I want to be a football player

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of training hard and staying true to family's dreams. They also mention the use of alcohol and records the conversation.
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Read an Akula at Quora, I want to be a professional athlete have the readiness madmen at fontina this is what we hear from our children when it's not only out on what are your gewoon and we hear the parents saying happy be moving into Colin Asia to read you can be anything you want to be what have we done a damn Hello Mohammed we have to support their dreams while at the Akula who Anna and what I tell them Yeah have you been in LM to Quinta to darab yo me and hum say listen to sad if you're not training every single day five to six hours lenticular and Cora you're never going to be a professional athlete or to local lamb or ham stop living in a fairytale world nominal taboo. Alice

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Bob with dish to head with the data Mukhin yes, if you train hard you work hard, then maybe you'll reach for LA Bucha remit ole ole remorse your parents love with the new Alamo and follow Him they have to teach their children either our turn to crunchy and if you want to be something lab with diminished your hair or bananas Bob you have to work hard to get there.