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smell lotion the loss of smell so let's have a look at

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what you saw

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me reciting today

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I don't know what's gonna

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raise your hand if you know the answer is like I don't have that many chocolates yeah

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mashallah, so that's what I love here we go

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good to see all for the abou avoid

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as I left it he's the one who got the chocolate. So it's volatile Allah what is why is it because of Allah for talk with each other. So Allah is a metaphor, Salah number seven it has 206 verses so if it's 206 verses that means it is considered to be from the salah. The Seventh One wants us seven and eight

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it has it started with Elif let

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me saw

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one more topic what do you what do we call these Alif Lam Meem early on if you know the answer raise your hand I mean I guess that means saw a different Mr. Yeah seeing what do we call this in Arabic?

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I just said raise your anything with the answer.

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Chef he was like all the chocolate and honestly, I want to know who Eva

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I mean, I can give you half of the chocolate or in the back yes

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it's like

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yeah, well no no I don't there's no meaning. There's no many these characters are full of in Arabic couple of letters.

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Have a name in Arabic. What are what do we call them in Arabic?

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Although the letters of the HeZI

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Hey Smilla

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give it to your wife

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on off we call them follow up.

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So so that's your structure.

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Allah knows better.

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Allah knows better

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now that is the correct answer. So the solar isn't making solar. The solar is making solar and the solar My dear brothers and sisters very powerful. It talks about the struggle

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was the entire song talks about struggle between unhappy one party server being unhappy one button struggling between falsehood and between a gap between truth and falsehood between good and bad between true and false. This entire saga and it starts with as I mentioned any plan memes thought ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says to the Prophet Muhammad, that he can keep that Kitab would answer no Lake Kitab when and Zanna Hui lake for the young fella Rekha has a min they too will return with me. So kita in Arabic, he said Mr. Cook, But here Allah azza wa jal means en keekaboo Uzelac woozy like Oberhelman this book was revealed to you for what reason? For now you're confused or being with Mr.

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House and

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it has the meaning don't embarrass me in Arabic so Allah azza wa jal Prophet Muhammad don't feel embarrassed to take this book and to warn people about it. The meaning here, you know, the Quran

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be proud of yourself that you're a Muslim first and foremost.

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This entire Surah talks about being proactive, versus being passive.

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It talks about you will see especially when we talk about the struggle between Musa and beneficial are in you know, some they took the stance of, of being active, and we will talk about them shallow telegraphy, and others who have been indecisive, when it was slightly despite the fact that Allah azza wa jal showed them so many miracles. So here Allah is gonna say Prophet Mohammed take this book, and don't feel embarrassed to talk about it to warn people that the people the message is not only for Prophet Muhammad for you and I to be proud of who you are to be proud of your name. If your name is Mohammed Be proud of your name. Don't change it to home or Mike, don't change your name from

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Abdullah to Abdel on duty. Don't change your name sisters from Asia to ask, don't be proud of your of your hijab of Liberia of your of your of your background. I'm a Muslim, I will be an Pakistani I am who I am, right So be proud of who you are.

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Don't be embarrassed.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada. Start talking about the struggle. The first struggle is about

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Adam at Easter and shaitan

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This is

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The first struggle when shaytan whispered and kicked our fathers Adam from Jannah Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us

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beware, don't be fooled. And don't let shaytan deceive you as He has deceived your father Adam and kicked him out out of China. And then from there Allah has issued talks about gender and talks about the people of Ghana. When and the people of hellfire one adda us have with genetic as have another an admission which is going to help

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the people of Ghana they will address the people have had fire that they will say we have found what Allah has promised us. Have you found what Allah has promised you? Allah has promised us Shanna Allah we found what Allah has promised us you you used to fool us used to mock us used to really kill us now at the end who's laughing?

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At the end who's laughing We found what Allah has promised us to find what Allah has promised you

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and then they will have wishes these people have Hellfire they will have wishes. One add one more time one hour the US have one nadie us Hi Val Jana and Alfredo Elena

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Malzahar como la vida Oh in Allah ha Rama Houma I don't get any. He will have wishes in hellfire inshallah when they will talk about their wishes but today we mentioned only one of getting wishes. Once they are thrown in here fire they would have a wish that one of the wishes is they will call on the people of Jana the people of hellfire they will call the people of Jana are praised or Elena Nina Allah, please give us some drink. They will just some water that's all they want. Because in hellfire everything is from fire. Food from fire, water from fire, air from file Claudia from fire. So they will say to the people who are not afraid to Elena will give us some more Oh, we must have a

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Kamala anything that Allah has blessed you with just some water who wants a drink that people have that they will reply back to them and they will say in Allah, Allah, Muhammad caffine, Allah has made them or made it prohibited upon the non believers. So the wish has been declined.

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And then Allah talks about the people who were in between those people who will not so much indecisive, people who are maybe a little bit too heedless. The people who will be stuck in between

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in an IRA, according to a half is a mountain which is between Jana and Johanna. When others have an IRA, the people who are these people, the people whose has an earth are equivalent to this the US who sins are equal to their

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to their deeds.

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Yeah, honey, they're just like 5050 they don't have one and here's why we should not be limited in hustlers any good deed Wallah. This is because one extra escena can lead you to Shana. And may Allah forbid one extra sin May Allah forbid throwing in fire. So these people who are like us, they don't they don't have enough to be going to be to be taken to Allah. They don't have that's to be taken to hellfire. So they will be stuck in this mount called an Aleph and they will see the people who should not go into Jana, and they will see the people of hellfire going to hellfire, that in itself is a punishment for them.

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5050 you don't want to be in between.

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You don't want to be in between. So that's what I'm saying. Do not

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neglect any small v that you could do, as trivial as maybe a smile in the face of your brother because a smart could be hustling and hustling can Charla pave the road for you to antigen. And after that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala talks about the other struggle, one of the major struggles ever Musa and fit out and then after the more centered around more certain venues saw by the way Musa suffered from Ben was slightly more than what he has suffered from around himself. And then keep people who are decisive. The people who are decisive who are there, the magicians

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This is a very very important thing to really think about here because the people the magicians can own promise that everything Cairo international international Halloween they will say Are you are you going to reward us if we were to beat him anyone they were facing Musa and how are you going to reward us for ounces of course I shall reward you and I shall being you know close to me. And then when they were asked to throw their staff and and Musa to his staff and then as you know the story the Musa staff the afford all their staff, you know as the staff turn into snake. These people they know the truth. Magicians they know the truth right away they lead so short to Allah subhana wa

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Tada. Fidel told them how can you exosuit before inquiry to me, I'm the one who taught you that

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And now they know the truth. They've been decisive. I know the truth. I'm gonna stick with the truth.

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And they were thrown, who told them I shall chop off your head as and feet in opposite and if he was to cut off their right hand you were proud of their left foot. They said, Do as you wish. They know the truth, they stuck to the truth. These are the people who in the morning, were going to hell fire at night. They happen to be in Jannah people who were decisive, they know the truth and they stuck to it. At the end, my brothers and sisters, I should end with an idea that will change your life. Verse number 180, from ALLAH, ALLAH SubhanA wa. He says, what Allah he'll Esma

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read the rule who we have. And to Allah belong the most beautiful name so call upon him using his beautiful names. Sometimes we make dua and we don't understand sometimes how we make that dua Allah is telling you here are my names use them in your diet, if you want to be accepted, there are certain etiquettes learn about the names of Allah it is that we go to school and we learn about the names of Allah Allah Allah.

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Well known about these names what do they mean live with them in sha Allah hotel and use them in your heart? Call upon Allah azza wa jal Yeah, I had some yeah Hannah Yamuna yeah baby I said I want to use these names of Allah subhana wa Tada and I promise you as Allah has promised as Prophet Mohammed has promised in sha Allah Allah Tala, you will see changes in your Indian that using the names of Allah subhana wa taala, living with the names of Allah subhana wa. I ask Allah azza wa jal to grant you all and for those that Baraka Luffy comes up in LA have said America