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Who's being posted? What are some of the signs? Somebody who likes to be in alone?

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He likes to stay alone. Always. He's just alone. Not necessarily bigger again. I'm just giving you some examples, but they could not necessarily true.

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like being alone if that doesn't mean if somebody likes segregation, he's possessed that

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he gets mad and upset all the time. Yeah, and he for no reason. You just get mad and start yelling.

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Maybe it's a sign maybe seen frequent nightmares, nightmares, of surprise, following you, or, or or these very, very, very bad nightmares that you frequently frequently see. Maybe a low anime it's a sign. It's a sign, but and I'll tell you but in a way to find out whether a person has some you know, black magic or not, or being possessed or not.

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falling off a cliff. You see a dream falling off a cliff. Anybody seen a dream like that?

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No, not necessarily. Not necessarily you're possessed but against somebody who sees himself you know, continuously Subhanallah you know falling off a cliff it could be a sign well Oh Allah Allah Allah. Allah knows best although Anna

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reasons for epilepsy. What are some of the reasons for epilepsy?

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gene finding a loving human

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Jane Fonda in love candy fell in love with human Yes, they can. We were performing loci on this woman one time in this machine in Toronto. And then this woman Subhanallah the voice of a man started, you know, being you know, started talking to us, David.

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David, how did you get into this woman? I love her. How did you get into her? I saw her taking a shower.

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And I fell in love with her. She entered the shower. She entered the washroom without saying that.

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She removed her claws without saying that the

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sooner the sooner is your protection. So now

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how do you enter the washroom?

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Left foot? How'd you come out?

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What do you say when you enter?

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What's the Dalai

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I was becoming a hub.

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I seek refuge Allah from the hopes of Tibet what our hopes and habits

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from the male and female gene shopping.

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So this is how this person's Pamela this woman got sort of hit by this guy

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oppressing them. They can hit you we got a member they are afraid of humans they like to stay away from humans. That's why they like to reside and dwelling very far places dirty places. But if you again they don't like being oppressed how how been oppressed, like boiling hot water in sinks for instance.

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It's one example put in hot water. If when a poor hot water in sinks, what do you say Bismillah Bismillah if there is some gin sick, you know, living inside, he wouldn't get burned, so you wouldn't harm him. And then he wouldn't harm you back.

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We've seen people getting hurt like that.

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The entire family

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been, you know attacking this man. Why? Because he burned them and he burned the entire family so they wanted to retaliate. Things like that do happen Bismillah Bismillah. So pressing them

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under extreme anger. They can Hmm. Because you're constantly members of allies, Xhosa, they cannot come into you they cannot approach you they will stay away from you. But once you give them the opportunity, they will come.

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Extreme anger until someone would not actually remember what they're saying. Does the opportunity that you're given them to come and do it unto you.

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attack you attackee

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this is all from the Hadith of the Prophet is that and by the way,

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under extreme fear, your heart is pumping so hard. Make the globalisation Mexico of Allah Subhana Allah hamdulillah

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inshallah you feel cool and relaxed.

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indulging in prohibited acts like and kindness to the parents.

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There was a kid like that Subhan Allah there was so many kids but we've known of kids like that. And once we found out how the have they been possessed because they've been Subhanallah unkind and very rude to their parents. So Allah especially wanted to

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test them and try them.

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Could we just try formalized vision?

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Again what did we say nothing happens except with the will and permission of Allah. They cannot dwell anybody except with the with the permission of Allah. Even if you oppress them, they can only answer that person with the will and permission of Allah azza wa jal

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so you say somehow hamdulillah you're protected, but Allah wants to test you.

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The Prophet was hit with the,

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you know, this Sahara, this woman who gave him this shots, you know, the, as he was eating with the Sahaba, and it was Miss Mama. And there was, you know, and it was like poison, you know, what is it a goat or it was a she invited them and she gave him this poison food. And she also performed some witchcraft in on some

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of them, as you believe, of course, and you know, he was

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it was notified at a certain time because he's also the law is the sort of law.

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as I said, tests and trials could be a reason test and trials could be a reason.

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While some of the precursor to epilepsy,

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the precursor to epilepsy one is lack of sleep, insomnia, or insomnia.

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Lack of sleep, somehow somebody who's just doesn't sleep constantly just says no sleep, maybe one two hours and he wakes up and he just doesn't feel sleepy. So Pamela, could be a sign. This is a precursor.

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recurrent nightmares. The current Caboose or nightmares is another precursor against some of the signs. Excess awakening at night.

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Lack of sleep or excess awakening at night.

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Seen animals like dogs, snakes, lions, mice, cats in dreams could be could be gun assigned nothing for sure. But again, just some of examples.

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pressing against the teeth while asleep.

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Sometimes this you know that happens when you see people sleeping and pressing against their teeth. It could be a sign not necessarily again, if you do it and that doesn't mean you're working. Oh, I hear my husband. You're not sleeping with me tonight. It may be you have Jimmy's Allah, La Allahu Allah. It could be could be you can do a test. We'll show you the test. You can do a test.

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But one of the signs is somebody who's pressing against the teat was sleeping.

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Excess sleepwalking, anybody

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sleepwalking all the time.

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Could be a sign could be not necessarily but it could be a sign. Again, dreaming falling off a cliff is a sign we talked about it.

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Screaming while asleep. I'll be able to do that and have a lot of sleep. You know, there's not necessarily but it could be. I know a person who used to play karate and then he retired at night he sleeps in the wakes up you know praying karate. That doesn't mean that he's possessed but this is what he does in the morning. He exactly transferred night.

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Seeing oneself in a graveyard dump or deserted, facing the dream could be also a sign or precursor to epilepsy.

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How would you test for witchcraft in

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there we go.

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You want to come up? Do tests on you?

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Don't worry, I will not do this just come I will show some no worry.

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Yet Okay.

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There we go.

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You see you can do this on your own. You can read on your right bomb these verses.

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You can take a verse you know you can take your phone like your right hand your bomb, and it can you read these verses I wrote them for you here. So let's Ibrahim

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verse from 42 to 52.

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Some of the things I tell you here are not necessarily getting the plan some of them The sooner but some also are in the experience from the people who are experts in this field from our Mr lucuma Mohammed

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Abu hanifa Scheffer.