British Police Tell Muslim Not to Pray In SC

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Some other brothers that were doing it so

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I want to ask them a question though. How much of the park?

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How much is under the girl parks? Up to which where's the border? I think the street is in history. I think so you can ask them.

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Hello, how you doing?

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What's your surname?

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Amelia? Tell me Jamil. Okay. So the policy as far as we know it, we've looked at it carefully, okay said that you're not allowed to pray in congregation?

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No, that's not what the policies regulations are not a policy. Typically an act of law, or regulation is an act of law. What which one so we can refer to it. In other spaces. Open regulation

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is said as far as we know, first and foremost, this park, which is under the crown wherever the charity Yeah, yeah, so all parks, there's like six or seven parks that I read it in the official website? Yeah. What it said was that you're not allowed to pray in congregation. Now, the information we've been given also from other police officers, is that individual acts of worship, do not go under that. So in other words, if someone wants to over the Christian, Muslim or Jewish if they want to pray, yeah, individually, yeah, then they're allowed to do so. This is what I have learned. Okay. And so

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I'm telling you very nicely. No, praying in royal parks. now. Bye.

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Okay, so let's bring up Can you please bring up the thing the box thing because I want to read out to you, because hey,

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Doctor, police Jamil will read it.

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Jesus hallelujah.

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Yeah, we'll get a copy of it.

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Have you got it?

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Can you bring it

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to Jesus?

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Okay, what's your

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budget? Yeah. Are you the supervisor? Yeah.

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Like the fruits. Okay, nice.

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Okay, can we can we get it please? By the way, this is not legislation. For us. All we've been notified is its policy, religious

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policy. So he said it's legislation.

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Regulations, which Have you got it?

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All right, thank you.

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Mr. Jamil. Mr. Jamil. I'm gonna read this out. Okay. This is hey, look, as you can see here, please it says religious activity in the world parks. To say the rule parks does not permit collective acts of worship or other religious observances in the TRP. State, either in their own right or as part of a demonstration. event or other activities include spoken or fun communal praise or other events that are primarily religious and focus. Exceptions are made for annual events, etc. And, first of all, and then it continues. It says as a public body it is not the place of the world parks to make value judgments between one religious observance and another. We must either permit all collective

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religious observances or refuse them all. Our our approach is to continue to refuse all such observances on the grounds that they are not traditional Park related activities. And the disadvantages to the public at large of allowing them almost certainly outweigh the benefits to the adherents of particular religion or belief. The policy extends to the construction of structures within the estate with the religious significance.

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So here, as you can see, it doesn't even mention

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Sorry, I'm not gonna say in this moment of time. So my friend, sorry, sorry, sorry. Yeah, I'm gonna dictate the terms of the condition. Because you're not, you cannot in my presence.

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You're sorry, my friend.

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My friend, listen to me carefully. Most of you. Listen, listen, most of you listen.

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Your job, Mr. Jamil your job?

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No, you can raise your voice if you want to. Right? Yes.

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Mr. Jamil and Mr. Berry. Your jobs are not to create policies or laws, okay. Your jobs are to enforce them.

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What I'm saying is I've just provided the evidence from the world pocket. Does it say anywhere about a single person praying You know, it says

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collectivism is no mention about a single person. first language

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is English your first language

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is English.

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on that line does it say anywhere?

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Anywhere in my estimation, Mr. Jamil Mr. Jamil.

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On Hold on, hold on, hold on. Sorry, guys. Sorry, sorry, guys. Sorry, guys. English is not your first language, which clearly isn't Okay. Now the opposite of a collective is a is an individual. All right? So if it's prohibiting collective action, which in an English language could actually only mean two or more, okay, you've prohibited an individual action. Lots of people here, no, I'm sorry. No, no.

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Listen individually. No, no, no, no, that's not what the policy says. Collective acts of worship of a religious nature are different to individual acts of worship. Now, what we're saying is no, hold on, hold on. This is speaker's corner. So what we're gonna say here, we made an announcement this morning, very clear announces, early afternoon, that we will be willing to go by the regulations of the park.

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Excuse me, go live. Now, having said that, having said that, we are saying that we are willing to go with the policies of the park. And we said that very clearly. And it's on camera, so that all of the Muslims are aware that we are law abiding, policy abiding citizens that are willing to communicate conciliate and reconcile with the police forces. And we've done that over and over again, despite the right wing aggressions, and all these things have happened in recent weeks. But there is a difference between collective acts of worship and individual acts of worship, I believe, Demille. And Barry, that what you have to do now is offer this man, a public apology for stopping him from

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praying, where in your rights, you had no reason to do that. You're inventing policy. So I'm going to give you a chance before this goes on some kind of front page newspaper and you lose your job to apologize to them and go and leave. We won't be apologizing.

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Have you been given instructions? Have you been given instructions to stop individual acts of worship?

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in large groups, my view would be

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so you're an interpreter of policy now.

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With regard? Absolutely. The regulations were interpreted. So hey, listen, my interpretation at this time. So your interpretation is that a singular person, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or Jew,

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and they want to pray, whether they say, Oh, Jesus, or this and that. So what is speaker's corner, then? What has it become?

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If someone speaks, I'm pleased at the same time, what are you going to do? So right now I'm praying, yeah, Allah, are you going to arrest me? Are you going to advise me? Because for me, playing individually in Tel supplicating

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is a crime. So if so, what is the difference between me saying orgy or Christian saying, Oh, Jesus, praying individually, and someone and this man he wants to perform acts of worship? individually? Why has this become what are you doing? Are you being paid by?

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Mr. Berry and Mr. Jamil, Mr. Berry, my friend hold on Mr. Berry, and Mr. Jamil. I would like to tell you straightforwardly right here, and right now, our policy in regards to the police as the Muslims, we have united and we have actually put a three strike policy. And I want you to understand the policy, we have put to the Muslims that they are not allowed to pray in congregation, because that's what the rules are, which we think thank you very much for thanking me. But you also have to allow me to express myself because this is meant to be after all, speaker's corner. Now, having said that, we're not here, we're not here to participate, no problem.

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What we're saying is that there is a policy in place, we've said we respect that policy. That's good. We also said, and this is a clear message to the police.

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So anyways, what we're saying is, at the end of the day, what we're saying is, as Muslims as Muslims, we said, there's a three strike policy, the first strike, if that we have a panel of five Muslims, see, we see that you are unjustly or unequally treating Muslims. Fine. Today, there's been one strike already, which is going to go to the panel members, where there was a group of African Christians singing and dancing which is on camera and no one really

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permitted them? I haven't seen So okay, well, you have to be a bit more stringent about exercising your policies. Okay, well, once you went here, but now you have to do the job of Mr. Berry of going to every religious group that wants to go and speak to that want to go and and congregate for religious purposes, and enforcing the law justly and equally, because that's exactly what the policy said. If it's not for one religious group, it's not fine. You religious group.

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Number two, thank you. Number two. Number two, as far as we are concerned, our interpretation, we've also consulted legal people, he told us, he told us,

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told us ourselves so there's a contradiction in your what you're telling us. Praying individually is not a problem within the role parks. And there's nothing that you can say today to change that reality. So what are messages that are Muslims is continue continue to pay it despite what these people are trying to say? Because we have no reason. We have no reason now from a law perspective, or from a policy perspective, to think otherwise. Unless you get the ballparks to change their stance on it, then I would say you could you can say to other people, you have the opportunity to make representations for all parts agency, we've already spoken to the robot.

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So we're gonna pray individually. That's what we're gonna continue to offer.

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No, I didn't say we all pray, what are the words I've used today in this discourse with you is we are going to pray individually. So in other words, if there's one Muslim in one particular Look,

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if you bring the Oxford Dictionary out, or if you bring that Collins dictionary out.

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Guys, this is coming. As you can see here.

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As you can see here, it's becoming a little bit pedantic. And every week, they try and get one officer with a Muslim name, to try and put a little bit of pressure on us to doing things which we are not obliged to do, either legally, or through the policies of the woodpark regulation. Now, as Muslims in this in this day, we started off this afternoon, by making a very straightforward claim that we will be willing to

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comply with the regulation. But now what's happening is Nuremberg laws style regulations are starting to come from these police officers worked so hard to reinvent their own doors, and exercise those laws being judge,

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jury, judge, jury and executioner. Obviously, they have no legislative capabilities. And so when the law says, collective, we cannot interpret it meaning individual in any way in the English language, unless you want to change the English language to another language, do not continue to seemingly because it's what the community was trying to feel under pressure. Now, they're not trying to infringe upon our rights. Because if you do that, that is when you will see a protest of the highest magnitude and Lucas corner history with the Muslims. And Ramadan is coming.

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We will make and we've never done this before. But we will make the biggest collective worship when I say collective and against an opposition to the so called policies in this place, will make us Friday worship. Okay, we'll make a Saturday worship on Sunday worship, who will try and make this place a mosque in one day in don't just answer don't mess with us. Because at the end of the day, when it comes to pushing Muslims, things are otherwise don't even in the law, that's when you become corrupt, or otherwise, like those developments in developing countries that you like to like to criticize. And so having said that, guys know full well your limits are democratic, your legal and

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police officers. Don't push it. Because believe me, we do have a right to protest. We do have on we understand our rights. We have lawyers amongst us. And don't don't think for a moment that you will be able to

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turn around and say thank you very much. And that's what we have to say.

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That's all we have to say. Thank you very much.