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The speaker discusses the concept of a "park calledbing for" where Muslims should unite against common misunderstandings. They suggest that this concept may be a political and social agenda, but may also involve groups like the United States and other countries. The speaker emphasizes the importance of cooperation and collaboration for systemic issues.

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If we could just say just change just call it something else. Call it Eman. Call it Tauheed for example, you know, because Arcada it's not a word that we have to be wedded to theology or even even less. So. It's

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a bad experience with this name.

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I'm just thinking out loud here because because some people get their backs against the wall and you want to call it you want to you just want to call it faith in English. I mean, I don't I don't like the word anyway, Eman. Eman is the most

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Tawheed or something, you know.

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Yeah. I hate for some people is even scarier than happy though. That's true. But that's something you know, Allah has mentioned in the Quran and Sunnah, sunnah, um, you know, at least there's, there's, you know, hopefully it doesn't, you know, I mean, I mean, this is, this is the time we live in, you know, the times call for us to

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try and think how to unite the Muslims and, you know, still teach the, the important things, but with, with wisdom and present them into place, about uniting the Muslims, how are you going to unite them? If you're not if they're not?

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Like, who else is going to unite?

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There's no political party, there's no current movement?

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That's going to them? Yeah, yeah. So uniting them on the things that, like the they will view the core of the Eman, you know, the things that are shared, and kind of agreed upon by all the groups First, I would say,

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and, by the way back to that levels of cooperation thing, and spheres of cooperation, you know, so to speak. So if, as a Muslim community as well, I think part of that conflict that you're talking about is when people

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don't recognize this concept of spheres. And so for example, there are, there are,

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there are platforms, which might be very, very specific, right? The guy who's teaching the Halacha in the masjid, for example. Right, it's very, very specific community based

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program. Or you might have something that is intended for the broader community, right, which is, who is going to be, you know, who is who's the, for example, the building of an Islamic school, for example, right. And for the Islamic school, I may not be so concerned with regards to these particular issues that the teacher you know, that every individual teacher or the principal might fall under, you know, we're all with regards to these issues that we're discussing, because they are a Muslim, who believes in Allah and believes in the Quran as an authority and right is going to teach a community of Muslim kids to believe in Allah, His messenger and the book and all of that,

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right. Ema gonna teach you about? I'm not so concerned about what specific Iman, they're going to teach as long general email. Right.

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And so, this fear becomes much broader, and then you have a sphere that is even broader than that, of course, the third, which is, you know, you're talking about the broader Muslim community, dealing with the issues that every Muslim might face. Right? Well, they're, they're Sunni, whether they're *ty, whether they are,

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as long as they are Muslim, they face these particular issues, right. And so that is a third level of cooperation or sphere of cooperation. And I think it takes it doesn't ish. This should be something that we are able to navigate