Mirza Yawar Baig – Fajr Reminder – Good manners is not disobedience of Allah

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the issue of sin and the need to stop evil behavior, including the importance of backbiting and the potential confusion it creates. They stress the negative impact of backbiting on society, including causing rifts and negative behavior. They also emphasize the importance of avoiding one's behavior and not mentioning negative things to create a "hammed blanket."
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The sleeve and consider concealer.

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Sisters that bought at the back is a crab port got in the morning. They've made the crab traps in the night and the guard collected in the mornings, crabs and lobsters. That's what they do.

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We're talking about the issue of sin of getting used to sin, getting used to the disobedience of Allah.

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Even though unless we have data sent us, a London send us to get used to into civilian data centers to stop his disobedience and less violent than that said about us as the Muslims, less at quanto Hara

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gamuda will model fee will

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be less

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and less about that I said you are the best of people. And you have been sent for a purpose. We are not the best of people because of ethnicity because of our origin because of

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anything, except for what we do. We are the best of people because of what we do. And obviously it means that if you stop doing that, that we are no longer the best of people. So let's remember that I said you are the best people your central purpose, purpose is to do Mr. Will Morrow want

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to order and enjoy and to stop everything which is evil. Well, sisters,

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Allah subhanaw taala link this to our being in this world Allah sent us for this purpose. And Allah subhanaw taala will judge us on whether we fulfilled the purpose which for which he said nothing, as Allah to forgive our shortcomings and to enable us to do that which he said to us for

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what is our way

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out of the model is to enjoy and everything which is good and positive, and healthy, and which is the obedience

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of the line Islam there is no contradiction between these two things. Islam does not order anything which is intrinsically bad. And Islam does not permit anything which is intrinsically good.

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Islam does not permit anything which is intrinsically bad and prohibits anything which is good. All the prohibition there is based on their

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innate and inherent evil. And all missions in Islam are based on their inherent goodness. So this is what the Muslim has been sent to do. Western is I've asked myself is am I doing that? Am I repeating evil? And am I permitted good.

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The issue of what we need to do is simple enough for example.

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We are

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duped by fighting labor. backbiting is intrinsically bad is inherently bad. It is prohibited Islam

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equated it to eating the flesh of your dead brother.

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For curry to say that you find it disgusting. It's worse than that. It's sort of generosity. I

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was walking down the street with the

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donkey on guard which by

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any of you like to eat from this

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city, speak about your brother's fight about them is worse than eating. Because it's like eating from the national

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average, just just the question is we know all this, right? I don't think there is any Muslim living, who will say that backbiting is a good thing. They might have some confusion about a particular thing and say, well, is this backbiting? I know I am saying this about my mother in law. I'm saying this about my brother in law, my sister law boyfriend or whoever does that amount of backbiting? They might have a question about that. But if you ask them backbiting, is it a good thing or not? They will say that's a stupid question. dumb question. How can backbiting be good? Question is that that is so why'd you do it?

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And remember what we said? Which is that the one who does it the one who listens to it, the one who's sitting there doing nothing.

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So why are you doing Why are you listening to it? And why are you still sitting there in that room? While backbiting going on? And the answer is, that is our socialization process. This is what we have been taught never to disagree. Never to be a wet blanket. Never to say something which you know, oh, but you know, it's okay. It's a little harmless thing people who are doing Have you spoil the fun You are a party pooper. Now, all of this is what promotes sin.

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And it's something which people would say, Oh, you're so self righteous, or * moolah, you know? Because for anything we do anything we have fun. You got a problem with that you made everything Haram. Now they don't they don't say they don't look at the fact that what they're doing is haram. Nobody. I mean, I didn't make it around, you didn't make it up. It is actually how you do it. What to do it.

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You don't like somebody

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tells you don't do it. Because when you when somebody

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is not doing it

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because you don't want to see the harm that you're doing to yourself by indulging in that thing which you are doing. So what do we do we fall into this trap, we get socialized, and we keep our mouth shut to where we should have opened our mouths and said, Look, what is happening here is haram, this is disgusting. This is something which is which is bad, which is evil. We are bad talking about the bad talking people who are not here who can't defend themselves. This breaks up the mud breaks up the Brotherhood. It creates rifts between people. You know all of this, I mean, I

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I can't say enough about the evil of backbiting. But we don't do any of that, right? We don't say this. We sit and we listen and so on. And

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what could I do? The point is that told us in the heaviness of

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that you can do is to hate the thing in your heart. And the sign of hatred of something is that you get up and go away. Imagine that there is a nasty smell, what do you do you sit there and you keep taking deep breaths, all you can do is I can't take it out of you. What do you know? And if you don't, if you don't do that, you're sitting there and and you know breathing.

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Happily, that it means that you really don't hate that thing which we'll use the same agent because that again is part of socialization is supposed to say that you say

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Allah subhanaw taala sent us for the purpose of enjoining good and forbidding evil, Allah did not send us by His profit centers for this purpose. Because when we say what Buddha, what is

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the absolute what is the value? It is to obey Allah and to promote the obedience, it is to prevent the disobedience.

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To that, then we are not fulfilling the purpose.

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So beware of socialization. Beware of falling into this trap of so called good manners, it is not good manners to permit the disobedience of Allah subhanho wa Taala all good manners is

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good manners is not too broad the disobedience of

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good manners is to promote

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good manners is not promote the disobedience of the Sunnah or to keep silent when the Sunnah is being broken.

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I don't care who likes it who does not like it? The fact is that this is what Allah subhanaw taala sent us to do. This is what the question was about. So let us fear Allah subhana wa tada because only Allah Subhana Allah is worthy of being feared, worthy of being.

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fact that we should be worried about whether

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to give us the backbone to stand up against anything which is anything which is evil.

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It goes against a lot of His Habib

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