Haifaa Younis – Ramadan The Month of Love – Day 30

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of actions and worship in achieving success and fulfilling one's goals. They emphasize the need for rewarded actions and the desire for enjoyable actions to be done for one's own benefit. The speakers also stress the importance of good deeds and helping people control behavior, with a focus on helping people achieve success and control their behavior. They encourage listeners to participate in small clips to spread their knowledge and receive reward for their small acts. The segment ends with a congratulations from Allah Subhana for helping people control their behavior.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Al hamdu. lillahi Rabbil aalameen. Sadly, we reached the end of our Milan Today's the 30th day from Milan hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. May Allah accept from everyone we had last pantalla reward everyone who fasted, prayed that Quran gave charity and did way more with ease and with difficulty and those actions that were difficult Allah made it easy, and we multiply the rewards of everyone must pontyclun not let to be this is the last Ramadan, your ob I mean, and we will do as a Sahaba used to do the companions. Six months after Ramadan, they used to ask Allah Subhana Allah to accept the good deeds, your b&b and as Ramadan is coming to the end,

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as well as our series, the love of Allah and we will end up with one verse of the Quran and by the way, this is not it there is way more in the Quran and the sooner but actions Allah loves and inshallah we'll be able to do more but for Ramadan today is the last day so we're going to do one more and this is actually a verse from the Quran but it is repeated the three times twice in Surah Allah Emraan chapter alien branch chapter three and one time and so with assura in the chapter 25

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or the part I'm sorry of the Quran 25/25 part of the Quran Allah says the following well law who yeah you Hey, Bull while you may indeed Verily Allah does not love a Wally mean wrongdoers, those who does or commit injustice. So the action that Allah does not love is the action of injustice. And Allah subhanaw taala in a hadith woodsy in a holy Hadith, he said, Yeah, buddy, all my servant in the hunt a woman of See I made injustice, her arm upon me upon a loss pantai Allah, Allah is Allah, Allah is just fill out the bottom do not do not commit injustice with each other. So injustice in general is a three kinds and injustice with myself and injustice with the people around me and

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injustice when the other creations of Allah including the earth, I want to focus on one as we are leaving Ramadan going to show what tomorrow inshallah and that is the injustice to ourselves in justice to ourselves is like this. Allah subhanaw taala is the generous we all know that. Allah is Allah Rahim. Allah is the one who is merciful. We know that. And our last pantalla promised His servants, those who believe and do good deeds, he will end or he will give them Jannah paradise. And what is in it's your law in gentlemen, and that's the same go for roswaal he saw to a salon in it. Nothing that the eyes has seen before. And nothing that the ear has heard before. So it's something

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unimaginable. And this is all waiting for us if we do good deeds. So where is the injustice here to myself, when I this obey Allah subhanho wa Taala and I don't do what he wants me to do, or I do what he doesn't want me to do, I am committing injustice against myself. Because Allah does not need my act of worship. Allah does not, Allah is not going to get anything off me, worshiping Him or this obeying Him as Allah said in the Quran, my love will be either become a shocker to me amen to what Allah will gain from punishing you if you only be grateful and believe. So injustice is to myself when I do not do things that's good for me in this dunya and the hereafter, when I do good deeds, I

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will get a tear Allah said it's unfortunate, the chapter of the bees Manami lasagna, whosoever does a good deed, man or a woman and they are a believer, we will, we will Allah said it, we will make them live good life and we will reward them the best of their good deeds in the hereafter. So let's let us all as we are leading Ramadan, and we are welcoming show up tomorrow that aid tomorrow. Let us try to do or grab the opportunity of every good deed that comes throughout our way in our daily life and good deeds. Yes, it's acts of worship that we all know. But there's also a lot of other good deeds that is norm in our life, but we don't look at it as a good deed. Helping someone with

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the intention of pleasing Allah and

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Helping him or her in a way that to please Allah, that's a good deed, any deed that is for Allah, and that is pleasing to Allah and on the path of roswaal. So to a sinner, that's a good deed, then I am doing it, then I am going to get rewarded, and I'm not doing injustice, perfection to at work, that's a good deed. driving on the speed limit. That's a good deed pleasing to Allah subhanho wa Taala because I am obeying the law and obeying the law is something Allah loves, again, helping people controlling my anger, not retaliate in a bad way. These are all good deeds. These are all good deeds. Let's look at it. And then the more I do a good deed, the more reward and I will get to

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Janina and then I am not averse wrongdoers and a lot more love. Allah who lay your head will volley me, Allah does not love those who does injustice, or they are wrong doors, and I don't want to be one of this or we don't want to be Let's ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to apply and do what we learned throughout the month. in general. Every good deed we did let ask Allah to help us to continue do it as much as we can. And I will end up by number one, thanking last pantalla for giving us this opportunity to live Ramadan, to do these small clips to spread his knowledge. I'm so grateful to all the team in journalists that you who helped this to come to you. I am grateful to

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every one of you who seeing us seeing and hearing this May Allah reward you and please don't forget us all in your da and then the last but not the least. We have to be we have to be

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eager to continue to be the servants of Allah Subhana Allah and I will end up with a dua that is related to the love of Allah. Allah Swati salatu wa sallam said it. It is narrated in emammal tirmidhi or Swati Salatu was Salam said Sina Dawood David used to make this draw this application Allahumma in the US alcohol book, the law I asked for your love while Bermejo her book and the love of everyone who loves you while Hamidullah your career

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and the love of the deed that will bring me closer to your love.

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Allah how much alpha beta gamma Neff, see y'all Allah make your love, more beloved to me than me and myself. What early my family while Martin buried and the cold water, your biani Desert from Allah hiren And may Allah Subhana Allah bless. Tomorrow is the ADA Mubarak and this is actually the Sunni offer roswaal De Soto, sir it's a good deed to send the congratulations in the way of Swati saw to Assam used to do that he don't move Iraq. Bless it aid your ob me

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