The World of Jinn #10

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Others and, and also again, it's all a bunch of resources that that we derive these

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testings from. So Swati Brahim 42 to 52. So you can read the source.

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So let me know 97 to 118.

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If you have here, we can tell you

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by 97 to 189. Sorry, I mean, you can take notes. So let me know, Swati Brahim, I'll follow up for the pole right now, we'll

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pull out Venus, Colorado, you can also say,

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as well.

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And you put your phone in front of the patient's eye, so I can do it.

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Me, all right, I can read it on my phone, and I can put it on his forehead.

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Or I or he can do it on his own and put it in his forehead, I suggest that you bring somebody who knows somebody who's sort of, you know, maybe a little shady, or, or an email or a pious person to perform it, right. So to the side these saws

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in in his palm, or her palm, if it's your mother, for instance. And then to place the hand on the forehead, right on the forehead.

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If the person sees something black, if the person is feels dizzy, if the person sees the cross, he can tell, then he can tell you I see things or he feels dizzy, almost, you know, he may fall or something that's a sign that that person could be actually being possessed, or hit by a witch.

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Now, as you're reading, you're reading all your palm, right, you're reading on your phone. And then once you're done reading, you put your palm on the forehead, of the if you're you were sick, you put your thumb on your forehead, or you put the palm on the forehead of the person who's sick. Right? So

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and then, and then

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this person, if they're sick, they would see something or they would feel dizzy.

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That's a sign that that person is actually been hit by maybe epilepsy

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can perform it when you go home tonight on yourselves on your family, there is nothing wrong with that. Please if anybody wants to come and do it for me, please you know by all means, this is son This is an Al Hamdulillah you know there is nothing wrong about this again we just don't write we just do in the Quran and the Sunnah somebody to come and Okay, this is like a pure haupia

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your SQL is not sacred and I still do it, even if you're not 16

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there are so many kinds of witchcraft in

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last, but not least,

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the ways to protect yourself

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how to protect yourself,

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and what are the kinds of witchcraft thing

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and what would one you know, what should you say? One you know, just to protect yourself against against witchcraft, clean and black magic. What do you do to protect your home to protect your kids?

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What do you do to protect yourself against the evil eye? If you've been hit by the evil eye? What do you do again, you know, to to help yourself or to kill yourself, inshallah tada we'll talk about this

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you know, this shala Tada. remaining items, or these remaining items in the following week be Neela next week, next Friday, same time, same place 630 inshallah tada sharp, I would start my, my lecture. I again,

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just to remind you, my brothers and sisters.

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The last time I did some Hanalei delivered this in Montreal, some brothers approached me and he said, they stayed together the whole night at home and they could not sleep, you know, separately. This is not the purpose. The purpose actually is that you will get to know this world and that you know how to protect yourself.

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Nothing hairless. This is it. They are just people like us, that the lizard has created. You know, they're from the unseen. We don't see them, but the

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See us in the Day of Judgment, who will see them they won't see us.

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there are ways that as we learn, there are things that they like doing their things that they that attract them. So we know these things that attract them, so that we can stay away from them. And we know how to protect ourselves as simple as that.

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If you feel fear Allah

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there is nothing to be frightened of my brothers and sisters I know it's such an intriguing world the Word of God because there's of that myth. They look weird, they look this they love that law, you cannot nobody can come and tell you, I see the jinn. It just the lions, Fei they cannot nobody can nsdc something actually, if n is the gene take a form of, of humans or animals or whatnot. Maybe other than that, they cannot they cannot be seen as Lazarus is in the area and he and the Prophet as I'm explaining so many ahaadeeth so believe in Allah and believe in the Quran. Don't believe anything else.

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And beware of my brothers and sisters of these amulets and mysteries, if you have them, leave them if you haven't burned them, but don't if you don't know how to do it, bring them to share who knows, because there are certain procedures

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to remove these amateurs from home or from yourselves you just don't go and burn them like that you have to decide you know certain is on them, which we'll inshallah share with you next week before you burn them, but you have to remove these kind of things from your homes.

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And remove anything that may attract these, these these creatures into your home and only invite angels and the pious gene to your home. Nobody else and nothing else.

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metalizer should have passed my brothers and sisters to practice and to convey we'll take some questions

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from both the brothers and the sisters.

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Okay, here's a

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there's a sister who asked the question about a friend's husband who suspects his whatever his wife and whatnot. So this is a long thing. I'm not gonna I'm just gonna summarize this.

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And then she says

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she approaches somebody and we'll talk about this Java next week she poses a shame I don't call this guy chef.

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He asked for the her photo and his mother's name. When somebody asked for your father's name and picture and and whatnot. No, he's a sad know that this guy deals with with us automatically. They come and they ask you I need you to get me a mouse from Ethiopia who's black and half white and has a red nose? How can I get you a black wire turn? Give me $1,000 I won't give it to you I have it. But this is what the genie is asking for. And I will cook it and then we'll do something and he will go and he put it this is all black magic. This is somebody who asks who asked for somebody whose name and and and and close a photo he's

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he does not deal with default and he's a liar for the system if she's dealing with this guy mix default and stay away from such person

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apparently heard another opinion that this law was used by

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did not really have much detail and resemble anything specific.

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Our days right now are very detailed and restricted.

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Okay, is that the question? Question of the system is asking about these goals at the time of admission. They were not descriptive. Today's laws are more descriptive. Okay. She heard of some of the opinion.

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That's right. Yet again. We have explained the fact that these those if they were you know, you use them and you sometimes the kids, they throw them they step on them and whatnot. And

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that's not me. That is this I had an N who say that it is okay to have them. And then we don't have a problem with them. If you think that you don't want to have them in your home. It's your ended up. That's your that's your