Better Me Ramadan 2019 #13 Anger

Wael Ibrahim


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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam, ala rasulillah salam wa sallam, my brothers and sisters in Islam, how's your anger, you have already experienced nearly half of the blessed month of Ramadan. And you should have developed you know, calmness, patience, and so on so forth. Because today's episode is about anger. And the code says, anger is natural, how to demonstrate it is an art. And this is the problem we all get angry. No one is immune from that, you know, natural desire in men or natural reaction that we experienced from time to time, everyone gets angry, including the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he got angry at many

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occasions, however, how to demonstrate it, how to show your anger is an art because if you take your anger into the face of someone else, then this is a crime. If you take your anger

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on your wife, that's injustice, you see spawn a line, being a counselor myself, couples will come to my office and they will discuss with me their problems at home. And many times the wife will complain that her husband has slapped her many times, or he called her very, very filthy names. pantalon. When I direct my questions to the husband, why would you do that? You say I was angry. That's not an excuse. If you kill somebody while you're angry, you're still going to be punished, you're still going to be charged. So demonstrating your anger in the right manner is very, very essential. Just like the prophet SAW, Selim needs to describe his condition when he's angry, he said

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that he will turn his face will turn into red and a vein will appear into on his forehead that that's that is it, that's about it, but compare that to how we sometimes get angry just look at yourself in the mirror. When you get angry, it looks really ugly. So inshallah we want you all to look beautiful. So just try to learn the art of suppressing or controlling rather, your anger and inshallah things will become much better. May Allah subhanaw taala call you all down. I mean,