Admitting Guilt and Seeking Mercy

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AI: Summary © The shay comfort group faced challenges and plans to prevent them from reaching their destination, emphasizing the importance of acknowledging the challenge and not giving up. They stress the need to be around people who want to be around them and not just to avoid them. The segment also touches on the shams of Islam and the dangerous of working in the online industry, including accusations of guilt and promises of revenge. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for coffee and a donut.
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Hello welcome I'm the little bit on me sort of loss and I'm gonna kind of hammer denial earlier so he will sell him to Sleeman Kathira mama Well, today inshallah Tabata Kotara derived from the Quran we read in from surah Allah Hara chapter seven is number 23 God Allahu wa Kota Allah, cada or Bernardo alumna and fusina We're inland talk for Luna water, water Hannah. Then Hakuna mineral has read. In a translation they said, Speak about Adam and Eve. Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. And if you do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, we will surely be among the losers. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us Mr. Obermann. So to understand the eye, the eye has a context and the

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context is in the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala when Allah azza wa jal began the creation of man, Allah subhana wa Tada spoke in the previous ayat about the creation of Adam and Eve.

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When he first created Adam Carlota Baraka with Allah, but what occurred MK cannot come out of the vagina comfy homage, this is number number 10. So we're going back about 15 as before that Allah subhanaw taala is showing his mercy upon us when he says that we have Mackinac in Florida which means we have established you on earth, we have given you everything that you need to be established on Earth, what your Anala confy homage and we gave you so much so that you could survive and live off of off of it. All kalila massage Quran, but few amongst you are truly grateful to Allah Zoda which is something Allah said and other is that God will call you man about your Shaku and truly

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those who truly grateful are few among the people call and then he said one of adhaalath Nalco so masa, Wanaka, subhanaw taala, so called we created you, we made it into four different images. So Mokona Malik has to do the Adam and we told the angel to prostrate for Adam.

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And they did except for bliss. Let me acumen a surgeon he refused. Karma Monica la dama took what prevents you from prostrating to me or to Adam when I when I when I ordered you. Now that's when at least brought one of the first major sins that still exist until this time. What did he say to Allah subhanaw taala Clara Anna hiraman I'm better than he is. That's the exact same statement human beings they do today, about their culture, about their color, about their, you know, whatever lifestyle they have, everybody feels they're superior to others. And they always tried to push that agenda. It was from the devil himself first, when he said to add up to Allah says I'm better than

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him. You made me from fire he made him from clay from Dirt. Dirt, what is it? That's exactly the same that we have in our cultures. This is unfortunately people look at each other. From that perspective, we're better than them in terms of our advancement, our technology, our science, our color, our whatever that is. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada kala to him and

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he says, Get out of here. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Donna, he expelled the devil, or bliss out of Heavens says you go in Lackawanna, solid and you shall be humiliated. So that when he gave the challenge, follow, be underneath me Viton My lord, can you give me that to live until the end of time.

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So at least I want to prove to you that this creation is worthy of your of your blessing, even aroma of your recognition. I want to prove it to you, my Lord. And Allah knows best obviously. But it's for us to understand the relationship between ourselves human beings and the shaytaan. So that we recognize that challenge for ourselves for Allah subhanaw taala is never a challenge anyway. Still he is a Christian of Allah azza wa jal Cara in the covenant Mondo you got it.

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You want to be until the end of time you got it so you will have it

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clarified we might have voted for Donald Trump's radical Muslim because of that, I shall I shall remain standing or sitting on the straight path that leads to you what does that exactly mean? I am going to be against them. I will prevent them from reaching to you. And he made it even clearer. Some gentlemen being the ad woman country Amana Imani man Shema ilium, I shall come from a front of them from behind them from the right side from the left side. What does that exactly mean? He says I'm not gonna give them a chance. I will be around them to tempt him. I will around them to try to seduce them from all directions. When they look forward. They will see something Titian they tried

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to escape back. I'll sure I'll be there. They try to run away from the right side, left side I will always be there. What's the purpose

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is in order to get with himself as many as he can from the people of Adam, the children of Adam with them to hellfire. Call our attention Doctor, I'm shaking and you're not gonna see the majority to be grateful to you. They're not grateful by nature. That's what he's trying to say. Allah subhana says has been hammered. Oh my god. You know what go out. You're humiliated you and those who follow you gonna be have the same destination to the fire of hell. And then Allah subhanaw taala. Adam, yeah, the masculine anthropological agenda. Adam, you and your spouse live in this paradise? Enjoy it.

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Manager your ma what? What else do you need after living in paradise? Now the OMA they say, is it the same paradise that we're gonna be going to? Or is hopefully we will be there? May Allah make it easy for us? Or is it a different paradise? Something different, unique? Maybe not at that level of eternity, but it's still it's a paradise. The majority they say it's the same paradise. It's the same Paradise because Allah subhanho wa Taala is going to bring them back again to where they belong.

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And also because bliss when he seduced Adam and his wife, what did you tell him? He says, shoulder to hold. This is eternity.

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So eventually,

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he lived there for some time. And then the shaytaan came as the losses for worse was Allahumma shaytan. He whispered to them. Look, the word was was that tells you the power of the shaytaan that the power of the devil over you. And what is that as your man?

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Just whisper

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the shaitan does not hold in your hand to click on that thing that is wrong. Is not holding your ear to listen to this backbiting, for example, is not holding your tongue to speak ill or curse or curse it. He's not doing all that stuff. Who's doing this? You do? And what is Shukla is doing?

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This was four. And that's what Allah says about him and the Quran won the argument happens between him and the people of the Hellfire. And they blame him. What did they say? It says no, no, no, no, no, no, that's your undoing. Koroma Connelly Leoric Coleman soltana, illa undoubtable VISTA job to me the only power I had over you, I called you to do something you just listened to me. That's

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the man Abu Mustafa Kumaun to them, absolutely not going to help you can't help me. So just be at it. They will do your own thing. Like we're all doomed in this fire. Basically what says what he's gonna say. So hit Allah Subhan said that he will tell us that look. It's all about whispering. So those whispers are dangerous.

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And what they tell us look, the hotter means that everything happens starts with a thought. It starts with a thought, passing thought.

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As long as it's a passing thought, you're good.

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But once you hold it becomes trouble.

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Because when you start thinking too much about it, what happens? You start making an idea out of it.

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The thought becomes an idea. And then if you continue thinking about that idea, you start doing what you start planning.

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And when you plan, you start kind of like visualizing what's going to happen if you do this, if you do that becomes a plan. And when you start seeing it as a plan, what happens there comes awesome, which means that intention, like okay, I mean, yeah, why not? You start now intending to do. And after that intention, what happens?

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The heart will fall for it, and start sending all the orders to all the organs to fulfill the plan. So you start doing all of it, sir. What What was the Whisper? So let's say that he came to them and he called, he whispered to Adam, and he says car versus Rama? sheetala Look, the only reason why you'd be prevented from eating from that tree is because if you eat from the tree, you will become angels, which is more superior beans, or you live in eternity you're not gonna die.

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And then obviously, I'm not going to believe this. But when you have somebody like the shaitaan comes they will call some of whom are in the law, Kumar, Lebanon Nasir in the Chateau and use the name of Allah azza wa jal. He says, I swear to you, I swear by God, that it's true.

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I mean, for someone who's innocent, never experienced lies, in the name of God

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never explained as lies in the name of God. What would you do?

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I believe, wow, not I mean, his reason is invoking the name of God on me. I mean, and he is a creation of God. He knows that no one dares to use the name of God in vain. So they believed. You know what? Yeah, why not? Fact, lamina. So they ate from the tree. And suddenly, all that pleasure that they had disappeared. Even the clothes that they had on themselves disappeared.

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And their shames came out, and they started trying to cover themselves, and they're scared now they don't know what to do. Then came the call from the Lord Subhana wa. Tada.

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Hola Hola. Hola como then I tell you

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the narrative that he is an enemy to

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you listen to his to his whispers that's what you're gonna get kicked out of the Jana gara the paradise

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God or Bernardo Amnon for Santa, and that's when they came to Allah subhanho wa taala. immediately, immediately they did not hesitate.

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After they've committed that sin, the only way you can spare yourself the trouble, the only way you can save yourself the punishment, or being casted at the mercy of Allah Subhana Allah is you do it, you fix it with him.

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And how do you fix it with Eliza?

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You go back again and repentance them and that was dated immediately. Allah Bernardo alumna, fusina the first and they did is what I acknowledge that who fault was that?

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Therefore, our Lord, we transgressed against ourselves. They didn't say our Lord, You tricked us.

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Like many people these days, they just say you're up why?

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Why are they doing this to me?

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Why am I you know, why? Why make this easy? Be blame, they blame everything on Allah Subhana Allah

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and Allah azza wa jal here is saying they admitted their guilt, or Bernardo alumna and fusina. And that's the first thing and then say we're in limbo for Lana What are Hamner Anaconda Maha Syrian? If you don't forgive us? And if you don't show us with your mercy, we will be doomed. What is that exactly mean?

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Also admitting that we don't deserve it. We don't deserve that mercy. We don't deserve that forgiveness, because we admit our fault to you. And we will be ruined if we don't get that mercy from your Brahmin. So what they're saying exactly our Lord Yes, we don't deserve it. But you deserve to be the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. So even though we admit our fault, it's our mistake. Our Lord, forgive us. And Allah subhana says kala Beatlemania Jamia, he says you're gonna go down from this place, you're not going to I'm not going to give a second chance for this right now. You will have that second chance. And that second chance is going to be what a delayed

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gratification moment, delayed gratification certification. What does that mean? I promise you to bring you back again to this place, but you're gonna have to prove that you're worthy of it.

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You have to prove that you're worthy of going back again to paradise. All of us, the brothers and sisters are on that path and journey to return back to where we belong.

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We're going to hit that target, you've been given a choice. You've given the option to go and obey God, Allah subhanho wa Taala in a way that is most pleasing to Him, not to you.

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Otherwise, we're gonna go by what is pleasing to us. We're gonna follow our desires easily we go the gravity, easy, but to ascend above our desires and whims, it takes a lot of energy, a lot of effort to go above that. And that's what Allah says, collaborative adekola Barnardo. Look, you and him are going to be enemies until the Day of Judgment. Be careful with that. He says, Well, a couple of them was taharah materiala Haney. They live in this earth for an appointed time. And then he said Subhana wa Taala conclusion con three HOW TO HELL? Have you had a Moton webinar to hold on? You're gonna live on Earth,

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and you're going to die on Earth. And we're going to redirect you back from Earth.

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Living, they're dying there, and you're going to be coming out from them. The following ayat, Allah subhanaw, taala, speaking about

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the major temptation that the shaitan is having over the children of Adam, what is that major temptation? Gemma anyone knows?

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The major temptation the shaytaan has against the children of Adam.

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The easiest thing? What is that?

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I wish it was short. Well,

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it's not about asking people to disbelieve in Allah Azza to know, because that's hard for people to do, unless they have a stronger motive. But what is easy for people to do? Follow their desire,

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sexual desires, that's his biggest thing. And the easy thing, because it's natural. It's an instinct, there's

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lots of Hanada and still those exogenous in us. And Allah subhana allowed us to fulfill them, right? But he codified it. It's not like animals with desire somebody just go jump on it. Now there has rules for that. It can do it before marriage, you have to do it with someone that you allowed to do with you. There are certain rules for that. And the shaytan is gonna try to ask us to kind of like go with nature without having to obey Allah subhana whatever these guidelines. So if you feel that you would like to, you know, have intimacy just go wherever you want. And that's what

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Allah says your cardio bunny Adam COVID Angelina alikoum live so you are this article militia, or children of Adam, we've sent down to you close garments by what you cover your chains and also a dominance ratio ratio which basically further means your car designs and so on. And then Allah says what he wants, we'll talk about alcohol. But the best of all garments that you adorn yourself with is what? righteousness and piety.

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Some people they wear fancy clothes, but they have no shame

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because they have no points to cover that.

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So Allah subhanaw says that look, it's not about how fancy your clothes are is how pious you are. You might be wearing the cheapest clothes. But your taqwa radiates, hon. Allah makes you look the most attractive person the eyes of other people. Why because mashallah, he's he's looked at her, you know, her tuck or piety or righteousness, that's what it is. So here, Allah Subhanallah saying, Yeah, Bunny Adam Lai often Anna comerciais Tanaka, Marco joeboy. Criminal, Jana. Be careful children of Adam.

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Don't be tricked and deceived by the shaitan the way he did to your forefathers, Adam and his wife. What did he do? He says founder called NZ Ron whom Alaba Houma la Rios ottima, he takes the clothes off, to show them their shame. In now you're welcome, aka woman, Hydra Tirana, we can see you cannot see Him. So He has advantage over you by attempting and whispering without you knowing or seeing him doing that. So ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada is teaching us over here is that look, the first thing that shaytan did is to expose men, women to the desires.

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And he's going to continue to do that until this day.

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One of the worst, unfortunately, in our culture today is the culture of pornography, where people are allowed, you know, to go and indulge into watching and all these kind of things are under the law. It's a huge industry, billion people making billions of dollars out of this, and on the cost of what

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our our o'clock or manners, our society, our family values, our you know, coherent, again, culture of all time and just completely destroyed because of all of that. And all why because Allah said the shaitan will target this first. Because if people obey the shaytaan, and this become easier for them to obey Him and everything else. He started with a desire. And then people are willing to compromise themselves of everything, including an athlete.

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Like if someone is a shooter, and the devil comes to you, and says, disbelieve in God, deny God, you must, you're audible or audible. But they're the shaytaan plants a seed for desires in your heart, and you start falling for it. And then you get unfortunately, you get

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attach to someone who may be non Muslim. And then you would like to fulfill your desire with them and then insist No, no, I can't, you're Muslim, you're willing to compromise that.

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People are willing to compromise their idea, their faith just for the desires. That's why it's extremely, extremely dangerous. Although committing the sin, it doesn't take the person out of the fold of Islam. But taking it easy, can lead the person to leave Islam. That's how dangerous that is. May Allah subhanaw, a particular sort of Brahman. So again, we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to protect us from wrongdoing against ourselves. We ask Allah subhana to give us to grant us forgiveness, to have mercy upon us who will not be among those who are ruins. So these are the three that we're going to be making right now in Shallowater Baraka with Donna Robina. Alumna and fusina

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We're in geography Lana.

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What are Hamner learner Coonan nominal ha serene

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Robina origina Manhattan Hill Korea.

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Allah, Allah

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wa Lana

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mill lagoon Coverly melancholia

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watch our Lana

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mill Doom cannot see Euro

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Robina masala Katha Bartylla

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Subhanak Sakina either but not

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Robina in Naka min to the city now.

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Forgot the Aqua zeta

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wamalwa Volley min min Ansari Robina in a seminar Mona idea

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you know the real Eman

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and in order to become firm and

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Robina fall for learner do Newbern

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work have run say Tina

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what our bra

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Tina Turner

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Oh, Rose solid wala to Zina young woman Tiama.

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In Nicola totally fooled me.

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Rabbana for Luna dono burner

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was Serafina Marina

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was a bit of a domino,

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one Soren Coleman Catherine

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Robina. Munna

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Dima and Zelt what Ivana Rasool

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tuna Masha headin

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Rabbana Taco Bell Mina

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in Mineola Aleem.

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Allahumma Inanna odo Vika

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whether Rihanna

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min ash shaytani R Rajim

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Rob BANA have Alana mill lagoon Kadoorie yet Anta yerba

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in Naka, semi

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Allahumma Malika Al Mulk

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La Mancha man Tasha

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Wharton's the role model commandment SHA

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what was the man Tasha?

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What are the Luma Tasha?

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Radical higher

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in NACA Allah coalition Kadir

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to the July 11.

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To the June heart of a lion

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photocurable Hi I'm in Alkemade

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photocurable may eat I mean I'll high

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water Zakouma Tasha will be very rich ASAP

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Ravenna in mana

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for Lana don't Obinna.

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Robina law to the Kullu bada

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bada it had Atana

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will have Ilana Miller don't Kurama

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in Antigua

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from bene in Acadia jammy on NAS.

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Leo Milla Ray Buffy

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in totally fooled me and

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Rob Birna Simon our Atlanta

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of Rana qurbana illogical mercy Mercia

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are a burner learn to hidden in Siena of tanah.

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Robina wala Tamil Allah in Israa

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gamma Hamilton who

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Adelina mon Commelina

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Robina wala to her Mina

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mana Takata Alana

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wa for Anna Wow for Lana for HANA and Molana funciton Coleman Catherine

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Robina F regatta in Sabra

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was a bit after Domina

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one SORNA coal mill Katherine's

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Robina Tina duniya Hassan

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Phil karate hashanah

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Latina other Banagher

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in LA we're in LA here on your own.

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Hola majorna famously Bettina.

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Work love Lana Hiram minha Rabbana Taco Bell Mina

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in Atlanta Samuel Aleem.

00:24:11--> 00:24:14

Robina wa Jalna Muslim in

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women the reality now

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on matter Muslim at aluk

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Arena Amana Sequana

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whatever Allah inna Naka and the wobbel Rahim

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Robina wa jal fina, my yet Lu Allah inna

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while you are live on Al Kitab al hikma

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while he was a key now

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wa Hello

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