You Shoot an Arrow and then Draw the Bulls Eye

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Good evening, sir. My name is Sabina, I'm a student, you gave an example about how we students, the youngsters, shoot an arrow and draw a bullseye.

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I would just right to make the same sort of allegation to you, you shot an arrow, your arrow and do your bullseye. And now if anybody does not aim where you have aim before they are wrong, that I think is inconsiderate, and inhuman, since the last a very important question. When I give the example people shoot in the air, and then draw the bullseye, she's saying an allergen, even I have done the same.

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And if people don't agree, then I don't agree with them. Sister, please tell me where was my arrow wrong? Which part of my lecture was putting the arrow in the air and drawing a bull's eye? I gave example, that people do graduation, why to graduation? I don't know what you will do. I don't know. After passing, what job will take I don't know. I gave example. No, you sister, give me an example. In my lecture, which part of my lecture was hitting the arrow in here and drawing a bull's eye? If not, then I would tell you that you are shooting in the air, and then drawing the bullseye. But you already said which part of my lecture, I give you a chance to reply, which part of my lecture was

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shooting in the air. And then drawing upon part of the lecture was not shooting in the

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air was like, why judging people by defining them on the terms of Islamic and what their purpose in life is only in terms of the purpose of life?

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tevia having open question and session, anyone can differ with me, I'm gonna differ from you, you have the right to differ. But when you differ, you have to give the reason for example, I say two plus three is equal to four. You said no did not 45. I'll ask you why.

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So if I say something wrong, you have to prove me wrong, just by saying two plus two is not equal to four. You are educated sister. Correct. So you if you tell that I've done something, I agree with you prove me but he can

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produce your proof if you're truthful. So tell me which part of my lecture are you tell me? Is there any better purpose of life than to thank the Creator than to worship him? Yes, sister.

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Yes, please carry on the microphone of the sister. Yeah, she wants to educate us. I'm not trying to educate any

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students. I love being educated. You

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speak. Sorry, you don't let people speak. You just go on and on. I'm giving her a chance to speak this to speak. There are differences and you cannot just, you know, convert everyone convert not in the sense of converting into Islam, converting people's viewpoints. You know, there are differences. You're not answering my question. You're beating around the bush. I'm not sure what

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you mean that you I will answer whatever you want me to answer.

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In my way, for your bidding on the bush.

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I've heard is that

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oh, thank you, sister. Thank you for your comments. And we leave the audience to be the judge how many people will follow you how many people follow me

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later on. So next time when you give a lecture, I hope you get audience which is big. So then the listen to your answer of purpose of creation system.