Riad Ouarzazi – Tafseer Bites Surah Al Ankabout

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various topics related to the book Corps and the titledial, including scientific discoveries, introductions, honoring parents and siblings, and the importance of following rules of Islam. They emphasize the need to not respect social order and law, not obey anyone, and show support for parents and siblings. The speakers also emphasize the importance of testing people for Islam and not respecting social order and law. They stress the need for evidence and straight speaking to non believers to avoid confusion and misunderstandings, and discuss the dangerous statements made by people who want to be called "we" and quit smoking. The schedule of events and updates on the return of non believers is also discussed.
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remember your cells will serve them another cylinder. So,

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this is as as he will come to you to the to see the bytes or to have seen bits

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today inshallah tada we are with solid a Lanka boot. So what unka boot

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selector uncovered from 32 bytes, the number of the solar is 29 from the pan

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you know, as listed in the Andes for number 29 or chapter number 29 so that the hidden Caboose or the web or the spider, you know,

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it has 6969 versus 69 as, and it's between Jews number 20 address number 21

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All right, love smilo Let's go. Let's get going Sean la

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sala Angkor Wat chapter number 2969 verses 69 is and he's from Jews or between Jews number 20 and Jews number 21. And it is a Makita sola it's a murky surah except actually two verses, you know, I've explained this excuse me some time back that there are you know, certain sources or chapters that are mucky mean revealed in Mecca. And there are some that are Madani, which means that are revealed in Medina and there are songs that would include some let's say, you know, like Mickey chapter Mecca sola but we include some some verses that weren't revealed in in Medina. So the salt and Caboose has actually two verses or two is that were revealed in Medina. So what uncovered the

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web or the spider? It is considered to be from L metheny and Matheny, you know, they're like the four types of swans, four types of chapters in the Quran. You know, we the cyber world has several long ones. And then after that comes to me in the mean, which are those that are 100 verses or less, or, you know, verse 100 verses or a little bit more. And then you have Alma Thani, those that are less than 100 are called and methane is also a plank of wood, because it's got 69 verses so it is considered to be from an Mathurin

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in terms of its revelation brothers and sisters, it is number 84. Number eight for you know, in terms of its revelation, it's number 84. There's 114 114 chapters, this sola is considered to be number 84.

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So I said it's a matte it's a mecca saw, but there's this idea that Allah Xhosa says women a nassima yopu mandevilla for either or the Ophelia he died defeated unless he can either be left.

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Number 11 verse number 11. So this verse, it's a Madani verse, right? It's a mendini verse. So it's a mecca sola except, you know, the the verse that I said, it's a myth, any verse, the reason why the soul was revealed that, you know, it's recorded that there are a couple reasons. Couple seven, well, as Ben

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said, Nobody woke us.

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And this is interesting, really interesting, the reason because seven w waqqas used to be known as one of the who was the most obedient to his mother, you know, the one who was really obedient to his mother. So almost sad when he embraced Islam, his mother, she says, doesn't allow social order, you know, to honor your parents and go on or your parents will law upon time and she says, By Allah, I will not eat any food nor drink any drink.

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until I die,

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unless you leave, you know, the religion of Islam.

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So his mother said

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Allah, Eliza in your, in your in your, in your in Islam, you know, he orders your bill bill, he orders you to honor your parents. So she says, Well, I will not eat no food or drink any any drink until I die. And no, unless you you know, least you leave your religion.

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Then Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed this verse number one, what was saying that in Santa Diwali, they have to snap and we ordained you know

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And inside the man to be to honor his parents. But then, except when they ask you to worship someone other than Allah, then you cannot, you know, obey them. Other than that you serve them you obey, obey them, you honor them, you know, you support them all the time. But then you know, if they were to ask you to worship anyone other than Allah Xhosa, that's the that's the only time where you have to draw the line and and do not obey them. So Allah says revealed that

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the solar brothers and sisters has an introduction that starts with Oliver.

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There are 10 types of introductions in the end, the soul starts with the hedgy It starts with Elif near me, and leave

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me so we call these in an in an aroma and we call them showed off at the head. Right?

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The Salama brothers and sisters, the topic of it, it is split into one introduction, where of course we have an introduction. And then and then a conclusion. And in between the two sections. In between the two sections here we're talking about solid encode or the web.

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So the Salama brothers and sisters in the in the in the in the sections talks about you know, two main things. One thing when one section talks about at that trials, adversities and then the second section talks about, you know,

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what saya you know, different types of

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any given advice, you know, advice to the believers, so let's start with the mocha mocha starts or the mocha means the introduction starts from verse number one to verse number seven, verse number one to verse number seven. And here Allah subhana wa Taala talks about the son that liberty that this sooner called Allah Xhosa has the sooner in this universe so that if today The sooner of the trial, Allah subhana wa tada says, has he been so i utako? I know.

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You've known have people, you know, do they think that they will be left out?

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That they will say they believe without being trialed? Yeah, and anybody who converts or anybody who becomes religiously committed, anybody who starts you know, any

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practice it is them they claim that they're believers, Allah subhanho wa Taala would have to trial them would have to put them under test. So Allah subhana wa tada says, a hesi badness What are you talk to your co mn often have people that will be there will be left out if they were to say or claim that they are believers without being tested. what occurred for 10 that led me to copy him, we have trialed people up before them. We have trial people before when I've written the lead in amicably.

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So, and then this is all in the introduction. And then comes in the first section my brothers and sisters, the first section starts from verse number eight to verse number 44. And here Allah subhana wa tada gives examples of empty that gives examples of trials and adversities and hardships. So he talks about different you know, stories, stories of profits.

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But first he talks about the wedding day, the the wedding day, meaning the you know, the parents here Allah subhana wa tada says, what will sign them in San BYD? They have to snap what in jaha Daiquiri to silica beam and a silica here in Fernando Pei Houma, la Yamato to come for owner bill can be Malcolm tomtop man Oh, yes, we have ordained an insane man to you know, honor his parents were in Jehovah but if they were to strive to strive against you so that you can worship anyone other than Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, federal do not obey them.

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ismat she came to the Prophet Mohammed,

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Abu Bakar. You know, her mom, she was not a believer. And she was asking Prophet Mohammed Do I have to obey my mother? Although she is not a believer, but do I have to serve her and obey her? The Prophet says yes, you do serve her you do support or you do obey her, as long as she does not ask you to worship anyone other than Allah, other than God, other than that, you have to support your mom. And you have to, you know, provide for her, even if she's not a believer. And this is a message for the brothers and the sisters in Islam, those reverts, you know, a message to them, you know, yes, your parents, they may be non Muslims, but you still have to, you know, serve them and support

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them and obey them and honor them as long as they don't ask

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Due to worship anyone other than Allah, as long as they don't force you to, you know leave your prayers or to do something how long like to drink alcohol and whatnot you know, other than that you have to honor your parents that Allah subhana wa tada says

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methadone larina tato mean Daniela he only

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here was this what a lot of vision mentions the the title of the chapter, the chapter is called an ankle boots. an anchor point means the web or the spider right? But so look at the analogy that Allah subhanaw taala that gives, you know, with regard to uncut boots with regard to the web, Allah subhanho wa Taala says methadone ladina

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he only

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gamma said in Cabo Gita that bait and war in our hand and boo

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boo, lo can whoo yah mo demo, the likeliness of those who take others other than Allah subhanahu wa tada and you worship them other than Allah is the likeliness of a spider who builds a house, but very the frailest of the houses is the spiders house, the weakest of the houses is the spiders house, she spent so much time building the house, you know, the spider, I'm sure you know, right, Aspire there, you know, she builds that web, she spent so much time building that web, but that house is so frail, anybody can come and destroy it. You know, so I like games that somehow law that you know that beautiful analogy here with regard to people who worship anyone other than Allah

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subhana wa Tada, the likeliness of those who take others than other than Allah, as as Gods is the likeliness of a spider who builds her house. And then Eliza, she says, verily, the free list of all the houses is the spiders house.

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That Allah Subhana Allah Donna

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in the second section of sort of an attribute, which starts from verse number 41, to verse number 7841, to verse number 78. Here Allah subhanho wa Taala talks more about the about the past to the battle to trial, and he talks about you know, how you know, the battle, what should you do when you go into empty lap? When you're going through a trial or hardship what should one person do? A lot Isn't he is talking about insights in the end and establishing the prayer so Allah subhana wa tada says, verse, wood glue, this is the second section

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of salt and Caboose, Oklahoma or here la camino kitabi Wapping me Sala in a solid and annual fashion you one more go to my Ohio Mohammed recite from that which Allah has revealed to you from the end, Joaquin is solid and established the prayer in the solid didn't have any fresher when Luca, indeed, prayers they they

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precludes you from in indecency and and wrongdoings you know, the Sunnah. So some people they may say, Well, I, I don't wear hijab. I don't fast. Can I you know, do I still have to pray? I'm you know, do I yes, Saba, you still have to do the solid regardless, you're already committed a sin by not putting yet you're already committing the sin by not, you know, fasting, but the Sunnah. You've got to pray your Sunnah. You've got to establish the Sunnah. Don't add a sin on top of another sin. You know, do your Salah establish your prayers. And when we talk about the prayers it's not whenever you want one day one prayer a day you know whenever you have time. No, it's not whatever you have

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time the Salah has its own timing. So you have to abide by the timing of the sada you know we have something confessional we have something convert and love it is not at any at all. First of all, it is not at all time.

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And though it is not a test of time.

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And it is not a function of time or whenever you have time. You know, it is not your timing it is the timing established by Allah subhanho wa Taala so these are the things that will preclude you from indecency and and immoral acts.

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And then Allah subhana wa tada in the second section also talks about the you know, warning, warning the the against the crowfall against the non believers of lust kinda what Allah says one to judge lol kitabi illegibility he accent and don't indulge with the non believers and keytab with the people of the book, right. If you want to have a debate with them, have a deep eat with them with accent with that which is good. Don't just involve yourself into vain talk into talk that has no benefits. No one you want to, you know, indulge into some sort of these conversations or debates with the keytab

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People have the book only with Eliza bility yes and with that, which is you know, good with sad

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weather and then Eliza just talks about the non believers. So Pamela talks about just you know, giving them the this is what when they say who she is or who she means and evidence against the non believers, what kind of evidence Allah subhana wa tada says, towards the end, he says, What is manufactured at one another was a hollow sham. So one cannot lie upon on law, the non believers Polish although they used to worship idols, but they used to worship idols that you know, to get them closer to Allah associate as they used to say so unless I know what Allah says, if he were to ask those non believers who created the heavens and earth,

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what's the hardship someone come up and he made the moon and the sun subservient, who they will say Allah, they will say God Almighty, although the same people who worship idols, if we were to ask them who created the heavens on earth, and who made the sun and the moon subservient, they will say Allah, this is an evidence against them, that Allah azza wa jal exists that Allah Xhosa ino is the one who truly needs to be worshipped subhana wa Tada. And then at the very end, Allah subhana wa tada says, and this is brothers and sisters, really a beautiful,

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not only advice, but this is a statement for those who say, I shall pray when Allah guides me.

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I shall put the hijab on when Allah guides me, this is such a very dangerous statement these people they make, I shall fast when Allah guides me. I will pray when a like you know what they're saying? They're saying, as if they're saying Allah does not want to guide them, because if allow us to go then they will pray. This is very, very dangerous statements. When Allah guides me, I would put the hijab on what do you have to put the hijab on and ask Allah for guidance. So Allah subhana wa tada says at the end, when Medina jahad oficina de una what in en la Han Emma and mazzini, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and those who struggle towards us towards our path, we will certainly guide them.

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We will certainly show them the straight path but they have to struggle towards us. They would want to die if you truly want to die. If you truly want guidance, then Allah subhanho wa Taala will guide you you cannot keep you know smoking and I say inshallah, when Allah guides me, I shall quit smoking and you are smoking, you're holding the cigarettes. In sha Allah, Allah guides me I'm gonna put the hijab on

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and you are half naked, you know and whatnot. Yeah, and you're blaming Allah for your actions.

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Stuff Allah, this is what they're doing this blaming Allah what the actions that Allah subhana wa tada says, When leadin Ajay delphina and also struggle and strive towards our path, we will certainly guide them towards it.

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In Allah Allah had mercy and Allah is indeed with Adam were singing subhana wa Tada. So, this is in summary, my brothers and sisters

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in a nutshell, the

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summary of saw that and again, this is sort of anchor wood. It's not beefed up, see, but hamdulillah good enough, sha Allah to make you comfortable, you know, with the solar wind the chapter when you need it next time inshallah Tada. So let's uncover with chapter number 29. It has 69 verses and it is between Jews number 20 and just number 21, right, inshallah tada as it is a mucky sola, except you know, the ayah which I have mentioned number 1011 This two verses 1011 those were mendini verses but the rest of the sola is all mechi sola. Alright my brothers and sisters, is that Camilla hair, short and sweet to have seen bits or bytes Baraka Luffy calm I hope to see you later on in sha Allah

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to Allah with the

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inshallah with the the stories of the prophets and they may be thinking maybe that this setup see the bytes I may have to change the schedule inshallah tada are things are getting, you know a

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little bit different in terms of timings in terms of people going back to work, you know, it's not like the full lockdown no more. So I may have to change and Charlotte some of the timings of my of my series inshallah, I will keep you updated with any new

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programs or anything

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Your plans in terms of the timings already but I shall see you later on and Sharla for the for the stories of the prophets, six o'clock pm eastern time 11pm UK time in Sharla is that Kamala Harris brothers and sisters are the other is as he said Mr. They come up come up later Allah over cat Thank you Sonia from Facebook

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