Why did we get Corona Virus & what can Muslims do to save themselves

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shaped mumkin tantalum and Elia Womack and

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Womack and a lot more at the Bahama home Yes takfeer own

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brother Anwar is referring to the verse

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and so rotten and fair

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we've all loved

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one have come in de

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mina sama Tina being the this verse, brother Anwar is related

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the disbelievers in Mecca. One thing assign

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in order to believe.

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Now Allah subhana wa ala is stilling the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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If I send a sign, to the Qureshi to the disbelievers in Mecca, and if they don't believe my sooner, the system of law, the established system for law, that they have to be wiped away from the face of this earth.

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I have to punish them like a punished if I punish them.

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I punished all these other nations. And I don't want to punish them collectively. I don't want to wipe them while you are amongst them.

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And I do want to punish them while you are while they are making Mr. Fogg, seeking the forgiveness of Allah subhana wa.

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Once it comes to a verse like this, even though we know the reason for its revelation, but the scholars of Tafseer brother Anwar, they say, lazy laborer to behold forces savvy, well, Kim la Parata, the movement lovely.

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When you look at the verse of the Quran, even though you know that criteria

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of the revelation or the reason for the revelation of the verse, but that text is what you understood from the verse because the general meaning allies telling you know what, I'm not gonna punish them while you're still alive. So this is done.

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The prophets Allah Allah is no longer amongst us. So what is left for us now to protect ourselves from

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being wiped away as Muslims from the face of this earth

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is listed for a start through a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff.

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I think brother Anwar is inviting all of us Muslims. And this is what I started the broadcast with.

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Toba and it's the * fanola

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Suna turbo Pelican Casa kulu boom

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boom bill back Sir, your raw Illa Allah whom your own.

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You see the reason why Allah subhanho wa Taala is making us experience this. So we can look back and make a step farther and make Toba and this is the call. And this is what I said if you are to leave with something from the broadcast tonight. Do like Eunice alleys Hello my dear respected brothers and sisters in Islam. La ilaha illa Anta subhanak in equal to me Nevada me.

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I'm wrong. Our law here FYI, I'm your first ally. I have my shortcomings. I have my shortcomings. And if we all look into this and and bundle upon our case and our condition in sha Allah, Allah will better our condition be in the law he tile that's Allah pneumatic feet, brother Anwar.

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Should we stock up? No. I mean, we shouldn't we shouldn't inshallah.