The Life of a Fornicator

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boyfriend girlfriend relationship versus a relationship in marriage? Are they the same?

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Well consider the former a brother a sister, who pursues a covert clandestine relationship under the guise of night. Apparently nobody can see them and the fear and the guilt consumes them then they meet and perhaps they spend an evening and haram with one another.

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And it is excruciating why because they remember that the Allah agenda Judah who said wala Takara was Xena don't go near fornication in all kinds of fascia, it is an abomination was a sebelah and a very evil way to go. And they remember that the people who phony Kate will be in ovens in their graves that's before the day of judgment. So regret is consuming them during that moment. There is very little pleasure in it, then should somebody knock on their door. When they're in that act. They pounce in fear because they know that they are guilty, they are in the wrong and then should she become pregnant. The gloom and misery is compounded and should she deliver the child that gloom and

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misery is compounded or should they kill the child abortion, the gloom and misery is compounded?

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Is this the same as a brother or sister who patiently waits for marriage

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and restrains their hunger and their desire for the opposite gender through salah. They manage it through the care through Quran through good companionship through time in the masjid through lowering of the gaze through fasting for them to get married. In the halal and there is our Lima our wedding and everyone is invited and everyone is happy it's in the public. Yes Olam. Then that evening should they spend moments of intimacy with one another? Their hearts are at peace. Why Wi Fi mobile a hottie come sadaqa because there is charity when you are with your spouse in the Holland, Allahu Akbar, then should someone knock on their door when they are in that moment. They are not

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afraid. They could respond. They can leave the door closed because they're not in the wrong then should she become pregnant, that happiness is compounded should she deliver? There is a Artesia the happiness is compounded are they the same?

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Law? Yes, they will have you thought by you. One of our agenda catharanthus Hobbies the pure and the impure they are not equal.

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Even though you may be impressed by the size of that which is impure.