Lauren Booth – What Is The Purpose of Your Life

Lauren Booth
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how everything created in the world has a purpose and that everyone has a personal purpose. They encourage people to focus on their own happiness and to embracing the faith in this month of Mafia. They also mention how everyone has a personal purpose and that they hope to end up in the best of all places.
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I have friends from before, who are 60 years old and still taking drugs? What does that look like? That's fun. They they're full of self loathing, hatred. And I had a friend of mine, you know, a great guy in many ways. I just said to him, how are you? Are you okay? Why haven't you given up drugs? You said, what else is that? I said,

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there's more to life, you said, literally, there isn't more to life, I'm just waiting for this rubbish to be over and I'm dead.

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So that, that is the fear that I would have had the joy and the hope, by the impact because you don't reach 50. Right, I'm half a century old, by the Grace of Allah, you don't reach this age without being battered by life. Nobody, nobody. So that would have been my fifth SubhanAllah. It's very, very, very beautiful and very profound, actually, Lauren, you know, so everyone out there that is feeling lonely, or somehow, you know, feeling a bit of a stranger in this world, feeling they don't have actually a purpose. Just know that everything created in this world has a purpose, a tree has a purpose. It has hundreds of purposes. Think about it. You know, from shade and Beautification

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and fruit, and there's so many other things, think about everything that's created. And everything that's created has a lifespan has its own time, and even the sun is a middle age star, which is going to die, that everything is going to die, and everything was created and everything was born and then it was it will die. So think about that concept in life. And think about how you can come back to yourself to your reality, you know, in your heart, in your, in your, you know, in the deepest heart, in your thoughts, that there has to be a purpose for mankind, and the Quran enunciates that clearly by saying, well Mahalik to Jinn Why is it Allah? Yeah, but doing that you

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will not created any other purpose, oh, jinn and mankind. But to come back to your Creator, worship is a difficult term for us in the West. And, you know, I'm gonna end it on that but by saying that,

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but we are, we are owned, we are not, we didn't bring ourselves we didn't choose our own identity. We didn't choose our names. We didn't choose our families or the country we were born in, we have been put here by an entity. And that is a fact. You know, that is it. So focus on that, like Lauren says, Call unto the one that created all of that, have a personal relationship with God, and try to come back to yourself in sha Allah. And I pray Allah subhanaw taala allows all of our brothers and sisters in humanity to see that sense in that you know solution, especially in this month of Ramadan by the way, in the month of Ramadan, even Raja and I'm just going to this will be the end. He said

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that the the not it wasn't just the Quran that was revealed. It was the Psalms of David. The Talmud was revealed in the mantra the injeel was revealed in the month of Ramadan. This is this is this is something which even Roger up the great scholars said. So believe me, it's humanity that's being guided in this month. And that's why you see three white Muslims for one of a better word or term, embracing this the month embracing the faith within this month. So I ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide all of us and to set us free from being prisoners in this world. We're just travelers. This is a path we're on. We're gonna go Inshallah, all of us together. And we hope we will end up in the

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best of all places which is filled those the Jannah which is our original home

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