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heavy is right? But

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Allah Allah Allah

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in the La la la de la the whole love you no mercy no

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unless around that I said, Verily, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is with the people who have Taqwa

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and with the people who are mercy known who

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worship and work and live at the level of excellence.

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In the law in the law, my lady in the hope will love you know, most you know,

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the two conditions of

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the merit of Allah subhanaw taala, the two conditions of Allah Subhana Allah being with us, the two conditions of the guarantee of the help of Allah subhanaw taala. One is taqwa one is Asad.

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If these two are not there, then the help of Allah will not come.

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I am specifically addressing especially the people involved in dsba.

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Please remember this.

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Please remember also that anyone who is involved in this movement, even if one of them is doing something wrong, or if even if one of them is being lazy with relation to the worship of Allah subhanaw taala it will affect the whole work.

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Please understand this very clearly every single individual person, what is the value for this leave it to the right.

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Condition of taqwa is

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the obedience to Allah subhana wa Taala and the obedience and following of this enough Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah highly Samson. But

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what happens when this doesn't happen?

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First example is the example of the Battle of odds.

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Whereas our allies Allah, Allah, Allah is alum war himself with the army.

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He was the commander of who was the commander of the army not

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himself. What happened to not

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very bad defeat 70s I have our shade as well as himself fully injured. Why?

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What did Allah say about why this happened?

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Because they failed a group of them not the whole lot. And in that group was it was also like involved with a group obviously not because he was don't know Georgia was I was arrested this time and so on while the COVID absorb Eduardo,

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a group of the Sahaba disobeyed Rasul Allah is Allah Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala turned everything upside down.

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After getting victory, it turned to defeat

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the disobedience of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the cause for losing a battle even when there is a lot enemies with them, what do you think will happen to you and me and our effort if we do not follow this

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stuff fooling yourself? Stop fooling yourself

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following the sun, our solar cerebellum is work.

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Not following it has an effect. Number one, number two example. What happened in the battle on it?

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Again, read that

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unless I know that some of you felt that the material that you have the army that you had, and the the weapons you had.

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Because of this,

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you cannot get defeated.

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Poof and this data is no longer available.

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And as soon as I saw him who was the commander of the army in the battle on it,

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himself, he was present with the army. What happened and what

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you do now en Allah subhanho wa Taala give them defeat the like of which they have never seen.

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They ran like nobody could run. I was a galanos that only the SI will stop them.

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Over in the huddle is done in there and watch what is happening. The activities are the this is

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Selma bill Aqua, are the alano

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he ran and he ran fast there is a local as if he's not seen the result of reforms. It looks like Selma has seen something which fight

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Because the tawakkol went from Allah subhanho wa Taala to material

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did any of his IRA in in or heard or in finance Was there anyone there was committing fornication? Was anyone drinking alcohol? Was anyone leaving his Salah.

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Please understand, if you want to do the work or loss rather than the standard for you will be different.

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The standard for you will be different. And Allah subhanaw taala will help you from sources that you could not imagine. But Allah subhanaw taala will also punish you for things which you will not punish others.

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This is not fun and games.

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We each one individually has to ensure that our personal piety is not compromised. We have to get up for that job we have to pray that we have to read our whatever part of the Quran we read every day, we must ensure that our Salah that in the masjid, he was ensure that we are in a state of the Hara. We will ensure that whatever we are doing in the eyes of Allah subhanaw taala must increase on a day to day basis. How much Quran Did you know yesterday? How much current Do you know today?

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And if you don't do this and you make excuses I had to go here I had to go there Believe me everybody has nothing special about

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nothing special or you didn't have to worry you chose to change the language. Change the language origins yourself.

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I had to go to this wedding. Was it your wedding? Are you getting married? Nobody we had to go to the wedding.

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We chose to go over the word enjoys onto the stage at three o'clock in the morning then then then where is God? What can I do? I was at his wedding you are not at the you chose to be at the wedding. Please change your language change your language.

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Change your language in general life.

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We choose we actively choose whether we like it or not. and Japan puts it in Isaiah Olga

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Allah Subhana Allah Masha Allah Zina ko wala Xena home masino taqwa Anissa to conditions of the mayor of Allah.

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If anyone thinks that he can succeed in life without Allah, no problem, then forget Taka for that exam. Do whatever you like. I will see how valuable

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but if you think that you cannot succeed without the help our last one OData and that is the reality whether you like it or not. Then we have to bring our lives in line with taqwa and, and look at every single individual thing that is happening in our life if there is any disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala in our life, if there is any disobedience of the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam in our lives, believe me, it will have a negative effect in your life personally. Plus, it will have a negative effect in the in the endeavor in the work that you are engaged in.

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Have no doubt about this.

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Do not have any doubt about this.

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And no exceptions. I am not an exception. You are not an exception. Nobody is an exception. if nobody's Allah Allah is Allah himself and his companions are not exceptions and who are you obey?

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No exceptions, no excuses.

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Anybody who's not

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interested in keeping themselves to that standard, then do everybody has a waiver and lunch. We don't need you.

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We do not need you.

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We need Allah

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so don't get carried away by this thing to say oh this corporate strategy that corporate strategy we have to make money from here we have to do fundraising, you need nothing Allah was one of that I will send Allah will send the resources that you need for your work to come to your aid provided you are accepted by law Serrano's and

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if I inaccurate data if you are accepted by Allah subhanaw taala for his work Allah subhanaw taala will provide the resource Allah subhanaw taala does not need you and me. Allah does not need you asked to help him. Allah subhanaw taala will give what is required.

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The condition of the head bahala what it is,

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in terms of Lucha young sarcoma Allah said you help the cause of under How?

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By straightening our own lives

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by bringing our own lives in line with taqwa and

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duck, one exam, the number is not talking about a lower level as well as you know how much you know

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every single little

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And that's why I remind myself when you let us be get dinner get serious about our lives. Let's get serious about our work and understand that we have been shown how to succeed after being shown how to succeed, if we choose some other parts, then not only will we fail,

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but we will also be responsible for our own failure because we deliberately chose a path that leads to failure even though we were shown a path which leads to success now, how intelligent is that?

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So please, please make this very, very clear. Let us be very sure

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to ensure that there is no not only is there no disobedience of our line our lives not only is there no disobedience of the sun, our sort of our lives, but we take it to the level of

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that is not far but make it for yourself. Because that is the time for acceptance of drive. It's not the demos leaving

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and bring your own life make that job for meaning. The rest of your life must be designed in such a way that you can actually wake up in time pathogens

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not the other way around.

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Not the other way around.

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I remind myself when you to get serious with our lives and inshallah We ask Allah Subhana Allah to help us and use us for his work. He does not need us alone when he will Hamid or nanoco Luna Pokhara

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all of us are beggars we are all fulfilled. And Allah Subhana Allah is when you have it. And Allah does not need us but we request Allah We ask Allah We beg and plead with Allah subhanho wa Taala to use us, because in that is our own benefit, when some of the Highlander will Karim Allah, Allah, US