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This book, because why did it have names and definitions? Because we don't even know what form it was in. We don't know. When is the earliest manuscript Listen to me. It's called textual criticism. I am a well known read. So we know that the texts that we have now are more than likely the first copies of the same things. No, no first copies, what the text is, what the text is called. That most of the corruptions into the New Testament, whatever it is, first of all, the New Testament didn't fix it.

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So I'm trying to say there's two things you need to go home and look, is this is that you are these people Mark Mark is gonna call you give him these names, and who give him his name, that the first week was he really called Mark wasn't really good enough. And secondly, this is the ask ask him, I asked him here. Who are these people? Okay, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were evangelists who said, who said Ballard?

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We you said this earlier, but you're not telling us? Who gave you this? Would you like to tell us before? Before you tell us who they were, where did you get this information from? Okay. It's written tradition.

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Written tradition. What's the first thing I know the name father. Clement of Alexandria, you know? Yes. Can you tell me what you said? About who? About Newports work and who is the earliest testimony to the authorship of these gospels? officious earliest whose earliest test yes

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it's an Eusebius as we finish up those Yeah, when was Eusebius alive you see this as a compliment was taken for

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you CBS was was writing

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exactly Yes.

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Sir puppies, he was living at the same time as lb joining a possible user story.

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Awkward now, who says pap you said that you said he said

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But have you said something? No.

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Okay, who reports it? Who reports the copy of said such and such is found when you see this? And when did you see this live? Yes, you can post it later. When? When?

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When, okay, when did this is a very important question.

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How much is the gap? The gap between copies? Can I just say something? Yes. Okay. When was the first biography of Muhammad

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in his life, when was women's? Okay one that we have? We have changed? No, no, no, no, you got it wrong. This is not the first order Robin Zubair, a direct companion, the son of a direct companion to the urban suburban one was the companion of the Prophet of Islam, Ottawa. This is the first story we have changed and the reason he's changed in the residence. What do you mean? We have the history of all these individuals?

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Hundreds of men telling me what alive alive you want. You want to know. Okay, well, I'm telling you what Buhari narrates of the love and uses

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to power these two piles compiles everything together within the same life as listen with a now let me finish. I'll tell you exactly what's happening. Okay. Who was bodies? Did he exist or not? Okay, existed. I forgot he had because he had 90,000 students. Okay, and he had over 1000 teachers. Okay, now this is the difference now watch, you're gonna be blown away. Once you get the details. And you will see there's no comparison. No comparison. Okay. bucatini had over 1000 Teachers one of them just one of them one of the loving use of to give you one example a chain between Behati and the Prophet uninterrupted men known public and what as they said what they ate where they went with a

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prayed with a taught everything known. Okay, because he had a beloved use of the loving uses teacher was Malik bananas. Let me finish. I don't know if he's next. You have to study

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the battle with all these complaint files and

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let me finish now because you asked me a question. Okay. So Bucarest teachers have the love and useless ability of delivery uses teacher is Malik with us who also had 1000s of students and hundreds of teachers. Yes, one of his teachers now Fair enough. It was, again a student or a servant of a man called Abdullah bin Omar Abdullah bin Omar was a direct Companion of the Prophet Muhammad, a disciple of Muhammad. So Abdullah bin Omar an erase from the prophet that the Prophet said such and such at this in this place. Nothing took that information, Abdullah bin Omar, and then pass it on to Malik verbatim. Malik gave it to the lovely use of the loving use of gift to Bukhari publicly

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and in the presence of hundreds of people, hundreds of witnesses. So so this is our tradition is preserved. Now likewise.

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So you hold that there's two different things by the way, yes, Finn could all read a book with Jesus and the eyewitnesses. There's a book called oral sorry, there's a way of a transmission of something oral tradition that you just said different parts. And there's a thing called oral history. Okay.

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Over all history is when an eyewitness or something goes around spreading their news, right goes around to preach. Okay, so what was the reason the gospels were written? What do you think? What were the reasons that they were actually written looks at other people are writing

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gospels written by I'm giving you an answer?

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I don't know. We have no idea more than luck yields return because likely everything like everything by loose case it wasn't history is always like, Sure. So probability, so

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the disciples were dying, the eyewitnesses of Christ would die. So that had to be contained in something to pass on to the next generation. Now what is beautiful?

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So, let's just take Mark, Mark is a book of oral history. Okay. reaches in the eye witnesses, the Top New Testament scholar, which appeared to me because you can tell somebody is testimony of someone in the gospels that has a name, why do you just have a job? Why did Mark name the people that Jesus makes? Why did you make named people? Because he wasn't? How can you name something? That's your calling?

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What was the name of the

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Mark name I'm telling you. What's a remove marker, first book, first book, The Gospel? Why did it have names in that traditions? Because we don't even know what form it was in. We don't know. When is the earliest manuscript Listen to me. It's called textual criticism. I am a well known Red Bull. So we know that the texts that we have now are more than likely the first copies of the same things. No, no first copies, what the text is what the textual scholars are saying that most of the corruptions into the New Testament, whatever it is, first of all, the New Testament didn't even exist for the first

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three centuries. There was a discussion taking place between Church Fathers screw them. Well.

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Arrhenius is the first man to mention them for together. No, I arranged Athanasius came afterwards. I thought you're not helping yourself.

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I rainiest. When did RNA slavery in the first century? No. He was alive in this early third century. In the year 200. Iranians, I apologise, no. Okay. Athenaeus you us living argument?

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She's lived in the fourth century. In his festival letter of the year 367. He gives the final cannon. So you're right about the candidate.

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The first

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the first person to mention the four gospels together was Iranians in the year 200. Who was Who did you understand that? 200. So the New Testament doesn't even exist. What you know today as the dude, what's your problem?

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Imagine, let's imagine.

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Imagine, for example, the Gospel of John was mainly read in Egypt. Yes. The Gospel of Luke was read in Antioch. The Gospel of Mark was known and wrong. Yes. Okay. And the Gospel of Matthew was written mainly in Palestine, okay. That's why it's called the gospel of Hebrews. So these gospels were written by different people in different times and they had different conceptions of Jesus Christ.