Roc Your Ramadan 2017 – Day 24

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Episode Notes

Have The Angels Make Dua For You

Daily Reminder Day 24 – Have The Angels Make Dua For You. Making Dua’s constantly increases our Eemaan and makes us better human beings. Now imagine the sinless creation of Allah– the angels— making Dua for you. But how do the angels make Dua to Allah swt for us? It’s incredibly easy, and we don’t even need to ask.

1. Become a seeker of knowledge
2. Make Dua for others when they’re absent
3. After the daily prayers, remain seated in the place you read Salah, doing Dhikr or reading the Quran
4. Make Dua while visiting a sick person or the deceased
5. Be amongst true believers

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Salam Salam aleikum, wa barakato the others as he welcoming you to another episode of rock Ramadan 2017 day 24 So, tonight is an odd night the eve of the 25th I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala maybe to make it a little cut off to make it they don't have the power. And and and to forgive all of us in sha Allah hota Hana and this talk see we're talking about forgiveness. We're still talking about that I that I mentioned yesterday. You know the is not that heartfelt versus you know 789 Allah subhana wa tada says, oh, the lemon a*aba Gene aladeen is maroon and a woman. Hala alladhina Luna and gentlemen, how long have you said

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you said be shown Avraham do

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stuff with Luna De La Nina Amano. abana was at a con la se.

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La fille de la Dina tabel whatever almost a be the copy him audible Johnny

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boom Jan. Adeney de la To whom? Mel Sana Hamming. He was watching him was the D him in

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his own hockey.

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what he was saying the woman is saying to me about him that well then you can watch films on all the

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those who carry the throne of Allah. These are special angels, not any Angel special angels. Those carry the tone of Allah and those who are around them. You said behind the behind the beam. They're making the spear for Allah subhanho wa Taala as they believe in Him, and they seek forgiveness they let me know. They seek forgiveness to those who believe a lot better and they say I've been I was at Aquila shailesh Martin Alma Alma. Oh Allah you your knowledge embeds you know everything. subhanho wa Taala. from Phil lil Dena taboo Allah forgives those who repent, especially angels making the app for you. Or Allah forgives those who repent, whatever Oh sebelah can those who follow your path

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while he Madhava jehane and save them from the Hon jehane from hell fire up Ben Hill whom not only making the app for you, they're also making the app for your parents when I was young jannetty Adnan or Allah make them admit them to Janet, I didn't even know Evans. Woman follow her.

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I'll let you watch at the woman for him in eBay him and those who are righteous from their parents and from their spouses and from their children. Allahu Akbar, they make up for all of them, you know, all your loved ones. In fact, for Allah Xhosa to admiten to agenda to fit those my brothers and sisters, this is the month and these are the days and how Isha she used to say you have a solid teach me something to say in this final 10 days, especially in the night of the power and the Prophet told her say alemannic afford to have whatever baffles me a lahoma in the car for to help with that ronnie Allah you to opt for giver. You are the ones who face the sin

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and you love to forgive or f&e a face by sins and a fault is the one who erases the sense is not only forgives them, he have faced the meaning the Naga will be there and law as though should we even make the angels forget them. They will not be there in the Book of Records they will be erased. This is why you should also make the hell with this beautiful name of Allah. Allah Allahu Allah.

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So my brothers and sisters live with these names throughout inshallah your life especially this week or less panna with Allah says, Allah May Allah mu, anon La Jolla voluto batan A baddie. hoodoo sada Don't they know that Allah illusion accepts the devil that and accepts the sadaqat and he takes the car so inshallah tada these days the final sentence of Ramadan tried to give sadaqa with the intention of yogic access my Toba yapi except me Yara be admitted mentors and little fella dose May Allah help us to practice and to convey until another episode of Ramadan 2017 I say I'm on a coma spotlight. I don't want a cat