Ahmad Saleem – Ramadan Prep Week – Day 3

Ahmad Saleem
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All right, going through the book,

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the mind reading

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minds that help us to be mindful.

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And we talked about soul or fasting. And we covered three primary keys, the secret

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was the first

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floor you'll be introduced second,

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that you're coming from all over the third

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year. So these are the primary monastic the qualities, there's a window through which majority of the creation of philosophy

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ideas are the ones that will lead you to others.

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So what you listen what you see what you see, all of that has a direct impact on everything.

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So that's why these are the ones that need to have a special awareness

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and when we're fasting in the month of Ramadan,

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these three have to have a conscious mindful effort that we are not the versions of what we were prior to

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at least a five degree or attended meeting right but there has to be some truth

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then the next part

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is about the fourth one

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gospel Buffy GioI Mina yet one reason and the fourth one is to make sure that the rest of your lives now you're taking care of the three primary ones. The rest of them are actually also following the rules of Allah subhanaw taala but over here it specifically says there's one that you know a lot is the civic culture.

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What do you think is

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Be careful

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when everybody was talking to your nurses on that day as well, it seems like you're the dosa master here. So it's the stomach right? That's what has to be.

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Oh stomach

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so much.

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So when he says

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there's no benefits to fasting and what fasting fasting is if you're sleeping things are allowed to modify.

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And then now you open your password specifically.

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But like eating food that is wrong, or getting involved in things that are

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specifically designed to stop even those things that are doubtful. These are doubtful. Chatelet possible possible there is an if statement

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for the sake of your Eman told me to go back

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to ourselves should I eat in the restaurant like so far

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can I eat in the restaurant

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is even if you take the opinion that it is okay in the month of Ramadan it is better to try to be extra mindful of ALLAH SubhanA

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then he says advice a lot while he was

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scolding saw

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how many people are those with fast laser limited see eg in the drawer but

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all they get from their fast is hunger and thirst

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they ask whoever

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it was that people these are the people who break their fast on how are those people then the food was

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provided as the La Jolla do I need? These are the people who do not protect their limbs from

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passing you left

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but your hands are doing all right.

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Everything is important

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but you know it's a really interesting thing right now it's sad because in the state of the OMA is

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somebody asked me this question

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and anytime we do this fascinating comes up

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And I want you to understand this issue. It's partly true, but also it's sad. This kid he called me, he asked me who was that?

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And he said, I have a issue.

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He said, while I was fasting,

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I you know, I know that it's allowed to kiss your wife during

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that is like at this hurt, but she's a Christian. And I think that the alcohol she drank in her mouth that broke my pass.

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So that tells you the level of wherever you're at as of

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It's finally the result of

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you know, the elbow breaks off, not concerned about all other kinds of things.

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I got a phone call, just before coming to to Atlanta, so I don't know that person. I wrote a call. And she said, I want to talk to you. Go ahead.

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What's your issue? She said, five years ago,

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I committed Zina 27 times while I was asking

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what do I do now? I have no pain

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so the state is that we are what why does this happen? Because we are not mindful of

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so the fast is all about being creating that mindfulness being aware the Allies watching be aware that when I say something with an intention other than what I intend lies watchman right that's what I was living through Poland cellular city Moscow Foxley

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what I want you to have to get

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sharpness facts about

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so he says, When can you use this person who was just hungry and thirsty all day would pass the one who was not protected

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number five

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the promise this is a little difficult one for me.

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I love

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it often. Yes, you can. You cannot eat abundance of health

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very confusing right? The doctor told me you are fasting from sunrise to sunset and you figured out the week

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know what happened especially in the summertime you had like almost like the intermittent fasting event 624 20 hours of class and yet we figured out a

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way because what ends up happening is when we come for a stop

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what we're doing is we're eating for the two meals we miss

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the meat now and then we'll also include the one we will miss

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or the one we're going to miss and in to just make sure just in case don't miss Atmos.

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We have a nicer

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So may Allah protect us so he says alive secure Yes, Elias Sofia Ramadan Hello Kitty Moffat is behind two young tofu

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all summer

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and we forget the heavens where the Federal law says so now we have one there is no vessel of good thought you know the law he meaning but to me, tell me that

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there is no vessel that is more that makes a lot more angry than when we fill our stomachs with philosophy.

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But anybody stop adding them in or slowly but

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how are you going to bite set on when you put them in psychological

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wash it is this is how you stay away from it all day long. The opportunity came and this is how you can make them and when

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you can't control that our

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attraction which are enough suspecting you, everything is pushing you in that direction the society is pushing the YouTube that you want to push the devices to have a pushing you the internet is the radio station in which every single apparatus around you is pushing me towards that.

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But when you are facing the choice to stay away and little distance diminish the amount of that becomes very difficult. But in the message that I was the last time I told him that it's dark fantasy warfare days, we had riots in the

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up What do you mean? At least

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they started fighting literally like people were upset

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but that was the sooner if

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you really want to enjoy that just two days, three days and one

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and let your stomach and everything settle down and free yourself to go back in fact with light foods get yourself

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so the authorization

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of soy milk and where I can be done there is no walk us through how are we going to break the shackles of your desires he's not allowed to slide anymore

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the minute you've seen all that news, you lost

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your lungs

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and you lost the battle with that how are you gonna fight you're gonna go by

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all the mptcp Tony Come on.

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So very excited. They were gonna say

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You know, it should be no division

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for the mother you have to sign on with me

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my other co sign all these things you have to go and discuss because you

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owe us an overall

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imagine what has happened now you have specific foods that are only vulnerable on

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the left Porsche and some

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yeah, there's a special additional Porsche like to have it

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it's around one dish we all have in our country's dishes that only come up that was not supposed to be the case.

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So your cleaning fee may not open up right that issue we ended in this month that we showed earlier. This was supposed to be the year of the month of tackling to reduce we increase so what inspections assisters they go through so much further their search wanting to have their own license etc

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There are four of us which goes they all go in and now there's a chaos in the kitchen this has to be perfect to be perfect the internet and that is the time a

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DA is accepted and we are busy

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then obviously they all year round and Allah gave me that opportunity to have all your lives except that you were busy with Saturday satisfying your nest then how are we going to have arrived Saturday and then obviously consequences you will recover throughout the year because the opportunity that I want you to build

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then he says well I will not sue the sown Alpha while guessing how're

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you know the purpose of fasting is that you feel uneasy and the breaking of your desire that's the purpose

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so that your soul and your master comes ready to start taking the journey of

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why was fasting prescribed on us? What does it look

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it is said that what

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we have heard that

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that has

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shown that our actions are actually not showing the action.

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Then he says offered but he doesn't hear

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I shall have to hide when you will go yesterday

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today tunicate.

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In Ramadan we get designers that goes in wandering around. But because we indulge in so much indulgences of of knifes that certain desires only wake up in the room. Whereas this was a month we were supposed to get our

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phone more simple, the essence of the Spirit of Fire

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And in essence, and the secret is called the full utility and that is what we're starting to say on it is to weaken our NASS

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the controller the shackle of necessity has on us was supposed to weaken that. So we can fight through that is the main purpose. And Allah is protecting children protect us have some free time soon see that the share icon is tied up.

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Whoa, I got put up let's put in the T cell data in the fleet, the only way to happen is that men focus on production number one, number two, you have to

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keep your food and diet exactly what you're eating.

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Don't add anything additional isn't that nice, which is keep it exactly the same. If you just keep it the same, and now we use automatically the fact that you're fasting your reduction will take years. And that automatically as long as it says that

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it's like a wild cow. That's not the pain. And the first thing you do to attain metabolism

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to start with, is when you start with that, that that that you know animalistic instincts of that force that out kind of means that it becomes weaker and then is ready to guess. And that's what we need to do with our next

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family. That's my caveat to that will

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make it later.

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But if we were to add everything that we missed,

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we missed the breakfast we missed the legend we added all of that in our new

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This is another one that's going to be difficult for us the other one these days

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is alive to unknown being the hub.

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Once the

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past is what happened most of us will come back from work we're

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going to be October 4 At

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seven o'clock and with a five minute report

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that that's what our reality is right the other is alive for now. Don't increase our decrease hours. This is

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not the one to

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help you with your feed to feed the thirst you feel the lack of sleep and your knifes weakens so you can control it

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by your swing the data and that is the beginning of cleansing your heart that's how your heart starts to communicate a lot right

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we're setting up later to agree

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you keep becoming weaker and weaker and weaker with your heart keeps become your spiritual heart become stronger and stronger and if you carry on doing that then Allah blesses you with negative

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it's like a super charger for your

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for those of you that have sports cars that twin turbo us before

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so I such a fun lie to me he finally do we learn.

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And it happens that

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I was sitting in

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your seat sissified ag the head to our body. And what happens is great to have to say that Iran saying during your day we'll have morning evening or sublicense. Most of the others in the federal reading will be here. But that's the time

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not the time to chat.

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That is the time that each one of us should have a lady with a few brothers and I've seen that but most of us were chatting, right? There's no chat time. That's a tiny little light spilled it and you want to start your day with us right choice. Intel after that we will begin together so we get to habit so that you all learn what we've learned as a habit, as I learned from my teachers, it's institutional, you have to grow

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that then he says for such a time and I have to find out I mean, and hopefully now set answers I don't want to test this person. This person controls is not too much too much effort for me to work with this person. Let's go and find somebody else that you can

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date well later to refer to the results on it later. And at the end because it will be Hi shake on many minutes will provide you with the code here.

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And layer two other than a loss of time with Ida's secret demo

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I in a realm and divine magic takes place that we cannot explain.

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How is that possible only Allah is capable

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suddenly he misled in a calm, bubble one,

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two, but what ends up happening is your heart has to be ready to receive that divine gift from Allah. And

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by giving yourself that for the entire month until the 27th. Tonight or the 25th tonight for the 2019. It depends on where Allah placed a date. But until that night, you must prepare yourself. But if the food becomes a barrier, that we do not benefit from that.

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And we feel like we didn't feel anything. How is it possible losses?

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will be how it was possible.

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Because all of those things.

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Sadly, that's what

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he said, he said, we're not going to go into detail of this because

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data, this chapter

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has a chapter

00:21:19 --> 00:21:23

there's a chapter of food, and we will go in details on how we should interact with food.

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So tomorrow evening, afternoon, the sixth chapter, there are some questions people asked last night, I would suggest is do the same on the community group question solutions. So if you can submit your questions over there. So this way, I will say that you tomorrow will finish the service the six key, and then we will do the q&a slots posted on our community. The second part is since we're already doing this the happened. I don't know about you guys, but I feel a lot.

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So I can share with you on the board on so we feel really happy and connected. And Friday, we are going to have fasting, but that is going to be wrapped with it.

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Okay, I mean, like, you know, we have a 15 minute lecture, basically, everybody else, but those of you that would like to have a dialogue.

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We just finished the chapter, my brain is working. So if you'd like to have that in the next week, you can do Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, possibly even Friday, we can go into a much more deeper fit of basket and more question answers and stuff. We'll keep it shorter because you know, as some of the rows that I research as a heading subject. So we'll keep it to 15 minutes, four minutes if somebody has q&a that we can address those. And again, if anybody follows a particular I will be teaching it on the chat right now. But if you have questions, I have access to scholars, I have access to scholars that I can always see them and find out what is your opinion on that particular

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according to that right. So if you want them to answer I don't think you know them. Nobody should. But we will as an as a benefit because almost 90% is saying that 10% is different that we can agree to disagree.

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How do you feel about that?

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so then what we'll do is Friday will be with the families, please bring out your parents, we want to turn this into a community center for families, right because then they are the ones who are holding the fort at home. So if you can bring up the families, we will put up a partition. If the sisters are up there to control on Friday, we want the sisters down over here. I know they come over here but we want to start getting into the habit of conversation between both brothers and sisters in Charlotte together so Friday is a family day. And then obviously we'll go into the details of passage there is a video that I will share with you so as I'm reading the book is also translated in

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English. So the book that I'm reading in Arabic

00:24:11 --> 00:24:13

but that chapter of

00:24:14 --> 00:24:26

the chapter of CME is translated so all of you will have on a PDF nonprofit community groups invest in follow along the Arabic and I'm doing it if you want to take notes that may be printed here for the patient.

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Does that

00:24:31 --> 00:24:32

bless you all but people

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love to be a long,

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I'm thrilled

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