The key to enter Paradise

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will enable Allah this is the identity of the Muslim. Whoever discovers La Ilaha illa Allah. Him indeed he has discovered himself and he has found his purpose in life. Look at any form of cattle on Lahoma in the spot to show you Doc, what does he do? harmala Tao chick mela Ecotec question here. How could an Tila Sharif and Naka Anta Hola, La ilaha illa. And that luxury cannot cuando Muhammad Abdul rosulip You wake up in the morning and you're seeing, Oh Allah, I appoint you as a witness. Oh, one more you bear witness that I have woken up this morning, and your angels to bear witness and the carriers of the throne to bear witness and all of your creation to bear witness to the fact that

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I wake up this morning, or I enter the evening, having declared faith and certainty, that there is no Lord worthy of worship but you want that luxury cannot walk but new hotness for you. Subhan Allah We ask Allah azza wa jal did he allow us to live upon La Ilaha in Allah and die upon La Ilaha illa Allah when the visa Allahu alayhi wa sallam says, mankind

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can me he mean a duniya La Ilaha illa Allah the final Jana, if the last word you uttered in this world the life was La ilaha illa such a person enters the paradise in Emma chef era Hema hola he said, It is not necessary that you utter the words La ilaha illAllah. Because if he person was dying, let's say and he was in an unconscious state, and he was out of it in a coma and so on. Then if he lived the state of la ilaha illallah during his life, surely he is included in this hadith. And this is why he's the one who reads a little kursi after every Salette and then dies before the next solid. What was the reward? The conundrum he enters the paradise. Why? Because the Hadith said

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to you whoever says La Ilaha illa Allah and that's his last words enters the paradise and what is anything other than Allah who led ilaha illa who and how you will pay you Allahu Akbar.