Sulaiman Moola – Be Strict On Yourself And Lenient Towards Others

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of Islam and its teachings in various media outlets, including its success in winning media attention and its negative impact on couples. They stress the importance of finding practical examples to motivate others to pursue their beliefs and respecting people and avoiding negative comments. The use of language in media and the inconsistency in media coverage of Prophet sallama's name are also discussed, along with the need for unity and acceptance in reproaching and communicating with others. The conversation ends with a call for action to save lives and make history.
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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim Alhamdulillah halali Mill Habib al Madani Navarro, Milan me Billa Marine in when asleep for superfan Allah Hillary hikma, to whom earlier or to remove who has the Wanyama who was latonia Cooley selenium what can be when a shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who wash da luxury color who Feanor theory one RT to me when a shadow Anna say Donna one Maulana Muhammad and our do who rasool Allah the Madonna vikita Be Mooney was the ANA Illa Allah He Bill inzerillo, what TBC sallallahu alayhi wa ala early he was Sufi Madame Atul kawaki buta see ameba protocol Allah huzzah Baraka Wattana Phil Quran in Majidi well for Colonel Hamid Rosa bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim

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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim, who they are for our moral bill. If you aren't ready Bernie Jalen Walker NBU SallAllahu Taala alayhi wa sallam Yes 0120 We're by Shiro tuna Pharaoh. Oh Kumbhakarna Alayhi Salatu was Salam. A bedwin once came to say the nadi or the Allahu Anhu and he said, swiftly Afula Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Can you count, highlight and enumerate the qualities attributes and the characteristics of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So how do you know the Allahu Anhu asked him our very full Agda Do you know how to count? He said of course I know how to count. So I know the Allahu Anhu then said to him are Delhi Mata dunya count for me the items the

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belongings and the possession of this world. So the bedwin replied by saying Mata or Daniela you the items the belongings and the possessions of this world is not something I can count or I can enumerate. So earlier the Allahu Anhu replied by saying I just Unversity Mata dunya wakad Shahidullah will be Tillet II he totally he Tala Cooney Mata or dunya Khalil for K for LC for NACA Sefa 10 to be yourself sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wakad Shahid Allah will be Cooney here I believe we're in NACA Allah, Allah Who looking

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at the Alon who said, You telling me you're unable to count, highlight and enumerate the items, the belongings and the possession of this world. Yet Allah declares it as minute trivial and insignificant. And then you put the daunting task upon me to enumerate the characteristics of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when Allah declares it as sublime outstanding and superb we're in NACA, Allah, Allah follow him. Indeed, O Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you are on the station of the noblest level of character. The Ordo poet said Milna he's suck taka, he Anca Java. Milner, he's sakta ke Anca Java, most of our core Robinair Raqqah Java

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milnor He's sakta ke Anca Java, most of our core Robinair Raqqah Java eyes simply cannot find the appropriate word to accurately describe the impeccable life of the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but then again on second thought, how can I possibly find the word when Allah only created one like this?

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Gopher wala Mookie kaka concrete on a day the SSR Java and abou journal was left rejected you Millie ated when the very petals in his hand glorified Allah. But here's the highlight and this stands up blew me away. Allah is my witness. Allah is my witness when I heard it for how many days I cried. The poet says

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parallel may one Kouji barricade a clue? Bellemare one Kouji barricade a clue? A flourish door? Fear la Na, Medusa? hisab

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Bellamy one Kouji barricade a clue. A flourish of fear Lane Ahmed says I saw a plea a request an application to the galaxy of angels, tasks,

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To examine and interrogate man, I have a plea to you Omala ICA after my death and post my resurrection when I stand up and my eyes meet with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam Can you pause your hisab to me on hold?

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Allow me to take satisfaction by looking at my inner be and marveling at ease beauty and allow me the time you have no idea how I have been pining for this moment. Fear Lena would say is out. Then by all means, whatever the protocol is interrogate me question me and whatever needs to happen. But gotta lay on cardamon s Saleem, but Kerala tune cardamon s Saleem mill gigaaa to Janet Bay hisab. The poet then concludes by saying, embrace the teachings, the legacy of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and Allah will endow you with a Jana unimaginable, inconceivable and indescribable May Allah make us amongst those fortunate people. Owner eco mole worry soon. Hola, eco Malinois

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rezone levena Uri Sunil for those, those who will be the heirs of the loftiest abode in Jana.

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One of the many formulas to the success of the mission of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one of the many formulas to the success of the mission of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was his high level of personal discipline, coupled with his sense of concession, allowance and accommodation for others.

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Sadly, we want to adopt leniency for ourself and impose harsh verdicts on others. And Allah forbid with driving people away from the deal. I cannot and will not forget this American River. I share platform with him in America and in Malaysia. He took the shahada, he said, I walked into a musty three years after my Shahada, a prominent figure and I don't want to mention his name. And as I'm entered into the masjid a brother, Pastor remark, what kind of Muslim is this with long hair like this? He said, I went back home, and I'm telling you chef, from the day I became a Muslim, I was never tempted to leave Islam more on any day than that day.

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But the tail gets more intriguing. I debated at home, do I abandon Islam? Or do I hold on? Allah guided me? Allah rescued me, I shaved my hair because I was on a guilt mission.

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I stopped attending the masjid A few days later, I mustered the courage to attend the Masjid. Then I decided to study Islam, only to discover that the messenger SallAllahu wasallam had long hair

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only to discover that the messenger SallAllahu wasallam had long hair.

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And let me add by saying, even if you are strict on yourself,

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the teachings and the temperament of Islam and the legacy of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not to be strict on others. So there is no way and inshallah if my time allows me. From Quran and Hadith I will support what I tell you. Be strict, be stringent. be harsh on yourself, be super discipline on yourself within the limits within the bounds within the parameters of Sharia. Give leeway give allowance give. If Allah horridge If Allah horrid Bashira one or two Nephi zero Yes 01 to zero, then nobody has legs had that extra Dhamma standing in prayer Please bless it legs would swell but the concession he gave was different. Okay chapter seven Jews nine verse one double NINE.

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The first I recited who when alpha more Rubin roofie what are the burning Jain healing? So a loose translation of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam adopt pardon? Who the la voix what motivated Rafi advocate virtue? Well

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Original jaw healing and ignore the belligerent and the ignorant.

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It's not my discretion or your prerogative to interpret, expound elucidate, unpack or pass a commentary on the idea. We're not the doors of those who are experts on the exegesis of the Quran. The likes of Allah ma Lucy Baghdadi Romani. He says what is meant by an alpha? The common translation of alpha is pardon Aima sabula What the yes sir Amin a cloud in us were ILAHA ignore Omar Webnode Zubayr wa Isha to one Mujahidin Radi Allahu Anhu whom will Africa who Ibrahim Ebner Adam Murphy, Ron and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allama I don't see but that he says in this ayah Allah impresses upon the prophets of Allah Allah wa sallam adopt alpha i for your means,

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take from the people what they can perform averagely commonly, even if it is of mediocre level.

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Well Azuma Jasmine Anil Kaboul Furthermore, so the academics can appreciate it, while atoma Jasmine annual Cabul Arab Amina nice Nancy B Mateja, salamin Ahmadi him, one ma a term in whom, what the salah minerais cool fatin when I talk to Luke Minhwan, l Jota. Woman your chakra lay him hot, Allah young Pharaoh.

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rate we Romani, O Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. Take from people what they can commonly perform what in their ability. My focus today is ficou Rasool li Manus, how did the Prophet of Allah deal with different people? Was it one approach? Was it one ruling? Was it one vertic Ozy cognizant of the circumstances that surrounded every individual?

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I am not for a moment advocating that you must become lenient on yourself. No, no, you're losing the point. Go strong go harsh. You want to only eat that which is grown in your house. That which is organic, that which is GMO free that which didn't go through any other forms of artificial intelligence. Good luck, but don't impose that verdict on the coma.

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I will share with you to the best of my ability.

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Okay, so Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam take from people my atomic bomb water Sahil minerais Colfer wanna talk to Luke Ming whom joke the warmer your chakra lay him had the lion Pharaoh don't impose on them something that is beyond the muscle beyond the cloud, where they have not reached that level and they cannot be it let it not be that this drives them away from the deal.

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So it's basic Arabic understanding that whenever you interpret any word from the Quran, or sunnah, in a broader context than the common then you need to support your claim through Arabic poetry, etc. It's Elementary, you know those that are into it. So Allah Allah see then also makes mention of the poem of us were dually were in the poet says to his wife, who they laugh woman, Anita, study me, mama, daddy, who they laugh, women need to study me my what, Dottie when I turn 30 feet. So Latina absorb, oh, my beloved wife, except from me average, and don't raise the bar of expectation too much. This will be the catalyst to sustain a healthy relationship. And on a side note, that's a

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meaningful reflection. I've been harping on this, in my personal interactions and observations. One of the key reasons for breakdown in marriages is elevated expectations in an underperforming world. So you enter in the union with very high expectations. And by doing so, you predisposing yourself to disappointment, but rather go in with an average expectation. And a surprise is always welcome.

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If your wife or your partner delivers about a surprise, it's a problem when you looking for money in your closet and you don't find it. But it's always welcome when you're looking for something else and you find money

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that they don't know. Oh, look at that. Now looking for my scene. I found money. No, no, no, that's welcome. That's pleasant. Right. So who's the laugh for me Anita? Study me my word dirty. Oh, my wife. Take out

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Take average, don't ask too much. And what did the other poet say?

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A thinly Noma has in Rita been were poorly in a sub talakad Azhar been Oh my wife you never fail to criticize me when I'm doing wrong and by all means continue with that. I just have a request occasionally when I'm correct see if you have some time to compliment me

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Alkalyn Noma Villa Villa to Achille I'm not saying don't condemn maybe if you can just drop down reduce your contamination when I work only in a sub the two lacquered Asaba there is a known suck in five types and hence that is the Shahid in the bone work only in in a Sorbetto if I am correct and I have been accurate, then compliment me and say know what he said is correct.

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Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah in his stuff, seed

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volume, for page 123. Volume for page 123. He opens up this discussion. And he writes and I'll give you a verbatim write up from what's there so you can read it yourself, you can access the English, the most agreed interpretation of alpha is an action that can be done with ease and without any difficulty.

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Accept what the people can do easily, impressing upon the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in religious obligations, he should not expect the highest standard of actions from the people.

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Please read it yourself. Then he says, let me give a practical example salah the essence of Salah is to stand before your Lord in total veneration, isolating yourself from worldly actions and thoughts. This type of prayer can only be achieved by a handful of worshipers. The verse Therefore, asks the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam not to expect that from everyone.

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When I say our deen is beautiful, it is beautiful in every way my brother, its practicality its pragmatic nature. It's user friendly, all inclusive, all accommodating. We have messed up unfortunately but the dean is just flawless.

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Let's have a look at some of the verses of the Quran

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so Imam Buhari Rama toolani Imam tell me the and Imam Abu Dhabi would make mention of narration

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that there was a Sahabi by the name of McElveen ESR Ravi Allah Vaughn who are well Buhari with Tirmidhi Buddhahood and Namakkal Libnah Yesod Radi Allahu Anhu Zawada otaku Raju liminal Muslimeen for Karnataka in the wholesome makalah Talita wherever you are Raja Hatton, Casa de la da. So Mark Calabria sobre, la Juan, who got his sister married to a Sahabi a companion. The Union lasted for a stint and a period and then unfortunately the relationship was dissolved. So the companion probably Allah who divorced his wife, and during the period of their life, he did not revoke her

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and then it ended up and let me stop here for a moment. I can I can become very emotional on this point here. There are so many men that are unfortunately abusing the responsibility of Turlock.

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Recently, I was involved in two cases, which left me restless four nights. The first the man was guilty of immorality, promiscuity, infidelity, debauchery, and then when he was to divorce your wife, no, I don't want to anger Allah.

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I don't want to anger Allah. And you know what, my brother there was a man and this is on local shows, because he withheld the right of Talaq, the sister unfortunately, resorted to abandon her Islam to come out of the marriage.

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My brother, you only have one of two options. You keep

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A woman with respect or you release her with dignity. You don't have another option

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Surah Tala chapter 65 Only 12 ayat only to ruku in four pages. Allah subhanho wa Taala told the men four times fear me fear me fear me. What toquilla Hara back home woman yet in La Jolla, Jalla Houma Raja woman in La Jolla, John La hoomin Emery nuestra woman yet tequila you can fit on who say you are in LA who I draw. In fact five times for Paula Maria will bob Allama. Shabbir Ahmed Osmani writes into serious money in this 12. Ayat, Jaga Jaga ayat is after every ayat fill me fill me fill me to impress upon the man, the only way you can bring sanity stability and bliss in your marriage is if you keep that woman in your wedlock fear in Allah.

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What toquilla Woman tequila for toquilla woman, every verse Fear me fear me.

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What is this? You will never get a divorce. That curse Welcome back. And when it incapacitates you don't ask questions.

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This has become a no no, no, I cannot tell you how many cases until now I don't want to give a divorce. Now she must see seeing what

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Luqman Hakim told his son is a dark cuckoo dilla Touka Allah Zulu meanness for the carpet trata la jolla, la when your ego starts whispering to you to abuse then remind yourself of Allah's authority. Remind yourself watch how you talking what are you behaving There is Allah that is in control. There is Allah that is in control, beat your help beat your employee beat your spouse, and there could be circumstances where men are on the receiving end. I'm not I'm not I'm saying it in a in a neutral context. But because the word Talaq came up, it just flashed in my mind.

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The marriage is not working out and didn't let her move on. What's the need to go through the facade process which as it is unfortunately, so tedious and cumbersome?

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When you reach Ali Ali Nadal Raja, is this how you execute the responsibility given to you?

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Can you imagine when I heard of the sister that resorted to leaving her Dean, I just draw

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Are you not liable to provoke in a situation like this?

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Anyway, coming back, the marriage ended Talaq took place he didn't revoke

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after the debt was over how we are how we are to both husband and wife had feelings again for each other.

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The man started feeling towards his wife. She started feeling towards her husband. So the sahabi went back to Mark Libnah Yes Are you the Guardian you the brother You're the man in charge? I was married to your sister gave you the innovation. It's referencing the Quran Chapter Two Jews to verse 232 Buhari Abu Dhabi Tirmidhi I would like to marry your sister again. So Maka ligny. Asara the Alano said, a crumb to cubby ha was a wedge Tokoha from metal Lakhta Wallah. He lethargy or Ilica Avada I did the dignified thing I got you married and then you divorced her you will never enter a marriage with my sister again. Family Mullah hoo ha Jetta Whoa, la ha ha, Jetta ha la. But Allah

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knew the man was genuine. The woman was genuine. Something had occurred. they regretted it, they regretted it, how often our ego comes into it. And I'm dealing with this and please don't take this clip out of context because I know people cherry pick the club. Every day they is a person that's coming to me and say speak to my daughter speak to my son. This is wrong they into a union they need to end it correct. I'm asking the youth don't have this dating and the score team. You what the average young person is doing is going into the shop just for as a parable. And then he looks at the jacket or it looks at the coat. He puts it on looks in the mirror it looks great. Post it on

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Instagram, gets all the likes. Then he phones his mom of phones his dad and says that I want to buy this What's your feeling? No, no, I don't think you need a coat.

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Now you wore it. And this is just an item. You create an attachment and a bond. You develop you evolve. You have feelings, you have emotions, and then you take it to your parents. And then when they resist it, you're getting offended, but understand your process is flawed.

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Now to you my respected senior, can I appeal to your intellect? They have been foolish, childish and naive. What they did was wrong. Do we stoop so low? And now we make this thing toxic and make it unpleasant? Or do we rise above give them a little discipline explanation? And if the basic principles are in place, a person with a man of Lucerna correct aka it might not be satisfying every like of ours, but let's go ahead and salvage the situation. But each one becoming tough and adamant and each one becoming obstinate. And then we see what happens.

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Allah knew that they were genuine so Allah reveal the verse. Why Eva palapa tomo Nice.

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Belladonna Jana one fella Tabu Hoon, a and Karina as well Jang Hoon Eva Tarago Bay, you know whom Bill Maher rove this was the good fortune Sahaba head that regardless of who they were, their emotions was immediately steered through revelation. You know what, you are a companion and your passion is in its place. But no, this is the teachings of Allah and Sahaba were compliant. They were obliging as a parent, I'm not always right. As a guardian, I'm not always right. Allah and His Nibi are always correct.

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So Allah said, why is that Falaknuma Nisa when you divorce a woman for Belladonna agenda Hoonah period has ended. And let me make an appeal here. My sister ADA has nothing to do with your late husband, or more so with your ex husband, it has everything to do with you and your Allah. Our woman don't want to sit in it down. But he did this to me. Why must I said it's got nothing to do with him. I'm having counseling sessions just to make a woman understand that it is Allah's command to you

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know I'm in a depression first I'm upset what he did. Now I'm having issues trying to understand why Allah impose this on me.

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My sister Allah's dealings Allah's injunctions are perfect. And then two months later, it was the best thing in my life.

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It was the best thing in my life. Don't be so impulsive. Wait, understand, Allah knows your makeup. Allah knows your anatomy. Allah knows your composition. And Allah has said your therapist Nabil unfussy. Hinata Lhasa Takuro go into pause, go into Wait, it's got nothing to do with him.

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Just like my brother, you need to give the NEFA for that three months you give it? No but she's like this. Allah told you you must give her

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Matan Bill my roof each one of us Allah has put a command on us. Look at what Allah has told me and do it happily.

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You want to get back at her and get know where you I need to win with my Creator and you need to win.

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So when the verse was revealed Subhan Allah Maka Livni Assad said some Hunley Robbie wa Allah if you told me my apologies, Camilla, my brother in law happily I get you married to my sister. You know how much courage it takes. You know how much Imani takes, you know how much strength it takes, but that was Sahaba and hence they were the leaders of the OMA now see what's written in biannual Quran under the saya.

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Fi n unelma Baha Lai young busy should do do feel man and whoa.

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FI unelma Baja lion busy. I feel like standing and screaming but rather just behave. FI unelma Baja lion Billy at the shed do to feel manly and whoa.

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While the iron tells us

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that don't stop them from getting married.

00:29:32 --> 00:29:46

It also releases to us a point when something is principally permissible. Don't to be harsh in pro HarperTeen eight

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when something is principally permissible, my brother eat with your hands

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Eat on the floor, but someone eating with a fork and a knife. Don't make him a coffee

00:30:14 --> 00:30:32

eat with three fingers. He put the food in front of you cover your head set humble. That's the Sunnah that will bring you close to Allah but something which is principally permissible. Don't Don't make fatwas on people

00:30:35 --> 00:30:38

because then Hetalia and Pharaoh

00:30:39 --> 00:30:40

will drive people away

00:30:44 --> 00:30:54

oh man, Imam Casali couldn't kill many yet global czar on Earth a conical Mona fit yet global law yo

00:30:56 --> 00:31:03

can call me you know I read Muhammad Abdullah's quotation he said, Me know yet to Lobel

00:31:04 --> 00:31:12

well munafo yet to Ebola, are you? I kinda liked it. But then I read Imam Ghazali he didn't say a moment he said Vokoun calm. LogMeIn

00:31:13 --> 00:31:34

couldn't come and be like a believer, be like a believer who looks for an excuse. And don't be like a monastic who's searching for a flaw. I was probably in London, but somewhere was giving a talk. And as I'm delivering a talk, I'm observing one person in the congregation drinking what is left hand is drinking what is left hand.

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And unfortunately,

00:31:40 --> 00:32:09

Allah is putting these thoughts in my mind, whatever I make dua to Allah, Allah guide me to say the right thing. But my heart hurts so many times of so many things. I want to give a report also from where I came back, or whatever lipids I'm going to share. When we talk to non Muslims, we can talk loud about the simplicity of our funerals. You know, we our culture, our teachings, our funerals are amazing. But if that same non Muslim as well tell me about your weddings. When we drop our head down.

00:32:11 --> 00:32:30

The South African Muslim Ummah, can rave about the Islamic infrastructure. They can rave about the institutions and the seminaries, the amount of scholars and all Amaya. But when it comes about character assassination, when it comes about slandering, the Muslim ummah, of this country has to drop their heads down in shame.

00:32:32 --> 00:33:06

How can I forget? In California, there was a conference, I was there. And there was a particular scholar who was really impressive. And I took the opportunity in front of that panel of scholars to invite him home. And he kept quiet. I said, please come to South African shores, I would love to host you. And he observed silence. And I mustered the courage to invite him again. And he observed silence. And on the third time, he said, Because you persist in I'm telling you, I'm afraid your scholars will first critique my appearance before listening to my discussion.

00:33:09 --> 00:33:11

And I was silent.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:14

I was silent.

00:33:15 --> 00:33:20

That's on my can speak about a lot. But there's so much to drop its head in shale.

00:33:21 --> 00:33:25

So I'm observing this person and unfortunately, this is the culture.

00:33:26 --> 00:33:35

And then you get the young kids on the block. Amina Nasimi, you Giardino Fila hippie the uranium in Walla, walla Kitabi money

00:33:39 --> 00:33:49

like no knowledge, no experience, no expertise, just blowing. You are not representing the deal.

00:33:52 --> 00:33:55

So I'm observing drinking is drinking with his left hand.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:00

Three days ago, I was in Turkey.

00:34:02 --> 00:34:40

In fact, I got back yesterday. So while I was there, one share one alum. He phoned me and he said, Oh, I'd seen you you're in Turkey. I would love to bring few of my students to come and meet you. sassing I've just retired on my bed and I'm about to sleep is pleased when really I've been listening to you. Can you afford us some time? I slept my job on and I test out I came into the lobby my other colleagues were in the room sleeping. And I sat down and yeah, greeted them everything and he said are these they from somewhere? Can they from Bahara please give them some see how they speak Arabic. In my broken interaction. I seize the moment and I converse with them. One of

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them recorded it uploaded it Subhanallah everybody sends me an acknowledgement. You get a question mark from a South African scholar, but very strange. Your topi was not on your head

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okay, actually, I'm in a hotel here. And this is a lobby area. And I was about

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To sleep, what can can McMinn what can can remote me yet local

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we are a toxic nation and a toxic generation and we live in in a broken society. And until and unless we don't learn to account for our actions that will negatively impact others, we will remain where we are.

00:35:37 --> 00:35:46

I don't owe anyone anything. No, no me and you owe people a lot. We owe an apology to those we heard. We owe respect to those we have just respected.

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So I'm observing that brother drinkin with his left hand, and I'm delivering my talk. And after the talk was over, they formed the line to come and greet me only to discover that men only had a left hand. Allah is my witness. I mean his house. Allah is my witness. I mean, his house. The man only had a left there if if the earth could split on me it was that day how I was reproaching myself.

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see here unelma Baja lion buzzy at the Chateau filmen

00:36:33 --> 00:36:41

when something is principally permissible, don't be harsh. Now, here's the qualifying statement. Edina mute the ILA Masada

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provided it doesn't lead to anything that is forbidden. Right. Sometimes you could say certainly, Bob.

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Certainly lubob

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Don't stop someone from something permissible, provided it doesn't take them to the forbidden. Absolutely. If intelligence in the permissible is opening the door to the impermissible then you need to curb it control it regulate it. But then the bird goes on to say last CMR either have been empty na Ron who Illa Masada

00:37:11 --> 00:37:20

if stopping someone from the permissible is taking them to the impermissible then at no level should you stop them from the permissible

00:37:23 --> 00:37:45

so by all means, apply the highest level the profits are some inspired people by his personal discipline and by the concession and the accommodation and the allowance he had to other people. Our dean is not this is wrong that is wrong. This is forbidden that is forbidden. No no, no, no, no.

00:37:46 --> 00:37:51

Chapter 12 dues 12 Verse 12 Please check my references

00:37:53 --> 00:38:04

are roussin Lahoma Anna LaTonya Ruta via la Dawa in LA hola haffi bone the siblings of us have said send us have with us tomorrow y'all

00:38:06 --> 00:38:29

we will enjoy we will eat a lotta rotten rotten enjoy. Y'all have we will play we know who the half we don't and we will protect him. Your approval is salaam expressed his apprehension for external factors that the the wolf must not devour him. He didn't principally object to the agenda of an outing.

00:38:30 --> 00:39:05

Under this is chapter 12 Juice 12 Verse 12. Mufti Shafi arrives Rahima hula, the permissibility of a trip or a out in a picnic going out then he references for to be in others that the IRS says it's fine. Yes, don't indulge in the forbidden. We relax but go out be casual. Our deen is beautiful within the laws of Islam enjoy it. Understand the time in which we live in understand with the youth are appreciate the dynamics.

00:39:06 --> 00:39:09

Thank a puma Bella Gumina Nisa.

00:39:11 --> 00:39:28

You must now with Allah Azza wa roba for in Clifton de lo Sawa Hayden Malakut a man who come I don't want to convert this intuitive see lesson, but the ayat and the depths of Quran just takes me away.

00:39:29 --> 00:39:36

So, Chapter Four juice for verse three funky whoa wet matava generally everybody knows this is

00:39:40 --> 00:39:55

phunki who read Matabele akumina Nyssa Aima Hala those that you have permissibility of whether you read in one or two or three or four Allah subhanaw taala speaks about it. This so much in this if I try and make it quick

00:39:57 --> 00:39:59

fee I love those who believe

00:40:00 --> 00:40:01

my BA heart

00:40:02 --> 00:40:38

fee. Love Zubin MABA. Heart. Well, XR minha we're in the harbor levy minha. We're under Humala, Mia confy for all one la UniFi Ahsoka. Well, I'm Melody Hafele if proper with the FreeIPA fell asleep Hulagu sobre el padre Varu remain her when he Danika Ashara Tala limited Hamza Rajul ILAHA van atsr fi Tholi he for Wahida Was that correct meta houfy Tholi Danica Adina alerta oluwo

00:40:42 --> 00:40:43

a chroma Kumala

00:40:45 --> 00:40:55

Thank you Huma tabela comm where marry 234 in as permissible by Islam, what does the higher biannual Quran Hakeem Aloma Rahim Allah?

00:40:57 --> 00:41:06

Fie, Telugu Bill Maha the ayah is advocating the permissibility of deriving pleasure in permissible

00:41:08 --> 00:41:15

if we're going to block and lock and stop and control our use from the permissible then what's going to happen

00:41:20 --> 00:42:02

fi a Telugu cinema Baja we'll examine how you don't have to limit it. Something is nice, it's tasty. Have more have variety. One Humala confy a froth en la UniFi Azhar. As long as you stay within the limits, this will not constitute an act. contrary to the teachings of Islam. Look at the Hawaii the Kulu what Amala the halfen ephra With the free the one who fears now there's the key point I need to mention the one who fears that you won't have the balance for Islam Allah Who Saraland Padre voru remain ha then limit yourself to the bare minimum.

00:42:03 --> 00:42:15

What is it Cassata Allah Dimitri Hatha Raja Illa, Hassan, FSR LFSR. And Allah impressed upon such a person who fears My Brother, listen to me this point very carefully.

00:42:17 --> 00:42:42

If you fear that you will not be just then Allah said, then limit yourself to one. And the reason for this is that at the NA ala dahulu, La ilaha illa Allah, we're not reading Quran. And if we read in we're not understanding and if we're understanding we're not making the DE BOER Mufti Shafi Rahim Allah has written something amazing. Yeah.

00:42:43 --> 00:43:10

He writes, Allah said, if you feel injustice, then marry one only. But Allah did not say if you marry one, then you are exempted from injustice, the Quran he hinted that you could be married to one wife and subjecting that one wife to injustice

00:43:13 --> 00:43:31

No, no. You know what, I didn't take a second wife. I don't want to do injustice. No, the Quran says you could be unjust and abusing even one way. Why? Allah didn't say if you have one then it's over. Danica at dinner Delica at dinner, Allah dahulu

00:43:32 --> 00:43:35

This is closer, the chances are less

00:43:36 --> 00:43:47

on a different note. A thought comes to my mind unrelated to 3 billion for him. I want to buy a slow car why? So I don't have a speeding fine.

00:43:48 --> 00:43:51

You can have a speeding fine with a slow car also by

00:43:55 --> 00:44:17

no I'm don't apply the connotations of what you say my wife is slow. No, there's no there's no connotations here in any way. Please. I was blown away by this Danica at dinner. How many of women are in a man has one wife at dinner from Dunoon either your mother Jamila mero This is closer that you will not inclined to Operation

00:44:18 --> 00:44:20

La Ilaha illa Allah

00:44:21 --> 00:44:36

in verse 129, of the same chapter, Allah says voluntas 30 Ro And da de lo Beynon is a one Oh, Horace, don't fella Tommy local Malay Fattah la roja Cal Ma.

00:44:37 --> 00:44:51

That even if you try to be just between your spouses in everything, you won't able to be just in the expression of love. It will vary. But look at the beauty. I mean, Quran Allahu Akbar.

00:44:53 --> 00:44:59

You will have to scream and renew your Eman in gratitude. That's all you can do. Like Allah. I don't know how

00:45:00 --> 00:45:02

Thank you, you made me a Muslim. That's all.

00:45:03 --> 00:45:23

That's all well into study row and the lubaina Nisa, you won't be able to balance your emotions out. So this involuntary tilt of your heart towards one over the other because you're attracted to her. The Quran even regulates that involuntary tilt.

00:45:24 --> 00:45:44

The Quran regulates that involuntary tilt, your heart is tilting towards the little more now that it's tilting to her more, which you can control, let it not be that you give her more time more money more wealth, because that is something you can control your friend in your otherwise

00:45:45 --> 00:45:47

La Ilaha illa Allah

00:45:53 --> 00:45:54

okay, we move on

00:45:57 --> 00:45:58

to another area

00:46:01 --> 00:46:01

chapter two.

00:46:03 --> 00:46:08

In juice two verse 235. Why is our palapa tomo Nice?

00:46:09 --> 00:46:52

Ferber Lavona? Wala Jonah Holly econ Faema are loved Don't be him in triple Bettin is a covenant on fee and forsaken. Allah says you've divorced a woman or she has lost her husband she is in a DA during the period of the DA she is impermissible for you. Oh man. You cannot marry her she is still in a DA but Allah says Now listen to this the beauty of our deen our deen is an absolute harmony with our anatomy. Allah says I know you men you will not able to resist discussing her knowing that she's in a duck

00:46:56 --> 00:46:59

you know it's a matter only Allah but our

00:47:00 --> 00:47:05

eye matter our Nicobar care not matter our image Allah is acknowledging the context

00:47:09 --> 00:47:26

there's men I don't know. A woman is in riddle. She's impermissible to get married to But Allah says I know and Macomb setters guru Nona. You will be talking about it. You will be discussing Jada twins who is divorced.

00:47:27 --> 00:47:36

So although she's impermissible, knowing your nature, and making it permissible for you to drop a hint

00:47:38 --> 00:47:43

while Arjona Holly confirmar are rotten Geralyn says female of Washington

00:47:44 --> 00:47:55

for example, you drop a message and you say in tequila Jamila mashallah sister Allah bless you a lot of beauty rope Barozzi been feek I thought after it that you will be lonely for long

00:47:57 --> 00:48:08

I thought after it that you will be lonely for long woman yet you don't miss luck. Your late husband was so lucky. I wonder who's the next lucky man. I'm quoting what jalala inroads?

00:48:09 --> 00:48:21

And what did Hakeem Aloma right. Fee, a euro zone for Libby Phil Emery Bill mo moja

00:48:22 --> 00:48:27

fee, a euro. For

00:48:28 --> 00:49:16

the man SHA the temperament. The message of this idea is accommodate the weaknesses of the believer and the seeker was in the limits. Allah is accommodating your weakness. Look at look at the deduction. Look at the rich extraction. She is not permissible for you. But Allah says you would have discussed so I'm allowing you what? Don't don't wanna add that as a more awkward than Nikka don't fix it. Don't conclude it. But if you dropped him, listen your brother sorry to hear about your sister. Yeah, shall I don't worry, tell her she mustn't worry. She must just focus on it. That's all

00:49:19 --> 00:49:25

now what do you mean? No, I'm just telling you that what I mean just I'm just talking generally around my wife to get nervous here in any way.

00:49:27 --> 00:49:49

Okay, lie you can lift Allah Who nuff son in law was AHA the last IO of Surah Baqarah fi re aiya to thallium fill Emeryville moja hada. The is telling you be cognizant, be accommodating understand the context of people. The hadith is in Bihari Jabir ibn Abdullah the Ala Moana writes it

00:49:53 --> 00:49:59

he says that Mohandro the Allahu Anhu used to lead us in prayer, say the Mahabharata.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:01

Who's to lead us in prayer.

00:50:02 --> 00:50:44

So he used to come and sometimes perform lengthy units of prayer. So on a particular instance he came in let us in Odisha salah, and he recited a lengthy Rakata recited Surah Baqarah fetter John was Raja alone for Salah Salatin FIFA for Bella Delica Merdan. For Karla in the hula fit for Bella liqueur module for attending nebbia Salah Lavalley he will sell them for color rasool Allah afternoon and Dr. Mark afternoon and Dr. Mark Fatone and Dr. Mark Jabari bin Abdullah Buhari narrates it he says that Satan amo Hydra the Aloni is to lead us in Salah one day he came in read a long record. So the record was very long. One person broke away from the Salah, and he offered a

00:50:44 --> 00:50:45

short prayer.

00:50:46 --> 00:51:05

And he went to a set number address he alone who heard about it that this man had joined and then he excused himself and he left so you didn't know Mohandro the Allahu Anhu mother that was a giant he was a legend. He was a I don't even have the words to describe who he was. No. carnamah Otto Giovanni and Hyun

00:51:06 --> 00:51:52

loca nama Azabu jubbaland Hyun one later who from Makkah them to Allah azza wa jal for sale any man one Laietana Almighty Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Lakota one day to honor him Madonna javelin, Baton Samia to Nebia sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Maya cool Maha Lucknow. jobaline Imam hola hola yo Matsuyama or I don't know who to give this your one Medora Hundal Ambrogio Rabina whom Phil Emery Fajita? Marijuana or money? Why he Lululemon. Katella for Cena for in whoa Cordoba Mima hula hooping host Ronnie, let's Nanoka Pharaoh Muslim big cubby rotten. Wala who? When was Oh Frannie save now with the money handed over to the six. He said I'm handing over to six people. And they

00:51:52 --> 00:52:09

must say now Omar, because Mohammed is not alive. If more other the Alona was alive, they would have been no two opinions I would have made him in charge. And then if Allah asked me why Omar who did you make in charge, I would say I made the man in charge who want to be said is the leader of the whole AMA on the day of the AMA.

00:52:11 --> 00:52:54

Our Muslim Aulani Abdullah bin sube. That's his name. Abu Muslim hold on is Kunia Ibrahim Mohammed bin Omar as for the Annecy, wanted to drop him into the fire as well. He had left and he was coming back in the mid 90s. Allah had given me the ability to go to Damascus. It was after Assad and I was standing at the grave of Abu Muslim Whoa, Lonnie. I still have a vivid picture of this. He said the whole semester the hems, I entered Masjid A times for either Jamaat Otto Minal cool yet I was said to him, Siobhan Bharata Sana Samito liath a column for them. Therell ThermoFisher interwork Joho na for culturally Taliesin manha for alhaja moto Jabaal for wakaf Enough see for Bo. I entered the

00:52:54 --> 00:53:17

masjid of Henson Damascus. All elderly people were sitting in the dead center was a young man manipulatable I didn't know who he was. So me too and quiet silent. For him total tone fishy when they had the dispute. They would return to him and he would resolve it. And nudged my colleague I said Who's this? He said this is the man more of himself. From that day my love for him was indescribable.

00:53:19 --> 00:53:27

Don't tell me someone is bias. This is the most biased man of the summer. This is the most learned man of the summer.

00:53:33 --> 00:53:39

Monrovia low and who heard that that man ended his salon elf Modra the Elana said he is a monofin.

00:53:41 --> 00:53:45

That companion I gave you the reference hadith of Bokhari, Jabari bin Abdullah, please read it.

00:53:47 --> 00:54:33

That person or the Alon who hurts he came to me SallAllahu wasallam. He said he rasool Allah in na po moon, not malubay Dina. When a Steven deep in our retina, or in namorada and Salah Bina Alba Raha Farah Al Baqarah, for the job was to for the Ummah Nemo nuffic. On the view of Allah, we are laborers, we work with our hands, we irrigate the farms with our camels. It's a long day for us. I came from Asia. So you the namorada the Alon who performed the long regard, I'm a working man, I'm a working man. I was in Ireland. I Allah gave me the ability to fast that day while on suffer. I got there at about four in the afternoon. I rested in the hotel, and the acel Salah was at 745 After a

00:54:33 --> 00:55:00

sir I gave a talk with Allah's help for two hours, eight o'clock till 10pm 10pm The sunset after that we had Iftar and then probably a brother came to me, he said I stayed 30 kilometres away. I leave early for work the fastest 21 hours. I don't have the courage to come to the masjid, but I'm performing my prayer and my taraweeh at home with two three of my neighbors with short sutras. I hug them I can't get

00:55:00 --> 00:55:02

vacuolated him I said I'm envious of you

00:55:04 --> 00:55:20

understand the contacts Did you know our our Dean has on certain instances, different rulings according to different dynamics. Let me complete this hadith and I'll share that with you.

00:55:22 --> 00:55:25

We labor with our hand we toiled the late

00:55:27 --> 00:55:57

and then we're after the Allah one who performed the lengthy rocket only be of Allah so I offered a brief salah. Now he's saying that I'm a Muna fit our Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam addressed the hidden Omaha's or their loved one who with utmost veneration and respect and reverence to the galaxy of Sahaba winrate it to the extent that it is narrated afternoon and Dr. Maha afternoon and Dr. Murad fatahna Omar i You making fitna

00:55:59 --> 00:56:25

if gra was Shamcey was sub Bhisma because Allah read was Shem seawater haha and read sub because Mara pickle Allah our beloved to start as a mana bass sub one day mentioned to us that move the up to Rahim large Pauri Rahima hula one day said when you speak into the general person, don't tell him read surah class he doesn't know his last 10 him by read Pulu Allah HUD

00:56:26 --> 00:57:00

understand where the OMA is. Then the Nibi of Allah said either Salah Hado calmly enough say he fell your toe will Masha when you perform in Salah yourself perform as long as you want but when you lead in my con my own mind congregation please take note of the woman in that congregation the children in the congregation the weak one in the congregation. I am performing Salah Anna your child cry for asthma or Boca Asahi for at the dome was feasts allottee then I make my salah shorts

00:57:03 --> 00:57:43

in neurone EBA, I don't like to mention and even hockey Multnomah has mentioned that we don't mention Masai Lena talk. But I'm trying to fit her Rasul I'm trying to explain a point. My message is I said my opening comments become very disciplined on yourself Sleep early rise early and I can speak two hours with the grace of Allah on the dimension of discipline on yourself. But that's not the focal point of my talk today. My point is go strict on yourself, but within the boundaries go lenient on others. When Satan Ali was asked who is a scholar, the first thing he said manlam Your con Nathan nurserymen Rahmatullah.

00:57:45 --> 00:57:59

Of course when I'm your Islam, FEMA Arcilla Nobody says that. Nobody says that give them rosetting Allah's but don't make people lose hope in Allah. I was flying from Dubai to London.

00:58:01 --> 00:58:41

Allah reward my beloved mum and she made so much love for me today and of course, my beloved respected father and I phoned her at Dubai and she said, bye, inshallah. They'll give you an upgrade. Okay, along to the law. I was in business class, so but my mother made guar got to the boarding gate, I got a complimentary upgrade Alhamdulillah it was Ramadan. And I boarded the flight occupied my suite. Three hours into the flight it was Iftar whether it was personal London, I stand for correction, but I have this vivid recollection. Anyway, I looked out of the shutter I seen the sun Tippin engaged in to the steward was an Egyptian brother. I told him that see, I'll just have

00:58:41 --> 00:59:05

some drinks, some salads, etc. And you know, I need to do my Iftar. So he presented the meal. And then he said, Chef, brother, when you pray now and you open your first pray for me also. So I said, Okay, I pray for you. I'm traveling and it's Ramadan. What prayer Do you want me to make for you? Is it pray that Allah gives me a better job?

00:59:06 --> 00:59:11

So I said, you working in the first cabin, many in the business and economy would be envying you.

00:59:12 --> 00:59:35

And I'm in the house of Allah. As he said that he teared and as I seen him cheering I'm Chen. He said, I have a job that gives me a high salary. But you know, as a believer, I wasn't supposed to sell alcohol. circumstantially, I find myself in this job, but I cry within myself daily that Allah gives me another job so I don't have to present alcohol.

00:59:37 --> 00:59:40

What can kill me yet? LuBu la

00:59:42 --> 00:59:44

wala the Khun Karuna faith.

00:59:46 --> 00:59:55

Men go and see the good in the womb. Don't condemn our youth in the universities, then others will take them away.

00:59:56 --> 00:59:59

Go rescue our youth. It's our sons it's our daughters.

01:00:00 --> 01:00:03

We want Muslim female to become doctors.

01:00:04 --> 01:00:07

If we going to shun them, we will pick the soma

01:00:10 --> 01:00:12

every one day is not doomed.

01:00:20 --> 01:00:26

In the books of flicker, it's written, I don't like to mention rule in purchase again to explain.

01:00:31 --> 01:00:36

Now when I was in the camps, and we were doing relief work amongst the refugees,

01:00:37 --> 01:01:30

I said to my kids, and I said to my colleagues, I read in the books of FIFA, that one of the reasons of the young mum is cold Bertoia Hoffman who Attell I never in my life experience the need of the young mum due to cold, but this time I experienced it. I entered a tent of a woman outside the tent three days ago, the snow was half this wall. It was minus seven. The sister welcomed us into the tent. I shudder to tell you what it is. That 10 Nevermind giving you Leconfield div phone, it doesn't give you warmth, or the tea can the tea cool her? It doesn't give you protect you against heat. That 10 doesn't even give you a setter.

01:01:31 --> 01:01:33

It doesn't give you cover.

01:01:35 --> 01:01:37

That 10 doesn't give you a cover.

01:01:39 --> 01:01:48

I entered that tent. Mother and five children sleeping on the floor on sand minus six.

01:01:51 --> 01:02:13

Adjacent is what they define as a kitchen. And they define as a bathroom empty nothing. I'm owning this one child and I'm hugging him and another child comes to me yum yum. Who are your team? Who are your team? Give him the candy first before you give me because he's often I'm not an orphan.

01:02:14 --> 01:02:56

I couldn't look that child. Every time I'm out doing social work. Allah is my witness. Allah is my witness. All I come back in my hotel and for all night I say now focus will a man now focus will a man now focus with a man I was dishing out we had one dinner with with the with the orphans. So I held this often I hug them. Then I opened up the meal. I gave him a dream. He staring is trying to rationalize who am I? So I said no. A book. I'm your dad, and I'm hugging him. So I gave him his smile. He chuckled. After a little while as I'm leaving he came in he helped me he said But you told me you my dad.

01:02:58 --> 01:03:02

Way is the crisis of the Summa and where are we stuck

01:03:06 --> 01:03:09

in chapter four juice five verse 94.

01:03:10 --> 01:03:16

Yeah, hello Dina Amano, Eva Zara beaten fie Sabine Enlai, effetto obiano

01:03:18 --> 01:03:25

wala Taku Lehman Alka la Kumu salam ala Sturmer Mina

01:03:30 --> 01:04:02

Oh you who believe with a verb to when you struggle in the path of Allah Fatima, you know, investigate chapter for Jews five verse 94. So the Prophet of Allah had mobilized the group of Sahaba to go out in a particular direction and they went, one person from the tribe became a Muslim and he stood one side with his belongings. He said, See, I'm a Muslim. Assalamualaikum I'm a Muslim. I'm from this tribe, but if accepted Islam Sahaba Rizwan Allah He Talana image mine applied their mind and they said, No, this looks like a strategy to shield themselves.

01:04:03 --> 01:04:04

And they struck at him.

01:04:08 --> 01:04:13

And then, of course, they came back and they narrated the whole incident to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

01:04:15 --> 01:04:24

and then Allah revealed the verse. Yeah, are you ready? Nah, man. Oh, either. Dora bitone fees have been in effect there be no.

01:04:25 --> 01:04:59

Investigate. Don't pass judgment. Don't pass judgment. Imam Hassan Ali said work. Mohana pada Mata Fatiha Tallahassee de la si Yama el musta really in a bill de la FEA well gee dolly Minh home for in OMYA Tara daSun epically Hasakah him re Bulma noon well Yakutat una la cabeza, Dunoon, why Otago mizuna, la Kabila who you were you Asuna Asante Kofi highly restricting him

01:05:00 --> 01:05:34

Hatha Yoga jubba Huka beha fie Lata be him more Muna karate him. La ut Luna la kasra Walla Walla Walla Walla, your storeowner la hora, your hasI buena Alana theory will teach me why Asuna Allah al Khalili? Well, Kathy, will you heard a zonal one la Cabinda meenmutty Well, Bilasa T will both turn in grado for the hero whom al Melaku were in Sausalito for birthday no one alhaja VA hero home see upon what about the new homes Dr. Boone?

01:05:37 --> 01:05:46

Keep a distance from the man and the individual and the scholar who preoccupies himself with dispute and debate.

01:05:48 --> 01:06:17

Why, fine Knowmia Tara bassoon Ali Hassan, the him rival Minoan because of the jealousy in their heart, they will wait for fortune to strike at you while you're the owner alayka below noon, they will pass nasty conclusions on you why? mizuna? alayka below you, they will win guys at you. Allah speaks of the kuffar why either Ruby him IATA Mazoon

01:06:19 --> 01:06:21

la up Lunella Katraj

01:06:22 --> 01:06:50

your Asuna erotica fee Holly Irish karate him, if they interact with you, they will X ray every move of yours so that in the next debate, they will challenge you. These are not my words. These are words of Imam Ghazali only Allah knows what my pain is and only Allah knows what my life is. I don't know but my heart breaks

01:06:51 --> 01:06:59

ways this OMA going for a nutter Zabu Farinata ways this omega in

01:07:01 --> 01:07:12

one senior scholar told me one day may Allah make it easy for the whole ama I said why? He said lack of good salary destroyed the dunya and internal jealousy destroyed the euro.

01:07:17 --> 01:07:35

No good pay in this world. So the dunya was destroyed. And that's an indictment all of us. That's an indictment to all of us. How do we respect our Lama? How do we afford them any form of acknowledgement? We don't have the courage to give in when someone gives our eyes pop out.

01:07:39 --> 01:07:43

We've advanced in this country we have an advanced in rectifying our Amazon

01:07:44 --> 01:08:02

our add ons are not in order in neurologia is written with a semicolon mizuna, amsurg If you hear Adan correctly then stop talking in the hatia is written that implies if the Amazon is not correct then it does not warrant that respect because that doesn't constitute Adan.

01:08:05 --> 01:08:08

And how are we treating our scholars? How are we treating them

01:08:11 --> 01:08:24

I'm not talking about myself. Leave me Allah has less to kind lies to kind Allah is to kind but so many times you your colleagues and friends and crisis in situations just breaks your heart down

01:08:29 --> 01:08:46

Imam Prasad he said first of all Luca Bella Bella Macula see honey La La ke a hum Luminol is Divali been awarded in February we're in the middle who Sumati it's more important to clean your heart from jealousy than to preoccupy yourself with understanding intricate laws of fitta.

01:08:52 --> 01:09:04

So anyway, Allah subhanho wa Taala then reproach the companions for Tobiano investigate what are the CO Lehmann Alpha na como Salam

01:09:06 --> 01:09:13

I'm seeing our other curries up and my mind is going back to I think it was a Friday the day we were doing this I interrupted Saba

01:09:14 --> 01:09:22

la preserve our satisfy and our seniors and grant them all goodness. May Allah grant his respect for our teachers and our seniors.

01:09:26 --> 01:09:32

Do not say to someone who says to you, he is a Muslim, you're not a Muslim.

01:09:34 --> 01:09:46

No, you're not a Muslim? No, I am a Muslim. No, Allah. Well, Arthur Kudo and don't say Lehman Alka la como Salam is offering peace Salam Salat. Don't tell him Lester Momina.

01:09:49 --> 01:09:59

Tabata una hora del hayati dunya. I don't want to go into that is going to take up time. Cat dolly cocoon to mean top blue cat dolly cocoon to

01:10:00 --> 01:10:32

mean top blue. You were like this before for men Allah Wa alaykum Allah had mercy on you. In tafsir Othmani under the psi on page one double two Asha number three you can see it's written there. Allah Musharraf Mother Earth money rights to things Catolica quantum mentor you were like this before one meaning is when you accepted Islam even your Eman was not known. You were also unknown but you were welcomed welcome someone else as well.

01:10:33 --> 01:10:57

Welcome someone else often when a couple get married and they are both not religiously inclined and then one becomes religiously inclined and Masha Allah and the other one has not yet changed so positively. So many times the one spouse cannot wait along and I say to that spouse calsonic akin to mintop topple from an Allahu Aliko

01:10:59 --> 01:11:17

Gani cocoon to mentor you said she's not performing Salah you say anything but sister won't you like that? Also the exact words Gallica Quinto min cobbler. My brother I say this ice cream I yell read Quran understand Quran for Allah sake start learning and you will see every answer of everyone in the Quran.

01:11:18 --> 01:11:21

This is how you were before remember where you were?

01:11:22 --> 01:11:41

A brother came to me said isn't but the stand meat is not good. I said of course is not an ideal situation. Absolutely. I said Brother How long are you eating pure organic and stunned. He said two years and I said prior to that. He said Allah forbid I was even eating haram. I said the OMA is where you were.

01:11:43 --> 01:12:02

The OMA is where you were. Together we hold them together we love them together we encourage them that they can realize the beauty bring in extreme discipline on ourselves and within the bounds of Sharia trying to win the confidence. I was sharing with you this incident in FIFA and neuro Levites mentioned

01:12:08 --> 01:12:16

the thing I need to do and you need to do my brother is each one of us trivialize the good you do and magnify the good others are doing

01:12:17 --> 01:12:28

when you're doing something good. We're not doing anything these people are doing the real work. May Allah bless to Nurul Islam what an event so many years. I've given him a lot of suggestions but okay

01:12:31 --> 01:12:41

well, my key suggestion is please don't invite me and rotate the speaker forum, but 12 years gone, they're not listening. Inshallah they listen next year onwards.

01:12:43 --> 01:12:56

Acknowledge them. It's It's It's humongous, it's momentous, it's great. It takes a lot of effort to take off something of this caliber acknowledge. magnify the good of others, trivialize your own.

01:12:58 --> 01:13:03

Consider others to be true Muslims, fear hypocrisy for yourself.

01:13:04 --> 01:13:10

doubt your Islam, trust the loss of others, then we move in. Then we go in ahead.

01:13:14 --> 01:13:55

There in neural Avize to tell the students who were the author writes in the whole Thomas salmon Neva Illa Allah and Allah who were young, we look for him Luffy and Mala Mocha dermatan Philippi Bertie, to Kalibo Allah remove daddy matter shatta he refers to his whole book, as a mocha Dima, now my mind is just the forward a little bit, just a little bit something a few pages. So anyway, there's one rule in here there's a bit of a simple I just want to teach you the beauty of Islam that that's my point. That how. So in the chapter way it is written about things that don't nullify your past. If a person now listen to me carefully, I don't you know, it's complicated, but the point

01:13:55 --> 01:14:00

needs to be communicated. If a person ate and he forgot that he's fast step

01:14:01 --> 01:14:25

one is by mistake, that breaks your fast b sub Delmas Mother, you gargling and the water went down your throat that breaks you have us you conscious that you fast in, but the water is slumped down that will nullify and invalidate your false Of course you'll make him sad for the rest of the day. You won't eat you need to make Tada and Naka Farah, but you forgot completely that you are fasting probably the first day of Ramadan, you traveling.

01:14:27 --> 01:14:59

My colleagues, we were on a trip in Jordan. And then we know we flew from Turkey to Jordan two three years ago. And then from there we went for camera. So I had not changed my time. And we landed in Jordan and it was for the first day we ended at night the first day we said right this is the time we need to get up. And so we got up in everything hooked to the watch. Yeah, we still have half an hour we eat in everything. Open the curtain sun is out of Fajr is in realize running on the time schedule of the previous country.

01:15:00 --> 01:15:49

So these things can happen and situations can occur. This is you eight and you forgot you fasting. You forgot you fasted. So the ruling is that a person must keep on fasting Felitti musoma who find nama uttama Allah who was Sokka Allah has fed him. The narration says we he looked for lahi body but they see Riley him waterfall machaca the unknown that Allah is so kind, you forgot you are fasting. So Allah accepted that fast. In the books of feta it is written in in cannily, Nancy cuadrado Nana Somi us Akira kyrou Whoa man ah Whoa, yeah, cool. We're Korea. Adam moutet. Kira. Hey, we're in lumea Coonley NASCI. Put Dalton and assume fun. Oh, la at the Mutaz key ray.

01:15:51 --> 01:15:53

So you eat in.

01:15:55 --> 01:16:37

And an onlooker seeing this man is eating and it's Ramadan. If he's young, he's Hale he's healthy. Then go to him and say Brother, brother is Ramadan. Oh, okay. Sorry. Sorry, I forgot completely JazakAllah. But the same text goes on to say if the man who is eating is old, his age, he doesn't have the strength. Probably he's got a little touch of Alzheimer's dementia age many factors, and he forgot and he's weak. And you know, his eating. The jurists say currently the manner in which he's eating is permissible because he forgot, so it's better for you not to remind him because of his circumstances

01:16:40 --> 01:16:46

and who were Jetta Baku Amar Java La La confit de naman erode

01:16:50 --> 01:16:52

let me move forward quickly.

01:16:54 --> 01:16:59

My honorable MC was kind enough not to give me a time limit though he said the DA will be short.

01:17:01 --> 01:17:09

Okay, may Allah bless you for your patience May Allah bless you for your perseverance May Allah reward our sisters May Allah reward the management and everyone.

01:17:10 --> 01:17:12

The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is going

01:17:14 --> 01:17:26

towards full name. Listen to this incident. Some narration say it was funny in other narration say it was a different campaign. But the narration is authentic intermedia is not who who hasn't. This is amazing.

01:17:28 --> 01:17:39

horrid Yamaha Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in our name, but the Hadith a Allaha vilja helliya Please listen to this my brother. Please listen to this please.

01:17:40 --> 01:17:51

Authentic narration about 2000 Odd companions Radi Allahu Anhu just accepted Islam chaste accepted Islam accompany the messenger SallAllahu Sallam to her name

01:17:52 --> 01:18:05

as they move in in the campaign alongside the Prophet sallallahu wasallam what candidly backfill taba le shudder attune Avi Mattoon Hagia yo Kandola have that to Anwar tin.

01:18:07 --> 01:18:23

So they move in with the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and these tribes before Islam, there was a particular tree by the name of dato Anwar a huge magnificent green tree, which they used to respect what they used to do.

01:18:25 --> 01:18:46

They used to perform pilgrimage of it. Yeah, Kupuna in the HA they would haul there. You're an akuna Isla Hatha Houma, la ha, they would hang their weapons on it. Yes. Bacuna in Doha, they would offer the rituals of animals there. So it was a three and they used to on a narration is authentic. I read it through multiple generations.

01:18:48 --> 01:18:56

The Prophet sallallahu wasallam is going in an expedition with him or 2000 people. They are new Muslims.

01:18:57 --> 01:19:06

And when they looked at this three, they said yeah rasool Allah a John Nana, dato, unwashed in Camarilla. Homes are two unwashed, in

01:19:07 --> 01:19:55

fact, the halibut ACWA, whom Allah Allah dill Jai Helia and Lottie hija Ruha. As they looked at it, it rekindle, it created the nostalgia of the pagan practices which they had now left but they looked at it and evoked that memory only be of Allah see these people got this three and they worship in it. Please arrange an L okay and assign and nominate one three for us as well. Then we have allah sallallahu sallam said Allahu Akbar cooltone kama kala ko Musa Musa each Alana Illa Hancom Allah humulene Ha You people are saying the very same thing that the nation of Musa alayhis salam said to Musa alayhis salam make for us a God like they have a god

01:19:56 --> 01:19:59

Wahaha you Bureau anatomy

01:20:00 --> 01:20:28

will do hate us a worry him litho hadal Hollis Rosmah Islamia him. This request of theirs made it clear that they had not fully comprehend the Article of the hate. They had accepted Islam. They were in the company of the Prophet of Allah, they were Sahaba, the Prophet of Allah then made them understand that their requests constituted shale.

01:20:29 --> 01:20:37

But the most striking thing of the whole thing was the NABI of Allah didn't send them back. He allowed them to carry on in the campaign.

01:20:39 --> 01:21:00

Some brother might come out in the path of Allah, he might not be as educated as you are. He might not be as learned as you are, somewhat might be conveying a certain act of Dean, he might not have all the necessary knowledge. He might not be a new Muslim. But the condition of his Eman is very much like a new Muslim.

01:21:02 --> 01:21:10

There are millions of Muslims out there. This state of faith is like someone who reverted yesterday

01:21:12 --> 01:21:27

like in an Obeah sal Allahu Allah alayhi wa sallam over Hello home. Mafia talebi Mina Schilke was summer high level home Bill Moshe raka li hada 30 AhI him Bill Islam no problem join me join me.

01:21:28 --> 01:21:33

Then the reseller license goes to her name. I'm gonna start wrapping up and I appreciate your patience.

01:21:38 --> 01:21:50

Nabi SallAllahu wasallam goes to her name. And in onine he has this great amount of wealth and in the distribution of the wealth, he gives

01:21:51 --> 01:22:13

loads of wealth to people who just about accepted Islam, who are arch enemies against Islam, or people who are considering accepting Islam and he did not give to his own devoted noble companions are the Allahu anhu, whom who had accepted Islam a long time ago.

01:22:14 --> 01:22:16

The likes of Abu Sufyan Ben Hur,

01:22:17 --> 01:22:20

Sohail bin hammer, Hakeem bin Hassan

01:22:22 --> 01:22:44

aka Robin, Hobbes, and many others. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam gave each one of them if Garnet our three year old wa reedy Minh who may or may not be able 100 camels to Abu Soufiane who prior to this was the foreigner in the anti Islamic campaign.

01:22:46 --> 01:22:59

Imam Al Ghazali has written in financee a kawaman caffiene yo Kaduna el Hakim in Buena him Lamine rucola him

01:23:02 --> 01:23:21

there are some people who will be stimulated to the truth via wealth and not through intellectual engagement. My message is then a B of Allah dealt with every one differently.

01:23:22 --> 01:23:29

He reached out to every one on a different level and won the confidence

01:23:32 --> 01:24:01

so he gave Safwan been Omiya said in Rasul Allah allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam attorney ma Kearney were in the hula abogado Nancy La Jolla farmers Allah you are clean a Hatha sobre hub buenas isla. Allah's maybe gave me I despised him, he gave me I just liked him. He gave me I resented him, then he gave me so much there was no more room to hate him.

01:24:06 --> 01:24:18

Can we not build bridges? Can we not build a sense of unity? Can we not find that way? How we can win the confidence of every person?

01:24:20 --> 01:24:23

Have as if nothing has return again?

01:24:24 --> 01:24:59

No, no, you've been declared this you sharing platform was a non Muslim person on stage. So that's the end of your Eman. All I'm saying when you talk my brother talk with little bit of knowledge. Talk with little bit of knowledge. Why your RA an imam or a pinata Yimi estate the liland behind the hill hadiza and know who heard the data you know Halal Emami a luffa who listed Janabi him in a what depth ratio

01:25:00 --> 01:26:04

him Anil Muslimeen for your cool Mr. Muna Ebola honey Muslimeen yet Asakura fully masala Rahim water yummy Dean for inter ion Erlich, a a Deaf Ronnie Islam was that the unhoused that he listed interview rules yada in Him He lay here what Duff recently him O'Neill Muslimeen sobre la Huda Nick belta yara Holly, for inner who were incarna philharmonik MUFE set the tone fell MUFE sada tool, mutawa? I do mean for Wati that LiFi Hurva Ladu. We are what Marina Shariati Allah definitely Allah enough said a tiny be tamale at the NA Houma what the Sealy atma lil musli her tiny beta sweetie Adnan Houma. bobina or masala dunya with Dean Allah ha ha Nila slain Rahim Allah Who Ramadan wasa

01:26:06 --> 01:26:08

is academic and it's like your

01:26:10 --> 01:26:38

I don't know, what's the appetite and where you are in the whole lesson. Okay, let me simplify here. He's saying based on this route in half a year, I was giving a talk now in Turkey to some students just two days ago. So the flight got delayed. So they invited me to one madrasa but 200 students all over from the US Pakistan, Tajikistan and I impressed upon those who love to do rebuttal Mattoon.

01:26:40 --> 01:26:48

I can see many students here. Memorize the text make a full moon? Why aren't we taking pride in memorizing

01:26:49 --> 01:27:01

We've just lost that pleasure and that excitement for me many bars are like irresistible this is like you can't go without this read the bar and see what's conveyed in it.

01:27:02 --> 01:27:19

Why are all imamo ignored me is the the lol and behind the hill Harghita of his hypnotize him rights because of this incident, that at times citing an example it would be necessary for the leader of the Muslims to appease the non Muslims

01:27:23 --> 01:27:51

Okay, so I don't know. You can accuse this one that one this organization there is hypnotize him says based on this, the Prophet of Allah is not giving the wealth to the Companions is giving it to new Muslims recently accepted. And as if the theme is saying, the vision, the eye the thinking the methodology of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is to appease them to ward off the potential harm on the Muslims.

01:27:55 --> 01:28:20

Savella who Donek bolta Yana then he goes on. I'm simplifying. For inna who were in Ghana Philharmonic have such a tune? Surely by withholding that funds from the Muslims. There's going to be turbulence like it happened in her name, the Sava Sedona viola you didn't give us you given the wealth elsewhere and you're not giving your Why are you doing this to give the non Leah Mandela Muslim una Shedra home

01:28:21 --> 01:28:31

to keep the Muslim safe against the evil. We need to be real we not living in a country of Muslims where the state is not a Muslim state.

01:28:32 --> 01:29:17

Our visibility Ian says read whoever silicium was. He says based on this, that the methodology of the Prophet sallallahu sallam was trying to suppress the evil element and win the confidence to ward off the threat from the Muslims. And then he writes surely by not giving that wealth to the Muslims. It came with its own set of challenges because it left the noble companions momentarily disillusion. However, when you compare the two harms, the harm that was left by not giving the believers is less in consequences then the expected harm of not appease in the enemies

01:29:19 --> 01:29:59

Well, madness Shariati Allah definitely upset at any big man you know Houma and the basis of the Sharia is a word the greater tragedy even if you have to contend with the lighter one. What actually McMullin Muslim detainee Vita, fruitti, Aetna, Huma and try and rescue and secure and procure the Greater One even if you lose Balbina masala dunya Deanwood dunya Allahu ala slain it's the basis of of all things anyway. I'm saying Open your arms up, bring a discipline in you. Don't judge any person someone coming to you allow him sometime a non Muslim comes to our Masjid. What is our approach to immediately what's the what what are in our Hi Don Minella machinery cane stir jarak for

01:30:00 --> 01:30:09

Tiru Hattah yes smart Cunnamulla thuma Abellio OMA Amana durley can be unknown Bhulaiyaa Lamone

01:30:11 --> 01:30:33

he doesn't know he wants to know you must see what Allah Allah Seebach daddy right here. Well, the hippo V kono 30 bellissima Quran wahconah Who Taliban Lee Samar. jawab wahconah Taliban, Lil Giovanni Shubha what Danilo Hala Dallek and Allah Allah Allah wa Juba till Cali Jara bicone lair Aileen.

01:30:34 --> 01:30:36

Okay, last quick reflection.

01:30:38 --> 01:31:10

So we all read Surah Yasin and may Allah grant us the ability to continue the famous man Habib Naja who came or Java Raju loom in Casali Medina Tia SA by Elia comit Morosini turbin home Elias locum Jara, for whom he came running into the people. And he seen this prophets are messengers the different opinions that are given there.

01:31:12 --> 01:31:52

One narration is in Turkey. Yeah. We had landed now in kasi and I was looking at the map Gaziantep and talk or in Turkey is very close there geographically. So that's one opinion given there. Many have argued, different opinion. Long story short, this man who was a believer came in his town was on a distant place and told his people, now the people were disbelievers, they were just believers. And they didn't respect the Prophet. And then Allah sent two and three pastors in Africa Wayna Italia, to three to reinforce them. So when He reproached his nation, again, look at the beauty of the Quran when you reproach them, so there is a wrong that's happening, and we need to reproach it.

01:31:53 --> 01:32:36

And I always say, we all have double standards. So be gentle when reproach in others, there's inconsistency in my life. There's inconsistency in my life. That's the reality, what I'm talking look in my life, my children, my wife will know better and they will tell me, I don't live up to the mark, but which one of us matches what we say? So we all have this disparity. So when we reproach let's be gentle, let's be loving, let's be accommodating. Because I have inconsistency you have disparity. So this man, when he reproach when when he wanted to guide his nation, he said wama Lee O'Malley he didn't say Monokuma a What's wrong with you? You're not doing the right thing. He said

01:32:36 --> 01:32:39

What's wrong with me? Why shouldn't I worship Allah?

01:32:41 --> 01:32:56

In Romani it is written for him not to phone be in Russia. They call me Hey, Fi telephone V. Russia. They called me Hey, we're him. How when? austraila home? Hi, Tara home my Octoroon NFC Hey waha I'm in double Muslim.

01:32:57 --> 01:33:04

He didn't say what's wrong with you people. He said, What's wrong with me? Why shouldn't I do the right thing?

01:33:05 --> 01:33:12

And that is the approach you adopt to win the confidence of people. The last thought here quickly.

01:33:14 --> 01:33:29

Someone said it so beautifully in Allah Tala alpha alpha Boone, lithops Kulu, voila. Virgilian Allah has concealed whose actions are accepted. So every one of us remains in a state of panic till we die.

01:33:31 --> 01:34:16

I don't know where I stand my brother you don't know where you stand. So in Allah Akbar Al Cabul, lithological Kulu Allah wa jal, we have to remain in this year. You completed the exams but you don't know the results. Number two, what up Acaba, Beto bottom of 200 LEAH Kuhn and nurse who Allah Malin, and Allah has left the door of Toba open. So there is a hope for everyone. My brother, you in a club you in a pub? I've said this before also performed the janazah yet our nuclear cemetery one day and then I spoke about the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said if 40 People come in your funeral, and they make sincere dua, Allah will forgive you. So brother came there studded tattoos long hair,

01:34:17 --> 01:34:37

he said a brother sorry man did you say the Prophet said SallAllahu Sallam he 40 Guys come and they pray and Allah will forgive? I said yes. So if I speak to 40 of my friends and I asked them to rock up at my funeral will Allah forgive me? I said yes, he found one Hadith. He's got hope in it. Give him the whole

01:34:39 --> 01:34:44

I always say 50 People take a business class seat.

01:34:45 --> 01:34:59

You nudge the person on your life what you paid a cost me an arm and a leg man. You know, my brother works for the industry. So all I had to do was pay taxes. And that's it. You unpatriotic to the airline so I got bumped up from economy. How about

01:35:00 --> 01:35:21

You I had miles so I redeemed it 50 people in business class everybody got a different story to the seat that he occupies the millions that will be in Jana in the billions. May Allah make us from amongst them every Genetti will have a different story which will attract the loves mercy.

01:35:22 --> 01:35:51

How you got into Janna, nothing men every day before I go to work, I kiss my mother's feet. I kiss my mother's forehead. Whenever anybody phoned me my dad's call come up. I say sorry, end the call. It's my father calling. And I'm not saying this in a casual way I say it I mean it. My beloved Dad is here. My children are here. I've been advocating this message, your dad your mom calls and your other calls knuffel Salah fuqaha se nd can respond.

01:35:52 --> 01:35:54

Your container can wait.

01:35:56 --> 01:36:03

Oh, Allah gave you to nothing. When my mom called Everything stopped, everything stopped. That's my mother calling.

01:36:04 --> 01:36:21

Now I want to acknowledge Dr Shirazi as well LMD because my mom means my life and he's done so much for me for my mom is answered my call 20 times a day and he's answered my call wherever I've been in the world and I'm eternally indebted to him for this year may Allah reward him for that

01:36:23 --> 01:37:08

what got you into Jana? Nothing. I just seen a bird so many times you drive in and you see this dog sniffing around. Allah is my witness. I try and go in my trunk. I wish I had some meat just drop it down in that something your Allah loved in Allah. Every man has a different story. In Allah Alpha booboo. Allah has concealed it. Every man in that business class got a different story. Every Jannetty will have a different story that will attract Allah's mercy. We're Kuno Kawahara toughie. Bewdley ha tantanoola Kalamata Delma Mati waka, toma Habesha Rami Walker the Alka you do not follow it later for it's a whole poem about what Hara when the reseller license spoke about how Allah gave

01:37:08 --> 01:37:41

her agenda because how she served her mother. So Allah kept the door of Toba open so there's hope there's hope. There's hope my brother take one action whatever Allah has given you one tell it take it Allah will forgive in the end. We all have we know where we stand we just It's just what's going to attract Allah's Mercy that's it. Other words who got it right was the Sahaba and the Gambia other than us we just scrubbed in everybody's come in go into going to to the school in the garden, the grandchild great grandparents are coming and everything the graduation of the triple not

01:37:43 --> 01:37:49

graduation of a triple knot child, what are the All you skills Oh, nice.

01:37:51 --> 01:38:37

One line scribbling and Allah you scribbling today, my son's telling me abou, my granddaughter needed to go to see a little doctor, whatever I held, my wife is no one cried. Because I was giving out candy to these children in the camps. And they were jumping on my head to take the candy. And I'm seeing how cold it is. And I know this candy is not conducive, because they're going to get sick, but there's nothing to eat. So the only thing they're going to eat is this year. So I'm sitting there and I nudge the brother. I said when they get sick, what happens when they get sick, what happens, how we mollycoddle and how we pamper our child, take them to a chiropractor, take them

01:38:37 --> 01:38:50

to this doctor take them to this position. Check this out, straighten the bag do this do that. What don't we do in kids are walking out like the car other than I can call myself a monastic What else can I say?

01:38:51 --> 01:38:54

So we scribbling those who wrote are gone.

01:38:55 --> 01:39:07

Person as one of my beloved who starts he said that I heard that the sleep of Allah is divided. He said those who sleep was a bad day gone for us for now. It's only so much that when I'm sleeping it well at least I'm not saying

01:39:09 --> 01:39:14

that's the only thing to call it the bad it is too far when I'm sleeping. At least for that time. I'm not insulin

01:39:16 --> 01:39:28

wahb Ababa Toba T li Akuna NASA Allah Amal, and then what Jana brata Bill Hawa team Liana yo Raha

01:39:29 --> 01:39:37

and Allah has made the judgment on your last action. So nobody becomes arrogant in his life.

01:39:38 --> 01:39:59

Allah said I will decide a red bra to Bill Hawa. How did you die? What was your last words? My student your mana Abdullah Mufti Massoud sub son may Allah bless him every day he phones me every day. I'm so envious of the work he's doing

01:40:00 --> 01:40:12

Every day to start I'm going to visit now in this week, two boys in our community who left Islam in this week will start advised me What must I tell them was that homeless I deal with this year

01:40:13 --> 01:40:20

left Islam this issue that issue which ally brother Bill Hawa team

01:40:21 --> 01:40:50

Raha Allah has made the final result on how we die, so nobody can lift his head high because I don't know where my death will find me and you don't know where your death will find you. I will prefer making a mistake on the side of precaution and calling a non Muslim a Muslim, but Allah saved me from making a mistake by calling a Muslim or non Muslim.

01:40:51 --> 01:41:09

I will prefer that there will be no consequences for that in Africa. If you assumed a non Muslim to be a Muslim, and you dealt with him based on the apparent in the outward, but de you throw someone out of the fold of Islam, how is your test going to come? Where will my death come?

01:41:11 --> 01:41:22

In elmia Allah duck wa Elisa Aqua in Accra, Morocco Marinda Allah He attack on the basis in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala is taqwa and not strength.

01:41:24 --> 01:42:10

We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to give us the ability to follow the entire life of the prophet Sallallahu wasallam remember he said, I eat also I sleep also I fast also I'm with my wives also, and sometimes I sleep alone also. And then he said from an hour the uncertainity the one who turns away from my balance, my opening message becomes strict on yourself. Become disciplined on yourself engage in lengthy prayer than a B of Allah would engage in Soma wassall He would recite so much Quran he cried before Allah so much. inspire yourself, your students, inspire your disciples and inspire the OMA with your character and bring that discipline on yourself. Get a coach log Marais

01:42:10 --> 01:42:38

Ragman Knobby, knobby lake in Perth a namaz have to make Kobe Kobe, get their head coach log. The biggest casualty of COVID has been Salah Ma is crying, BA is crying. There are so many people in our community who were five time Mussolini's are performing Juma in their houses still today.

01:42:40 --> 01:42:44

The man is in every other place.

01:42:47 --> 01:42:51

Some things are blaringly inconsistent.

01:42:54 --> 01:42:57

Every alternate view is not

01:42:58 --> 01:43:03

some suspicion, or some indoctrination.

01:43:06 --> 01:43:13

People who are pegs in the masjid pegs to yours the man hasn't seen the mustard.

01:43:14 --> 01:43:19

I cannot imagine that restlessness or suppose that restlessness

01:43:21 --> 01:43:49

get their hair cut you log mera Rockman Knobby, knobby lake in Perth and namaz of their McCovey Cubby, Nabil Kaname. Soon Tae Hee Joon jata hair Novica hokum Sunita he ghoom Jatta Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala sort of Gambia he will mousseline the NO NO NO NO Muhammad wa ala de was RVH my

01:43:50 --> 01:44:35

Rabbana dinov Dunya Asana of la sera Hassan working out up and Oh My Allah the eyes of the child whom I couldn't close and I couldn't give a candy to Allah is looking me in my eyes Allah. Allah the sight of the child walk in bare feet in minus five Allah when my children is a closet exclusive of shoes, his own team may Allah, Allah did sisters sleeping on the floor, Allah is giving me restless nights and nightmares. Allah changed the direction of the samba. Allah we live in a life of luxury so others are deprived of necessity. Allah give us the ability to prioritize Allah. Allah give us the ability to uphold Sunako Habib SallAllahu wasallam Allah make us miftah and Lil higher Millikan,

01:44:35 --> 01:44:59

Leisha a key to virtue and a lot of evil Allah, Allah reward all those that have come here in the numbers in this course and multitudes and all those that have put this event together Allah Quran, goodness and perky to each one of Allah, Allah You grant us ease Allah, Allah you grant unity to the soma, Allah let us be a means of bringing st kind words to others. Save us from Allah soloqueue Combi LC nothin Hey daddy

01:45:00 --> 01:45:40

Save us from selaku Combi Alsina Tina Hi Daddy. We with our tongues we chop up people over Allah. We do character assassination Allah, Allah grant us humanity, Allah preserve our seniors, our beloved parents Allah, Allah make me a good student to my parents. Allah make me a good child to my parents Allah. Allah make us good partners to our spouses and lawmakers good parents to our children. Allah grant us the life the love the mahabhava Habib's and Lonnie will seldom Allah grant us a clean heart Allah, Allah grant us a clean heart Allah before we used to enter the graveyard then we used to reflect for 24 hours then from 24 was a light became four hours. Allah from four hours it became two

01:45:40 --> 01:46:22

hours, Allah from two hours it became 20 minutes Allah Now we stand by the cover and we don't reflect have more Allah, Allah we stand at the cover we lowered in him and at that time we're talking of dunya Allah grant us the understanding, so matassa Kulu come in bodies Alec a vehicle hydrati overshadow kasoa When in nominal HR Tila Maya to fit gentlemen hola and her window Minalima Shaka Zulu jubin Wilma nomina llama yo bitumen, Shatila. Allah let water also roll from our eyes. Soften our hearts Allah, Allah those of us that are not in speaking terms with our relay relatives. Allah let us patch up Allah save us from being the means of severing ties Allah grant us marhaba and

01:46:22 --> 01:46:58

understand you know Allah, Allah let us resolve all our dealings Allah let us be debt free. Let us be pried free. Let us be jealousy free Allah make us in Asad tomb Allah let us leave behind a legacy Allah and if we can leave a legacy let us delete the trail of evil. We asked from you all the good that our Habib sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has asked from you and we asked the divine protection against all the evils from which our Habib said Allah Allah will send them as as protection was sallallahu alayhi wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad while early he was happy he edge marine Suhana beaker have been reserved yamnaya Seafood was salam ala l Mursaleen. Olam, Gorilla

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