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AI: Summary © The segment discusses the history and character of Islam in the region of Mecca, including the use of the Prophet sallavi, hesitant stance of the Prophet's wife, and the use of the god's name and ham. The speakers emphasize the importance of staying behind the Prophet's laws and avoiding being the only person to admit Islam. The segment also touches on the use of the god's name and ham, the history of a bush law for peace and blessings, and a person named Noreen and Sharon who are the highest level of those with their beloved.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Welcome back to the first shorts. Without him the law Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah while only he will be he will Manuela. So last time we talked about Okasha will be Alon when we said he's famous for one incident and one incident alone that, you know, Subhan Allah makes him synonymous with this idea of beating us to it and proceeding everyone in height. In the case of the man that we're discussing today, he's famous for one incident, but not necessarily his name. So it's one of the things that comes up when you're discussing the life of Ahmed riddle Hopper, bro, the Allah Tala, anto all these moving pieces, you know, who are the people

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that said that that were being persecuted on the way out to Edison and we talked about them? Who are the people that were in the house when our model the law on her went to the sister faultiness house to demand answers and to see if it was indeed true that some of his own family members had embraced the snap. So it's interesting because in the life of Amato, the Allahu anhu, you have all of these different people that often because he is almost the law and who so he dominates the story. It's like everyone else Subhanallah is naturally rendered to the background, but often we don't appreciate them enough. And so this man, Noreen bin Abdullah, or the Allahu Allah and who is the man

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who told Anwar Nakata for the law and who, when he saw him on his way to kill the Prophet, slice alum, you should probably go to your own family before you go to the profit slice i love to basically deter him from going to the profit slice on him and killing him. And instead, he would go to the profit slice them and warn the profit size on about what was happening. So this was the men name of the law is the one who sees almost the law and who marching in the streets of Mecca and Amato, the law on who could not mask his emotions with his sword out to go and find the profit slice of them and tells him where are you going? And he said, I'm on my way to see Mohammed bin Abdullah

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so I could end this fitna, I could end this tribulation for our people in Mecca. And Allah did not know that this man or aim of Abdullah was also a Muslim name says to him, Well, you should probably go to your family's house first. And see because they too have accepted this religion. So it was that detour that changed history, the course of history, because that's, of course, we're on a hot topic with Elon who went home and entirely, you know, was changed by Allah subhanaw taala. His heart guided to Islam, and instead goes to the prophets. I seldom to embrace Islam, and that was the day of victory for the Muslims. So who is nor aim of Abdullah?

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Abdullah Hello, the law hotel and Hall is from Bernardi. So he's from the same tribe. So he's a cousin of a moral dilemma Toronto, and he is a as early as the 11th Muslim. So in one narration, only 10 People had embraced Islam before. noraim have been Abdullah will be allowed tight. I know. So he's that early in Islam. He was a young person when he embraced the message of the prophets license, very beloved to his people. Why was he beloved because he was known for being a very pleasant person known for being a person of great character, also known for his generosity. As Paola. You know, as I was reading what I could about name of Abdullah or the Allahu taala, and hope,

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you know, there are those people that it's not necessarily that they have a lot of wealth. And that's what makes them generous, but just someone who's very helpful, someone who's always willing to serve someone who's always trying to take care of other people, right. And that's clearly the case with this man named Bill the alonside. I know that he was the person that if you needed him, he was there. And everyone loved him. No one had a complaint about him. And people praised him for his generosity and for his character, but he actually would hide his Islam for a very long time amongst his people. Okay, so while he had proceeded on a real Capalbo, the Allahu Anhu to Islam, he did not

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make his Islam known to a middle the Allahu anhu, at the time, that Omar was on his way to kill the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. So this man or even Abdullah, he,

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you know, openly declares Islam sometime after I'm a real Hapa but though he is the 11th person to embrace Islam, when the Hijra happened, something very interesting happens at that time. And that is that Benu Id asked him not to migrate to Medina, even though they now know he's Muslim. They weren't persecuting him. They left him alone. And the reason why was was because he was responsible for so many widows and orphans amongst their people. So Subhanallah he was so good amongst this tribe. Not to say that some of the persecuted companions were not but everyone has these these great circles or these very different circumstances where you have some some great

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thing that happened to them in particular. So in the case of Naureen, they said to him, Look, you know, stay on the dean that you want to stay on, we're not going to persecute you, we're not going to run you out, we're not going to come after you. You know, he wasn't necessarily playing a leadership role amongst us people amongst the people of Mecca, to stay back, because the amount of good that you are doing the role that you are playing, especially with the widows and the orphans, we need you here. So we'll leave you alone. The deal is you're not going to be harassed. And so that's why we find that name and Abdullah never made him not to Abyssinia either. And subhanAllah he

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accepts that, right? He wasn't persecuted. He stays behind for high if he stays behind for the goodness that he was doing because of the amount of people that relied on him in Mecca. When does he come to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it's a beautiful story, that in who they be, as the Prophet slicin is there. And of course, they are on their way to Macau or they're trying to make their way to Mecca from Medina. Here comes near amo Abdullah or the Allahu Anhu. And he has with him 40 converts to Islam from Benu ID. So that whole tribe of people that used to persecute other members of the tribe and used to harm other people from Mecca, because of their Islam, and now

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they're following Nora and he was able to win them over to Islam. And he comes with them to embrace Islam. So while the prophets lie, some is taking the bait are taking the pledge from the Companions from Medina. He's also taking the shahada of 40 people from Mecca, all from Bernardi that are coming with Noreen Abdullah are the Allahu Taala and and when the Prophet saw some saw him and heard they be the Prophet saw some stood up he was excited he embraced him and he kissed him Salah Hardy who was sent him on the head and he said okay, and your aim hydro Naka min call me. He said your people own or aim are better than my people your comb is better than my comb. Your tribe is better than my

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tribe. Now why is the prophet slice I'm saying that because obviously his tribe harmed him SallAllahu wasallam Benoit He was patient with name and eventually noraim was able to win them all over to Islam. So your aim says to the Prophet slice on Bill Okay? Also Allah Heilmann call me rather your people are better than my people. The prophets lie some said only Raju money. Welcome Luca karoq. The prophets lie some said my people ran me out your people gave you you know they settled you they supported you. And you know here you have the situation where they gave him a place but all the allotted time I know to operate in Mecca because of the good he was doing and now

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they're following him and the ultimate good of Islam. So he said Yasuda Allah, He said, O Messenger of Allah omocha ufological Hitler, your people expelled you but to hijra, you got the reward of the hidden welcome. We have a Sunni Anna, my people held me back from the Hitler. So he's trying to say to the Prophet slice, and I'm what will please him and say to the prophets, I send them that I was held back from the Hizballah because of my people, your people at the end of the day while the harm was done, Allah subhanaw taala gave you the reward and the blessing of the headstone. So this is the time that he joins the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he lives to be a soldier, up until the time

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of Khalifa took Muslimeen Amuro minion, blah, blah, blah and so I'm just thinking about life through the eyes of Noreen. Your aim was there when he stopped on model the Allahu Anhu going to the house of the prophets lie some of the sword in the streets of Mecca to kill the Prophet sites and now he's giving Beya he's giving his allegiance to Auburn Mahatama the law as the Khalifa of the Muslims, and serving as a soldier under Omar as he did under a Becca Sadiq about the Allahu Tada and and he died Shaheed he died a martyr in the Battle of Yarmouk under the rule of almond ricotta battle, the low tide and now all of this and of course, an incredible life story there. But what is it with his

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name, and this is the most important part of the lecture. I was going to actually say in the beginning, but here I'll say it now. His nickname is noraim ibn Abdullah and the ham. Okay, and the ham and you'll find the name and the ham even sometimes you'll find name and a ham bin Abdullah. The name and the ham comes from a very particular incident with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Now we said with the Akasha he was given the glad tidings of Jana in a very special way. The Prophet slice of them said about nerine, he said the hunter agenda, he said on the night of a slot when we arrived the night of the ascension, he said I entered into paradise. first summer to Nana 10 Min Nuri and I

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heard a Nana from Noreen. Now a Naghmeh according to most of the scholars is when a person clears their throat so imagine

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so the Prophet sly son of his saying that while I was in Jannah I heard noraim A Nam I heard him clearing his throat in general

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So they nicknamed him as a result of that. And uh huh, okay Subhan Allah. So this is also a bush law for him I glad tidings for him that the prophets lie Selim, who heard the footsteps of bilateral the low tide and who, in Jannah also heard the clearing of the throat of Noreen all the low tide and hope in agenda. And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to be pleased with him, and to send his peace and blessings upon the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam, and it's just very interesting Subhan Allah that this man who plays with a seemingly such a small role, you know, actually contributed to a major turning point in Islamic history with his wisdom in that moment is snap judgment right in that

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moment, of course, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is the best of planners. May Allah subhanho wa Taala be pleased with him and may Allah parents out or join us with him, and with the righteous companions, those that we know and those that we don't, and the highest level of those with our with our beloved Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah Amin de Zachman lol Hayden inshallah Tada, I'll see you next time was Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh