The World of Jinn #14

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Various signs of heart disease are discussed, including chest tightness, fatigue, and excessive protein intake. Signs of sadness or infertility caused by witchcraft are also discussed, including shivering, screaming, and shaving. The speakers stress the importance of signing a contract to serve family members and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

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hora Moosa Moosa says to those musicians that were called by for our partner Moosa magic to me, he said in the last video,

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what you brought is nothing but Sal,

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Allah will wave it. Who is the said?

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It is Allah

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said, It is Allah, it is not me on you, but the guy who reads because this is why I said when somebody goes to the Nokia, he's got to be professional, and he's got to be somebody who feels Allah first, you talk to the person and trying to link that person with Allah. It is not me who's the Shafi so don't put your trust in me Don't think I'm the one who's gonna give you the Shiva it is not me It is Allah who can give you the Shiva This is the first talk that you have to talk to that person before starting you know your your walk Yeah, give that person a talk and elevate the email give them a boost

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here Allah says

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in Allah for your table

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whatever you brought this data, this is nothing but Sal Allah would wave it

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in the last in the last little while lahemaa brothers and sisters were the citing disorders you know sometimes hamdulillah upon people who were you know who was sick they you know the some some of them start screaming some of them and also crying and some of them that either hate Allah you see the wonders of

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magic Toby's to help in

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and then you decide solokha 69

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in numbers are not okay to say well

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again another soda tax

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in the mouth are not okay to say whether you

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hate to attack this is solid This is the part number 69 talks about this is nothing but sell in Amazon okay to sell this is nothing but sell whatever they have made is nothing purely is purely sad.

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When are you free to say hi to

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the one who practices black magic

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will be loser

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would be a loser and we will talk about the signs

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of a have a black as the one who practices black magic, how would you distinguish How would you know

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and then the patient should drink of this water and wash yourself with it or himself or herself with it for the first seven days, if not more, but at least seven days. At least seven days take this water and take a bathroom or lay I saw it with my own eyes.

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When you start you know putting water on this person who is sick and you feel this man you know this person shivering and screaming and because the waters got nothing but they do

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nothing. It's awful and

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and so now

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what I consider from the son of the prognosis to them since I have Bukhari and Muslim and also the IMA

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and we'll talk later on about the the other or like, like

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what is it called black seed the black seed oil or the black seed itself?

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How about some of the symptoms of infertility caused by witchcraft teen

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All right.

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Because we talked about the kinds of witchcraft and if you remember we said that there's separation between husbands and wives and we said infertility could be

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so what are some of the signs of or symptoms of infertility caused by witchcraft no black magic

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tightness in the chest

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especially after

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after after you see that person is just somehow becoming Titan

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painful and it can last until late at night. late in the evening. Somewhere every day every night that person is after us or feels this tightness in the chest.

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So Pamela

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constant pain in the lower back is another sign

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could be another sign constant pain in the lower back.

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Insomnia which is

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lack of sleep.

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Hard to sleep Yanni find it very hard to sleep.

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Frequent nightmares could be another sign.

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Right? We saw we talked about those nights

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mirrors like, you know, seeing

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animals and you know, animals running after you and trying to catch you dog wanted to bite you and things like that, you know, falling off a cliff kind of, you know, you see yourself falling off of a cliff. Not necessarily a this is like I said last week, if you see the science is not necessarily that your hate by witchcraft thing, but it could be you know, chances are that it could be, you know, that that person could be hit by some black magic.

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Everybody say Allahu Akbar.

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How about some of the signs of a witch crafter.

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I'm gonna go ahead and shuffle it around and talk and give you the, you know, the opia. And we'll write it down for you as well. Nokia, okay, now I want to talk about the signs of a sad.

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So there are a lot of people who claim that the only thing they do is they recycle. And you go to somebody says, you know, share food, and he's very well known people travel all over to go and see him. And that person only do for an hour. And then when you go to that person who claims he does, and

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you see some weird stuff happening. Yes, he can return

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he can stop touching you.

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But at the same time, he said things that you don't know you don't understand.

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There's a language called bum yapi heard of the language of the jinn.

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So you see people you know, you see them reciting some weird language, writing some weird.

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I call it mumbo jumbo. You know, that is something that you can even read some signs or symbols

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or writing upside down.

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If he asked you about the mother and father's names,

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he's a sad

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Why my father's name? What do you want to owe his father's name? And you know, and his mother's name?

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What's his father's name? Why Why would you know? Or why would you need to know his father's name on my father's name? And is it sad?

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That's one sign asking for somebody somebody garments. He says can you go and get me? Go get me his shirt.

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Go get me his pants or her pants or her policy? Shall I buy out? Get me something get me some garments.

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Asking for some animal

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you know, get me a rat who lives in Hong Kong.

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They say something some weird stuff. Why? Because they want to make it so impossible so that you can pay money. And they've got that right, who lives in Hong Kong, they got him you know, so you pay money. They just trickers they fool you. But he had to believe

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that you

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when somebody asks for an animal is also could be one of the signs of the head

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asking for the sacrifice to be thrown in the felty place a sacrifice he goes into as you take this animal and go sacrifice it in the in this you know, dump yard. Why? What did I say last week, I had a contract with who

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with a Jin

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Xin he would not have or she would not do anything.

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Unless she has or he has a contract with a shin because they serve the Zin for the general public to serve them. They have to serve the gin. So the gin asked them for some cocoa to perform some cocoa, like the story I've mentioned last week, but this woman right who I used to use the name

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who said the story horse, her son on TV. So it wasn't only me it was says on tv live when she passed away when she died and they couldn't bury her. And then they had to burn her when

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her son came on TV said yes, my mother was sad.

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And I saw her

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then this is what she did. And another guy other people other witchcraft has repented and they talk about their past and what they used to do.

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Things that commits you know they make them commit

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so that they can serve them.

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So they have to sign a contract. Remember, I