Ramadhan Reminder 3 – Quality vs. Quantity

Hasan Ali


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The speaker discusses the importance of quantity over quality in business and how it affects profit. They also mention that some Muslims may not read the Quran or even write a letter, but they do so to see profit. The speaker emphasizes the importance of offering a bagger to large events and bringing reward to employees.

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Now another one I reminded that I want to give you is that a lot of Muslims, what they what they look at is they look at quantity, and they don't look at quality. Okay? quantity versus quality. So what you'll hear Muslims doing in Ramadan is they'll say that

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the you know, I've done one of the

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other I've done, you know, as requested I've done 12 rockets tahajjud kamalame. Okay, so the looking what they're looking at the quantity,

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hey, I am now on my third or an kottam. They're looking at quantity, they're not looking at quality.

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Quality is something that is needed more than quantity. And everyone knows this. And let's just look at business. Okay, what's the point of us selling 500,000 units of something, you sold it, you sold it, okay? But after selling 500,000 units of something you made, maybe, I don't know, 20,000 pounds, you made 30,000 pounds, okay, fine, you make 20 30,000 pounds. But another man, what he did is he sold

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five things.

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And from selling five things, he made 50,000 pounds.

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Now the first one's sold 500 things to make 20 30,000 pounds. And the second one just sells five. And he gets 50,000 pounds, who got more in the end.

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Who won won the end? The first the second. The second one gets more than anyone knows is in business. You don't look at how many items you sell, and how much turnover you get, you have to look at the profit. And the profit always is only different, doesn't matter by the unit you sell doesn't matter what you're selling, is selling its end of the day show you balance and show you profit. We have certain Muslims who are reading loads of the Quran, five brands to three brands and 10 grands, whatever it is. But the bank balance in the end is going to be a certain amount.

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And there are other Muslims reading only one core.

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But the reading quality, that quality will get give you more. There are certainly Abdullah bin Amba says he says that I'd rather read I'd rather pray for Allah to rockets with devotion, it is better for me than to spend the whole night the whole night.

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In, in prayer in front of Allah with that devotion, I imagine is to reconnect with devotion is quality. The whole night of prayer without devotion is quantity. So when it comes to quantity versus quality, who's gonna win, it's going to be quality. When Allah said in the Holy Quran, I'm going to, you know, measure your deeds on the Day of Judgment. Allah did not say I'm going to count how many deeds you did. If Allah said, I'm going to count how many deeds you did, then it should be us trying to get as many numbers in as we can. Allah didn't say that. Allah azza wa jal said, I'm going to weigh your deeds. Now when it comes to weighing something. So handler we know this, a box can arrive

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in your house, it could be a box, just just the size. If it's just got something very light inside, there's a lot of bubble wrap inside. It's got a you know, few boxes, a few light items inside, okay, we know you can just lift it up, even a little kid can lift it up. But sometimes you can have a box much smaller. Okay, but let's just say it's a small, smaller, smaller box, just that that big. That's all it is. But in there, there's one gold bar something imaginary, you know how heavy those things are, right? I've never I've never tried to lift from but I'm just saying that, you know, you had a gold bar and that you'd have, you know, you'd have to hold that with, you know, with both your

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hands and still you're going to have to carry it with with all your muscles being used as they Why? Because this again, is to do with the weight of what we've got. So imagine on the Day of Judgment, Allah azza wa jal is going to look at, he's going to look at number of things that we did, the devotion, the concentration, the reflection, the amount that the mind that we had there, Allah is going to take in consideration, the time, the effort we put into it, Allah is going to put looking look at how we how we offer that thing, how much dedication we have, you know, how much love we had for him when we offered that thing, how we pose, how we used our minds to not to be distracted with

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other things, all these things will count that to do with the quality. Maybe we will read the meaning or maybe we thought of the meaning of what we're saying. And then each one what it will do is that it will bring us an

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nother level of reward that we won't see otherwise. So please, when it comes to us offering a bagger to a large region, let us think about quality and not quantity