Sulaiman Moola – Tafseer of Surah Al Kahf #18

Sulaiman Moola
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Tina on Jamba

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Jamie Bismillah here Walkman you're watching him in alladhina amanu amilo slowly had in learn or being a gentleman center I'm sadhak Allah will love him. Yesterday we concluded verse 29, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala sounds a strong warning for those who choose to indulge in Kufa and disbelief, financial failure men women shall affiliate for in Denali avani mean and Allah surely we have prepared Hellfire for the oppressors and the criminals and the sin is in the disbelievers. Now on fire how to be him soda depot Ha. They will be surrounded by the walls of fire. Of course not literal walls meaning surrounded by the flames of hellfire. We're in yesterday through your walk

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through Bhima in kalama. Holly Yes Will we do and if they asked for help and assistance, they will be aided not aided in the sense of aid but this is what would be given to them. Were in yesterday to you will also be MA in they will be given water can more easily which in its appearance will be so unpleasant and so despicable that it would look like the residue of oil and its intensity and the heat would be such that he or she will Buju shaohua yashi in Arabic like when you barbecue or you Bri it would actually completely melt and eat and burn your skin Bay assess Shahab a terrible drain wasa tomorrow, Africa and an evil abode. In Arabic You have two words that denote something evil,

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unpleasant and wicked. So you have bitsa and you have PSA. And you contrast that with two words that denote something of excellence and greatness and that is near ama and have Buddha in Arabic grammar they talk of a mark Seuss bill muda and Maximus be done. So Ben says shut up shut up what an evil drink you know my brother and my sister sometimes you traveling and probably you in a desert and for an extended period there is no

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you know what gas station or any garage or any convenience store or any 711 or any place where you can stop by and you feel this extreme thirst and then somebody offers you a bottle of water but because you know what with with heat exposure etc. The water is hot, it doesn't look too pleasant. Many people have you know, consumed water from that bottle. So you look at it and for a moment you're like no, it's fine. I won't have you know what the soon hopefully there will be some water and I can get myself some chilled water some cold water. But after a period of time when the thirst becomes intense in your lips are parched and dry. And then you have to reluctantly look back into

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that same bag and drink of that very water. With just few minutes back you said no, I'm not going to have it. Well, this is the crisis of the occupants of *. You don't want to drink because what is presented is not palatable, but there is nothing else presented to you or offered to you worse so Obama and Jaime ma forgot

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and they will be given boiling water which will then burn their intestines which will burn the intestines May Allah protect us.

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So shut up an evil drink wasa at the Murata, Fatah and an unpleasant rest in place. The 100 look at the lingo say it'll default is more Taka is small BB. So you have var McCann var is a man that is either to denote a venue or a time. And here it is to denote a venue. And if you dissect the word era default era taffeta era era default, then it literally means to take your hand, put it under your cheek and rest and recline, which commonly is the expression of a person who is quite relaxed. You know what you bathe in, in the sun, you basking in the sun, you relax in the ocean, you just chilling outside and you probably read in a book or just enjoying the breeze. So that is a default.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala refers to the dwellers of Paradise as near metha hustle

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Net Worth Africa, which is following through in verse 32, that they will have a pleasant drink and a lovely abode. So Allah contrast that by saying, these people's resting abode will be a wicked resting abode. These people's place of resting will not be pleasant in any way. May Allah protect us. I came across an incident under this very irate intern we rule at the hand that Malik bin Dena Rahim Allah once passed by a child that was playing, it took a step ahead of him, and then he had a reflection and he said, You know what?

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Ghana Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you sell a more or less beyond the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would greet children. So let me greet this little boy Subhana Allah. Again, again, an objective Fawzia, the rigidness of our teachings, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would greet children. What a holistic religion. What an important aspect of our life we tend to overlook. Was it not Abubakar radi Allahu anhu on the day of the demise of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the day of the demise of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasallam which was the most difficult de la tiny hailstone of a total of a database he galu urayasu Luca De Anza may yet in

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fact, Ada Leighton Priya Matata met during the Mahi ligi gala Nara Del Mar Milan Walla, Walla Walla to answer eyelash Zhang in Fujairah to be here, by de rasuna De Anza. Mejia 1040 da

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gumley be bordie come in hahnemannian ously booni is that that guru and Neela araca Abba my word my word in the de one of Abu Bakr radi Allahu I know I personally read this complex caplets in which he expresses his pain, his emotions over the tragic demise of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam Yala Attorney Hi Sano, tolaga, Tubby Carlo arasu Luca De Anza me yet and wish at that moment when the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam passed away late ltr meta karma during the Maliki I wish his demise was followed through with the Yama that the province of lies and passed away and immediately Tiamat or good, gala na da da, da, da, da. So we don't have to go back to our

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family and meet one another and continue life on Earth.

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gala na da ba da Humala and Walla Walla da fellas to us in Fujairah to be here by the rosu Lee I'm Sammy yet and 40 da nothing will tall more heavy on me. Nothing will draw more heavy on me. After contending with the demise of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and then these couplets give me a shiver in my back can only be bought a deca mean handmade can Millie be birdie come in hangman Eunice siboney is that that Corrado and Neela araca Abba da.

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So in Arabic You have come that denotes tech feed and comm that is Steve ham one is a question you know come on bro come soon. Sin Look what is your age and one is come is to denote excessive abundance a large quantity can cause some now I'm in Korea in Ghana Voluma. GM doesn't know how many eight communities and localities we crushed and destroyed and annihilated to denote taxied, GM Li B Bo D camino Minh Omar Habib sallallahu wasallam I simply cannot quantify and put in words how much I will yearn and pine cry Wayne and sobbed knowing very well and Neela urraca Abba da that for as long as I remain alive I will never see you again. Oh My Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam? Yes, it was

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the day of the demise of Nebula is Salaam that Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu comes down from the blessing and the sacred Masjid of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he says Hassan radi Allahu anhu, the grandson of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he pauses for a moment with this colossal burden and and grief. That is

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stalling on him. He embraces this child, he hunts this child. And then he says to earlier the Allahu Shibu nabee Lane says Shabbir Ali. He is a replica. He is a replica of his maternal granddad, that is the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he does not have the features of his father, as much as he resembles Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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In fact, the scholars have written that from the head to the belly button, Hassan rhodiola, and who resemble the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and her saying that the Allahu anhu from the belly button going down resemble the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Fatima the Allah and her Ma and Misha to her to The Omen machete Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walk was an absolute replica of the walk of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So what did I say about Baqarah Delano not withstanding how busy he was, what a challenging day it was in his life. Yet Satan Abu Bakr radi Allahu anhu embrace the child embrace the child.

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So Malik bien Dena Rahim, Allah goes back and he greets the little boy and he says as salaam alaikum he greets the boy. So the boy responds and says y la como salam wa rahmatullah Manik bien dinar Rama to La La then ask them Mel fastboot Mel Pharaoh Cobain a lastly when nipsey I read it interview rule adhan under this very idea what is the difference between the human intellect and the human knifes the ego

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so the young boy says, Neff suka Latina atka Annie Salah, were to look under the hood rather Galle It was your ego that told you just walk by carry on carry on. And it was your intellect that said no, come back, take a step back and greet because the messenger sallallahu Sallam used to greet children children in Nana Voodoo the agilist salaam in Nana Dooley agilely salaam that companion rhodiola and who would go to the market place and someone asked him but you go there you don't buy you don't sell you don't transact Why do you go? He said we go there to greet people we go there to greet people in another duly agilus salam

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was it not Mohammed libnah serien Muhammad Yunus at the great Tabby re Ghana is that the HA young Zelo holla su kill basara as the the the sun would become intense, and the day you would become hot Mohammedan Syrian would go to the marketplace and what would he do? You was the only best sama you was the only best Ahmad he would just go and spread cheerfulness and spread a smile and greet people where you might see him and then he would have a light moment when someone shares some humor with a another cheer a third person when they danika boo hoo Wah ha shell roofie Darcy, and they say that was the catalyst that attracted people to his discourse. In his spirit. It was the ritual of erudite

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scholars, there were many scholars of Hadith, but the likes of Mohammed bin serien would witness this huge audience of people. It was because of his softness his love his warm demeanor.

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So what is the difference between the human intellect and the human ego? He said it is your human ego that told you walk away and it's your intellect that told you come back and greet. Then Malik bin dinar asked him

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Lima Lima Tel Aviv Torah, why are you playing in the dust in the sand? He said Lee Anna hi Latina Leanna hula Trina bit Tara, Rue de la. We've been created from sand and we will return to dust limiter buggy without the hog. I see while you're playing occasionally there's a tear trickling down and occasionally there's a smile on your face. Wow. Can you imagine this is someone you know indulging in supposedly something few tile? What was the condition of the people of that time? This is what what just puzzles me away just puzzles We await

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This is the child plane. I don't have that level of conviction while I'm performing my prayer while I'm doing a circuit around the Kaaba while I'm reciting the Quran. Malik bin dinar is asking this young boy but why is it when you play in sometimes there's a smile and sometimes there's a deer. He said either Zachary Tora Mata Robbie, hug

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What is that got to be a biggie? Sometimes I just have a flash of *, and then the tears just trickle down. And sometimes I just think of Jenna and then it's just this, this joy that translates in my face and the smile Subhan Allah Subhana Allah. Anyway Allah subhanho wa Taala says B says shut up that was verse 29. It's a wicked drink. It's an evil drink wasa at SA is failing them in grammar it then follows after it Mark Sue's be them. Martha I told you erotica era, era default to put your hand

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beneath your cheek and beneath your cheek and then you know recline. So this is actually an expression of someone in peace, who's tranquil who's relaxed, who's chilled, and to contrast that, that you know what their place of resting of the criminals will not be a pleasant one. We move on verse 30. Allah subhanho wa Taala says in alladhina amanu amylose Sally Heidi in nylon or de Rajaraman aksana Ramallah in alladhina amanu Verily, those who perform in the Medina Avenue those who bring a man what I mean no Sally hearty and perform righteous deeds performed righteous deeds in verily ask Allah know the root, we will not allow the good of the noble to go unrewarded. We will

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not let the good go in vain it will never be few tile.

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The prerequisite of course is faith. Because if you do good if you do good and there isn't a man then Allah subhanho wa Taala said what are the NA ala Rami? No mean I'm Ellen *.

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A verse of the 19 Jews first page sort of farrakhan what Kadena Elana Remi Lumina Hamelin, and we will focus towards the actions of the disbelievers. fudger I'll now more how bad amento rah we will reduce it to scattered dust methylone levena cafo Ruby Robbie him the example of the actions of those who disbelieved in Allah. Chapter 13 Jews 30 in Surah two rod Amano home their actions go Rama din like ashes is that be really hold on which a strong wind blows fionn minahan safe on a day of strong winds. Can you imagine its ashes and then the strong gusty winds that are blowing ly today Runa Zhang ima chez la Yata de Luna eyelash, a maca Sabu they will not able to secure or procure

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anything of what they did. And yet again Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the ad in the Jews in the ad Jews in Surah two no matter Lula the Nikah for ob robbing him Amanda Kasab, those who have disobeyed Allah who have made Cofer their good actions and this is what the scholars have mentioned. Although the translation here is a man to whom their actions curl like sourabh A Milan's a reflection, an optical illusion kasara been so you think you've done something and it's tangible and it will rescue you beating it in a desert? Yeah, Sibyl was an oma with a thirsty person perceives to be water and comfort himself had that either Joe lamido who say, but when you arrive there you will

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find nothing What what are the law Hindu and you will find your death and then after you know what they will be retribution and and compensation for the pious. So this is what regards to the actions of those whose actions are not followed by virtue.

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Of course in this world, for the good that you do, you will be compensated without Imagine if you've done any good action, it will yield you benefit in this world. There will be temporary material, transitory returns of it in the form of fame in the form of prominence in the form of good health in the form of

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recognition, etc. With a gala dinner lady Salah whom Phil Elana hula, it can lead in Allah is Allah whom Phil Elana Wahhabi padmasana roofie ha webapi llama ganhou Yama loon in accurate there will be nothing for these people. Okay, so for the believers verse 30, in alladhina amanu those who bring a man while I'm in the solly heart and do righteous deeds

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In our learner the row above Are you the route we will not allow the good actions to go waste that addre compensation men who are center performed good Amala a did. So that's the beauty my brother of course like I said, We ask Allah to keep us with Iman. Because if a person leaves this world with a man, then you know what even the utterance of a Subhan Allah will rescue you for mania ml myth tala, the rotten Hi, whoever did ni yada an atom of God Yara, who he will see it will mania ml myth parlor, the Robin Sharma and whoever did an iota of evil Yara who he will see it and there are so many examples in this regard, where a person performed a good action and he forgot about it, but

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Allah subhanho wa Taala well presented to him and that would be a cause of his deliverance and rescue the famous Hadith that a person will come and his scales will be brought up and then Colossus suddenly mithila macdill bizarre and all these records and scrolls and and documents of all his actions will be placed. right this is all academic discussion, this whole academic discussion under the verse and the very last hadith of Bokhari and and probably you've attended a graduation ceremony and seen the last Hadith and heard you know, last Have you been recited Bible Colin la heeta Allah wa Xena Lucas Talia mill, Tiana Amala, Benny adamawa Cola, Hutus and wirkkala Mujahid El Paso a

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little bit roomier. While you're calling to Altis, Thomas who said, what a meltdown said for Who woulda Wahby he had death middleborough Scarborough, Scarborough, Carla had data now, the whole Hadith continues. The last Hadith which Imam Buhari has concluded he is compiled nation one number only my yz deltastock the scales of justice will be placed and what Amala Benny adamawa Cola, Hutus and the actions and the utterances of Man will be weighed. So, now this is what was the debate and is the debate would it be the recordings in the books that will be weighed or the actual action that will be weighed you know as in your Salah will be given a form your your recitation, your charity,

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your ablution and today it's very easy people can can can can you know what monitor your sugar monitor your temperature, monitor your your your the fat in your body monitor so many things which are intangible can be measured can be quantified. And of course, Allah subhanaw taala has the absolute power. So, the Hadees says a person will appear and his records will be presented and there will be no good to him It will be his heavy his evil scales will be heavier, and then a piece of paper will be brought and on that would be inscribed the Kelly Ma and when that would be placed on the scale of good deeds, it will then tap the scale and his his scale of good deeds would become

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heavier than that of his evil deeds. And then the decision of Jana who will be made. So my brother, my sister, verse 30, the message is continue performing good deeds, whatever you do, Allah subhanho wa Taala will reward you and that's the beauty. You will be punished for the wrong but rewarded for the good human nature is that when things go pear shaped, then we

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we discredit all the good. This is unfortunate. So you would hear an employee saying, you know, I've worked for 30 years last two years have been Rocky. Yeah, well, when I left, they didn't give me a package. They didn't give me a payout. They didn't give me you know what a farewell fees, they didn't see me off well. On the other hand, things go pear shaped and then the employer will say but you know, I had empowered this man. He was looking for employment, I set him up, I gave him a car. I bought him a house I sent him for holidays. And now when things change, you know what he could throw all my 30 years of kindness to him, just behind him. Take the case of marriage unfortunately, and I

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sit in these marriage You know, arbitration so often and so repeated and when things become ugly, then we discredit we discredit everything, we just throw it out of the window, but the kindness and the justice of Allah is if you've done something wrong, they will be retribution for the wrong but if you've done good they will be compensation. So if by chance Allah forbid you spent a Saturday night in a casino you spent a night in a club in a pub you did the wrong but you prayed your Isha you will be rewarded for that Alisha and punished for that wrong. I'm not advocating that you know what?

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perform Isha and then go to the wrong place. That's not what I'm saying.

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What I'm saying is that if you came out of a casino Allah forbid, and after that you help the poor person or you gave food to someone, you will be rewarded for your charity and you will be punished for your act of Zina, immorality, promiscuity, gambling, whatever it is. So that's the beauty of Islam in the Medina amanu hamilo. Saw the hottie in Allah nodine or a German accent I'm allowed

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even though as I get it makes mention of an aeration that a person once came to say that earlier the Allahu anhu and he asked earlier the Allahu anhu he said to Ali and so beautiful, is that in Delhi in a cahaya I have a particular need from you refer to her in Allah and tabula and arafah la, I've presented my need to Allah and now I'm presented it to you for in antipoverty Doha Hamad Allah wa ceccato. Why in

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lambda cabeza, Hamid Allah What if you can fulfill my need? I will thank Allah and I will be grateful to you and if you cannot fulfill my need, I will still thank Allah and I will excuse you say now I know the Alon who said October and are they for in Accra and Ernesto olofi What can you express your need by writing it on the ground? Because I don't like somebody to humble themselves before me. I don't like to see humiliation before me. Because you know what, I'm a human. I'm a mortal, you're a human. So hon Allah look at look at these people's respect and dignity. Unfortunately, so many of us in in the crave of our wealth and our prominence. We want people to

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humble themselves before it's not Don't talk to me like this. Do you know I'm the boss here? Do you know I can I can. I can lay you off now. Do you know the cloud? I have? You know what? Don't talk to me like this. We want to flex our muscle.

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What do you say then a local man say to his son, is that dad cuz we'll matoke either dad kakuda takala roominess factor that kerpen durata la jolla Lake when your ego provokes you to exploit and abuse, then remind yourself Allah has much more authority over you than you have over this person who probably is seeking employment or seeking a favor or asking you for a loan. So say now Ali said please write it. So he wrote on the floor in a montage. I'm a destitute. So I needed the Atlanta said, Okay, aleja behala. You know, he asked for a uniform and a complete outfit, Hala would refer to an upper and a lower garment. And then he gave it to the person and he said here's something for

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you to clear yourself with. The man took it and then he prays the answer of the alarm and I know because our attorney Latin tabela Maha Sinha, photographer xo come in Hosni Sena hola LA, in nil Taha Snezana in intermec Ramadan was that wb ma to who but Allah in Astana, Allah eufy vichara sahibi kalray. ina Davo Salah Bella lattice da da da Rafi higher into a Falco for cola Aberdeen say you deserve biLlahi anila Subhan Allah

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Arabic is just too amazing. He said because ohtani hola you've clad me with clothing tabula mahasin who had the beauty will fade one day for sofa xo communiversity Athena Hola Hola. I will provide you with rich praises which will not whether or fade and then he goes on to say La does the de Dharavi hiring to a football who don't stop performing the good that Allah has given you the ability to do whether people acknowledge you complain meant you or ridicule you for good. But didn't you just been levy army law every serve and will be compensated and rewarded for the good action he has performed or she has performed? My brother if you greet a man, continue greeting him. Don't change your good

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habit because of his evil demeanor. My sister if you are smiling to your sister, or to a fellow helper or domestic or assistant or anyone and they might not reciprocate, in a like manner, continue with your smile and your cheerfulness in learn or the German accent I'm Allah we that's the takeaway lesson for today. Verse 30 of chapter 18 from the 110 verses whatever good you do will not go unrewarded. So fill your reserves with good deeds so that you can enjoy it in Astra mean Yara Bella alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi emmalin al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen

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