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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elaborates on the next major battle in the history of Islam which is the Battle of Mu’tah. It was also called ‘jaysh al umara’ – ‘the army of leaders’. This battle was fought on Jamadal al Awwal in 8H which boasted of an army of 3000. Why did this name come to be? The Prophet ﷺ had previously never  appointed as many leaders ( three of them) as he did in this battle.

Mu’tah was actually the name of a small village which was a part of the Roman province currently in Jordan. Why did this battle take place?there are many reasons among which are that it was to avenge the death of Al Harith ibn Umayr, the messenger of the Prophet ﷺ and also because this battle was sort of a prelude to the future battles against the Romans. The Prophet ﷺ wanted to ascertain amongst everyone including the Sahaba that Islam is a global message and it ought to spread its wings outside the Arabian Peninsula.

Who is Abdullah ibn Rawahah? He was an Ansari who participated in the treaty of Aqabah and he was the privileged one whom the Prophet SAW sent back from Badr to give the news of the success of Badr. What role does he play in this battle? Listen intently to discover details.

Zayd ibn Harithah RA, Jafar RA and Ibn Rawahah RA died martyrs in this battle and the grief and sadness of the Prophet ﷺ was beyond measure.

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