Tafseer of Surah Al-Qasas #28 – Beware of the curse of the pious

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The importance of good character in relationships is discussed, including finding a partner who is the best in their field and avoiding the negative impact of social media on people's health and mental health. The struggles of life, including the drought and floods leading to the downfall of Islam, are also discussed, including accusations of bias and false accusations. The segment ends with a discussion of the origin of Islam and the "ar lie" term.

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I've been learning him in a shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim, WA Paul Alladhina o to Lima ye Lacan coverable you hire only women. I'm Anna AMI la Solly wala you will not call in Bureau soda cola will love him. So yes, we concluded verse 79th. Koran came out with his mind and his glory, His pomp and his splendor. Harlan Lavina. Yuri, Donal higher to dunya those that were grabbed by the attraction of this world. They will mesmerized by this. They were blown away by his splendor, His opulence his flamboyance and they said yalla italiana Mithila ma oto power rule. If only we possessed a fortune similar to he is in the hula who have been Ali. This guy is what we define as

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lucky. This is someone we profiled as fortunate. But we had contrasted that with diverse in chapter 41, verse 35, where Allah subhanho wa Taala said, it's the possessor of character, good character, that you can respond to cruelty in a kind way and hostility in a noble way. Then Allah says, You are the possessor of a great fortune. And I think I need to make a statement here, often when we are looking for a prospective spouse, either or male to female, female to male, you know, we we look at the external and we suffice on the external that you know, he performs his prayer which is great, nobody can argue. She dons the hijab and then EComm which niqab which is meritorious, may Allah

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preserve the modesty of one and all, but surely, that prayer ought to propel that individual to great character. So the importance and the preservation of Salah cannot be underestimated. It is of exceptional importance, it is most important, but prayer if performed correctly, will surely mold your character. In na salata. tinha annual fascia you will Moncure that prayer will prohibit a person from immorality and promiscuity. Not if a person is performing prayer, but he is still perusing porn. He is still harsh. He is obscene. He uses vulgar language at home then wait Hang on, there's a disconnect here. Allah Masha Allah Ramadan, he says there's a deficiency, not with prayer,

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but with your prayer. You're not taking your medication correctly, you're not taking your medication correctly. The point I'm saying is that in addition to the external reflection of prayer, hijab, modesty, etc. Character is something of absolute essence that makes the union prosper or unfortunately go pear shaped. And this is what Allah says those that have character, well Manjula in lettino Subaru, those who can persevere and your mama yo la ba in Lu have Lin Aleem,

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it is the Possessor of a great fortune in the eyes of Allah the one who has character noble conduct, then that is the Possessor of a great fortune. It's easy and pleasant to travel with a person who has good character. It's wonderful to be a neighbor to a person who has good character. It is easy to be in partnership with someone who has good character. It is wonderful to interact with a Mussolini in the masjid anywhere and everywhere. If your interaction is with a person who has a good character, or just an overall general good noble demeanor. It's wonderful. And on the other hand, there are so many people that might be so particular about other rituals of faith etc. But they just

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lack basic mannerism. etiquettes you know, adopt a flag just it's it just makes you awkward and uncomfortable to be in their presence. So, zoo having a dream in the eyes of Allah, the possessor of a great fortune is the one who has good character, and that is what would weigh heavy on the scales of good deeds. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us with good character. May Allah bless us we're in NACA, Hola. Hola. Hola opinion, Aleem, indeed O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you are the possessor of noble character.

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So Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention now in verse at the response, the response of the pious, those that were desirous of the world, they said, Oh, this guy is fortunate, and this is what you call lucky, right? And

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today, unfortunately, we expose ourselves on social media too.

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opulence, flamboyance, wealth, glitter and glamour. And obviously, this is going to create depressions because you're exposing yourself to people who have more than you. And we've been told in religion, look at those that accept you. And in worldly things, look at those that have less than you. I always say, every day by the pattern of life, you would be exposed to someone who has less than you, and who has more than you. The choice is where you fix your gaze. So when you stop at the traffic light on the right side, they could be a person riding a bicycle, probably not even clared Well, maybe he doesn't have shoes on, or someone carrying a heavy load on a hot day with sweat

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trickling down his forelock, and holding on to his child trying to make ends meet. And on the left side, there could be a person with an exotic car, an exclusive car. Now you can even look at your right side and help that person, empower that person and be grateful to your Creator, or looked on the left side and look at the wheels and look at the car and the sound and the style and whatever else and become ungrateful. But I promise you Life will always expose you. We will once in if is Africa doing welfare work doing some relief work with Linda team. And early morning was our flight and we said at the airport, we'll just have a bite on the run. And when we got there, there was a

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little Bistro, and nothing too fancy to indulge on. And we had to just suffice on some tea and some nibbles. And we were looking forward to a relatively good breakfast. And just then, you know, barely disappointed that we couldn't have a good breakfast. I seen a person with a disability may Allah make it easy for that individual and for everyone. Or, you know, whoever has any challenge or any difficulty, or differently abled as the euphemistic expression would suggest. But basically, it was quite a strange condition that I'd ever witnessed. So in other words, the feet were not pointing forward. But were pointing back, I'm not even sure what's the medical medical explanation to this

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term. And of course, the individual had a different type of shoe, etc. And my gaze just dropped and my heart just fell. And tears just trickled down. And I said, Are you still going to be moaning and groaning about the fact that you couldn't have a breakfast, and you wanted to indulge in a good meal? And is this not a sufficient reflection for you to be grateful? Like, at the same time, and I've seen this all the time in my life, you would experience some challenge and the same time the same time,

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you would be exposed to someone with far greater challenges with far greater challenges. So the pious those who had irlam Those who had knowledge those who had understanding, they retorted, and they said no, or Karlen levena otolaryngol ma ye Lacan and those who had knowledge and understand this, it will be to you will be to you. Are you really envious of this person? Or you admire in what he has? So Albula he and Clara lemon and our analysts salejaw The reward of Allah the reward of Allah is far greater the reward of Allah is far greater. For the one who brings Eman and does righteous deeds. Yes, the reward of Arthur. Don't be deceived by this transitory gain and beauty and

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splendor. It is just there for a little while. It's a balloon precut puppet. And that's it, it would bust and it's over. But yes, it looks big and huge. And there's gas in it so it looks amazing and colorful. But just pop it and it's over. And that's the world just pop it and it's done and it's gone. And yesterday, good lord Darrin we're in pilot Salah Matoba Kulu. Darrin we're in pilot Salah medulla every home regardless of how prolonged it's prosperities one day sadness will grip it. One day there'll be mourning in that house and that empire one day there will not be songs of happiness and celebration but mourning crying and tearing, tearing welcome Bowlby to you through Ebola he

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hated that he word of Allah is better. Lemon Armen for those who bring Iman or AMILO salejaw and do righteous deeds. Well are you luck pa illness sabe rune. But this will only be conferred upon those who can persevere. It's all about patience, my brother, it's all about perseverance, my sister, just hang on, just hang on. You know, we tell the child to fasten Ramadan and we try and encourage him motivate him, inspire him cajole him, reward him acknowledge him and probably the first five second fires it's a bit difficult and we say no, no, it would be Muslim. And then he says no, but it's taken so long for your peoples Maghrib and what do we say just keep yourself busy and before you

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know it's monthly and that's exactly before you realize keep yourself busy occupied. You know what I need to do this I go to wrap up this conclude this recite my Quran prepare my taraweeh whatever it is, and before you realize it

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And the Chinese say no but it's taken so long and we say just hang on it would be Maghrib now now and Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us just be patient just persevere. Soon it would be Jana soon it would be Arthur now Now it would be the letter and we like it's taking so long and how does Allah say a no homie Arona? who buried that? What Nara who? Kariba Wow. In Noemi Arona, who by Ada, they perceive perceive it to be distant and remote and we know it is fast approaching could Latin for Corrib whatever is coming close is

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whatever is coming is close. And Allah subhanho wa Taala says sometimes say Hola, Moana Aladdin, it's tomorrow and sometimes Allah says failure home for Leo Molina Amina it's today. So Allah refers to it as close so the believers verse at they said will be to you so Allah Hiren lemon Armand Awami la saleha wala EULA Illa sabe rune. So now what happens? Remember, Pharaoh karoun had provoked that woman incited that woman given her money and told her to accuse Satan or Musa alayhis salaam and this is what jealousy does to a person, my brother and my sister. It literally strips you of your sanity, you become insane. So if it's jealousy between siblings or jealousy between, in law's mother

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in law daughter in law, either all or between co wives, there is this rage. There's this resentment there is this hatred, you almost want to throttle that individual. This will devour your good it will eat up all your virtue, it will destroy it. He yaka will hazard the prophets Allah ism said save yourself from jealousy because it eats up virtue. Alfalfa it shaves away your good doesn't shave your hair away, it shaves away your virtue. So save now Musa stood up and this woman accused and then Musala is Salatu was Salam pointed to her and you can imagine the voice of Naboo right when Bani Israel came before the water and they said Allah will Hassan Ali nadwi In Persona begin I'm

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just having a flush of the text who will Bahama mana waha who will adore Anna Wallah you Selena ill mode mother and character mean your banana Imran had a banana Catallena oh the son of a moron the water is raging before us behind us is Pharaoh and his army. What is the reason that you have brought us here? You have locked as your sandwich as your probably death will now stay us in our eyes soon was Samia nurses sowton Fie Jalla Luna boudoir. And then people heard the sound in which there was that all and that charisma of Prophet would Kola No, never not at all in a Marriott visa Dean, my Lord is with me. And then Allah told him strike and he struck the water fan falaka Fergana

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couldn't have felt in Canto de la vie him and the water rose and then the 12 tribes of Bani Israel crossed. So say dinner Musa pointed to this woman and said speak up, speak up. And she said, No, it's not me. It's our own. Hara Musa Jada Musa fell in such that and he said, Oh, Allah karoun has now trespassed all the limits of Allah, you take revenge. And Allah said, The earth is at your command, and Musa alayhis salam, then audit the earth. And Allah says in verse 81, for herself Nabi he will be daddy hill. We ordered the earth to split, and then we plunge to him and his dwellings, and whoever was with him into the earth. Yes, the earth just split swallowed. And that's it.

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I remember when I was doing some relief work in Indonesia In Indonesia, during the tsunami in two double oh six, and

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I met a person who witnessed the tsunami and from then till now, there's been so many catastrophes, may Allah make it easy for the entire Ummah global OMA, and he said, the waters, you know, Rose, and would rage in and were intense. And then it just swallowed, and we've seen buildings topple, and we've seen people die. And we seen you know what things crumble, and within minutes, the water receded, and it became so calm, as though the water was saying, Don't look at me. I was just deployed. I was just deployed. Why am I here? Hola, mucho, Daraa Becca Illa who only Allah knows the number of his armies and again Allah Muhammad Hassan Ali nadwi says would you know the hola hola

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Tama Luffy has seen him the army of Allah you can take up any action against it okay the earth right? You know what position yourself against the earth what? You cannot take any position against it. In fact, Allah can paralyze

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Is you with something insignificant for Selma Alabama to fun with Gerard will come man what the Father What dumb or yet him have a solid. Allah says we unleashed upon Pharaoh drought. Initially it was drought and then floods. Well after the Ohana, Allah Farah on that BC Nina will not pursue Mina Sumeragi Emirati, first was drought and then was floods and after floods Allah subhanaw taala sent upon them personally he moved to Vaughn will Gerard Lucas and then the Fabia frogs for fifth time you prefer the official Robbie prefer the refill Mala we said before the wherever you went, there were frogs and people were just frustrated. Now what do you know the law what position are you going

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to take you know what attack a launch and attack against the frogs know Allah will destroy you with it man. Sometimes you have in the most beautiful barbecue on a Saturday night relaxing at the most exotic location, awesome ambience, great company and it's just 10 mosquitoes that of course have the absolute ever gotten flies and one in your ear and one on your eye and one in the food and you trying to find and divert and you frustrated and I often say what my current hola Julio jeiza hoomins che, Allah says nothing but nothing can paralyze Allah and Allah can paralyze you with anything on whom Bemaraha disease, nobody can, can can incapacitate Allah. Allah is Mighty is

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absolute Allah's power is ultimate. Focus off now behavoir bedarra Hill out now can you imagine the NABI Musa curse in what will be to the victim of that curse and that was our own, from being a cousin of Musa alayhis salam to having memorized the torrent and being part of the Bani Israel eel. But jealousy took him to the point of hypocrisy, to the point of arrogance, to the point of disbelief, and to the point that with everything that he had the earth split and solid, what an eye opener what an eye opener, May Allah save me May Allah save you from jealousy, and May Allah save us from provoking people to curse us. The hadith of Buhari Jabiru the Allahu Anhu says who Samora

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Chaka, who will call for the Sabbath and the people of Kufa complained about Savin ABI Waqqas Fazlullah who hammer hammer the Alon who dismissed him from his post as the governor.

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And amongst the complaints they lodge they said, Well, now you actually know you're suddenly it doesn't lead people in prayer correctly. Sometimes the poor innocent Imam is a victim of attacks from the entire congregation. Some have an object object to his short prayer to his silent prayers. Others object to his loud prayers others object to his ruku some would object to his hotbar like people would just take a crazy crazy objections against him and this is people objecting on sad been a b what caused that he doesn't pray correctly, he said Amma Anna for also labor him salata Rasulillah, the hadith of Buhari debatable, somewhat underrated, I lead them in prayer, like how the

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Prophet of Allah led us for Aramco to fill o lane will only fulfill rain. The first two units are relatively longer than the letter, and then said no armor sent people in different groups of Kufa, in the different, you know, tribes to find out what they take was on sabihin OB what parcel of the Allahu Anhu and we also learn from your that when people lodged a complaint, although saying that the NA sod was innocent, but say it in our Amara, the Alana dismissed him because people had complaints. We have our society with a legit complaints against people. But unfortunately, they are stuck to that position. Nobody wants they would hold on to it with dear life or in that podium and

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platform and position. And even the cronies around would just, you know, protect their interests. And that's the sad reality. You're sad BJP workers from those who are given the glad tidings of Jana, although the complaint was not legit because he was such a great man yet because there was a complaint so within our Amara, they Allah and who dismissed Satan Assad bin Abi Waqqas Radi Allahu Anhu and he asked people of their opinion, youth noona la Hema rufa everybody said Saad bin Abi Waqqas was a great man. And how can they say otherwise? When the Prophet of Allah said he is a dweller of Janet at the Hanoi masjid and Lee Bani Absen. They enter into a masjid of a tribe called

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Banana hubs. A person by the name of Osama bin Qatada stands up he said Mr. Either nocturna now that you've asked me, I have three complaints for in NASA that last lie you see rubies Surya, he doesn't participate in the expedition. Wala Yuxi Mobis is a Ouija. He does not distribute fairly well, I do feel Khadija and he is not impartial in his judgment. When Saudi Arabia Alana heard this allegation. He said Allahumma incarna AB Dakka Dakka Maria and was somehow for Attila Rama who will appeal fakra Who when I read who will fit on what I read when they will fit and Allah this man

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and has accused me give him a long life so he can suffer for a long time and expose him to fitness he lived on for a long time, and he had become weak, feeble, lame. And he used to say that I saw buttons that were too sad and sad has moved on, but his curse has destroyed me. So the curse of Musa alayhis salam takes our own deep into the ground. And Allah says, verse 81, from our can Elohim infinity and Sorona Humann do Nila wama can Amin al moonta, serene, neither could he challenge the army of Allah, nor did he have any army to challenge the army of Allah. That was the end and the nasty outcome of jealousy of pride and arrogance. May Allah save us from all evil traits. Amin

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yorubaland Amin