Tom Facchine – 99 Names of Allah #36 Al-Muqeet

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of Islam, stating that Islam is a multirteen and provides the necessary ingredients for the strongest meal. They also mention that people may change their behavior or culture when they don't meet the requirements for their needs. The speaker emphasizes that Islam is a gift that helps shape individuals and prepare them for the upcoming life expectancy.
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Salam Alaikum tonight's name is LMNOP Allah subhanaw taala is Al mopey et al Millepied is a really interesting name.

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It's related to the word hoot in Arabic, which means like the things that you need to survive your bread, your food, and things like this, so that Allah is a multiday. It means that, first of all that Allah knows what you need. And second of all, that Allah provides you with what you need.

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This is a really, really important thing to think about. Because there's a difference between what you need and what you want.

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Sometimes they're the same thing. But sometimes they're different.

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We might want to eat ice cream for dinner

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every day.

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We might never want to eat our vegetables, or those things that make our bodies strong and grow.

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Now, your parents, I'm guessing, they're not going to let you eat ice cream every day for dinner.

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Why is that? Do they want to make you sad? Do they want to punish you?

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Do they not care about what you want?

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No, none of that is true. They know what you need. And they know that what you want isn't always the same thing as what you need. And so they give you enough of the things that you want.

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And amount that's good for you. But they make sure that you get the things that you need.

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Allah is the same. Allah is I don't know, Pete, he knows what it is that we need. And he gives us what we need. And sometimes we don't really want what we need.

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Whether it's vegetables, or other things like hard experiences in our lives. heartbreak, sometimes people that we're friends with, they change and they don't want to be our friends anymore. That hurts us. Sometimes we go through other things we move away from our home, we leave our friends and our school behind even our language and our culture. These things are very difficult. And they're emotional in their heart.

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But Allah is MPT

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Allah gives us what we need.

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And everything that Allah gives us, is a gift

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meant to shape us and meant to prepare us for the life that he has planned for us.

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That's what I think of when I think of milkweed and that's all for tonight. So don't worry come after

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