Why Was Zakariyas tongue disabled from speech except from the remembrance of Allah?

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a story about Islam where Islam is said to provide a child for a child who is on the way to a worship. The story is told by a woman who is disabled from speech and has a sign on a door to indicate her ability to talk. The woman is warned that she will be disabled from speech for three days and for the rest of the day.
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And if you're also pulled up over the story of Zekeriya Allah He said if you wanted a child, eventually Allah subhanho wa Taala answers him and it gives him a child. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says to him Fernanda told Malaika to who are called MO You suddenly feel Muhammad and Allah who were shouldn't be here. Most of them can be killing material Allah was a you don't know Hassan wanna be I mean, I saw the Hain the glad news came to

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the Cardiology Center as he was standing in his place of worship, and he's engaged in a solid in the worship. See, this is where Allah azza wa jal would provide for people in their evader. And that's where the news came that the child is on the way to Korea. He said, I'm shocked. How can this be? How can this be when he is bound when when his wife is barren? She cannot carry and his old age. And so he said, and they accordingly well, how can it be that I have a child? So then he said the rubbish on the area? I want the sign. Give me Oh Allah give me a sign and I'm not doubting I know the child is coming. But give me a sign so I can see and when I see the sign, I know that the child

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is coming. He's on his way. A lot of Bucha only Allah azza wa jal, he said to him, and give him a sign on a ticket to collimate nurse atleta yurman Illa bronzer, your sign is going to be that you will be disabled from speech for three days in the other area and three nights. Your tongue will be disabled from speech, meaning whenever someone spoke to you tried to talk you cannot talk back. Someone asks you a question. You tried to talk you cannot talk your tongue will be disabled you will not be able to solve talk a single word. Then Allah azza wa jal made an exception from the many words that the human being others, Allah azza wa jal, he said team was called Rebecca cathedra was a

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bit pinhole do we? Oh, what's a Bella she you will it can, however, make vicar of Allah in abundance. Yanni The only thing that he was not disabled from was the Corolla he subhanho wa Taala if you wanted to see Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah wa ala Ilaha illa Allah the tongue would work. If you wanted to say anything else, it's disabled. It doesn't move for Allah they said why was this the case? Because how can the believer live a day? How can he live a moment without a chroma he SubhanaHu wa Tada. He cannot just be disabled from this. But there was an exception. You're disabled from all speech except the chroma he SubhanaHu wata Allah Subhan Allah