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Tina on Jamba

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Juice Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. Well, yes, I know when I got the BB nine bullets I had to know I mean who they gras Sadat, Allah will love him. The verse I recited before you is verse number 83. And as mentioned in the concluding sentiments of the previous episode, that we wrapped up the discussion of Moosa and Khalid, Allah May Allah He a Salah to what the slim. And now we move on to the final story of this riveting chapter, chapter 18 Surah tolka have, you would recall my brother and you would remember my sister that, in the backdrop of the revelation of this chapter, was the delegation of the Mexicans who pose three questions to the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, a

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wise aluna cardinal rule, they asked you regarding the spirit and the soul? And the answer to that was provided in chapter 17 surah Benny is Surah Al. And then the second question they asked was pertaining to the mystery of the youth who slept in the cave, and that was answered in this very same chapter between verse nine and verse 26. And the third question that they had asked was regarding the mysteries that surround a man by the name of Lulu carnation. And now from verse 83 onwards, Allah subhanho wa Taala provides us with those details. Okay.

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A quick reflection and a quick overview on loyal carnitine. Number one, there is a debate whether he was a friend of whether he was a saint or he was a prophet. Of course, every prophet is a saint, every Prophet is saying is close to the Almighty, but every saint is not a prophet. So was he a saint? Or was he a prophet? The preferred opinion is that he was a saint, he was a pious person, but he was not a prophet. The second question is, in which era did he exist? And I must be very clear that this is not mentioned in the Quran. But these are questions that people have asked over the time, and I will share with you historical narrations, etc. Even though Kathy Rahim Allah in albida,

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when the hire has argued that Luca nain existed in the era of sadhana Ibrahim alayhi salatu salam. Now he has also established proof in this regard that Luke kernighan and Sidney Bryan Maliki Salatu was Salam met in Makkah, mocha Rama met in mocha mocha Rama. The third thing is that it's unanimously agreed that he was a pious person and he was a king and he ruled over wherever he traveled. So that is why many people say that there were four people throughout history, who rule the entire world me nanny worker philani, Ronnie, two out of whom were believers and two were disbelievers. The two who were believers were Satan as a man Allah is Salatu was Salam and Luca

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nain. And the two who were disbelievers one was Nam, rude and one was booked Nasser,

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then comes the question of Luca nain. Why was he known as the Carnegie, Carnegie Arabic could either refer to century 100 100, or current could even refer to the horns of an animal the horns of an animal? So what was the word destiny or what your destiny as we say, the reason behind naming him the reason behind naming him, so I must mention something that throughout history, there were many people who were known as doodle carnap, whose names were actually

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Alexandra iskender people talk of Alexandra The Great. Now this is the irony and the complexity and the strange nature and the coincidence, if you want to call it that all these people whose names were Iskander, they happen to be also known and referred to as dual cullinane. So that makes it a bit more complex in identifying the Volker name that the Quran speaks about which little coordinate was this? There was so many that existed throughout time and history, which one are we referring to? And you're we come back to the same point that we have been discussing throughout the entirety of seed is that Ibrahima Abrahamic, Allah leave very good, Allah has left vague leave ambiguous what

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Allah has left ambiguous, if if there was anything in it for us to know of meaning and substance that Allah subhana wa Taala would have provided those details. So, you know, as from a historical perspective, from reflection perspective, to read it to research, it is fine, but they it is not connected to any article of our faith. So coming back to the discussion regarding the word hooked,

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To me the motivation behind the name. Some say because he traveled the east and the west, the Quran speaks about three journeys of his, the Quran is explicit about the direction of the West, the Quran is explicit about the direction of the ease. And then the Quran is vague about the third journey, the direction of the third journey, but scholars of the year almost unanimously agreed that the third one was in the direction of North in shamal. So with regards to the first one, the Quran speaks, it is Madrid, the West. The second is the ease it's clear Allah speaks about the direction. And the third one, Allah says he embarked on a journey without specifying the direction and the

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journey. However, the scholars of the theory tell us that the likelihood is that this was in shimelle, and towards the north. So some say that because he traveled the east and the west, this is symbolic of like two horns, two ends, you talk of the Horn of Africa, two ends of the world, and that's why he was known as doodle permin, while others have suggested other reasons as well.

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Be it as it may, verse number 83. Why is aluna Garen Ville per name and O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam they asked you meaning the delegation that came and this refers to the people the Meccans and regarding Ville Carnegie Zoo Carnegie, they asked you give us details about him, can say unto them, sir, at Tulu, surely soon I will recite to you and I come upon you Minho, they crop a portion of his story. So Allah subhanho wa Taala did not say at the no la con vichara who I will recite to you his story or provide to you his details, but Allah subhanho wa Taala adopted the expression of mean and the particle mean in Arabic those who know and understand as the meaning of the buried in

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it enter beriev means a portion wamena naszej menu Ida Boca tolu a baton buenas wamena nassima Jaco armineh some people some

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so the Quran at the very inception of the discussion of the carnian says it's going to mention a portion. Of course Allah knows everything and Allah could provide the absolute total fine details of the entire life of the incarnate but Allah subhanho wa Taala has conveyed to us that which is connected to our guidance, and hence we should pre occupy ourselves with that which focuses and is mentioned in the Quran will also add to lower income men who the crop verse number 84 in McCann nyla who fill our enamel canula who fill art. Allah subhanaw taala opens up the discussion of the codename by saying Verily, We gave him kingship we gave him power. We gave him authority in US

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makenna makenna you Makino Temkin, in the 13 jewels in chapter 12. And so the use of Allah subhanaw taala says, What can I lick can mechanically use a fulfill or yetta Baba amin Shah, Knowsley, Baba Medina menasha and thus do We give power and might and authority to use of alayhi salatu salam yet Ababa Amina hi Sonia Shah. He can move freely in the land and he can live freely in the land and now Egypt has been opened up for him in all regards.

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So McKenna umac denote them keen to give Power Authority might. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says verse number 84 in McCann Allah who fill our verily we gave him kingship rulership power, authority might and Kingdom Why are they now women galatian in sababa, and we gave him the means to do all things. Are they now who we gave him in college? I mean from everything sub about the means? Yeah, everything refers to everything connected to kingdom, right because sometimes people might argue and technically Allah said he was given everything so they literally have all the things around us they literally have this year. Everything means everything that he needed. You would tell a child you

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know what in a candy aisle in a shop that he or she wants to buy some candy or sweets or chocolates leave it we have everything at home. Literally Do you have everything at home? The Why did you come shopping, if you had everything at home then What was the need to come shopping. So we have everything at home is an expression that we have everything what you might need or everything in terms of edibles etc. There is no need for you to sit and buy this or select this or choose this art in our home in Galicia in sub about what od admin Galicia in Walla hoshana Irene Hood Hood the bird when it came and reported to St. nurseryman alayhis salam regarding its observations of the queen of

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Saba with geographically

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In Yemen, then he came the bird game and don't say no so a man alayhi salatu was Salam that I found a woman and her nation, they are prostrate into the sun, and what ODF mean called a they, she has been given everything, again, everything in terms of comfort of ease of, of Kingdom of rulership, etc. and not like everything, meaning literally everything. The reason why I'm saying that sometimes people technically ask everything to mean literally everything. And I've given an example in common spoken language. We say we have everything, we have everything and literally you have adequate in terms of food and edibles etc. In namak, Canada who fill out verily we gave him Power Authority

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first number 84. What are they now whom in coalition in Sabah and we gave him everything in terms of means to rule to govern, etc, to travel. Okay, verse 85, very short, sweet two words, for at the bar has sababa Allah subhanaw taala says so he's set on a road he embarked on a journey and from here it will follow.

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So first, Allah subhanaw taala introduces his travel towards the ease at Dubai sababa verse number 85. He set out on a road he set out on a direction he embarked on a journey. Where was this journey heading to this was explicit categoric mentioned in the Quran verse number 86, had a dar balaram mother a Belgian say when he reached the place where the sunsets, meaning he leads the furthest point on the western side, which was inhabited and occupied in which there was, you know, what people had inhabited it, the furthest point in which they were inhabitants, people, occupants, citizens, population, etc, he went to the furthest point, and he traveled he traveled according to

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the time with the means that Allah subhanho wa Taala had made possible for him, he traveled through he traveled through. Now again, I want to say,

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unfortunately, today, the nature of our mind is we tend to become curious about all the aspects which are omitted in the mentioned, you know, omitted in the discussion, and we ignore the focus on what Allah subhanho wa Taala is speaking about. Like I give this analogy a father is trying to impress upon his son don't drive fast speed kills, it can be hazardous. So and so you know what a man was driving, and he was doing exceeding the speed limit, and he couldn't negotiate the band and the car cap size and it was fatal. And there were casualties and lives were lost. And the son is like, Okay, did he have ABS brakes? And did he do advanced driving goes and

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then did the airbags pop out? Listen, those are other related facts my son, my message to you is don't drive fast. Now to ask me which road what car what tires what brakes? abs? brakes are not airbags popped out or not? Does he know how to stop a guard get to do this? Yeah, this is this is not of relevance now, understand the message.

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And I'm not saying you cannot acquire those things. You can at some point or the other. But don't lose the essence don't lose the essence. So the essence here is Allah subhanho wa Taala says he traveled to the furthest point in the west where they were people and they was, you know, inhabitants had Ava Bella Marie by Shamsi until he reached the point where the sun set you know, in the westerly direction, y j da da Rhoda. And he found the sun appearing as though it was in a black spring in a murky spring. Okay, let's try and unpack here. What Jada had done either until Bella, he reached monthly assurance. He reached the westernmost point and I told you that way he seen the

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center pin down and that was the furthest place in which there was inhabitants and population. And he seen the sun going down. So the reflection of the sun, the reflection, you know what you see it

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from your balcony and you have a view it appears like the sun is going down into the ocean, it appears. It appears to the onlooker The sun is not going literally and that's the description and that's the expression and the water there was murky, so hammer on means muddy and murky, muddy water murky water. I don't mean spring. Your spring doesn't mean literally a spring. It was water.

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Many have interpreted it as even the sea and the ocean. So you seen that reflection and you see the beauty how often you see that ball and that that Blaze and that redness and you see that sun people rave about you know sunrise on a cruise or sunset cruise or dining in the water and seeing this year or seen it from a bird's eye view or seen it from a chopper from a plane and you know we've we've had the opportunity Alhamdulillah on different instances from a chopper to see it or even from a hot air balloon I had the opportunity to see a sunrise view from a hot air balloon while you know what the gliding over game in the Masai Mara so it's just beautiful. It's amazing. It's phenomenal. It's

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wonderful, but here are the references because many people like can can get in the sunset in the spring of water. No the sun did not set the sun did not set. It appeared hotter in our Bella mas Reba shamcey y Jeddah he founded the robo said setting fee I am in harmony up in muddy water in murky water in a murky spring. I end on spring. Yeah, it could mean water, ocean, whatever was there there was water and it was murky. And again, the murky nature of the water could also be very possible, as appeared to the site from a distance, you know, as appeared, right Allah subhanaw taala speaks about the gardens of Jana in Surah Rahman. Allah says muda Matan. So Buddha harmattan, a

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Dharma Dharma admm and means dark black. And it doesn't mean dark black the scholar said, although the literal meaning of the Dharma is dark, meaning it is green, dark green, which at a distance can look like a shade of black. So it Harmon literally means black. Allah says the two orchards the two gardens, the water, Fernand with branches in it, many branches, etc. Were Gentle, gentle, tiny Don and the fruit will be close by so these two gardens will be black, but they won't be black, it will be dark green, which would appear to be black at a distance. Likewise, it appeared to the unlocker that the sun was setting in murky water. What did roofie I in in hammy, what were Giada rinda Toma

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and when he came to this Western most point, he also found a nation that he found a group of people there.

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The verses that follow indicate that these were disbelievers, and these were infidels. While we're Jeddah, in Doha, Toma, and he found a group and a nation and a people their corner, corner in verse 86, we still discussing we said to him, oh, Lu colonnade. Now this expression of the Quran we said, Oh, Lu per name. This kind of supports the argument that he was a prophet, he was a prophet, while the others say that year Paul now refers to we said to him, via the medium of the Prophet of the time, via the medium of the Prophet of the time, and some have even argued that Paul now could refer to alumna We inspired him, but that opinion has been referred to as Murray Jew, as not the preferred

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and the ideal, simply because in reverse to follow or in the same verse, here, he is given the choice of taking action, drastic action against those who does obey Allah and do not believe in Allah. And that is not something that is communicated through inspiration, but rather through divine revelation. So pull now either could mean that he was a prophet, but I told you the preferred opinion is he was a saint. So how was he then told he was told via the Prophet of the time? Now who was the Prophet of the time? We don't know this? We don't know this. Yeah. What also learned by the process now who maleic what Rasul Allah, Holly, what can lamella who masataka NEMA many prophets we

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have discussed to you Oh, Muhammad, sallAllahu wasallam. And many prophets we have not mentioned to you.

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When pollute, pollute was a king. He was not a prophet, and they were crossing over this river from Mufasa follow to build, you know, he was taking his army, and they were fighting against john Ruth. And St. Nada, delay. Salatu was Salam was part of the army but he wasn't an OB at that time and pollutes said to his people in Allahu butterly combinar Allah is going to test you with this water to see that you must not drink from it. If you drink from it. You're not part of my army. Now again, it brings the same question Paolo, it was again, it was a pious person, but he was not a prophet. So how could he tell his people that Allah will test you and the same answer is given by the scholars

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of the seal that this was communicated to pollute via the Nabhi of the time. Okay, cool. Now we said the other car name so remember its journey number one, it's on the western mo side. We spoke about the sunset in there, we spoke about the nation.

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That was close by and that the Quran indicates they would just believe as any was given one of two choices you either Carnegie older Carnegie ima and Viva ima and that definitely the theme or SNA. We told him either you punish them for not accepting Eamon, now the fact that Allah told him either you punish them, this expression releases the hint that the Dawa of of a man had reached them already.

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This nation was somewhat informed was somewhat informed about Allah subhanho wa Taala because Juniper nain was given the option and the joints to wage war against them to punish them, right because there's a verse in the 15 years in chapter 17, verse number 15, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Why am I called Nam or IV been I had done a thorough sola, and we will not punish anyone until we send a prophet and a messenger.

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So the fact that Allah subhanaw taala said, you can punish them releases a hint that the Dawa, and the message had reached them in MMA and two of them, either you punish them, oh, we're in mandatory the fee personnel or you can adopt a kind attitude towards them. Again, attitude towards them will mean give them the DA for the second time again, and convey to them the Messenger of Allah subhanho wa Taala and reach out to them. If they're obliged and comply. Then Good luck, great, wonderful, noble, meritorious, and if they resist and they deny and they decline and they do not accept, then you can you know what punish them and and take action against them. So this was the two choices that

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were given to him.

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Verse number 87, speaks about the option that he took. What did he opt for? He said, zuckermann said amomum balama for zofran or IV boohoo so mejorado ala Robbie for your zebu no camera.

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Ma'am and Bella for sofa and what are the Busan mejorado lrba. As for the one that will.

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As for the one that oppresses meaning he remains a disbeliever and of course don't Carnegie opted to give them the Dawa? Again, that's quite clear. So he presented the towhead the message of the oneness of Allah like we said he was a buyers noble King. So he presented the Dow again to them. Then he said I'm Norman Balam, the one who oppresses meaning he remains a disbeliever Allah subhanho wa Taala says in in just seven in Surah Al anon, that

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that that those are levena armano when a meal be su a man whom Bill dolmen alladhina amanu Allah melby su imana, whom Bill bibbulmun Allah ekala woman omnova montado those who bring a man and they do not dilute or pollute or contaminate their faith they believe they submission was oppression, meaning what does believe for them is safety and they are the guided ones. So varla Maja means Kapha what a madman Balam, the one who persists on on oppression on wrong on this belief. For so for no IV boohoo, then soon we will punish him we will present the deen to him. If he persists on his wrong, then there will be consequences and repercussions. So mejorado illa rugby and then he will be

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returned to his Lord, meaning this is the consequences in this world what is to come in Africa is separate altogether. So mejorado inara be for you I vebo who either been nohcra and then Allah subhanho wa Taala will punish him a severe punishment. Allah will punish him a severe punishment. Verse number 88 Well I'm Amen. Amen. I mean a Sally Ha. Well I'm Amen. Amen our amela Sally ha and the one who brings him on and performs righteous deeds, right fellow who jezza and in the house now, then for him will be a good compensation for him will be a good return and a good reward was an apo Lola whom in a marina Yusra and we will instruct him in linnaean words was cool and soon we will say

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to him in a marina from our matter user easy. In other words, we will be polite, kind, soft, gentle, tender with him in speaking in speaking to him in communicating and of course, and in actions etc. We will make things easy for him we will make things easy for him.

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The Quran gives him one of two options in the first journey. And then the Quran speaks about other journeys but

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The Quran doesn't make mention about this option. So the Quran only says that he met two people here and then we gave him one of two options. The Quran does speak about him meeting other people, which is to follow in the verses to come. But the scholars say the likelihood is the same which was mentioned here, that either you can engage them and take action against them, which releases the hint that they were previously informed about Allah subhanho wa Taala and that is in the knowledge of Allah, how it happened, etc. Or you can seize the opportunity to communicate the Dharma to them again, and knowing his kindness and his nature as will follow in the verses to come as well. He

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presented the dour to them and he gave them the opportunity to invite so that is verse number 88. What a man man man our amela salejaw and as for those who bring a man and do good deeds, fellow who jazza Anil Hausner, then there is a good compensation for them yeah, I will just Sani inland axon the compensation of goodness is but goodness, those who do good Allah subhanho wa Taala will grant them good in this world and in Arthur was an Apollo whom in a marina Yusra and we will say to him soft words kind words, gentle words, linnaean words from add to Bye, bye bye verse number 89. And now we move on to the second journey of the alternate or Alexandra the second journey journey number

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one was towards the west journey number two Hi, Bella Rama Tony hi shamcey

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Dani has a trap. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, and that's verse 90, which I just recited before you had to either until Bella he reached madonia or shamcey, where the sun rose in a fine easterly direction. He found it meaning he found people that were Jeddah, Allah told me, he found the sun rising on a nation lam nyjah I level mindu Neha citra that we had not provided them with any shelter against the sun. In other words, they lived in the open they didn't have a shelter, attend a roof, a covering a canopy, and some say, cetera, et cetera means to cover. Some have even argued that probably they were very scantily dressed or they did not even clad themselves as regular commonly

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people would dress. So this was his observation. This was his observation. This was journey towards the ease, like I mentioned, that the Quran doesn't say how he dealt with them and what options he has. But the likelihood is the first option that was given to him with the nation in the West, would apply to the people in the east as well. Allah subhanho wa Taala then says in verse 91, Gallic, this is how it was cathartic, the scholars say is, is a this is how it is, this is how it was meaning as I'm telling you, this is the precise reality there is nothing more to this year as I am said this the reality a person come in, he says, I'm an eyewitness, I'm telling you to you, I promise you this

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is the reality I was on the ground, I seen it with my own eyes. And again, they could be a confusion. They could be a misunderstanding, they could be an optical illusion, there could be a host of things that are obscured your view, or you know what blurred your vision coholic when Allah says something, it's absolute coholic this is how it was, what are the ohana? Bhima de he whoa brah we had surely knowledge of everything that he possess. And that is verse number 91. We will conclude on this note here. The takeaway lesson from this great king here is from an Apollo home in a marina Yusra, he said we will be lenient we will be polite, we will be kind, gentle and soft to to those

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people who oblige and comply and embrace the truth. So let us also learn to be polite, you know, soft and gentle. And that was the the salient feature of our Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He sallallahu wasallam said in the law you have a Rif. Allah loves softness and gentleness and tenderness. May Allah subhanho wa Taala make us amongst those people. Rahim Allah hora jhulan some hand either by illustra is October, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, may Allah have mercy on that servant, who is polite who is soft, who is gentle, whether he purchases something, sell something, or even when he demands his do, Armenia Rob Bell alameen wa sallahu wa salim al mad

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and abena Mohamed while early he was happy as marine well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen