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smilla salatu salam ala rasulillah

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salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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This is zazzy welcome you to the sea bites, this is the seer series which we started in the Ramadan

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inshallah Tada

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This is our last

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fasting day in Ramadan and

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I pray that Allah subhana wa tada would you know except from all of us in Sharla So, today is solid Ibrahim today is selected by him. So, we started having to relearn this

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series long medical him like I said, you know, in the beginning of Ramadan and we're today with solid Ibrahim, this is very, very special kind of series because it is not it is purely, you know, concentrated and focused. So,

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this is if this will help you concentrate more on your Salah understand more in your Salah, when you pray when you need to call and you will get to have some sort of understanding of that which you are reciting.

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So, I would, I always suggest, you know, in these types of lectures and series to take notes.

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It's definitely something this is how we learn and you know, back in our, in our, you know, when we were studying back home, that in terms of you know, whenever we used to attend lectures and conferences and classes, always take notes, you know, especially now with these types of series, these types of lectures, they are, you know, enum centric, kind of, you know, lectures so please if you

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maybe want to grab your, you know, books and notebooks and Ben's and the and then get ready inshallah Tada. So we're so lucky with salt Ibrahim. We are with solid Ibrahim, last. The last session was with salt one, and now we are with solid Ibrahim at his setup. The number of the solar is 14 in the most half, right in the end, it is number 14 and it has 52

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versus 52 is and it's located in just 13 Joe's one three, and it is a Mackie sola. So some of you who are new to this

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series I did all recorded Just so you know, in the very, very beginning in our intro and when we talked about

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the different types of solos and we also talked about, you know the meaning of matki sola versus metheny, soy, you know, the sores that were revealed in Makkah, those that are revealed in Medina, right. So this so that's what Ibrahim is being revealed in Mecca. So that's why we call it it's a Mickey saw.

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And it is why it is called Brahim because it's after the poverty blame them because the blame was mentioned in it. You know, the story of Ibrahim, in more detail was mentioned in this

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in this saw,

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it is considered to be from Alma Thani. Again, from the you know, on the intros that we have given, you know, in this series, we talked about the four types of souls in the four types of souls.

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And this sola is from an authentic what's msrt they're the very the longest soul as they called a separate, separate one, you know, the seven long ones like avacado at Amazon, and then the set. And then after that come comes, I mean, I mean, those that are 100, you know, versus more or less, and then below that the incomes and method and method money, you know, so this Sora is considered to be from an authentic, you know, way below 100. But it is not from Al Mufasa. And the first song are the very, very short ones, right? The very short ones, like you know, the,

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you know, the whole hour had the very last just have the equivalent Mufasa. But this soda is considered to be from an muthoni. And it is in terms of its revelation, it is 69. So the number 69 What does that mean? It means that we have, you know, like 114 soldiers 114 soldiers, and saw that Ibrahim is number 69 in terms of Revelation, in terms of Revelation, it came right after sort of showing up right after so to sort of show that and before

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Solid. And

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this is why I mentioned that you know, you need to you need to have a notebook and a pen handy because you need to take notes. This is not any This is not like homemade happiness, even homemade happiness, you need to take notes, but this is more aim centric, right? So this requires specific type of students, really students who are savvy m savvy, knowledge savvy, they love this type of L. You know, there are others who are not interested some Pamela in this study said, Oh, no, I'm, I just want something about spirituality. But here we're talking about.

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We're talking about the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And then we're going into the Tafseer, then deep xfc I'm not going through the profound, deep Tafseer because that is, you know, we're gonna go to the deep sea, then it's gonna take us, you know, months, if not years,

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to go to the one you know, one word at a time, one verse at a time, but here, I'm giving you like a summary.

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And offering it to you in a golden platter, write a summary in a golden platter. You know, here it is, for all of you. Some of it isn't sisters.

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Saw that starts with Elif lamb up. So we have something called introductions. It saw starts with

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no, there are 10 types of introductions in the 10 types. And this this sort of starts with what we call Hello Fantasia. What's the history again, something like a flame meme in our you know, roughly I mean, and if lambda

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like this sort of starts with Elif lamb raw hair mean off sawed calf hair, yeah. And saw, right. So this is the

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the solar here starts with Alif Lam Meem Alexandra keytab one ends and now Hola. Hola, Jana Semenova, gomati Lambo, right, the topic of the content of the solar the topic of the solar,

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Allah subhana wa Tada. You know, in the sola, it's split into three main, three main sections, three main sections. The first section talks about how Allah subhana wa, tada,

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you know, brings in people from darkness into light.

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And then the second section talks about what brings people from darkness to light.

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And then the third section talks about,

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again, going back into talking about what brings people out from darkness.

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You know, what's darkness? And how can one come out from that darkness. So it's all about the limits one lot of other modes. One more, you know, the limit means darkness. And the law means the light. Mostly, you know, the topic of the sola talks about bringing people out from Voldemort and what brings people out from glommed from darkness into light. What do they got two section number one, it starts from verse number one to verse number five.

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Verse number one, verse number five, and here Allah subhana wa Tada. Again, talks about brings in out people from Villa Elon law. Allah xojo says a flam a lot and hear the call and brings people out from darkness to light. To more Eliza says he, he tapped on us and who la Caleta holige keytab. It's a book we have revealed it to you why or Mohammed? Leto, collision asimina. Illuminati, no to bring people out from darkness to light. You Mohammed Are you the one who guides people? Can you guide people know Allah Subhana Genesis, be it Neela be him you know Saltillo has ease in hockey

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that you are the what you know, this book was revealed to Mohammed to use it to bring people up from the LA Metro North to bring people out from darkness into light with the will of the Lord with the permission of the Lord. Meaning it is Allah subhana wa tada who brings people out from darkness into light Prophet Mohammed is a mean Prophet Mohammed uses n and n is the source that brings people out from the law met in the law, but with the permission of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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Right, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says, What am I and then allows it just talks about you know, in the same first section talking about the purpose of the profits life purpose of Prophet Mohammed Iser sir any profit well my other son was owning in Belize and he told me he'll you buy another home and we have sent out a profit or any profit we recently have called me meaning that every profit that was sent out was sent out with speaking the language of their of their people of his people. Yeah, and he Allah subhana wa tada sent Prophet Mohammed to the Arabs, right, Allah subhana wa Tada. Sent

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He moves on to the next slide. All right speaking their language he says speaking their language but you know what their language so Allah subhana wa tada says, you know, you can there's a comb here that speak let's say some language and then you send them a prophet who speaks a different language then the message will not be you know, the mission or the message will not be conveyed. So Allah subhana wa tada sends a message, a messenger or a prophet speak in the language of the people.

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So they have no reason not to believe speaking their language and bringing them you know, evidence from Allah Subhana Allah di.

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And then Allah subhana wa Taala talks This is now we move to the second section from the of the solid line. The second section starts from six verse number six, the verse number four, the one verse number six to verse number four, the one

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here Allah subhana wa tada talks about the favors of a lot of zildjian.

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Talking about Moosa and he sent him the story of Musa again I mentioned this earlier, the story of Musa the story of Musa in fact Moosa is the prophet who is mentioned the most in the Quran, Musa Moses is the prophet who was mentioned the most at the end here, Allah subhana wa tada in section number two between verse number six to verse number 41. Allah subhana wa tada

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talks about the study of Musa again, bringing people out from Palmetto North one more time bringing people out from darkness into light. Right? And Allah subhana wa tada also talks about his favorites, the favorites of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, Allah subhana wa tada says, what is on mo Sandhya call me his Colonia metzen law here it is.

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And then Moosa told his people remember the favorites of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon you remember the favorites of Allah Xhosa upon you it can mean anything. Yes, una cosa and others another user persona

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is the human and he said he's reminding them of the favors of Allah subhanho wa Taala when they were, you know, going through atrocities and and persecution

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and hardship from from from Spain around fear around causing causing them all the all this, you know, this this, this atrocity. So Allah subhana wa tada is reminding, you know, to Moosa musei, reminding the people know they're his people about the favors of Allah subhanho wa Taala as he saved them. This is the second section from verse again, number six to verse number 41 from surat Ibrahim.

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And that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, This is verse number seven, what is another bucola in Chicago? chulmleigh as Eden, this is amazing. This is amazing this you can see how much it is applicable at all times. Still reminded them of the favorites of Allah azza wa jal and then allegedly saying what is the other book become Ganesha comes from and your Lord has ordained. If you were to show gratefulness to him, he shall give you more, the more thankful you are to Allah.

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The more you will get from Allah Xhosa, regardless of what you may be going through, regardless, you're sick, said hamdulillah you're going through difficulties, financial difficulties and hamdulillah

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problem with your family and always always be thankful to Allah Xhosa what to ensure custom the the scholars Subhana Allah the scientists of this the world of energy, the word of Allah Taka the science of energy, there's this science today you know nowadays called the science of you know, in Chinese, they call it the the cheap, the cheap you know this this energy which something that can be measured now some handle this stuff, everybody has different type of energy. There's some people who have those weak energy, there's some people have very strong energy, you know, energy that surrounds them. They say that the more thankful you are the more thankful you are even sometimes even a phone

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right? If you are thankful for that phone or car which you have or the phone or the car or whatever it is that you're thinking a lot for tends to last more. So Panama

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tends not to break as much

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You think I love for your phone when was the last time you thought you thank Allah for Allah or hamdulillah American for my phone and hamdulillah for my for my car and hamdulillah for my for my bicycle Hamza for my for my PlayStation, you know, whatever it is, the more thankful you are for whatever you have from Allah, the more somehow the longer that tip is.

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It lasts so long as I just said that. And then Shackleton lazy then the Condor more thankful you are to me, the more I shall give you then Allah subhana wa tada in the same in the same section section.

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The second section of sorts that he

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talks about the the tricks of a blease

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of shaitan Look what shaitan said, Well, on a shape on the AMA, in Allah, Allah Kumar, they'll help you to come fast enough to come, while marathon de la Sol Pon inla. And out to come, first agenda. Tourmaline Fela telone 104 seccombe in Nika have to be Mashallah to moon in shape on the Day of Judgment kalasa day, you know, he will, he will, he will turn against the people who followed him. He will turn against the people who followed Him and He will say, Allah has made promises to you and I made promises to you, but I betrayed you. shaitan will come and he will make that announcement on the Day of Judgment. He wouldn't say Allah has made promises to you. And I made promises to you as

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well, but I have betrayed you. So he will say Don't blame me. Blame yourselves, Natalie Mooney why no more and forsaken. man it was, to me mercilessly in Nicole to be much like them wanting to come Don't blame me blame yourselves. You're the one who followed you know, you followed my you know, my, my promises and you follow your whims and desires you know, so do not blame me.

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Blame yourselves, look how shaped I lay the anahola on the Day of Judgment, he will call his innocence. And he will say Don't blame me blame yourself. These are the mechanics of shaper.

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And then Allah subhana wa tan as well. in in

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in the same section,

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Allah mentions the story of Ibrahim

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when he left his family in the midst of the desert, you blame it Sam says well this is why the soil is upsetting to him and he said well if Agha if at all He won't be driving ahead alborada me know what you know what Benny

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verse number 35 verse number 35 from Salt Abraham and when Abraham said to his Lord a lot beside online make this land this ballot display and displays bless it me make it visit make it safe make it secure was nobody want money and that would snap and prevent me keep us me and my my my progeny keep us away from worshipping idols

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so even though he made the dog out for the land for the for mecca for the other opinions will make that he made that Israel had a better than me that my brothers and sisters when you go to Mecca, all the mecca Subhanallah Subhan Allah right maca is so busy the people of Mexican people they are not as nice as people of Medina Mackenzie's you know quite some handle a little bit harsh because it's the Mecca is a lot of people come from everywhere. It's the hub, you know of the center of the auto pennants are somehow at the center of trade and business so people come in from everywhere, you know, the metcons it's just like you know, very fast pace and like Medina kind of like smooth base

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map case very fast paced, but not people that go for casual. You know some time when it's really backed and then they just oh yes, I can't wait I can't wait. They go you know they want to do their homework they want to do that has they want to do that off? Yeah. And then at some point you say, Man, there's too many people there are too many pushing, it's too many. It's a huge crowd. I just want to go home and they fight right they fight just like you know when to go back to the airport and they they go like eight hours or 10 hours or 12 hours prior of their flight time. Do you just want to you know get into the flight and go back home. As soon as they leave Mecca the field again

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they are missing the mecca Mecca because of the doubt of it but it is set up it is a place of security.

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of safety you feel safe, you feel secure. You have nothing to worry about although Pamela there are things that are no people we heard people being robbed in Mecca and whatnot but still it is safe.

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Yeah, and you upon yourself your blood your soul, it's safe.

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It is safe in terms of your your your yourself. Nobody's gonna come and stab you or kill you in the country. The lens is safe. So Pamela, there are over him and he said, and then Allah subhanho wa Taala in this third section, the last section 42 to 52 the third section

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22 to 52 Allah subhanho wa Taala gives guidelines, guidelines about tauheed

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the guidelines that bring people out from darkness into light Allah subhana wa tada says,

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installed in the forest for verse number 42. While 87 lava feed and metal viny more in ma you're only only in touch. Hi Sophie in MSR, don't, don't be oblivious, don't think that Allah subhanho wa Taala is oblivious as to what the wrongdoers are doing. Sometimes you may be going through some sort of hardship and an oppression. Or you see people go into oppression and you say, where's justice? There's no justice. I like seeing this. Allah Subhana sees what's happening in China. Right? What's happening in Augustine, what's happening in Iraq, what's happening in in Kashmir, what's happening in the valley stand in what's happening in Syria, all this oppression, all this transgression, all

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this unless is that Allah subhanho wa Taala says don't think that Allah is oblivious as to what the wrongdoers are doing.

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Don't think he knows everything, and analyze those are talks about that day, that day, when the land will change into a different land yoga to better serve our interests. Number 48 the day when the earth will be changing to a different Earth. Now he's talking about the day of judgment that they have, when people will be you know, assembled on that day for she said for no for accountability. You know, Eliza talks about that in the last section. And then at the very end verse number 52, Heather Bella holiness, what do you know that will be ends when a clear message to the people you know, as warning and allows you to send your profits with an with with the books and the revelations

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and the lies notion at the end this is clear message to the people as warning. So you have no excuse not to believe this what Allah is already saying, you know, that has a better holiness. This is a message to people. Bella like to believe this is Bella worldliness. What do you mean that'll be and use it as a warning.

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Use it as a warning. So Allah and Swati Brahim with this message. And this is what they got two solid Ibrahima brothers and sisters as mentioned it is very it is sold out number in the end so number 14 it has 52 verses and it is in just number 13. And it is Mickey Sala Mickey so

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This is it my brothers and sisters that Kamala hair, this is the other words as he Yes, I will answer some of the questions. Also just to remind you that today in sha Allah to Allah we are meeting at six o'clock for the homemade happiness and Sharla right homemade happiness session number nine I believe you know talking about the talking about ways to discipline and raise our children in sha Allah tada because this is all about families right all about all members of the families very nonchalant. I will be talking today about you know the kids and then and then the next time again there will be more series more lessons about parenting about husbands and wives about youth You

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know, I'm friends and we're talking about pretty much everything charlo dad

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so I answer maybe some questions if you have some stuff

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if you have if you're if you're lazy you know in the lockdown Is there any names of a lot no use any name of allah subhana wa tada use the name of Allah we are him man. A lot of beef you know as a bar, you know the only there's not a particular name for somebody who's lazy. But this the other the prophet Isaiah sin is to say, Lavinia is becoming a middle class at the poverty seeking he used to make the US seeking the diffusion of oxygen from from laziness mean as well as you know, you know, some not being able or not being you know, or feeling lazy and feeling down. So you can find that there are in the fortress of the Muslims are the fortress of the believer that book you can find

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that dot

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tomorrow Sharla huhtala will be eight for the majority in sha Allah who tada so there will be no lectures tomorrow, of course, you know, so we'll meet inshallah back on Mondays for the, for the,

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for the homemade happiness with regard to the Tafseer I would think about it in sha Allah, I don't know whether we're going to keep you know, these seeds on a daily basis. Or maybe you know, because we started them only for Ramadan. We started the series, the natef see the bites only for Ramadan. So I would say maybe we could not maybe every day, maybe every other day, maybe once a week, or maybe we leave it in shallow. I don't know we'll see how it goes. But with homemade happiness and Sharla which will be

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On a daily basis in Sharma all right there's a common law fair by the Columbia comm shallow data we will try be in the lab we'll try and shout Allahu taala to keep things going in there. So I shall see you later on tonight be there six o'clock pm UK time 11 o'clock pm, six o'clock peak and pm eastern time, six o'clock pm eastern time 11 o'clock pm UK time inshallah Tada. And then, you know for the homemade happiness Sharla for the homemade happiness and then for tafsir we will charlo to either make a schedule for it as well in the lab starting next week. All right, so we'll see you tonight to Sharla is that Kamala Harris bollock Luffy con sir mid market