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Salam Alikum Muslims later Allah wa barakaatuh

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his realities as he will come you all to the Tafseer bytes they've seen bits

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we are with solid

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solid MDF today

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so I'm just gonna give a minute or two for more people to join and then we'll start inshallah long time

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so mid cosmic law here what I can tell this is the bytes I've seen bits short sweet Topsail we will be with solid NBS today inshallah so maybe you want to grab your little v who are regulars, you know, please grab your notebook and get your pen ready. So we can you can start taking some notes we are with sort of the NBA This is to see the bytes. We have started this series, you know, thinking Ramadan

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and we're trying to compete the heart of St. Paul Graham inshallah hota This is not a deep Tafseer program this is this is what we call it obscene bytes or 30 bits short sweet but it will give you that understanding that you need you know, to understand and that you need to understand the soul You will be comfortable with the with the with the souls and shop level. So today we are with soul at that NBA. Alright, so that's an NBA, please get ready books, not books, whatever, you know, those of you who are regular Mashallah they know they are be taking notes, rub your notebooks and grab your pens and let's start in Sharla. Right. Let us start with solothurn nbf saw that nbf

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Alright, so Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, Salam.

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This is again, we have two series, we have the stories of the prophets and we have the

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Tafseer bytes, right? This is not a q&a session where people can just, you know, throw questions at me or whatnot. No, we will only do this bit and charlo to elevate at the end. If you have any questions regarding this program in order to see like the AI that I'm talking about or the song I'm talking about, I wouldn't be able to answer that inshallah. hota but nothing outside of the topic inshallah. Alright, so like NBA vers NBA it's the number is 21 is almost half is 21. And it has 112 versus 112 verses it is just number 17. Just number 17 and it is a Mickey so it's a Mickey saw. And what does that mean Mickey saw that just for those of you who are new,

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the there are certain Solas which are reviewed in Mecca, they have McKee sources that they are some sort of, you know, reveal in Medina, we call them Madani solid, they are some you know one saw you could find some as revealed in Mecca and others revealed in Medina. So this or this sauce, what

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it has been revealed in many in Mecca, it's murky soil.

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And the soil is from it's got what we call a mean because it has 112 verses. So it is considered to be from El amin and we it means

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the saws that have about 100 verses or so handed versus a half or so they're called enemies, because in Arabic 100 means meet me out, right. So this is why it's called or it is guarded

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or considered to be from El amin sauce.

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And in terms of its revelation, although in the end, it's number 21. But in terms of its revelation, it's number 70. Meaning when we have how many souls we have in the hall and how many chapters we have had 14 chapters and 14 soldiers in the end, saw that lnbf is number 77 zero, right after solid Ibrahim and before solid now

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the beat so it it was revealed right after sort of Ibrahim and before sort of nicer, it's number 70 and the suburban newzoo. What is the reason why it was revealed? This mainly one reason why the sola was revealed mainly one so this one reason why this was revealed. There's already rated the best that the Prophet Mohammed if

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somebody came to the Prophet I was assuming he says yeah, Mohammed.

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Mohammed, you claim that Allah has revealed this ayah upon you in the moment and we don't I mean, Dhoni, Allah Hassan Johanna Domine How would he do in salt and BIA Allah subhanho wa Taala says verse number 98, Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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The Kamata boon you and whatever you worship for anything other than Allah will be will be

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yeah and it will be we will be in Hellfire Hassan Shannon will be the the fuel of the fire. Yeah and anything that you worship other than Allah will be the fuel of the fire so they came and they said, Oh Mohammed then this ayah does that mean that because we there are people who worship the sun and there are people who worship the moon and and people who worship the angels and the people who worship Zia and people who worship ASAP does that mean all these we've been Hellfire like a cell has been had fire like it was it would have been hit fire that melodica will be named fire will come up shrimps will be named fire. So they came to and they asked the Prophet Muhammad in that moment I

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don't I mean, Tony law, it's whatever you will worship met the Buddha you and whatever you worship, other than Allah will be in hellfire. So they came and they asked Prophet Mohammed about this ayah that was revealed in Saudi Arabia. So Allah subhana wa tada revealed that in the same you know, sola in Medina, Sabbath at the home minister snap lake and hombre do in the lady in

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the whole minutes, just not oolagah and her. Allah subhana wa Taala says, Verily, those whom the good has, has proceeded from us, they will be kept far from at any from hipfire meaning that

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those like a Hosea, he said, Those who believe in us, those who were the messengers of Allah, and those who are the prophets of organization, of course, they will be the angels, of course, they will be far kept far away from it. So this, there's only one main reason why this solar, what was revealed, but the soil is called the NBI. Because it talks about a lot of stories pertinent to the prophets. Amazing. It talks about lot of stories that are pertinent to the to the NBA to the Prophet, that's why it's called an NBA, it mentions lots of NBA In fact, the solar and the solar starts with a statement. I mentioned in the very, very beginning of the series, that you have 10

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different types of introductions in the end 10 different types. You know, there's one introduction that starts with a statement like how about and the solar is one of them, it starts with a statement and that statement says it

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reflecting more

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external readiness. So this is a statement that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, the reckoning has drawn near the reckoning and the Day of Judgment if fella by the Knesset he said well as she said the the rock the reckoning has drawn near and in heedlessness are they turning the site? Yeah I knew about the people yeah and he the the hiset is very close the gap is very near yet people are still heedless somehow. So the story the the sort of starts with a statement

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and the the topic of the solar altogether the subject of the solar, we have

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an introduction, you have

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a conclusion. And then you have two sections in the sore. So the NBA, it you know, it's split into introduction. And then there's a conclusion at the end and in between, there are two sections

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one that talks about the caffeine he talks about the non believers and and

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how Allah subhana wa tada you know, response to the doubtful matters. The doubtful matters that they have produced against the deen of Allah is there's just in the soul up, he responds to those doubtful matters produced by the non believers. And then the other section talks about some stories, stories mostly of the prophets. So Kadima the introduction, this is why I said you need a notebook, you know, if you want to follow with us, you know, the, the the stories of the Prophet, I mean, not the stories of the prophets, the stories of the prophets, that the other series that I've seen, you need to take, if you are seriously about it, you need to take notes with it. Why? Because the

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Tafseer as I've always mentioned, it's not merely for for a lay man, you know, the seed needs committed serious students in shallow to add, and this is why I call it a few bytes, short, sweet, something that will really really help you understand the world and you know, when you read it, when you pray, it will help you in shallow data. So if you want to take notes, that'd be amazing. And I don't make it very deep. I don't go deep into it because then then it'll you know, it'll take us you know, years before we complete the full course.

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And so that's why I want you know, it's really short and sweet and shallow down. So the more Kadima the introduction starts from verse number one to verse number five, verse number one to verse number five is the introduction of Allah subhanho wa Taala starts as I mentioned with a statement, and then Allah subhana wa tada in the first section, first section, which is from verse number six to verse number 47, verse number 60, verse number 47, Allah subhanho wa Taala start talking, you know, responding to those doubtful matters that were raised by the non believers and warning them warning them for instance, Allah subhana wa tada says, By the odb lemina shippon was you may or may not mean

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coddling him in Korea.

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For whom you mean Oh, Allah subhanho wa Taala was talking about the any town that did not, did not believe which were destroyed. And it is already talking about the other towns, the other nations that were destroyed those who chose not to believe in the message of Allah subhana wa Tada. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala also talks about the creation of the universe, the creation of the heavens on earth, He says the kind of data will now hold up in a semi

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AB This is verse number 16 and so to nbf that the we did not create the heavens and earth for near play anyway you just did not create them just invade you know, the the earth and the heavens, nothing has been created by accident. Nothing is being created just invade. No, they've been all for meal play, but there is definitely a disposition as to why they were created. And then also Allah subhana wa tada in verse number 23 This is something but I will copy them, please listen up. This comes in a lot as a question that people tend to, you know, wonder about or inquire why why Allah does certain things. Why Corona? Why this virus? Why another virus why people are dead why Allah

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does things like why we have you know, oppression happening there, you know and here and you know and everywhere why why why why why Allah made this you know, believer will just not believe it why Allah made this and didn't make that and white white why Allah subhanho wa Taala says verse number 23. Now use

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well whom use Alou is not to be questioned of what he does, and you shall be questioned. Allah is not to be questioned. Allah is not to be questioned. He does things but he does everything he does he does with him and hikma. So hang out with that. Everything Allah subhanho wa Taala does, he does have knowledge and wisdom.

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And you when something happens, there is wisdom behind it. And there is knowledge of Allah behind it meaning that everything happens in this universe. It already happens in the knowledge of Allah zillion Allah has decreed for it to happen. This pandemic that is happening nowadays my brothers and sisters it has you know, there is a comeback from it to happen. Let me tell you, some of you on some of us may not know, everything has hikma everything has wisdom behind it. Everything has his wisdom behind it. And everything that is here in it. There is good in it. This pandemic has had in it so many fans, so many great things now, people died a lot of people died, you know? Yes, there was a

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lot of evil, you know, who and the people who are meant to die and are people who die every day. But some helados people they died because of this virus but at the same time there were a lot of good that came off of this lockdown.

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There were a lot of good that came off of you know, the fact that we did not pray that Oh, and the mission, you know, this Ramadan 2020 there are a lot of things that happened. You varied your family, you varied your friends, you varied your loved ones, you got to meet new people, you know, I got to meet you online.

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I got to know you online. I was not active online before this.

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Now so Pamela This made me more active online and I get to meet a lot of you and they get to really, you know, cherish and and and value a lot of you

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so Pamela I couldn't say had not been for Corona I would have never met you.

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Lot of you they attended, you know, my seminars and conferences, you know, overseas and, and online and whatnot, but it's still for me a blessing. It's a gift for me a blessing.

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I got to know a lot of you and got to be friends A lot of you and value a lot of you measure the quality level.

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Right. Yeah, yeah.

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Well, man, I'll send them in.

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publican in Illinois he

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either in

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verse number 25, Allah subhana wa tada says, in solak and BIA, and we have not sent any profit before, you know, prior to Mohammed, he knew he just we aspired or inspired that profit. Why? Why was he sent and who La Ilaha Illa NFL boom, this is the message for every prophet, every prophet that was sent, they were sent with this mission, and the mission is conveyed, tell people and know why La Ilaha Illa and that fact that there is no god worthy of worship but a lot so worship Him. So worship Him.

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And then Allah Subhana Allah Tada, you know, in, in the in the same soul up moving to the

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move into the second section of salt and Viet. The second section starts from verse number 48, to verse number 9648 to 96.

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And yet Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the stories of the prophets This is why this song is called an NBA. And NBA is the plural of nebby. Just so you know in Arabic, in Arabic, some of you may not speak Arabic, some of you do, right. So in Arabic nebby means a prophet, Prophet means nebby one Prophet nebby, right. And if you want the plural of that prophets in English, you just add an s, but in Arabic, you say and be Yeah.

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you know, so this is the source code and

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the profits because as I mentioned, love profits, you know, were mentioned in this solar. So Allah so just starts with with the story of of Moosa, the story of Musa, and how long the story of Musa and how long and after the story of Moses, and how long was how long, how long is the brother of Musa

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there was this?

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There was this

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program, you know, like a, like a q&a program, you know, on TV, it's on YouTube, you can watch it, you know, and then this, he was asking them questions, right. And one of the questions that the man was asked, you know, he asked, he says, who's Moses brother?

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Who's Moses brother? And then this lady said,

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Well, he said, He says his brother, all the profits of brothers, but Moosa had actually a blood brother. Just so you know that a lot of us Muslims, we don't know about our history. We don't know about our Deen we don't know about our profits. You know, who's Moses brother? Don't you know his name? Moses brother. You know, Moses brother. He said she says he said, You know, he asked what's the was the biggest one question he the guy asked. He says what's the biggest town in Europe?

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was the biggest town in Europe and this other woman she said United States

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This is what was wrong with the better

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Oh, it was the biggest CT CT in Europe. She says United States

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people smoking what you know the other guys this was the

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solah that sort of the to hate what is the what's selected to hate? So that he

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did not know what sort of dough he is. so that they don't hate?

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Oh, no, you know,

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Oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

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You know, so it just shows how you know, so the story of Musa and his brother his brother's name is how Musa and how together right Moosa.

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The story is mentioned in Saudi Arabia and then Allah subhana wa Taala, after sought after Moosa, he also talks about the story of Ibrahim, amazing and shallow tada in my series.

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In my series, my series, the story, the stories of the prophets will talk deeply about the story of a blind a lot of surgeon mentioned that in sort of an NBA when he brought him when he was a kid when he went and he destroyed the idols. So the story starts from there, you know, when he went and he destroyed the idols and then they came together as to and then they play you know, they were inquiring as to whom destroyed the idols. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Barlow my father had ibrd hatena in the hood, I mean, avani Babu semi

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good whom you know who evil all he all know, in fact, to be he.

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They said who did this to our gods who destroyed them? They then they people said, we heard of a boy mentioning them by the name of Ibrahim. So they said, Call him call you bye

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Let's, let's ask him, because he blamed it sent him he went and he destroyed those idols. So they brought him in.

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And he had you know,

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he on a benefactor who, who, whom had a first home in Ghana.

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They said, Are you the one who destroyed our idols? Or Ibrahim? Ibrahim said, well, fella who can beat him had he used that that axe that he used to destroy the idols and he put it next to the biggest idol and he left the the the

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the x there and then he says I asked him why asking me as this big guy right here, you know, here's the one he had the X next to him and they said you know that these cannot hear nor speak so he said oh for local minima taboo don't how can you worship something that can not speak that come up here? You know, this beautiful story that conversation between Ibrahim Harrison was still a kid, fetter a kid you know, and a lot of dimensions that conversation happening between you know him and the people you know making them think how can you worship something that cannot see that cannot hear in the worshipping his idol. So I mentioned that story is with me and then I mentioned the story of

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Ruth as well. One more thing now

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that verse number 74. Look at then after look, as you mentioned other prophets Allah mentions no

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one will hand in their damning cover all this you have to pay attention.

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This section here, you've got to pay attention. I use this actually a lot in my fundraisings.

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All the profits they made this day look. Why no one is there that was that why no one even they're there. I mean, pavlina festa, Minh, cabello festa, Giovanna Agnew, he called upon us? No, he invoked as he called upon us first that Jasmine Allah and we answered his call. So no, he called upon Allah. Allah answer this call Allah subhana wa tada says, Now about Jonas Jonas was unknown was where the naughty is.

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For one,

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me, Fernanda feel normality and

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desktop Hanukkah in the tominaga me faster j banana one more time. Just ignore the weather known the weather no means you want to sorry. He said when he was in the midst of that ocean inside the belly of that fish. And then he called in the darkness of the night. You know, he called upon his Lord, that You know hail and there is no God. For sure, but you surely I was among the wrong doors than the last version of response first agenda. And we answered his call. First agenda. We answered his call and then Allah subhana wa Taala says was that Gary Zakaria again? zekeriya he says was that Gary is Ned

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sister sisters and brothers.

00:23:05--> 00:23:08

If you want a righteous son or daughter,

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even husband, or the wife,

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Zakaria was childish. You want to try and you wanted to try? Was that good? He is Naga up billetto balani falda. How you doing? Where do you see festa Jebin Allah Allahu Akbar

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and zaccaria

00:23:38--> 00:23:44

Zakaria and he made that call to his lord, oh my lord, don't leave me childish.

00:23:45--> 00:23:52

And you are the supreme inheritor. alized ocean again, he says festa jab nella, and we answered his call.

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And we answered his call. Yeah. And he these people, they make the up and Allah answers that call. So panda hotel, and so on. So So I mentioned so many profits. But then the question is that I want to maybe raise here, what is the criteria by which all these people are making dua and Allah is answering that. I'm sure you guys want to know. You all make dua and you want a lot to answer you.

00:24:21--> 00:24:59

Right. You're all making their heart and you want a lot to answer you. So here these prophets are making the and Allah is keep saying first a jab in that first job in that first job that we answered, we answered, we answered these calls. We answered, we approved it, we answered his call. That's why there's a criteria, a lot of admissions that in the NBA but right after that Allah subhana wa tada says, in the home Colonel you're on Fei Li, this is what you need to do. If you have something that you need from Allah Xhosa, if you haven't the other, you want a lot to answer. If you have a dog or the need, we all have needs.

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And once I have many needs and many once

00:25:04--> 00:25:19

Allah subhana wa tada answers here it is for you Laila and more Nisa and others Listen up here it is here's this is what you need this Eliza just says in the homecare no you said no and I feel a lot while you wait wait oh no no no

00:25:21--> 00:25:23

in the home can oh you said you

00:25:26--> 00:25:27

were the owner know

00:25:30--> 00:25:49

what kind of Harsha he must have hi Natasha says this is the key if you want a lot to answer you that that these people they used to haston in doing good you weren't allowed to answer you there Ah, here it is. The answer comes from Allah not from me directly from Allah ever from Prophet Mohammed directly from Allah subhana wa Tada. These people they used to say,

00:25:50--> 00:26:03

in the home can Oh, you said you don't want to say a lot they used to haston in doing good and they used to call upon us during good time. And during

00:26:04--> 00:26:48

that time, and also a lot hubba hubba Yanni they used to call upon us in fear and helpfulness, in fear and humbleness and at all times they used to make that daughter Allah subhana wa Tada. But they used to haston in doing good they used to have some in righteousness in doing good acts. This is one of the keys for Allah Xhosa to answer your inshallah to Allah, what kind of learner she is machine and they used to humble themselves before us. This is another key issue and I'd love to answer your call and they used to humble humble themselves before us and then at the very end my brothers and sisters of the sorta Allah subhana wa tada and this is the this is the conclusion in the conclusion

00:26:48--> 00:26:58

the conclusions from verse number 97 the first number 112 the very end from 97 to 112. Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about a lot

00:27:00--> 00:27:07

about the promise the true promise, the true promise and the promise of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah subhanho wa Taala says better

00:27:08--> 00:27:10

well Potala don't help ah.

00:27:12--> 00:27:25

And the true promise shall draw near. The true promise shall draw near and the legislature has made many promises. You know, agenda his agenda is a promise of Allah and not his HAC Prophet Mohammed is Huck.

00:27:28--> 00:28:11

All the prophets are Huck. You know, Allah is Huck. You know, victory formalization is hacked. So, Allah subhanho wa Taala he says, and the true promise shall drop near in sha Allah who tada very soon This thing will be alleviated in shadow data very soon you shall be happy in sha Allah hoteller very soon, you all your worries shall be alleviated in sha Allah hota very soon maybe you cried yesterday but maybe inshallah today you'll smile and your laugh and shout louder very soon your sadness will will will be alleviated in Sharla hotel very soon you shall find a job in Sharma hotel that very soon you shall and shall Allahu taala get married in Sharla very soon you shall have a

00:28:11--> 00:28:24

righteous son or daughter inshallah hotel very soon you shall get cured from your disease in sha Allah hotel very soon. Allah subhanho wa Taala with you know iVh your financial problems inshallah very soon very soon

00:28:26--> 00:28:48

as well, and the true promise chondral need inshallah to Allah and then at the very end in verse one or seven, Allah subhana wa tada says, Well, my son naka de la maternidad, me, oh Mohammed, we have sent you only as I did add me, we have sent you as mercy to all mankind. Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam His mercy, not only to the Arabs,

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not only to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam is not only a mercy to the Muslims, Prophet Mohammed, Aslan is mercy to Muslims, non Muslims, humans, animals is Latin America and I mean his map to the whole world. So, some love, love it, he will send them the Russia of the Prophet Mohammed Ali salatu salam, may Allah azzawajal resurrect us with him and make us the neighbors of Prophet Mohammed in general in sha Allah Who is that common law family, my brothers and sisters, this is my TFC bytes or bits for salted NBS those of you who have come in late you can always go back and

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and you know view and watch this session. It should be saved on Facebook on YouTube on Instagram.

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it's it's a it's every Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays short and sweet and shallow data. You can always go back and watch them. Is that common? l'affaire Baraka lo fi Comm. I hope to see you later on today. I hope to see you later on today at six o'clock.

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like pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time for the

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stories of the prophets in Sharla. I hope really, okay, we'd like to see you there in Sharla it's really another amazing series which we've started six o'clock pm eastern time. 11 o'clock pm UK time, or 12am Belgium time, right, all of that, you know, so is that gonna love it again malacological thank you so much for coming. May Allah bless you all. Is that gonna love Hello Facebook Thank you Santa Monica hoplite Allah volcat