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AI: Summary © The radio show "back at the bag" features various topics such as religion, the origin of the title "back at the bag" and the origin of the "ass sits" titles. The "hasn't happened" concept is discussed, including the impact of the coronavirus on people's lives and the "hamads culture" that is not healthy. The "hasn't happened" concept is also discussed, including the "hamads culture" that is not healthy. The "ass sits" titles are mentioned, but the "hasn't happened" concept is not addressed.
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Santa Monica has laid out what a cat

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so then radical Jose de la cancer This is reality zazzy

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welcome you all to the scene bytes to see the bias This is session number 12

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so might have gone

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I'm just giving a minute for more people to join jealous I've got

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Facebook down here is the grime up there

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I hope you guys are doing great timber Lau where you're at if and then sister Nadia widecombe Sarah and then yes yes mean yes mean when it comes to them Junaid

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comes to them, have them by their yard I don't know much about

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I don't want to cover the system see bytes, session number 12 and today inshallah inshallah we'll be talking about solar and

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solar and when we finish or to match it up, and we're going to be doing sort of an arm shadow to additive, byte short sweet. This is not deep FCL but it is really

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nice, very beautiful.

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Something that will help you connect more with the book of Atlas pen out all right, so it's with salt and I'm

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and what I only request from you, those of you who may be first timers or those who are

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those who are maybe regulars in this program, to grab a book and pen handy inshallah, to Allah to start taking some notes because this is a session that you know, it's a long session. So inshallah tada try to take some notes in Sharla is that Kamala Harris Bala coffee calm are all doing great. I hope you all doing good.

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missing your all our coffee, babe. Let's start in Charlotte to Hannah with sola Anam. So an ATM is solid number six. So number six, and it has 168 160 verse verses, and it's in to Jews, Jews, number seven and eight. It is also considered to be from a civil play well, that's about it. What are the seven long ones, you know, the seven long ones

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which are sort of a consulate in Milan. And so let me say that

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solid and matte either solid and an olive. And then so what I tell them, right these are the seven long ones. The sort of an am or the capital M is also meant in Arabic is in English means the cattle

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it's a met peace Allah. It's a Mickey saw with the consensus.

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Although there is one verse, The Shadow Copy said to do our homework athiya you know, just one verse where there is a discrepancy whether that verse is maybe met any verse, but the the the majority of the solar, if not 100% of the solar is Micki solar, meaning that the solar was revealed in Mecca.

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And it's also an am because it talks about an in the majority of it and of course talks about, you know, the capitals and the cap of the capitals in Islam. Does it have any virtues disorder? Is there any rituals like when we talk about sort of the the Baccarat, but

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also fancy hat, you know, we talked about the virtues or the virtues of the source. But what do we got to admit that

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there is nothing particularly about the source other than they are from

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an assembler they want, right, a seven, day one. And it's 65 now, and the 65.

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It is from the seven long ones.

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The seven long ones.

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And the seven long ones are those souls that go above 100 soldiers or 180 I'm sorry, anything that goes above 100 they're called a civil they won the seven long ones. And then after that you have the second you know category of songs which are l mean, and mean are those who are about 100 is more or less. And then you have

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then you have the third category, as metheny are those that are less than 100 and then you have a Mufasa

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For those who are, you know, the short ones. So this soda is considered to be from the seven long ones, there's still a couple, you know, a couple more and a half, which is next one, and then solid tobacco, which is another, you know, soda considered to be from the,

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from the seven long ones in terms of its revelation, it's number 54. We have 114 Solas. So that n is, is number 54. Right after an agent certification was revealed right after surgery.

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And before sort of suffered

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before sort of suffered, and right after sort of invasion

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as revenues Ooh, what are the reasons of all of its revelation? They said

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that it has 878 reasons as to why this saga was revealed only eight. And most of them are all these reasons about the struggle or the conflict with the non believers. There is one reason pertinent to the Jews, and one reason pertinent to Mussolini Al Khattab as well. And then there is one reason that talks about the tarbiat, meaning the tabia of meaning, but five reasons have to do with the struggle or the conflict with the non believers. What's the MCC class sala de matar sola is what's the introduction of the sort of those sort of starts with what introduction? Remember I mentioned they are altogether 10 types of introductions that Allah subhana wa tada starts the songs with,

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right? This soul starts with authentic, authentic praise. It starts with praise it starts with Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah, he led the Holocaust at one

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at one mo Salah starts with a hamdulillah just like certified Jihad starts with a heavy duty that starts with praise

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just a solid

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Alhamdulillah he lady on the hill kita bow and on the edge.

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So if a calf also starts with praise, so the solar here solid and starts with priests,

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and the model of the solar in general the topic the main topic of the solar is warning of Shaykh

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also Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about his favours

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Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about the practices of schicke in de sola, Allah subhana wa tada talks about the sheikh again and the power of Allah subhana wa tada and why tests come, why trials come and who can help you when you are going through the trials? who saves you from land and sea? You know, when you are in the land or in the sea? You know what even in the air Who is the one who saves you if something was to happen to you, Allah Subhana Allah data. So the sola talks about you know, email and yet

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strengthening your and slowly defying your Eman, the loss of Hannah habitat. So again, the topic is mostly about warning of ship and talking about the favours of Allah subhanho wa Taala had, this is in a nutshell, if in more detail, the solar is split into two main sections, two main sections, the first section talks about to me, you know, it's like an introduction to Allah subhanho wa Taala clarifying, you know, about alized ocean. And then the second section talks about codification of that which is how long what is hot and what is hot and you know, not all the time of course, but mostly talking about an item since we're talking about an item, you know, and and the cattle, you

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know the meats as well. So, the

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two sections the first section starts from verse number one and in verse number 94.

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the topic of it is split into two sections. First section starts from verse number one to verse number 94. In this verse in this section Allah subhanho wa Taala starts with an attempt with praise praising Alhamdulillah

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Alhamdulillah analyze those are talks about

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introduction introducing himself somehow which is the follow up but you know tell him about himself talking about himself so kinda what I got to let you know the people the mankind know but Allah subhana wa tada

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Allah Subhana Allah tala in this section also talks about an alpha

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warning people about the, the the the actions the things that happens in the day of judgement. Allah subhanho wa Taala also talks about my fatty like,

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what's my fat you have the key to the NC Subhana Allah to Allah, when Allah subhana wa tada says,

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In the end

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by the membership of ASEAN

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I'm looking for that ayah that talks about

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the about the my family

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or my friends or

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my family

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feel badly about

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spoke to me. In a Yamaha would have bet in federal metal, one auto beam will be seen in Laffy kitabi movie amazing. This

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talks about, you know, the wonders of Allah subhanho wa Taala. The notion is the door is the controller of this universe, that nothing happens without the will and the permission of Allah subhana wa tada we're in the home fit for the baby, let alone ye know why he has the keys to the unseen non knows them except him. We are filled by the one by Holland he knows that which happens in the in the land and that which happens in the sea. So Anahata Nothing escapes him. Nothing escapes him. That which you're thinking right now Allah subhanaw taala knows about it. So that's what you're thinking and that which you taught in the past and that what you will be thinking in the future

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Allah subhanho wa Taala knows about them in the future. These section as I mentioned, it's from so it's from a

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verse number one to verse number 9494, Allah subhana wa tada also talks about,

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if something was to happen to you, he is the only one

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who can remove it.

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What am says gone law will be a little further Kashi Kashi find out who is who, if something any harm was to happen to you, nobody can remove it except Allah.

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What am says can law who we don't, fella Akashi fella who in who, if some, if some harm was to happen to you, not a doctor can remove it. Not a chef can remove it. Not anybody in the world can remove it except Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, when you're sick, you go to a doctor, but the doctor will not be able to give you a Shiva. The one who gives Shiva is Allah Subhana Allah Tada. So that's why we need to delegate our affairs to Allah subhanho wa Taala he's the only one who can give Shiva Subhana who, whatever don't whatever harm that happens to us Coronavirus is an example

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Coronavirus is an amazing example. It's no it's a harm. It's a harm who can remove this harm.

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The US with all this technology are not able Russia with its own technology. They're not able. Germany, England with all their technology, friends, all their technology and science. They couldn't do nothing about it. Nobody can do nothing about the only one who can remove it. When Allah wants to remove it is Allah subhanho wa Taala is Allah subhana wa tada when he would allow for the breakthrough?

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Yes, you can. He would use a person, a doctor or group of doctors to find the vaccine. But for now, nobody can remove this harm except him Subhana Allah

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You could have your own jet

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because now this Coronavirus, what really has has taught us so many lessons. One of the amazing lessons of this Coronavirus is whether you are rich or poor, you're the same. You're locked into your place. Whether you're rich or poor, you could have your own jets, your own jet, it's parked you cannot use it you can fly you can go nowhere

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and the one who does not have anything is not going anywhere either.

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Right. So the only one who can remove any harm is Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah subhana wa tada

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Allah subhanho wa Taala also

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talks about the hit after the piano the Day of Judgment.

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What else Ah it will be for Alan Anaya and a lot more

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And who gets the bill? Well and who gets the big rabina

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and they will say on the day of judgment when they will stand before Allah subhanho wa Taala or we will share later on, we wish if you were to come back

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and don't belittle and don't disbelief in the eyes of Allah in the sense of a lie Xhosa people will say that on the Day of Judgment,

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Allah says his mission that in the Quran

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for what people will say in the Day of Judgment, they will say, if you were to go back to Earth, and live again, we will not

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we will not disbelieve in the signs of Allah Subhana Horta

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also Allah Xhosa talks about

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the the the story of the email have to heat because the amount of hate Ibrahim already sent up Allah subhanho wa Taala in this also first section and so he talks about the story of Ibrahim and he sent him with how he you know, had arguments with the machete King and how he replied to the mushrikeen and how he argued with them, and he sort of said with regard to

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on section number three section number three starts from 90 to 165 because the whole soda is 165 verses. So the second section starts from 95 to 165. And here, Allah subhana wa tada

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talks about again and wish you the key

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the non believers.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala talks about how he has blessed mankind with different with his blessings and his favors. Some of our this Anam the unknown, the cattles that he has blessed us with you know, that we can write that we can use that we can eat from. These are favors from Allah subhanho wa Taala reminded us of his favours subhanho wa Taala

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who will levy that Amina sama

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nabby for apology nabby he for apology. Naveen only Shea water He is the one who sent on water upon his mankind some kind of one of the favorites of Allah water. We take it for granted. We have water in the sink or do you have to do turn the knob down and then the water comes out but that water is a favor from Allah subhanho wa Taala

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follow me mad Okay, let's move on.

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To the tea what mini mini Mini. Allah subhanho wa Taala also talks about this the this meat you know if he were to eat from it for the cost model here and he mentioned the name of Allah Subhana Allah to add a bump, you know this food before you eat it, and before you slaughter it, and before you eat it mentioned the name of Allah subhanho wa atod Bismillah Allahu Akbar, right. So, Allah mentions that as well in the,

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in the in the second section of solid

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allies those are also in the second section of salt and it talks about the reality of this dunya the reality of this life of this world, what am I hired to do Nia Illa Allah

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this highest in dunya this life is nothing but a play and amusement this whole world of 60 7080 years is nothing but fun play and amusement compared to what compared to the eternal life

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compared to the forever life, it just the plain amusement is like nothing What am I hired to do near la buena Lau

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talks about that you know in the in the in the second section of Surah Al anon

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also Allah subhanho wa Taala

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talks about staying away from you know, not consuming Hara and not consuming especially the cattle So, basically with regard to the meat what ekonomi madam you just use curry smooth law here and they were in office

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and the law says and do not eat from that which the name of Allah has not been mentioned on

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the meats

00:19:46--> 00:19:50

well call me madam mobile hear it when the whole office

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so do not eat that which on the name of Allah Xhosa has not been pronounced on

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head so don't don't say

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To say the word you know, there's a discrepancy that she has given that federal entity says meat is halal. This meat is haram this, this and this and that. If he why would you want to go through this discrepancies between the mesh? We have done that we have plenty of hair and food now plenty of hair and meat, go to heroin store and buy your meat.

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And they'll come back from the discrepancy, whether it's hell or not had I not had a better McDonald's Burger King is it had I not had?

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If there is no McDonald's, there is a there is a

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daisy chicken, they see chicken.

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Right? There is a there is a DC they have burgers as well that are held up. Why would you want to just go into this, you know, into this discrepancy between the scars on that say not just highlight from the people of the book, not from the people of the book, Allah is saying in this section, do not eat meat, which the name of Allah has not been pronounced. I'm not going to go into the details and the discrepancies but you know, just that a lot of surgeon in this section is mentioning about the importance of consuming header.

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Also, Allah subhanho wa Taala in the second section talks about the parents, what that does, you can be lazy or be aware that they need to sign up again about the Harlem's things that I've had on things that are you know,

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things that that this in terms of these opinions of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah saying, don't associate anyone with the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala unless they're saying with regard to other hallen that people are doing what we do every day any B kind of country parents, honor your parents, what that's up to the older the Kasha to me love and don't keep your children how should they feel of poverty, meaning feel of poverty, you know, because, you know, you're pregnant and you feel like you think I'm pulling I cannot I cannot provide for my babies, I'm just gonna abort them. You're killing a baby, you can live a South soul, you're getting a soul, although not in 15 hours.

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Once the baby reaches, you know, 120 days, according to this majority of the scholars, then it is haram to abort that baby because the metric would blow on the on that baby now the rush the rush has been gone on to that baby. So it is haram to abort the baby. Endless endless there is a danger to the life of the mama and with the doctors and they have no there's a consensus amongst the doctors that the mom something bad will happen to the mom or she will die. Other than that. Don't avoid the baby. It's hard on allies though. Isn't that up to the commission?