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You know, eventually there are some people who the cities that they come from are part of their makeup, the deserts, the valleys. Maybe we even have our own parents like that maybe you're like that you your hometown has been an inc has had an incredible effect on shaping you and just like you can't tell the story of the Prophet Muhammad Salah Leidos and then without telling the story of Mecca and you can't tell the story of Musa itis and um without telling the story of vignettes about Elan Egypt, you can't tell the story of media without telling the story of a Luxa

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and Benny Islam in in Jerusalem starts for our purposes at least with Musa his setup. People restrict mooses mission to calling for antico hate that he was sent to fool around to call beat him to worship Allah subhanho data. That's a part of his mission. His mission was for sure to call fit onto Islam, but that wasn't the only part of his mission. Allah Subhana Allah to Allah said, there's no Quran that Musa alayhis salam and Harun want to throw out and they said in our rasool Allah Bica we are the Messengers of your Lord fettucine mana Benyus right? So send with us Benny Israelite and Allah subhanaw taala also says that they said fattier throne fekola In Rasulullah Alameen. And Allah

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Subhana Allah, Allah also sends them saying, go to Iran and say, We are the messengers of The Lord of the worlds and Edison manna, Bennett slide send with us, children of Israel. And so most ideas that arms mission is to call the Egyptians to Islam, but also to lead Benny Islam in out of Egypt. That is part and parcel of his mission. And so when he is able to actually fulfill that and take them out of Egypt, and then get them all the way to Jerusalem, because that was the mission to take them to it other than to take them to the blessed land. And then Benny is right after they go through all of that with Musa his setup. They say no, we're gonna sit right here. Go we finally

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reached the destination. Allah subhana wa Tada has said, Go and you will win. And they're like, Nope, you and your Lord, go fight. We're gonna sit right here. So then you understand why Allah subhanaw taala would punish them after he has brought them out of Egypt. Okay, so y'all don't want to, you don't want to take the last three steps into the city than you deserve to go and wander in the desert for 40 years. And that's what they did. They wandered in the desert for 40 years and Musa alayhis salam himself was not able to enter into Jerusalem. And when he was about to die, he simply asked that Allah Subhana Allah place him or that he died, a stone's throw away from Jerusalem. And

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so he is as close as he could possibly be to a lot of them, even though he doesn't enter it. And then after that, 40 years go by in a generation that's actually deserving of entering into Jerusalem and conquering the city enters May Allah subhana data gives them Tofik and then of course, David and Solomon, to mighty prophetic kings, kings who are prophets, prophets who are kings Even better are

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usher in the golden age for Benny Islam. And Sudan man it is salaam after the death of his father, that would I listen, I'm sorry, man is this magnificent King, who has the kingdom the likes of which no one ever has had and the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam actually tells us in a powerful Hadith and even matter and amazing Hadith and even imagined the prophets Allah light S and M says that Sudan man, when he finished completing and misty the Aqua when he built in mystery, that officer, he asked Allah Subhana Allah for three things. And this is a Hadith that actually isn't very popular in the Muslim world. When people talk about the virtues of MST, the locks that everybody knows the

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virtues of it, how I'm unlucky people know the how the virtues of a messy the nubbly. But when you talk about investing the upside, all people know is that I think it's like worth 500 Prayer somewhere else. And that's even controversial. The more authentic hadith is that it's worth 250. And of course, measuring the number is 1000. And admittedly that haram in Mecca is 100,000. But there's something else also the prophets Allah is and I mentioned, that's amazing. He said that when Sudan is built, a masjid that OXA, he made draft for three things. What were those three things Number one, he says

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hookman a judgment that is congruent, that is synonymous with Allah's judgment in the heavens, that was suit a man judges between two people on Earth, that it be that it be in harmony with ALLAH SubhanA dadas judgments in the habits, that's number one, number two, a kingdom the likes that which no one will ever have after him. That's number two. And number three, that nobody intends to go to a message that OXA for the purpose of praying in it, except that they leave that message it like the day their mother gave birth to her, that when you walk into the messenger Luxa and the only reason you're there is to pray and then you leave, all of your sins are forgiven.

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The province that Elijah is in him says, As for the first two he was given, and I hope that he was given the third as well. So we don't have finality on the third. That's

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The reason why most people haven't heard of it because if it was finalized if the province of the live system had said yes, that was also given to him, then everybody would be going and praying and missing the locks all the time. But the province of allied ism says ask for the first two he was given. And I hope that he was given the third. But there's also something really interesting with regards to suit a man Sulayman also he says in solid, solid, I mean, it's not just quoting in this hadith, but it's quoted in Surah ThoughtWorks today, man, it said, and he says, rugby fairly heavily McCullough Ambarella hadn't been bad. He says, My Lord, forgive me and give me a Dominion the likes

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of which no one will ever have after me. problem that gets posed is that there's no archaeological evidence of Sudan's Kingdom existing up until now.

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And this is this has caused people a lot of, you know, conflict, like how do you how do you explain this incredible King, with all of this wealth that's being described? Kayla had holy sorry, fella Mara to see but Hulu Ditton, aka Chef ansata, and saw the number Allah Subhana Allah Allah describes the Queen of Sheba coming to the palace of today, man, and there's there she even she's walking on glass, and she thinks that there's she thinks she's about to walk on water, or walk in water, because it's it's the glass is so pristine, it's so clear, and there's water underneath it like it's talking about a great kingdom. And there's nothing to indicate its existence. So are David and

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Solomon even real are these imaginary kings.

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And I was reading one of the historians of philosophy and one of the modern historians that got the limo broke. He was commenting on this. And he said, according to him, and according to you know, he quoted some some modern university. He said, It's actually solved in the Quran, this puzzle is solved in the Quran, Sulaiman is Rama, he says, and makes draft for the kingdom. He says, Oh, my Lord, forgive me will happily and gift me a kingdom, Lion belly hadn't been badly that does not Jamberry what is the embodiment you embody? The problem with translating, of course always is that you might have a word that has like seven connotations, seven different meanings, and you have to

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pick one of them to translate. So the way that we normally translate somebody is that is not

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grant me a kingdom that likes that which no one will ever have after me. So that's like, that's like a satisfactory one manifestation of it. But young, but he also means that is not going to be the fitting for anybody else after me, grant making them the likes, that will not be accessible to anybody after me, accessible is too much. But the fitting, it's not fitting for anyone, but that's what I mean. That's where I'm taking this is that suit a man it is, and I'm just making a dua that could be understood as saying, grant me a kingdom, the likes that no one will have access to after me. And so then it becomes a kingdom that vanishes with his death. It becomes structures that don't

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exist after today, and it is and passes away, it becomes something that you're not going to find artifacts for 1000 years later. And this becomes something that is

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infused in the Quranic language, it becomes infused in the Quranic wording. But the time that mediums mother is existing in is far from the time of kings and prophets. It's a time of prophets. But since then, the Babylonians had taken over, and the Greeks then came after them. And now the Romans were occupying the city since around 6465. Before Christ, the Romans had taken over the province syllabi to send them describes many Islam in and Hadith in Sahih Muslim and he says that many it's like it used to be governed by their prophets. Every time a prophet died, another was sent and the province of Elijah some comments and he says, But I'm the last there is no prophet after me.

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But I want you to get the image of Venice law even as they've been expelled from Jerusalem by the Babylonians, and they got taken to Babylon. And even as they came back, and even as the Greeks took over, and even as the Romans took over, they, the prophets had a very limited role. For example, the Romans, they allowed them take care of your temple, no problem. Take care of your temple, Zachary has Salam and all of those amaza Korea was alive and William's mother was alive when the Romans took over. So if it's 60 BC, that means that they witnessed it because they were old when they gave birth to their children. And so many MIT has said, I must have been born maybe 15 years or 16 years or

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maybe 15 years or 16 years before Christ right according to her age. And so they witnessed all of this and they see this incredible change in their city and they see the corruption of their people. And when you when you see that they realize that they're at the end of this tunnel that Venezuela is situation looks literally seems like it's worse than it's ever been before. Now you

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Get a sense of the desperation that they have the desperation in the language that they use in the Quran, Zachary salaam whispering to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah give me an error. Exhibit, he is not whispering to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah give me an error because he wants anyone to inherit money from him. Of course not. He's a prophet. But at the same time, he sees that nobody's taking up this mantle. And he needs help. There needs to be somebody else there needs to be another profit. And Mary MIT has cinemas mother is offering her child to be in the service of an MSG that OXA like it's surrounded by. It's occupied by the Romans. This is an occupied land and, and she wants

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somebody in in Mr. de la casa.

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And she's offering her child to be like, these are the these are the strongholds of Eman left in that city. And she's offering her child and guess what, she has a daughter and she still offers her child. That's her religiosity, her brilliance, but also desperate times, also desperate times. And so she offers her child and she goes and she delivers that childhood messy the oxide anyway, even though it's a girl.

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So this is the world that many MIT has set out came into. It's a it's a world of Roman soldiers. It's a world where the light of prophethood is at its end. And Allah subhanaw taala provides the venue slightly Allah provides Benny a slightly that's been so corrupted. Allah provides been a sloppy with two last prophets. Yeah, and the ISA, the two cousins, the mother of midium is hoping to have a child to be a caretaker of the Masjid. But instead of being the mother of the caretaker, she would be the grandmother of two prophets. Yeah, and Isa, and their arrival together would be the last line of Prophethood for that entire community, whatever happens to them, of goodness to have

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any slide then that's good for them. And whatever happens to them of evil, then that's the end for Benyus law. You