The World of Jinn #12

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To attract them

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that make

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he just not going crazy like this so

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what do attract is in

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pictures pictures what the truck does in idols what the music

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there is this magnet there is this magnet that attracts them on their nose but Subhanallah they get attracted by pictures by music

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there's some might some people might say music no music why music

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music is good we have a chef and the chef and that chef and we're footwork there's a music is how that is okay what kind of music

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you think my brothers and sisters let me ask you this please with all due respect, Ababa nama city abubaker with his third Britain and sit in whatever you know with his big beard and Ahmad next to him I know because do it like this? Oh my like this.

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You think madula has you think of a code or something like that? You think something like that?

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He told me music is okay. The format has

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a chef

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Abu hanifa

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with Malik who will share a photo of him they are all with the consistent hamdulillah This is no differences of Mehta haven whatnot they bought dislike they for all of them disliked something called music

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to the extent that I believe that the law has

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translated or interpreted the idea

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there's one at the end that talks about level things that actually may deviate people and he said this meaning of this ayah is about music while law he says he says the law he talks about music here he swears by a law that it is a music

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and you know my brothers and sisters that music was prohibited before

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Do you know that music was made How long before before before before the alcohol

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where before alcohol

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comes somebody who says music is okay there is something called enter sheet

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must Islamic in a sheet

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there's some discrepancies as long as you don't overdo them they are okay well according to some people they are okay as long as there is no but how about those that's you know Allah who this what kind of music is the beat had some people they like to speak

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so, music actually is something that attracts the jinn as well what what else attracts the jinn

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pictures idols statues is right. Music

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Television Li the tell I vision, no bad gatherings that these are all the things that you know attracts them exactly.

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Can they be seen

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like only they can be seen only if they take the form of

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Yes, a human or an animal or human? Yes I can give you that to write only if they take the form of an animal or human Like what?

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Dogs and yeah like cats cats snakes scorpions.

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Not necessarily but they like the color black, no black thing or something like that. Now

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let's keep moving.

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Who can give me the Hadith? Maybe the sisters. All right. The sisters. Give me the Hadith

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that indicates where a police live. I don't want you to tell me he lives there. I want you to give me the Hadith that says where does it Please leave.

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Give me the head Ethan will send you

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give you a hint the throne of the shaitan

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the throne of the shaitan

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Give me the Hadith

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had it had this

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I mentioned the Hadith Can you tell me the Hadith?

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Alright, brothers Hadeeth who can give me the Hadith about the throne of the shaitan?

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The Throne of the shepherds in the ocean okay by the Hadith, you know who narrates this hadith?

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Muslim and Muslim but actually, okay, who

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knows? Of course it's about no it's not about

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it says I'm Muslim, gnosis not Ayesha surburban Abdullah, I take my candy back zabuton Abdullah narrates the Hadith, put it down, know that you have an Abdullah inside Muslim raise that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam says the throne of the shaitan is on water is on water. Now.

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We talked about a test for witchcraft. And if you remember, just go back because I was asked a question about this. Somebody called me on the phone, what hand the way I read those verses on, I said to you know, take your right palm and to the site, the verses so that Ibrahim 42 to 52. And so let me know, I'll follow up and ness, and then put your palm on front of the patient's eyes. Right. And then you recite these, these as your recite, you put your palm and then you put it on the forehead of the person's person who's sick. That person if that person is being

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hit by some kind of witchcraft thing, they may see something black, or they may see something like a cross or they may faint, they may feel dizzy. So that's sort of like a sign that that person is actually could be hit by by witchcraft.

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What kinds of witchcraft in play, there's so many kinds of witchcraft and witchcraft out there. Let's talk about some of those kinds of our brothers and sisters.

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There's a kind called separating between husbands and wives.

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Right, separating between husbands and wives.

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They put a spell on the husband or maybe the wife so that they can maybe separate.

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Or there's something called incompetence. For instance, the husband is Michelle, I know, you know, pretty much healthy and everything. But

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they as they approach or as he approaches his wife, they just pretty much he feels weak, you know, that person feels very weak in competence. So there could be something it could be that that person is, is maybe there is a spell on that person, maybe these being hit by some sort of black magic. Okay, not necessarily true, but it could be that that person is hit by black magic. So that's importance or incompetence importance.

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So we'll fix that.

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The person is incompetent, but he's important.

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All right. Extreme love was blind obedience.

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Extreme love. That doesn't mean that if somebody he loves his wife or he loves his husband to death is hit by black magic. But to the extent that if he or she tells him jump from the