course, we already explained gender, what it means the meaning of gender, and Alma, we're here means to find safety and security to retire to a place of comfort. So the term is not always for comfort. Sometimes network can be used in a somewhat sarcastic manner to to imply the opposite of comfort and allow us this is in the Koran, the word matwork to describe jahannam as well, that is an evil network. But when Jen is used,

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Gen two will not work. So then now the description becomes positive. Because Jenna and Matt were put together there are both positive. And so gender was used a number of times in the Koran of them is Surah nazjatar, verse 41, a man and half a mahama will be one enough sided, however, in ninjetta here, that whoever fears the meeting of his Lord, and prohibits himself from just following whatever desire he has, then Jen shall be there for him, and, as we said, is the place of safety and security and comfort. It is where you're going to the place of retirement, you're going to go there, and you're going to retire genda tomorrow, and sort of the najem as well, verse 15, Allah says, In the

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cidre, till moonta, harinder Hajin were that upon or with the low tree, which is the highest tree, the highest of the creations of a lot, and there is the agenda tool. And some have said that it is called gender to mattawa because God in himself and myka eat and the angels, they find what they find refuge in gender, so they go to gender, and it is their mattawa. And so it will also be our law. Now some have said gender to law is one of the stations of gender and not all of gender. And others have said all of gender is indeed gender to the law. And the response is that the the the difference is technical in the sense that sometimes you can say all of gender is indeed a matter

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what and maybe there's also a level of gender called gender trauma. And they derive this from the fact that it's sort of the najem Allah xojo is specifying that gender to what is where citrato moonta comes. And so it is as if the highest level or one of the highest levels is gender to my wife. So perhaps we can derive this as well. And some have said, well, Allah uses it here but in fact, it is a description for all of agenda. And both of these opinions are absolutely valid and they in fact overlap with one another. There is no contradiction between the two of them. Another term that has been used in the Quran is Jenna to add in.

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Jana to add in, and this term Jana to either it has occurred more than 10 times in the Quran or 10 times in the Quran that Allah subhana wa tada describes Jenna

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With the term I didn't, and the term I didn't I've already explained this in a previous lecture, but no problem went over this again that the term add in the famous linguist Roger bus for honey, he says that I then means to remain and to be firm is dakara even Mambo, the famous scholar the Arabic language in his monumental work the subtle art of he says that I didn't means to remain at a place and that is why treasure that is found that has been remained buried for a long time that it is called a madman because it's buried over there remains in the ground. And of course, the term iden is known to all English speakers because it occurs in other scriptures as well the the biblical

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scriptures mentioned the Garden of Eden the Garden of Eden the same idea in the book of Genesis and as the Kyle they say the the Garden of Eden and we find it in earlier languages as well. The Acadia the Acadian language, Ed new for the Sumerian has Eden, which means planes are steppy and Aramaic as well has fruitful and well watered, I didn't hear in the ancient Aramaic it means fruitful and well watered. So all of these indicate that the term idun goes back to previous revelations as well that Allah subhanho wa Taala use the word ident in other revelations and he is also used it in this revelation as well just to identify it occurs 10 times in the Koran. Once in the Quran, Allah

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subhanho wa Taala uses a very interesting term very interesting and that is Dar Al higher one Dar Al higher one the abode of higher one now when you're basically learning Arabic When you're just beginning to learn Arabic, you will think haiwan means animal in fact many Arabs will also not understand this What is that? Okay what it means the abode of animals because animals are called higher one that's true that one of the meanings of higher one is animals. The word in English animal is synonymous with the Arabic higher one, that when you go to the zoo, it is called hardihood. Higher Why not? It is the garden of animals or the zoo here. So what is why is Jen called dowtown?

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Higher one and by the way, where does this occur? As soon as that Annika booth for 64 that Allah says no Hold on. We're in the data theater law here and higher one, that the abode of the hereafter it is the higher one it is dealt with higher one. What Why is Jenna called higher one and it is of course the same term that is used as animals. You see the term higher one comes from the Arabic Hyatt and Hyatt means life Hyatt means to live and Jenna is called Dowdell higher one, because that is where the real life occurs. What we are living now it is not the full life is a partial life we eat, we drink, we sleep, we shall die. That's not the ultimate life. In general we do not need to

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eat and drink it's eating and drinking for pleasure. In general we do not sleep as we're going to come to in general, there is no death that is the ultimate life we shall be awake engender, the full life living will be engender. So dear brothers and sisters, this world is not the world of life. It is a world that has partial life, not full life. And that's why the term higher one, the with the construct that it is done. That means the Ultimate Life the full life, the animals are called higher, why not because they have life. That's just another term. But that's not the meaning over here when Allah says Jen is the Dowdell higher one, right? What he means here is that the life of

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Jen is the ultimate life, the essence of life, a life like no other life, that is the real life. That's why it's called Dowdell higher one. And so Jen is the ultimate life that we need to look forward to. Therefore what we are living now, we haven't really tasted the sweetness of life that will be in the next life and that's why Allah calls it the abode of real life.

00:33:57 --> 00:34:37

Another term that is used to describe Jenna is the term fear to dose the term fear to dose and this is a very interesting term, because again, it goes back to other languages other cognates we call the term is cognate. And a cognate is a route or a basis that trickles down to multiple languages if you know how languages work and this is something that the Quran also you know indicates indirectly that all languages are related to one another. In fact, all languages are basically part of a larger tree, every single language in the world is related to every other language we can trace it back and as societies split up and as people go into different cultures, so languages form they break away

00:34:37 --> 00:35:00

and multiple languages go back to the same you know proto languages, if you like, and then those proto languages go back to another basic language that we do not know anymore, but it is of course, the language of our father, Adam, and how what are they he was set up our father and mother and what so the point is that you find the same terms in the Quran that you might find in other languages and that's because all languages are related.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:45

And very simple point here, the term fair dose. It sounds very much like the English term, paradise fair to dos paradise, the font and the path are very easy to interchange between languages as you should be aware that some languages don't have the path. The past sound Arabic does not have pa and the term filter dose and the English paradise. The reason why they are so similar is because they are really the same word or we should say their ancestor was the same word. And then it splits up into many different words. So this term for those that are even some of the earliest qualities pointed this out that the famous early grammarian is the judge. He says that for those is not out to

00:35:45 --> 00:36:27

be it is in fact a Roman Rumi, which means Latin. And it means Busan or garden. Of course, it's a judge writing in his timeframe, he could not have known any better than this. Obviously, we excuse him for this. Obviously, Latin is not the origin of this Latin does have para desus, from which we get paradise, and we also get for those, but in fact, it goes even beyond this, the Greek has parody osis and the Old English is paradise. And in fact, it goes back to ancient ancient Iranian called wystan that para de aiza and of course part of the aysa pirate means to surround and the aysa or deza is a wall so again, the term fit a dose is literally like the term Jenna but in a different

00:36:27 --> 00:37:04

cognitive a different language that is surrounding wall something is hidden by a wall. That's what powder Pyro means round and the aiza means the wall but of course we're not interested in the cognitive because when Allah uses it in the Quran, it takes on the Quranic meaning whatever the Calvino cognate was in whatever was found in other languages, that's of interest to linguists, we can find other benefits from it, but we're interested in how the Quran uses it. And the Quran Of course uses it to describe gender and the Hadith tells us that it is the highest levels of gender. Now the term for those occurs twice in the Quran twice and only twice it occurs twice in the Quran

00:37:04 --> 00:37:46

in surah, tell me noon, Allah subhanho wa Taala mentions a long list of characteristics of the believers. And then Allah says whoever is able to do that, would I call him on the throne verse number 10 to 11 Allah de Thorn Alfredo sir Humphrey hardy Dune, if you're fulfilling all of these conditions, Allah says, You shall gain access to fit a dose forever. So Allah as origin mentioned, the term fifth dose in sort of an amino acid is sort of the the calf and the very last verses Allah says, those who believe and do good deeds, they shall have Jana tool filled dose as an IBO to live so these are the two times that the term theodosis used in the Quran. And as I said that the Prophet

00:37:46 --> 00:37:47

sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:37:49 --> 00:38:35

he explained to us that for those is the highest level of Jannah that it is the highest macom and we're going to talk about the levels of gender in a later lecture. So, one of the terms of gender or one of the terms that is used for the highest level of gender is the term field those and the equivalent of those is paradise in the English language. Another term that is used to describe Jenna is Jenna tin Naeem Jana tin. This is used once in the Quran, in the lead in arm and when I saw the hottie the home Jenna to name those who believe in do good deeds, they shall have agenda to him. What does that mean? Now aim is the plural of near and near man is every single blessing and

00:38:35 --> 00:39:27

pleasure and enjoyment that is pure, every single good that you make, that makes you happy that you enjoy that you want that you desire. This is called Nirvana, every pure blessing and every pure enjoyment is a Nirvana and Naeem is the source and the complete enjoyment, every Nima his name, every blessing, every happiness, everything that you can desire, that is not him. And the law calls it Jenna tin him that Jen will be every nearby that you can possibly want, it will be there and that is why it is called Janata nyeem because it is the source and it is continual and it is Sham or comprehensive. And that's why it is called name. Every single Nima will be ingen for all of eternity

00:39:27 --> 00:39:59

every desire you have that is pure that will be found in Jannat in any of the terms that Allah subhanho wa Taala uses in the Quran as well is the term macom McCollum mean and mean and this is used once in the Quran surah to Doohan, verse 15, that Allah says in Athena female por min mean that the righteous are in my car min, I mean, the righteous are in a mcbomb that is a mean macom means place. macom means status. macom means where you're going to be your ally.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

Where you have resided, and a mean here it means peace. It means there shall be no worry no grief. There is no war in gender. There is no hunger in gender. There's no poverty in gender. There is no grief and worry, as we already explained, right? There is no as the profitsystem said that about hold, there's no bolt or hatred, there's nothing that will cause you distress. And so amin, amin, and in that regard is similar to it is similar to darussalam. So Mohammed amin and darussalam they have very similar and overlapping meanings, and this term is used once in the Koran and sort of the Doohan. Verse 51, Allah says in them with talena FEMA poem in a mean that the righteous are in a mom

00:40:45 --> 00:41:30

that is safe and secure. And so we shall, inshallah tada that's our goal to be in a place where there is no fear, there is no grief. And that is why we also said that when we enter agenda, there's no reason because where there is husband where there is worry, that's not common. I mean, if you are worried if you're scared about anything, then you're not in McComas amine. So in order for agenda to be Jenna, and to be called more common and mean, all griefs and worries shall be eliminated from the people of gender, and what a great blessing that is so panela we cannot even imagine life without worries and grief. We cannot imagine life without stress. And yet gender is a place of no stress

00:41:30 --> 00:41:39

whatsoever. That's why it is called more common, I mean, of the terms that Allah subhana wa Tada. uses to describe Jenna is doubtful,

00:41:40 --> 00:41:40


00:41:42 --> 00:42:24

doubtful, Mata pain is the abode of the righteous and the pious. And this is mentioned once in the horns with verse 13. What a near death row 13. And what a great abode of the righteous and the machete and Subhanallah this shows us another characteristic of the people of gender, you know, we want to be amongst neighbors who are good. Nobody wants to be next to a person that's going to harm him, a person that's going to cause issues, nuisances, that person is going to be a bad neighbor. We don't like it at all. Anybody who's experienced this, you know exactly how, how it just ruins everything for you. And Allah is saying, everybody in Jannah will be a McDuffie. Everybody in

00:42:24 --> 00:43:05

general will be righteous and pious. You don't have to worry about any other person doing something to hurt you to irritate you to backstab you to say something there is no liba there is no no Mima, nobody will say a negative words of Hello, can you imagine that nobody will ever hurt your feelings agenda. That's why everybody will be of the Metatron and so it is the Abode that your taqwa will get you access to it and then once you're in there, you're surrounded by people of taqwa. So, one can say it has both meanings number one to get there you have to have Taqwa. Number two. Once you are there your whole society will be a society of taqwa. And of course, this makes sense because how

00:43:05 --> 00:43:56

else will it be a doubt of a man and a doubt of Salaam? How else will it be a place of abode of peace and security unless everybody in it is a person of peace and security of the terms that a lot of zildjian uses for the the the concept of gender is the term who snap the term snap? And this is mentioned at least once in the Quran. Surah Yunus verse 26, Allah says in the Quran, Lil Latina is no listener was the those who do good shall have a snap, and then she'll have more than a listener. So what is a listener? What does it mean? A listener means the excellence a listener means the best of the best. And who snap is the superlative in Arabic, right? Which the most bestest, if you like,

00:43:56 --> 00:44:06

or the best of the best, that's how it translates. So Allah calls Gen husana, meaning there is nothing better than gender, nothing. It is.

00:44:08 --> 00:44:38

Nothing can compete with a listener, anything you want. You'll find it in its best manifestation and its most perfect existence in general. So husana is the realm of perfection. That's what a twister translate says. looseness is the abode of excellence. Anything that is worthy of existence and is pure, it will be found in perfect existence in a snap, and that's what a lot calls it a snap.

00:44:39 --> 00:44:59

And the final term that will do and want to just point out that obviously, in terms of adjectives, one could find more adjectives as well we try it or I try to use that which is nouns and again, there's a bit of a gray area that is every single adjective can be converted into a noun as well. So again, one could find other terms that the Quran uses. This is not an exhaustive list of terms but

00:45:00 --> 00:45:45

I tried my best to be at least in terms of nouns in terms of proper descriptions, let us say and again, there is a great error given take one could add some more, some more terms of the terms that a lot that we did use is and this will be our final term for today is MCI, the same thing MCI the silicon and it is used once in the origin and sort of kamar versus 54 to 55. Allah says in the Quran, in the motel in the future, not in one hour, that the righteous shall be in Jannat. And in know how to gardens in Jannat. And in gardens and in rivers, fee amalco id sleeping they shall be in the place of civil here means truth and honesty in the place of piety and truthfulness or sincerity

00:45:45 --> 00:46:34

all of these means so clear, McLeod is a place of rest. So by this to sit down Makkah, where you rest. So Jenna is the place of rest of civic, how and why is gender called MCI the sort of thing our scholars have said number of things can be said first and foremost, it is McCarthy's silicon, in that a lot described it, and it proved to be true. So it is the abode of truth in that whatever Allah said about it is true MCI, the silicon, whatever the Prophet system said about it is true. And so it is the abode of truth being verified, because all of the descriptions of gender in the Quran and Sunnah will be seen by us to be true. So it is McCarthy silicon. Another reason why it is called

00:46:34 --> 00:47:18

MCI the silicon is that only the people who believed in the truth of that market will get to see that market. In other words, it is a manifestation of our belief in the truth, right. We believed in it. And so we will see it, we believed in it, we had sit in a loss of a cola who was sadakazu, we affirm the truth, the veracity of what Alan His messenger said, because we affirmed it, so we shall then see it. And when we see it, it will be verified, it is authenticated. And so it is called MCI, the same thing. It has been authenticated and verified. Everything that we were promised is there. That's the second meaning secondary meaning of McCarthyism. And then another meaning that can also

00:47:18 --> 00:48:00

be derived is that MCI this sort of thing? It is called McCarthy silicon, because the only people that will get there will be the people of silica, the Cydia thing that people who were saw the people who said La la la la silicon may be the people who acted with truth and honesty, and who spoke the truth and honesty and who avoided falses and evils so that people have sudak the people of righteousness and piety, they will be the ones who will get to enter that place of gender and that is why it is called MCI this little thing because only the people of silk will get to be in the MCI the Search Console are there three then one can say why is Jenna called MCI the silk number one

00:48:00 --> 00:48:36

because whatever Allah said about it is true. So it is either step number two, that only the people who believed in the truth of Allah describing gender will get to verify and see it. And then number three, only the people who were saw their Deen which means speaking the truth telling the truth, avoiding false was in lies, living the life truthfully, and avoiding acting deceitfully and hypocrites, hypocritically, those are the people that will enter that gender. So these dear brothers and sisters are some of the names are the main names of gender in the Quran and the Sunnah and inshallah tada In our next lesson. We will continue by describing by beginning our descriptions of

00:48:36 --> 00:48:46

the entrance of the people of gender into gender, and then we'll move on to the descriptions of Gen nephew next week Chuck will locate on what's said on Monday conforama schoolboy robot attachment

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