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Ask him for steadfastness guidance first and to never lead us astray. And to save us on Judgement Day.

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Every single jumaane would mentioned an eye over the phone and just hold on to

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a wallet.

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Oh, you will believe be conscious of last pilotage and truly a consciousness that has true meaning is holistic and is understanding a consciousness where you remember a last pile of data and your every facet of your life. And this is why Islam remains and one of the most powerful forces and

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not just in the world, in a global fashion in society, but in personal conviction and personal change, something that can bring about a complete metamorphosis of a person if they truly implemented and that is why Islam remained one of the most powerful forces when people saw its effects in the interactions.

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When they saw a when a person accepted Islam, what they turned to what how they changed 180 degrees sometimes. That's what moved others simply by seeing the change in interaction. And that is what I believe, and many of our scholars, they teach us that one of the crisis of today is not a crisis of money.

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The crisis of today, no matter how much you see, the economy plummet, no matter how much you see the stock market Go on, or your housing, your prices go, you know, wherever they go, the crisis of today is a crisis of interaction.

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And we are more in need today of prophetic interaction than we are of understanding how to make it in this life. How to make our money, how to get that house, how to get that car, how to find that spouse, which many people these are very important things in life. But the most important thing, I believe, after all of these things, is understanding prior to even how to get your degree, how to buy a house, in Charlotte, the appropriate Islamic law lay the kind of meat you're going to eat, that we're all busy talking about. Who are you going to marry? I call them the five M's of confusion in our communities. Right? The these five M's that's all we talk about in our communities. Number

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one marriage number two men types. Number three, molding how do we love the prophets all along? Why to sell them or not? Right? Number Four meat? Right. And of course, we can never forget

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the five M's of confusion that unfortunately, Muslims are busy thinking that these are the integral components of Islam. The most integral component of Islam was how the Prophet special modality of

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winning a heart is both easy and extremely difficult.

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and destroying and breaking the heart is also very, extremely easy, and also hard. What do I mean by that? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam could win somebody over with something so simple, something so easy as simply smiling and listening to them compassionate.

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Whereas to break somebody's heart, what do you have to do, you have to exert so much energy, so much energy, you have to yell, you have to scream, you have to curse you have to exert a lot of force and thought. And you have to put that much time and concern. Imagine if somebody wants to get into a fight with somebody.

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They have to drive to the person after got like all of this energy exerted. Whereas trying to win a heart is very simple. don't respond. The problem is lesson teaches.

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So winning a heart is both easy and difficult. And breaking the heart is both easy and difficult. They say as we were talking with my brother in law,

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the principal Islamic school in Nashville, Tennessee, we're just speaking about the prophetic methodology of teaching. And he gave me a beautiful example. I'm sure many of you heard of these things when you were younger. They said that a match.

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Right? You can create millions of them from one tree, maybe maybe not. Maybe 1000s 100 from one tree, right? But you can burn a forest with one single match.

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You can burn entire forest with one match. Why? Because of not understanding, the crux of this faith at Dien wama. It's not a Heidi, this is a Arabic proverb that the entire view of Islam is composed of how you deal with people. How you deal with people, and that is my prophetic interaction. Brothers and sisters is an art. It's something you have to study. Many of us have never thought about it. But somehow when I went to Medina, and have spent my past 11 years of my life there now in one place more than anyone. The one thing that I realized is the statement avms

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Mallika, Allah, He said that we spent 17 years learning how to interact with one another.

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And I was like, when I when I heard this in America, we were talking about 17 years. How do you say hello? And how do you say by now this is not what they meant. They meant the art of interaction, the art of how to hold yourself, the art of composure, the art of having honor, the art of how to overcome an argument, the art, the art of how to overcome your ego, when you have a position and status you have, you're a doctor, you're an engineer, you're whoever you are, you have a position in your tribe, or your family and etc. And you're having to face speaking to somebody and lowering your ego in front of them.

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Even though you're a CEO of a company, there are people who are considered some of the most successful individuals on this planet, who have not perfected this art, but are processes that have not taught us that the entirety of Islam is perfecting this art. In other words to tell me,

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I have not this is hustle in Arabic. In Nima, it means I have been sent, and I have been sent for no other reason.

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Literally, all the reason that I was sent was to complete, noble and perfect noble manners and character and interaction. And there is so

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many things, we can always cover the whole thing now, but I want to give you a small taste of certain things that we may overlook in our interactions in this book, one of them is unfortunately, unfortunately, amongst our cultures, we have a habit of being very invasive.

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We have a habit of being very invasive. You meet somebody after you haven't seen them a while or every time you see somebody, are you married.

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And then that doesn't end Why aren't you married yet? like Tom, I have a choice.

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Oh, no, I think I know somebody that no, this is, this is being invasive. And then the visa lottery instead of a said

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from the perfection of somebody Islam is that they leave that which does not concern them. Remember Sally, Allahu wa said something so beautiful about this. And he gave an example that we understand the concept of this, Heidi, because sometimes we don't understand when we're invasive when we're involving ourselves in that which does not concern us. When is that? That's when you're being invasive? In your question. Do you have children yet?

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This is a question which drives people to depression. It brings anxiety to men and women. And especially if they haven't had for a while, for example.

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This is something that we need to understand who don't ask these kind of questions to people, it is against our faith to cause a Muslim or any human being just stressed because of your invasiveness.

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This is what we mean by prophetic interaction. Because everybody says that, from among the character and ethos of fellowship and dealing with others, is that they don't eavesdrop spy, and they desist from asking intrusive questions about a person's

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intrusive question. So where do you work? And how much do you make?

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I was in touch one time and somebody some kind of law, I don't know, sometimes it's normal interaction. It is something that you cut, for example, just simply ask, okay, so where do you guys live?

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Or Where do you live? How much? How much did you get your hospital? Or do you get a mortgage or not?

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On top of that, somehow, the questioning that we have, he said, if they see somebody somewhere busy and need, what does this person do? They go and chase them around. They don't spring on them questions about their plans, where they're coming where they're going, they don't ask them because they may be heavy on them.

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How beautiful is this guy?

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You don't cause heaviness on another Muslim

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and Muslim and Selamat minuman mania de worry Sally and Elisa was the true believer is the one that people are safe setting. We use the same root word as Islam, which means peace in one route and other one is submission. As you all know, he said that the true believer is the one that does Islam with others what is Islam he submits them to like throw them on the ground. No, he treats them in a way that people are in peace.

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And they are safe, they feel safe from their tongue and from their hands. This is a true Muslim, the prophet.

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Remember that he finishes he says they don't put them on the spot by them questioning so much and causes them so much anxiety to the extent the person may even lie just to get rid of them.

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Have you seen this a lot actually. Somebody will sit there are so many questions a person will just make

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got things just to get rid of their company.

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This is a prophetic interaction brothers and sisters that you need to profess to learn. These are things you have to learn. These are things sometimes that taught by even your parents, these are taught by teachers. These are taught by the books of conduct like we had to Muslim by the great Algerian mendini scholar, which is translated the conduct of the Muslim to volume work, just reading with your family.

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Like the book of amendment was highly illuminating. Like Mmm, who has read his book, like you know, had dad's book lives of man and the book of assistance. These are things that we need to inculcate in our families and learn and the prophets have taught us another thing.

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He said something so beautiful and powerful. He says Helen Keller will turn up the room.

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When you're Arab, this might even sound strange, because you don't use this word often.

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Right? The Prophet signs them It says the ones who are nit pickers and hair splitters, they have been ruined.

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The entirety of our community focuses so much on hair splitting, and nitpicking. Everyone, somebody is telling a story. Well, you know, I don't think

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I have another view. Somebody shares a political point. You know what, I don't think this is okay. I think I have something else. Somebody is telling you and advice mobile, you know what, there's another view of how I can. One person came to

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us that after also prayer, there's no sooner there's also a new set. He came with a message the number week and a man yelled at him doesn't have

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a status there's no as any. So he says so Don't you fear Allah? The Prophet said when you enter the masjid you pray?

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Did he say have you eyes

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the whole world raised my mama if everything move forward please the brothers and

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give space for pretty much

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he didn't say my book is the greatest book my you should listen to me. I'm fooled. I'm the greatest caller. I have a PhD. They know what you're talking about. I knew this Heidi before you were even born and

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she said to me

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another student came up to me.

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This goes against your honey. He said what the Hadith of the Prophet is mentioned. How dare I go against

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him? I'm a chef you don't have a whole lot would say somebody would come to me and mentioned to me something. I knew about this before his parents even married. But I listened to it as if it was the first time I heard

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him realize that I hear a story from somebody I learned before he was born. But I listened to him as if it was the first time I listened to.

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This is prevented interaction.

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And nitpicking and hairsplitting have, like destroyed. relationships have destroyed people's interactions. In fact, all of social media is all about this nitpicking, and hairsplitting. Oh, you know what this there's another point to this view. And I have to comment, and I have to follow it up. And then there's an argument and then there's a fight, there's a disagreement. So kind of

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the prophets, I sense that he had that. He said, the person is ruined, like they ruin all their social interactions, because they can't hold their tongue from sharing an opinion, which is meaningless.

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This is prophetic interaction.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would teach his companions and his family, these kinds of prophetic interactions. One of the most beautiful stories and most beloved to me, is that the prophets I seldom would not sit his family down and give them a lecture. He would use moments to teach them lessons. He would take

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advantage, an opportunity when it arises to teach lessons to his, to his kids, that is, his family. Among them was when they were walking in the streets and you might, you know, think that we're living in such difficult times, stop a phobia. People don't understand the snap, there's so much hate. They come out with you know, even rioting or protesting our faith and we're all equal citizens country, you might think it's a little about, imagine the prophets of Allah was walking in the streets of Medina.

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And somebody literally yells at him, death be on you over 100 years.

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Like, this is the greatest Islamophobia possible. It hasn't happened to me. Somebody might say go back home and I say, where Texas?

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Right? I said that to somebody wants to just smile and laugh. Right. The idea being is the profit so I sent him I had the sense of him, and before he could respond in any any response, his wife, I she was fired.

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She had a personality, all the low gentlemen. So she yelled out, no, definitely on you. You go back home.

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Go back.

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You can't.

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And she yelled this. And she said some other things as well. Interesting things. Right? And the prophesies alone. What did he do, he didn't say, a lot.

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He literally waited, and then took her to a side.

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When gentle is put in something, it beautifies it, when it's removed from something, it makes it ugly. It was simple enough for you to just sit and wait years and years and move on.

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Don't let it eat yourself.

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He gave her a principle and prophetic interaction, we write books about the idea of gentleness with people, even those who may curse with you or disagree with you. I saw the one who was taught this her father of a walk out on the lawn was the same way a lot of people don't know of working on the lawn was also just like, I mean, well, I shall just like her father, he had a very short temper.

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But he was one of the people that he would overcome his short tempered Miss, and over the course of being with us, and He overcame this characteristic. So even the people we look up to, they have to work in understand and learn from prophetic interaction. One time was full of them and our city, and a man came and was cursing them. And they were just sitting and kept silent. And the Prophet was looking at it and the man is yelling.

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And the Prophet smiling because I'm working is not being, you know, belligerent. And finally, you couldn't take it anymore. So he snapped and he curses the man back, and the Prophet system, it gets up and walks away and got startled. So he right off.

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The Bat was cursing me you were sitting there looking at me smiling. And I when I said some things that he said to me,

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You walked away? Why is that?

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Why is that?

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When the man was cursing you, you remain silent angels were responding to him. And that's why I was smiling

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at what you responded to him in the same belligerence matters that Islam does not teach us the Prophet that is, I mean, these are matters that the time does not teach us. These are normative things. Human beings interact. Normally, you would also respond to somebody cursing you in a very rude way. This is normal, but it's not teaches us to overcome our normality. He said,

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when you responded to him in the like, shape on comes in that gathering and I don't sit in the gathering. It's one shape on this

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meeting what it will just increase the fire. It will increase the fire. That's the last part of that is the greatest prophetic interaction, y'all.

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The prophets have said something so beautiful as well, when it comes to the art of prophetic interaction. He said in the law

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of tea, no money.

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Allah loves a servant, who is first of all,

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conscious consciousness is a constant state. If you're conscious of a law, tough was not just an act, you come into the masjid. And then when you come out of the machine, it's a different person.

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taqwa is a constant state of rectification. Why? Because Allah is always on the money in your business dealings and your interactions with people. Then he said, Honey, honey, a lot of people what you would you would think you've heard of means rich. This is not just religious stuff of material gain. This is richness of the heart. The political sentiment, said the one who's Truly Rich is the one that he feels content with will login.

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And then he said something beautiful. He said a coffee and coffee, the one that's hidden. So God conscious and enriched in their own being, and coffee, which means hidden literally Arabic, but there's two levels of meanings hidden meaning one, they're not sure. They're not wearing their wealth on their mind. That does not mean no by things. There's a difference between somebody having a Ferrari and somebody posting their Ferrari on every single social media page every day. Every single day like hey, check out the steering wheel, check out the car, check out the side, mirror. This is this is beyond approach, right having good things is part of our faith, the prophets I was

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even told about last time

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and about the favours and blessings of Allah speak about speak about in general. What is huffy meaning here as well. The one that is

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the one that is light hearted they don't hold grudges.

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The one that does not hold grudges. How many of us here without Rob, Don't raise your hands.

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One time it was like me, I was like No brother.

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How many of us here have grudges with a family member for like almost 2025 30 years, five years, one, even one year, even six months.

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And the Prophet says Allah forgives every believer on earth every Monday and Thursday, every Monday, Thursday, a lot forgives, he said except to have rancor

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amongst one another. disagreement and hatred where they don't speak a loss as to the angels that Homer have to leave them until they reconcile alone.

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How many of us are not fulfilled everything that is said to us? I can't believe she said that.

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I can't believe how they treat me. I can't believe that they would speak to me in this way. That does not mean by the way that you take people's, you know, bad manners towards you cetera. But how you respond is what we're talking about. how you respond is what we say.

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And lastly, we'll end with this headache.

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which honestly is is a very long journey. But we only cover one part. And this is one of the most beautiful Heidi, and the entirety of shadow

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which talks about how to be talking about how not to be how to be in our prophetic interaction. And the result was described by her saying, The alone time moved back from his father, it hasn't said

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he said I want to my brother was saying and I said, describe to me the life of the prophets.

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This teaches you something even greater. The family of the prophet will even have sittings where we discuss the life of the Prophet. And he said that my father I love the long haul, meaning our father, he said, the process I said I'm in Canada,

00:21:52--> 00:21:56

Daniel Bishop, he was always pleasant, always pleasant.

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Bishop comes from also be shopping, smiling. He wasn't somebody that had a negative toxic nature. You talk about massive toxic masculinity, where people literally all they have to do is try to prove their masculinity. So they act in a horrible manner with others. He was dying when Bishop if that's in your characteristic, even women, try to overcome that by smiling a little more. Try to overcome that by understanding that Islam teaches us to treat people better. That means that second follow easygoing nature, easy manners. He was easy to deal with. Ladies and gentlemen. He was soft in his presence. Meaning when you stood with him, you felt like there was a empathetic loving nature

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turtles will last the longest. Later before they went on. He was not stern or hard hearted. Some people when they respond, they have like no care about the person's feelings or emotions or reactions. This is just how I am they respond. This is not just how you are you refuse to rectify yourself.

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Anyone that tells you this is my personality. And this is what you have to deal with. What they're saying to you is I don't want to rectify myself.

00:23:10--> 00:23:25

Although was a drunk, stirred bloody harsh hearted, and he changed himself when he rose on the member of the prophet SAW Selim. You know what he made. He said, Oh Allah, I was hard Arden. So made my heart soft.

00:23:26--> 00:23:51

The entirety of the life of the Prophet syslinux interaction led to a man implementing Islam and he would say on the first ultimate that he gave in Islam, those people who think that Omar will be hard with them, know that I will be hard against myself, to give you your rights and to give the those who have been oppressed back what they have been what has been taken away from them, and to stand with those who have been downtrodden.

00:23:52--> 00:24:06

Look at the entirety of what prophetic interaction did to one men. And the prophets. My son was also described what I saw Han, he did not shout. And what are the hash was not obscene? What are the things for our young people?

00:24:07--> 00:24:15

This is something very, very prevalent, being obscene and cursing. As if this LMA, oh, this these are old, crusty. This is not permissible.

00:24:16--> 00:24:36

These are all forms of person. Okay, these kinds of things are so widespread in our culture, that we think it's normal. So now cursing has been normalized. And the Prophet says the believer is not someone that curses he tired belief and faith with having with having this characteristic of doctors and the prophets. I said, No.

00:24:37--> 00:24:41

He was not one that went to try the faults of people.

00:24:42--> 00:24:58

You know, people would look for people's faults, or what do they say like? Social media now has a drama we didn't even know about. And now the entire family's engrossed in the drama that we didn't know about in another country. And all we care about is let's find the faults of people. Let's find what they did wrong.

00:25:00--> 00:25:06

This is not the habit also last time and also this does not mean that if somebody did something wrong, you stay quiet about it.

00:25:08--> 00:25:14

staying quiet, of the oppression of the oppressed, is oppression against the person.

00:25:15--> 00:25:35

showing mercy to the oppressors is oppression against those who are present. And last week when I met jack, and he was not that excessively joke beyond normality, he would laugh he said, When mean when people laugh, and share their their jokes and the prophets I sent him would be happy with them and enjoying them. That's the most pathetic getting granted.

00:25:37--> 00:26:05

Grant us forgiveness, and to guide us in the best of manners, amazing those that implement this down and the best ways to make use of those that implement our Islam with our families first before anyone else would then our friends in our communities in the last contact readings, all the best of character, and last but not make use of those that he is proud of and erased or mentioned in the habit of gratitude for companionship of our Prophet told about what he said, we'll send that the weightiest thing on the day of judgment as compared to God with me. Well, I'll make it suppose that you're constantly we're constantly turning to you and you forgive them. Although we ask that your

00:26:05--> 00:26:11

guidance or guidance, you're destined to grant us the best of living in health and

00:26:12--> 00:26:31

funerals for sick Have mercy on those who have passed because of those who have turned to constantly make us of those whose catechism justice make us of those that turn to you. In morning and evening, make use of those that love you with all of our hearts. Allah forgive all those who have passed the most or sync with our community. Allah make us of those that turn to you constantly.