Tom Facchine – Ayah Series #35 – Surah Al-Layl

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the importance of belief in one's ability to be a good person and the need for a concept of goodness that is strong enough to stand on its own. The concept of faith and a strong faith is crucial for avoiding overwhelming expectations. The conversation also touches on the idea of a "harvest" and how it can be achieved through guidance and guidance from the person who orientation themselves towards the good, the good, the good.
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One of the main points in sorta layer is that beliefs matter. And we've mentioned this, we came across this and a lot of us for honeys, book believe and beautiful things. It's a really, really important thing. And today in today's society, we have this myth that it doesn't matter what you believe you can be as long as you're a good person, as long as you say, Please, and thank you and hold the door open and these sorts of things, you know, you're a good person, it doesn't work like that. That's a very superficial, very thin definition of what it means to be a good person, right? Being a good person is much, much more than that. And it has to be a robust enough concept and a

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thick enough concept that someone's going to be able to be good no matter what's going on for breaks out. There. They have, they're down to their last penny, right? They're still going to do the right thing, right? We need a concept of goodness that is strong enough to withstand those external pressures. And that can only come from faith that can only come from faith in a law and in an afterlife. And there's recognition of this and sorta layer because a law says for a moment, Abdullah taka was so deaf I will host now sadaqa will host now has to do with affirming all of the good things right. Truthfulness, piety, modesty, honor, dignity, justice, all of these sorts of things,

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whoever bears witness to those right affirms the truth of those, this is an orientation that people have towards what's going to happen to those people just by by nature of their belief in those things. And they're affirming of those things, there's going to Allah is going to cause something else to happen. He's going to make it easier for you for centering acetyl hula Nusra, we're going to ease for him the path of ease. So there's this kind of give and take, right? There's the orientation of the heart. And then Allah subhanaw taala responds to the orientation of your heart. If you're oriented towards the truth, Allah is going to make your path to the truth and the true life easy,

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but then the opposite is also true. So then Allah always balances it out why men what membaca was telling us someone who's stingy, right, and is arrogant or kendo, it hosts now and then eyes and rejects what's good, what's true, right? They're just about real politic, or just about, I gotta get mine, you know, the dollars and the fame and the glory and me and this thing and this thing and all about, it's about the dunya. What's going to happen to that person? Can that person really be a good person with those sorts of beliefs? No, no, Allah says suddenly a Sudoku, little straw, we're going to make easy his path to difficulty with the hardship, we're talking about the afterlife, it's going

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to become constricted and constricted and constricted to the point where the person is going to have less and less of a receptive heart to guidance, which is something that a lot further indicates when he says in Alena alHuda hours is the guidance. It's upon us to guide people right there's this kind of relationship this give and take that goes on between our orientation and then Allah Spano Tala, responding to it, the person who orient themselves towards faith orient themselves towards the beautiful, the good, the righteous, Allah is going to reward that person by giving them guidance and making their path to guidance easy, the person who turns away the person who denies the person who

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rejects their orientation towards these things is one of arrogance. It's one of you know, I am good. I already know better. You know, I don't have to do that, you know, whatever, then Allah is going to respond in kind and that person is going to be led down a path where it's going to be harder and harder and harder for them to receive the truth.

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