Riad Ouarzazi – Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 28

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the upcoming episode of Rocky obtain 2017, which is the last of the series. The series is about Islam and has a lot of references to the name of Islam, including the name of Islam and the use of the word " handy" in relation to children. The segment also talks about a gift from Islam, including a motorcycle, and mentions a hot market.
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Now so to summarize so that's

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the other words as you were coming into another episode of Rocky Ramadan 2017. Day 28. Today is another odd night, not the night of the 29th. And in fact, it could be also later because

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that does not necessarily mean that it is the night of the 27th like a lot of people think but it could be any time of any day within the last 10 odd nights of Ramadan. The last odd nights and within in fact the last odd nights of Ramadan Allah has favored the night of the 25th, the 27th and the 29th. So we only have couple of days left of Ramadan or all the data so please try to take advantage of these days, especially tonight because this is the last night of Ramadan. My brothers and sisters we're still

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talking about the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala and the name of Allah and where the Bestower Subhana.

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Allah is those are the Bestower he gives, he gives with the means and without the means. And even against the means of Hana. What?

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How many times you've asked Allah kind of Allah for for a righteous son.

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You asked Eliza to bless you with a child. Right? And it maybe didn't happen. And you tried and you tried and he tried to but it didn't happen. So you know,

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then they won't do us in fact, if you're not seeking a righteous child is to use the name of Allah Allah because if you look in the Quran and you read Dr. Ahn

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you will find that whenever this name of Allah

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is used, or the hub or the Heba because we have you know, Heba comes from the name of Allah and he by means a gift, you know, and you will see that this name is usually used in the end in relation with you know, with children like some had like for instance, you know, give you some examples from the Quran by the Minister was in una caja Zakaria Allah be heavily mi la casa de Paiva in la casa mia

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desde Korea he called upon his Lord and he says Hadley oh my lord heavily gifted me with a bicycle via the D means you know the children you know, the, the the I like my lineage you know so Allah Subhana Allah has blessed him as best they can

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you know, a be heavily mean Australia handed over by him I'd be heavily minister to him or Allah bless me with the with the from sunny hate from the righteous allies as well blessed Ibrahim with this man with his hack. When also Allah subhana wa Jalla says he

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will levena kulu nabanna habla Amina as YG now what a reality Nakata and those who say Oh our Lord habla Anna, you know, bestow on us I mean, I

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mean, as well as you know, whether the attina from our spouses and our children, the coolness to our eyes. So again, this beautiful name of Allah, as we have could be used, you know, as it is used. He's the Bestower subhana wa Tada, you know, and he is the one who blesses, you know, yeah, but yeah, Bula Yes, shall we Natha Shaka again the name of Allah and He bestows on whomever he wishes, you know,

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the female and He bestows on whomever he wishes for Quran, you know, a male. So again, it is the name of Allah, Allah will have this is the ultimate name ready to be used Anahata IRA. And the other beautiful thing about this theme is for instance, maybe your father wants to give you a gift, right? He gives you he bites you or surprises you with a car as a gift. And maybe I need to be so happy. It is so happy with that gift, but maybe the gift can cause you harm like death, right? But Allah Allah will help when he gifts you with something

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that gift would only benefit you. So

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increase the adult within him or her line we'll have to ask him for these in order to bestow His gifts upon you, your your children, our gift from Allah azza wa jal will have your parents our gift from Allah translated when your spouse is a gift from Allah, Allah has the fact that you're able to sleep, you know at night, you know, you put your head you know, and then you go to sleep. This is Eva from Allah, and your talent is Eva from Allah subhanho wa Taala Ramadan is Heba from Allah. Little cuddle is Heba from Allah subhana wa tada there's so many he says that we need to thank Allah for and the more you think the more I'm like gives you so live with this name throughout you know

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your life in shallow tada for this week, you know, make this beer With the name of Allah Allah have tech Allah subhana wa tada to give you more Hiba to give you more gifts and travel ah boo tada

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surprise your family, your children with some beautiful gifts, you know, so that you can you can live with that name of Allah Allah Wahab until another episode of Ramadan 2017 I say so that's why they come up with like a hot market.

The Constant Bestower Of Gifts

Daily Reminder Day 28 – The Constant Bestower of Gifts. Who do you give gifts to? In general, you give gifts to someone you are thinking about and someone that you love. SubhanAllah our Lord is greater than we imagine. He gives us gifts so that we know that we have a God who does not forget about His creation—even when they fall astray. He gives us gifts as a reminder so that we can come close to Him. So think about what that means when Allah (swt) gives you a gift.

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