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In the last two summers hola

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Salaam Alaikum

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reality was as he would come to you to have seen bytes or bits. This is episode number four so that Mr. Lee come to LA

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my have a habit and then was lm

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Sarah Hello

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my friend

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Yo yo yo yachad nazwa Shireen and that was my lie rosmah lie

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all of you

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and Amina and Junaid and Heidi comas said so xo whoever you name is and Layla and when as I said Mr. Kemal, my man, Halford, mobile iwakuma salaam and Nadia Nadeem from Vancouver and Sarah How are the kids sister, Nadia Nadeem. How are the kids? Are they okay?

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handelian hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah? blasphemy

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enemy. So today is session number four.

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The Tafseer bits or bytes, right? Today is episode number four. And today it will be about solid Al Fatiha. Right. Okay, so shall I start I'll give it another maybe a few seconds just for more people to join. So that we can don't have to start repeating myself.

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These things now hamdullah are recorded, they are recorded on Facebook, I have Facebook right here, and then Instagram. So these things would be recorded in case people miss them and they can always come back and and

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and watch them. So this is a quick review of what we talked about. So far. We've talked about you know, first of all, it was just an intro of n and the virtues of the N and why we need to connect with the book of data. And then we talked about you know, solar in Arabic, you know, the meaning of solar, you know, what it is derived from, you know, the solar, which is chapter in English, why do we call it soda. And we also talked about the four different types of sauces. And if you remember, for different types of salsa, and or for different types of chapters, set up a lot of the several long ones. And we you know, we define those seven long ones. And then we talked about the mean,

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those who are 100 versus more or less. They're called amin comes from Arabic, which is 100. And then we talked about msns, the third category and muthoni, and metheny, which are those that are below 100 verses

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Mufasa Mufasa. Those are the short saws, they're called. Also, these are the four categories of saws. In the end, we talked also, in this series, we're gonna be talking about the virtues of each slot, and the position of its solid in the right. And that sequence that Steve nazareno taught not only talking about the ASVAB in ouzoud, which are the reasons behind which sort of AI was revealed, but also the deep the sequence of it saw is it you know, because abakada just comes after Fatiha. Is there any reason why, right? And he sat right, in Milan right after, and he sat right after, and so on and so forth. Why is there any reason? Right? So we'll talk about that as well. And then we

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talked about my palate muscle if you remember we talked about distend different intro or introductions on how Eliza just starts you know,

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an idea of a solid and only 10 different ways of starting you know, the source you will not find anything else other than 10 and we explained all of them, you know, one of them is the that Allah zildjian some songs he starts with his or just be in some sort of Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with follow for deji right? How often are those

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flows? The letters like Alif Lam Meem Alif Lam la spod calf Hi, yah inside, so what we call an Arabic shallowford. And then you have some songs that start with a need that I need that means Yeah, you know, the the the call, you know, as Eliza, you know, would say yeah, you handed Avi or your Prophet, you know, so yeah.

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I'd like in fact, the five, five, start with I had to need that in order to call and all I can have a potluck

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Muzammil modesitt. So, these are the if at all let's start with

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And then we talked also about the

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area, which is another introduction that allows users to start the if statement, sensing sentences and statement sentences like yes or no naka, they ask you about an end fat you know, after a helmet me noon, so let me know Allah is given some information about you know and what we know but after the successful are indeed believers how and then Allah just gives description about the success you know those who are you know devoted in the salon So, so these are some statements that Allah Xhosa is making look statements, sentences and then another way of studying the Quran by users, a Sam Allison Makino where he swears by something like when he swears by the angels and swears by time or

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he swears by you know, the night or the Doha or you know, and so on and so forth. So that's another way of starting the some of the if that's not the sole shot condition allows us to also start the some of the saw the one shot with condition, but saltwater how certain one of your cone was adequate in either shamsul either, is it if something was to happen, this was to happen either either waka waka when the walkout would happen, you know.

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So this is another way or another way that Eliza just starts the call and window another intro it's called Allah. Allah means the order called Hey, over here Elena who semana phenomenal Jesus.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with an AMA, or Bismillah Allahu Allah. Right? Read. So this is an order.

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The eight

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way of studying some of the ayat is interpretation, you know, when it's different. And insanity as far as isolation is about to interrogate, you know,

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us but as if the Prophet Mohammed was been integrated, so they, they, he's, he's using that form to start. And when I made this alone, they asked you, I said, I don't

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and then two more ways of studying the Quran or the the sources, you have a

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curse here like Wait, are you dealing with a fishy, you know, a dark way to liquidity who Mirza lumens, Bhatia, the inverse is gonna have so allows us to start these three cars in the car and with a dog, you know, not like making the half of a person but you know, cursing a person. And the last one is an explanation of reasoning, right explanation or reasoning. That's the last 10th introduction of how a laser starts.

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And that is only actually it's called a tele in Arabic utterly, and that only one soldier that starts at Delhi is so that the elf a Polish,

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Polish, Polish. Alright, so this is in general, you know, how if you were to get the car and you will find these intros that only then you will not find 11 or 12 or 13. There's only 10 ways that allows adjustments. Right. So and then we will be talking about the model of the solar you know, the solar What does it talk about the content of the solar also, you know, it's part of this series in sha Allah who tada that we'll be talking about as well.

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Let's start with In fact, so all this was intro for lectures or feet lectures, all about intro. Now we're starting officially the tipsy bytes. Brothers and sisters, you're ready.

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Hina nasm Nadia Nadeem, but how is

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Mona? Ella ready guys?

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So, now you guys ready? Zahida your friends? Yeah. Should we start in Sharla talking about salty, better today. All right. And finally how can Lulu No no, no, no, no, no. Yeah.

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There's a second old song in Morocco.

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Okay, Khadija chef right? Already Junaid Okay, Bismillah. Let's do this.

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So that in fact, you saw that in fact, you have number one. It's number one, and is number one, I'm going to give you that as well. Please bring in a pen and paper right so that you can start taking notes, pen and paper so that you can start taking notes right. So that the fact you have

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it so that the number of the solar is number one, you would find that the very first solar

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You know that we have

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the number of as the number of verses of solids and fats you have seven, seven, just how many just don't have enough water and we have

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30 years. So so that affects you in just number one. So one seven, right 171 number one, seven is just number one.

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This is solid fatty intro, the way consolata fatty Hite has several names. One of the names of Salafi Fatiha is almost keytab, the mother of the book as you type hit me up or being the mother of the book for you omake tell us the origin the foundation of the book, the foundation of the cause, and in fact the foundation of the

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melamine suddenly we open kita Farah salata, the province said that, man, let me Sunday, whosoever does not pray with the mother or book, his Salah is not is not accepted. And you can just go Say Allahu Akbar, and then you recite Quran who Allahu Allahu Samad. Alright, and then you make sushi. And then you come back again, the secondary cop, you decide on PA, or your site in Milan, but you did not recite the fact you have your Salah would not be valid, your Salah would not be valid. So so this is why they call it a Makita. All right, they call it the mother of the book. They also call it one of the names of the other salty, fatty have a sub l methoni. Seven methoni, the seven of the

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repeated ones, the seven oft repeated ones, because you repeat it in every record that you pray for the aka, you have to be certified.

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You don't have to restart to bacala you don't have to decide. But but in fact you have you've got to repeat you know in every locker that's why it's called the seventh off the ones the seven as the seven oft repeated ones, the seven off repeated ones as seven and mitanni. as separate as Mithen, right it's another name of it fat Yeah, it's also a soda. Somehow a lot of people maybe don't know that, that in fact you have is also a soda really yes a soda because as I mentioned, a soda is not valid unless you recycle fat you have

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your soda will not be valid and listen answer your satisfactory How do you call it? A monkey tab? They call it a seven metheny. They call it a Sala right. These are some names of Surat Al Fatiha. What are some of the virtues of Satya, there are so many virtues of salty, fatty.

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Also in Arabic, it's derived from an opening for the how you have to hope for 10 right? It's also the right from this mustard from this root word of fat that have fat to hang Arabic means to open. So in fact, you have it is the opening of the book.

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Right? When you open the door and the very first solid, the opening of the book is Al Fatiha. Right. So that's why it's called in fact it has well, right. So what are some of the virtues there's so many virtues I may share with you, you know, a couple

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in this session rated by a beside to be st. Allah, he said, control suddenly I was praying for the Army, Navy, your fellow Muslim Look, look, look, look, listen to this. He says I was praying that the Prophet called me Yabba sorry, and I did not answer back. The Prophet is calling. But I didn't ask her back because I was praying.

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And then

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and then

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the man when he was a Solomon to the province, so while I was praying, he says yeah, but didn't. Didn't you hear

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me have to like stare at the outcome the way your hair can be. Did you hear in the law says what Allah and the Prophet call you you should answer you should answer. And then the man just looked here. Yeah, I thought I was in my Salah. But the prophet is calling you if the Prophet is Cornelia drop everything.

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I'm especially Bulawayo, so called upon to Masada. Then the Prophet told me

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at the mocha Adam solar field called an intelligent machine. He said, shall I teach you the greatest solar in the fifth dimension?

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Oh Abu say, shall I teach you the greatest soldier in the Quran before we leave the measure.

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And then, when they were going out, the men went to the prophet of Islam and the CLS Allah you told me going to teach me or tell me about the greatest silent and then the Prophet says the greatest villain and his Alhamdulillah have been enemy.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen he muthoni was Annamalai

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He says and heaven do what a swing and ham Do you know it's an attractive unrelatable enemy. He has several methods. It is the seven of the ones well called animal I think it is great. It's Al Fatiha

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lady Oh Tito, also from the virtues of salted fetch, brothers and sisters, this amazing head it wishes in Bali when Allah subhanho wa Taala says subhana wa tada I have divided the end between me and my servants into two sections or two sections. Allah Xhosa says in the highest potency, I have divided the sign up between me and my servant

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into segments

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when the Abdi Mossad and for my servant whatever whatever he asks for, and then Allah Xhosa says when my servant says and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen addition to the letter of Allah me mean it's like a conversation between Allah and the Lord. So when that when you say in the fact that

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the enemy Allah subhana wa tada replies Hey Daniel, everything my servant has praised me.

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Man, you

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know Yeah, buddy

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has praised me

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my iPad has glorified me

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my iPad has loaded me loaded me

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Oh, man, you're watching

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I beat my husband he fired me. See you say something. This is what should bring pusher and your son as well. When you're recite It's not like that. I mean, can you marry yo Medina? Can I be the way I can say anything? You know, salata, Mustafa Masato Latina Anthony

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baldly Have you seen this guy called him? Ferrari, Ferrari, Ferrari, Ferrari, it's on YouTube, man, you know, the way they pray? It's like a Ferrari. You know, like 100 out of a database.

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I mean, I know a lot. A lot. A lot.

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Man, I was just watching and i got a headache. I felt dizzy just watching this guy with a brain What do you How can you that's your any core and is to ponder on to ponder still is not just like, are you is somebody catch you is? Is that alright enough for you? Are they gonna close down the visit? They're closing down the misery the what's going on man?

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Right, the witness against you on the Day of Judgment. So when you read al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen. There's a conversation happening delta between Allah says, My servant has praised me. Allah says My servant has loaded me. And then when the medic el Medina, Allah says my husband, they fight to me.

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He cannot, he cannot study. Then Allah says this is between me and my servants. Or the admin side and my servant shouldn't have whatever he asks for. Because you say he can do what you can to stay. You only worship and you only we seek refusal.

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And then you say he didn't stop him. So author Latina and he weighed in

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it, make sure a lot of people they make this mistake. They make this mistake in their reputation. They say why you didn't love him What a dog's name.

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One of dawn Lee, Wrong. Wrong. One up on me, you have to make the shift that the emphasis on lean, very, very important that you make that should that focus that emphasis was put on me.

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That's how we should reset the clock.

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And then when you say that Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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the only Abdi myself This is for my servant and for my service, whatever he asks for.

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So this is again look at the verse, verse verse, you have the virtue of reciting Surah Al Fatiha the virtue of sort of this sort of, you know, this conversation happening between you and the loss of Hannah what that

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also my brothers and sisters, another amazing virtue of this solidly fatty have

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this a hadith narrated by the best when the Prophet Muhammad SAW some says

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as gibreel was standing with Prophet Mohammed he was sitting with him teaching him to call and

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send me the Prophet heard a second

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above him. The Prophet heard the sound above him. So he believed his sin is sitting with the Prophet teaching and the Prophet heard the sound and the sound was coming from the heavens above him

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for that, so then the Prophet lived up his head, he raised his head just like that, right?

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And then

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he said, this he said, Babylon Mina summer Look, look, look Look, look what he says. Babylon Mina summer, this is a gift from the heavens. Future hell you love me if you have to have it was open today. It has never been before.

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This gate has opened today it has never been opened before. Liam phenethylamine, who Malak an angel has come down from that gate for medical data a lot of the lesbians in this angel have come down it has this angel has never come down to earth. This gate has opened today it has never opened before. And this angel coming down this engine has never come down before this is the first time for setting them all up. And then this angel says Sam for our ambition. You told Prophet Mohammed Abu ship glad tiding been alright with the two lights.

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You've been blessed with them. You know rejoices that in the Prophet rejoice you know with this two lights that that that you know prophet has gotten before you. Book profit has gone before you Oh Prophet Mohammed rejoice with what are the two lights? In fact you have? Well how much solar tobacco and fat you have. And the end of solid obatala Mr. Nava, so don't be mad at him about Baba. So the angel has never come down, he came once. And this gate has never opened it opened in at once. What came out from it, this angel carrying this to Knowles and attending Prophet Mohammed rejoice with these two knows these two lights they have no angel has been given the law prophet has been given

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them before you saw the effect you have, and the end of sorts. And

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this is one of the virtues of silver confetti hammer brothers and sisters.

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What is the position of the solder the position of the solar is the very first you know, solar in the in the last half? Because it is like the intro of the Quran. It's like Medina, right? It's like the intro of the continent. So

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this this the solar again, the solar is in the

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the the very beginning of the Muslims of the 13th the steepness of the solar, or the ASVAB why the solar was revealed. If you check off the sound ahadith You won't find anything stick as to why so to find how was revealed about the seventh note, there is been nothing mentioned with regard to why solid federal health insurance and Alma clap the intro. Okay, now this is a question.

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This is a question.

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Here's my question to my students. Mashallah. You're all my students now. All right, because this the series are it's like a private series, because this is only for people who are into knowledge, right? They want to learn people who are interested. Right. So my question now, mK lasala, the intro of the solar, I mentioned 10 introductions, right. So that in fact you have what category of introductions would it be?

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So let's in fact you have, what category of introductions would be I mentioned 10.

00:23:50--> 00:23:59

So now, this is my question to you. So that the fact you have in what it would it would be, it would be applicable to it.

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Masha, Allah

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says he or she said Athena does be hemmed. All of you are amazing. I'm so proud of you.

00:24:13--> 00:24:33

I'm proud of all of you. It is Athena. It is Athena action vision center. It is just an hour and a half because Tina, you know and comprises the the, the the gratefulness of a loss of hair. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, not often. No, no, no. You don't see. There's not a need that there is no other cog in it. Yeah.

00:24:34--> 00:24:57

In fact, it doesn't have Yeah, it is not. So it is not. It is a third of the price because we didn't appraise costs. You know, the praising of Allah Xhosa and the glorifying of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Right. So the last sisters and brothers what is the concept salty, fatty? The content of salty fatty content are three

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The topic of certificates you have are three the content of it is three and you know

00:25:07--> 00:25:11

that three things what are the three

00:25:13--> 00:25:14

What are your three?

00:25:16--> 00:25:31

What are those three I think you feed it you met your senses. I think you feel it. You smell it? You sense it. If you didn't sense it if you didn't smell it if you didn't feel it.

00:25:32--> 00:25:37

You don't you don't sense you don't me. You don't feel me?

00:25:39--> 00:25:40

cliffhanger Shazia.

00:25:42--> 00:26:15

deific Levy, Laila as you sent me, Joe. Exactly, exactly. So that would be for tomorrow, shallow. Tada, we'll talk. You know, the, the know there's three I said about three, three contents. It has three topics, it covers three topics. It covers three topics, what are those three topics tomorrow shallowed we'll talk about them and then we move to sort of the bacala inshallah, with that tomorrow, after we finish that we move to step two, because that is that Kamala had bought a coffee comm

00:26:16--> 00:26:17

Any questions?

00:26:20--> 00:27:05

I can maybe try to answer them shallow data that may get the brothers from Facebook too. Because Facebook we we record them and we we stay on YouTube, right This series is fate saved on on on Facebook and brother by the name. My guy my my beloved brother, you know uploads them to onto YouTube. So I would say Zack lokhandwala become Facebook. And I will see you tonight at six o'clock. I see you tonight six o'clock eastern time for the end of time and have time series six o'clock pm. Us eastern time or 11 o'clock pm UK time in Charlottetown Facebook Samadhi