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shallow Tada our gems, he fears the fight is finished so to stop that, and then he moved to Salt sod and after Assad will be Zuma beautiful, amazing, amazing salts. The whole Quran is a blessed account of

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the Almighty souls the source of all making cheese meat which means that revealed in Mecca so that the software Allah Azza wa Schweppes was software to software and here according to the most diversity or the majority of diversity was TopHat you know, it comes from soft and Allah is originally swayed by the angels while making so forth just like you in our we make stuff to pray, the angels are also making so forth in the Salah. So what software to software, you know, Allah azza wa jal swears, and when Allah swears by something, what does that mean? When Allah azza wa jal says was Shamcey what ohana? What? comedy that? One lady either lockshop was semi you?

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Were not an alias swears when Allah swears by something What does that mean?

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It's yes, it's possible but what does that mean? Why would Allah have to swear by something?

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By why Allah is swearing by the angels and making so forth

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there's some point in the I am

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awesome. Yeah. What what why Allah would have to swear.

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Okay, just how you choose your chocolate. Okay? Why does Allah have to swear by by something? Why this is my question.

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it is something great, something of its magnitude. So when there's something that I swear by something, it shows that particular thing, it's of magnitude to Allah subhana wa Jai. So here quickly for sort of software, I want to just one Jim, amazing dialogue, or this dream, verse one or two, this dream of a father, I'd like you to imagine this will be a father has a dream, a vision. And the father is not like any father is the NBN. And who's up with me,

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Ibrahim, so he's on his dream. And then he goes to share his dream with his son, and what kind of dream it's not like any regular dream or vision and envision for a levy means it's a revolution. Yeah. It's why going through it. So he saw this dream, and what kind of dream is it? He saw that he was sacrificing his son

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that he says and then we bought him after such a long time because he was old and then he's been seeking a righteous son. And after so long, Allah azza wa jal missing mother son, not that he's enjoying the companionship of the sun. And then colomba bellava who say now when he started the blocking that means the sun could be around seven or so years old, or so. So he's walking he's enjoying the competition with his son and then Allah testing one more test so many tests

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and that test is not like any other tests go and sacrifice your son. Go kill your son. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says for them

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Yeah, born in the offing

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the battle phones with metadata Oh my son Yeah, boy first of all here's because there's definitely dialogue between the Father and the Son the father saying yeah boo Nene. Oh my betta Oh my beloved son Yeah. So much evening in the evening Yeah, well Eddie places Yeah, Buddha Yeah, they say for anyone who belittle something the language of Adams that means your you know your your your it makes you make it look nice to be loving it. So this is your opponent here. I see my dream that I'm slaughtering you, what do you think, from dogma data? When the sun understands that this dream that comes from Allah is ocean then he says

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one more time such a father such as sun as we say it was such a such such a father? Yeah, but it's not the a boy yet every year Betty or my beloved? You know, Father, if I met on Saturday today in sha Allah Who vino slobbing.

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Oh my father do as you were told, if you're told something other than sacrifice, do it. Don't as you were told that and you shall find me from the those who aren't patients. And then brothers and sisters is the question good upbringing. Bears are yields the fruit of what what happened in this story when the son told the father do as you were told, and the father took the son and he wanted to smother him in fact the story says he dumped the son and he took the knife just like this. Let me tell you

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he took the son and he told them the Son of the Father Oh my father when you started me knows telling me like this. You will see me in the mirror you change your mind you would have mercy upon me from the like this. So the Father God does knife and he was moving the knife but Allah spoke to the knife and he told the knife ya

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Don't kill

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your knife Allah has responded us here

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this is the bed of giving them the

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right the font Allah is there just from the sun Ibrahim he moved the knife

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they brought him he moved the knife but Allah spoke to the knife. He told the national to give and the love did not kill. So Allah azza wa jal gave them something in return. What was that thing sisters and brothers?

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What happened

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was window what do we call that? The the combined the AOA the this is the thing that we commemorate every week. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. So this is I just really want to study this or teach this lesson right here. I want to put myself in the you know, just to see what Abraham was thinking. You know, imagine a father he has this son that he's enjoying and then he goes to go and get your son. Yeah, and what kind of test is done in Soleimani salaam, Allah social cause him in a word. And Allah subhana wa Tada. Let me move in here to Seoul upsell song, Carly is talking about reciting Allah subhanaw taala mix and mention of stories of some of the prophets and the trials. And until the

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Prophet Muhammad has to show patience, and here was when either Maya photo Allah has requested Prophet Muhammad to show patients and then Allah Subhana Allah to make the mention of some of the profits like download, he agreed to take the example of the one that would use to have these sessions in our every day whereby it's like a court court session where people will come and then he will rule over their, you know, whatever problems they would have, or whatnot. So came this man and he had this session, but there was a man who came in at the time when he when he

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was not having a vote in that session of that court session. And then he got scared, then the mental him Don't be scared me on why we have this conflict. What kind of conflict verse number 23? He says, in the law, what is what is known? What are you gonna judge? Oh, my brother has 99

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sheets are

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you? It's called

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Natasha, Natasha is the is the wife of the female sheep, you know, the wife, the females. So it's called the RB Naja, you know.

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So he says, My brother has 99 Dasha, and they only have one night. And he told me and trust me with your manager. And my brother speaks beautifully. I could not argue he wanted to take the fight. And then, and then it didn't work. Before hearing from the brother, here's the lesson. Here's the gem, the Lord before hearing from the other brother, he said your brother has wronged you. And then he realized he has made a mistake. And he realized that actually was at this from Allah and the men who came to him is in fact an angel in the form of a man. So what did he do? This is what we did today in the sight of Allah cow we made Sousou there what when you realize he made that mistake that form

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he did not hear from the other person. He repented to Allah and He made us when we make that decision. So the lesson right here, first of all, don't rush into making judgments as sisters, brothers. Don't rush. Don't be judgmental. Don't rush into making judgment until you hear from both parties. And then if you're making mistakes, always seek repentance from Allah subhanho wa taala. Right, that was it. And then Salam, O.

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Zuma, Wallah, he's one of my favorite if not made easy, because sort of Zuma contains or has the most hopeful area in the content. Allah subhanho wa Taala the theme of Surah Zuma is an effortless sincerity to Allah subhanho wa Taala verse number 53. Brothers and sisters note down verse number 53, the most hopeful in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala says Collier a bad

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law for ANA foresee him.

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Allah, a bunch of of people from corporations, they came to the Prophet Mohammed on Instagram after committing so many sins after disbelieving Allah azza wa jal and then asking him, what would we get? If you were to rebel? If we were to embrace this, then we need to guarantee that Allah will forgive us Allah subhana wa Jalla reveals to the Prophet Muhammad Kalia you

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will see him say to my Syrians who have transgressed against themselves do not despair from the mercy of Allah and here's the goal Allah forgives, not one sin not two says Allah forgives all the sins in

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the no budget me in Iowa. I was asked for in number Hua Allah him number one. He is the most forgiving and he's the most merciful

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Subhan Allah Allah and then he says Allah subhanho wa Taala 56 Repent to Allah before man comes at the end of the day which is when he will say adaptable enough so yeah how serata from Allah to fi Jumbie Otto myself or to me, I wasted so much time I wasted my time I didn't pray I wasted my time. It was always my time I did not I wasn't my time it didn't come to the masjid or to me what was I thinking your hustle Tadamasa what? It will be too late. And then at the end, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada would have been that beautiful picture where people wouldn't be restricted into two groups. Was he a paladin or GAFA home? Ina Jehan, Nevers. humara is here as we're putting him in groups. In Jana, and

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in her fire people will be dragged to the hidden them in groups and people will be taken to join in groups. Allah has social talks about the first people the group of hellfire was saved by Lavina gefallen Elijah Hannah Zuma and the people that come from the Goonies nonbelievers they will be taken to the zoo Mara had in Goshen had either all her foot you had to walk

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to her.

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And then one day, which they held the gates will have fire the gatekeepers I'm gonna fire it sisters, here's a question.

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Who is the master gatekeeper of hellfire? What's his name?

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Who is the

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sisters? Who is the master gatekeeper and fire? Monday give her nan wakad Maddy here's a here's for a

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gift manuscript this is obviously

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what aloia Malik Leah

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book and they say oh Malik lecture Lord finishes off whatsoever.

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Raise your hand if you notice or whatsoever if you notice that Mr. macmini So

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Malik Lee aka Dr. Lena Rob book

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okay sisters sisters

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welcome. Oh yeah, Malik Oh Malik let you Lord finishes up what's up

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heard it

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who said no, I heard that from the system.

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So hold off as long as here's your plan.

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You will get in the shower after the after the after the weather will take inshallah.

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So they will be taken to hellfire and then comes in the shadow comes in Geneva comes in agenda one day the Prophet Muhammad he holds that he has the hand of Abu Bakr and then he hold the hand of Rama, whoever whoever whoever he loved

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because he was here

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and the believers will be also taken to agenda together so the Prophet one time he held the hand of Alma and head of Abu Bakr he says we will enter sooner like this in groups together

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you know go to Senegal this area

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will shut up and like I said we pray in groups we pick our president groups, we we love each other in groups inshallah. We will enter Jana Inglesby if I ask Allah Subhana Allah to bless you to reward you

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can do

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so you can start to follow is that good luck guys as cool as my thinking. People are angry because there's no truck