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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elaborates on the Islamic principle of Qadr and why we believe in Qadr.  

The belief of Qadr is based on 2 premises – firstly, Allah is in control of everything and the second is that Allah is Ar Rahman. These two pillars are mentioned in numerous verses of the Qur’an and in various Ahadith.

There are many benefits to believe in Qadr:

  • Our heart achieves a sense of peace and contentment.
  • It leads to optimism and we look at the bright side and know that there is some wisdom in any difficulty upon you.
  • It brings about a sense of generosity towards the orphans and the poor within ourselves.
  • It makes the Muslim brave. No benefit or adversity can befall you except that Allah has willed for it to happen and not in the hands of anyone else.
  • It brings a sense of Tawakkul and strong Iman within oneself.


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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Ali he will be here

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tonight is of course the 27th of Ramadan. And out of all of the nights of Ramadan, tonight is the night in which it is the highest possibility, the greatest probability that it is Laila to color the night of other and yesterday we were talking about the reality of other and today I want to continue since this is the night of other Why do we believe in other and what is the benefit of believing in other the belief in others is based on two premises if you understand these premises everything will become clear. The first premise Allah subhana wa Taala is in control of everything. Nothing happens without a loss of knowledge without a loss determination without a loss will without a loss, other

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nothing happens. And the second is the belief that Allah subhana wa tada is Rahman and Rahim that Allah is the all why's that Allah subhana wa tada decrees what is best. So when you know that Allah is in charge, and then you know that Allah subhana wa tada is merciful. These two pillars put together should bring about the true fruits of believing in Qatar, the one who is in charge cares about you more than your parents do. The one who is in control loves you more than any other being as the prophets of the law. Why do you send them said when he saw a woman on the battlefield frantically searching for her child? She said, he said, Do you ever think that this lady would harm

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her child would throw her child into a fire and they said of course not all messenger of Allah, the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them said, Verily, Allah is more merciful to his servants than this lady is to her child. So when you know that Allah is in control, then you know that Allah is caring and merciful and loving. Those two pillars put together should bring about what is called the thammarat or the fruits of belief in others. And these two pillars are mentioned in so many a Hadith, and verses of the Quran. In fact, in one of the Hadith, the prophet system would recite in Hooton, Witter and our imams. We recite these every night. Of the two hours of winter, our Prophet

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sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say, Now sia t biotic Mauldin fear tokamak ah de Lune fiocco Doc, oh my lord, my now see now sia is the forehead the forelock. And the, the the the meaning here that my nasiha when you say it in Arabic, it means I am under so my nasiha is in your hands, meaning I am under your control, because when you hold on to an animal you hold on to the forelock. It's an Arabic expression. So the Prophet system saying Oh Allah, my forehead, my four lug is in your hand. Now see a TB edik Mauldin Fie tokamak your hokum will be decreed in me. Then what did he say? I didn't fee Jaco doc. Whatever you decree is just so power and justice, power and mercy or to

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illustrate Hannah with Allah, we trust Allah has power because Allah is merciful. So our yaqeen our Eman, our hope increases in Allah subhana wa Tada. And there are many benefits to believe in other will mention only a few of them. Number one of the greatest benefits to believe in other your heart achieves a sense of peace and contentment. You know, as the Prophet system said, Why let him know that what you got what happened to you could never be avoided, and what you couldn't get, you would never be able to get it. You have to have this yaqeen Allah says in the Quran and I gave a hotter about this ayah hulan. You see by now, in Qatar, Bala Halina, the believers are reminded Nothing is

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going to happen except what Allah has decreed. Can you imagine somebody who doesn't believe in God, somebody who doesn't believe in other How do they live in this painful, difficult world, belief in other brings about a comfort or contentment, nothing happens except that Allah has decided and Allah knows what is best. Another fruit of believing in other is that it leads to optimism. When you believe in Qatar, pessimism is removed from your life. When you believe in other you look at the bright side. When you believe in other you know that the one who has put you in difficulty has done so for a wisdom. Allah azza wa jal knows why you're in that difficulty, and Allah will give you the

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strength and the qudra to get out of that difficulty. A law does not place on a soul a burden more than what the soul can bear. So when you have a man in Qatar

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You will always be optimistic. every difficulty will be made easy. Every constricting circumstance, you will know there will be a way out when Allah makes it easy. So belief in other makes you an optimist and removes pessimism and depression of the fruits of believing and other is that you bring you bring about a sense of generosity, you are no longer stingy and miserly, because you know that the one who gave you what you have will give you even more. So the one who believes in other is a generous person, the one who believes that other is kind to the orphans, the one who believes in other will give to the poor because they realize the one who gave me everything will continue to

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give me the one who believes in other can never be stingy when it comes to the poor and the beggars of the of the benefits of believing in Qatar is that Qatar makes the human the Muslim brave. How so? Because as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, while I'm Anil omotola, which does not know that if the whole world came together, to try to harm you, laniado ruca be shaved, they will not harm you in the slightest, Ill, except if Allah has decreed it for you. And if the oma came to benefit you, they would not be able to benefit you in the slightest, unless Allah had already decreed it for you. The one who believes in other cannot be a coward, the one who believes in Qatar

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will always be brave in the face of adversity, he will be able to take on any challenge, because he knows it is in a laws hands what happens not in the hands of humans, it is in a laws hands benefit and harm and not from the people around him. So belief and culture and makes you a brave person of the fruits of believing and other is that you have a sense of tawakkol in a law of sincerity to a law of yaqeen in a law of strong a man, the one who believes in other is not weak and dependent on the people, the one who believes in other will be a person who puts his fully educated into working in Allah and always has the best parts of Allah subhana wa Taala indeed, belief in other brings

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about a peace and a comfort. It makes the troubles of life easier to manage it makes all the difficulties that we face something to be of ease in use around in them is to use rock with every difficulty Allah says he will make things easy for us. And honestly, brothers and sisters on a personal note will lie sometimes I think, how do people who don't believe in God live in this world? It's so depressing, so many difficult things happen. It is our belief in a law it is our belief in a loss other It is our belief that allies Rahman and Rahim that makes the difficulties of life easy and manageable. Without a man life is not worth living. Well, let me think about it. This is why

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every one of us right here and now in this Masjid, we feel a sense of contentment, we feel a sense of peace, life is worth living when you believe in a law and you put your trust in Allah subhana wa Tada. And when that is removed from the life of a human being, then life becomes empty and meaningless. And that is why we see so much of what we see brothers and sisters tonight is later to other or we should say it is the greatest candidate of labor to color out of all of the Knights. This was the night where so many of the scholars of the Sahaba Mr. McDonough hamber said this is the greatest possibility of data to other It is the only Night Out of all of the 10 nights that the

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Prophet says and mentioned explicitly. He said whoever wants to seek laser to other search for it on the 27th It doesn't say Muslim, it's the only night that was literally mentioned out of all of the knights and that is why culturally we understand later two other two men the 27th even though technically we have said many times we do not know for sure, only Allah knows. But out of all of the odd nights tonight is the greatest possibility of data to other so we make a special effort to make dua to Allah we make a special effort to make Vicar and Koran and our Prophet sallallahu I sent him was asked by his beloved wife, Alicia, she said O Messenger of Allah, if I am standing on data to

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other What do I should I make and the profits of the law or I sent him told her make this Allahumma inika a full one to have been for for for an hour law you are the one who loves to forgive sins, erase sins, wipe away sins, so our law wipe away all of my sins on this night of later to other we make do out to a law or law every good that you have decreed. Tonight we asked for you the most largest share of that good and for the Muslim Ummah and every evil that has been decreed we ask that you diverted away from us and from the entire oma and inshallah we will continue tomorrow was set on wanting to lie to you about a couch