Riad Ouarzazi – How to defend our Prophet- Message of Unity

Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © A representative from the Islamic community center of Milton, Syria discusses the recent insults and mockery towards their Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, and the mackeries against their religion. They emphasize the importance of peace and the need for holy war, and encourage people to inform their neighbors about the message. The representative also mentions a story about a pious predecessor in Iraq leading to the development of the Law of God, which is the justice of Islam.
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This is Riyadh, Rosie from the Islamic community center of Milton sending a message out with regard to these insults, in fact happening against our Prophet Mohammed, you know, please be upon him, the mockeries and the cartoons out there mocking our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. But first of all, I like to pay tribute to the innocent people that got killed.

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In Paris in this that Charlie Hebdo incident, were really sad, you know, we do not support any kind of, of killing whatsoever.

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This is definitely against not only stand but against any faith.

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But at the same time, we pay tribute to the 1000s of people who get killed on a daily basis in Syria, to the 1000s of people who get killed in Iraq on a daily basis in Palestine, in Afghanistan, to the injustice happening all over the world to these innocent kids who get killed, and justly we pay tribute to them as well. With regard to these

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insults and the mockeries, and the cartoons against our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, we understand that the Muslims, especially those definitely with a with a sound heart, they feeling very, very sad and very angry. So how should we respond as as Muslims really with regard to these cartoons now? And the mockeries and the insults happening against our Prophet? Well, first of all, I'd like to say that we have failed I personally, we have failed our profit in many fronts, we failed in, in in propagating his message we have failed in, in conveying his message and talking about him and mimicking him, and also in defending him property, peace be upon him.

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So how should we deal with these kinds of insults against our Prophet? Let me take you back to the root. The root is our holy book. What does the Quran say with regards to

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mockeries against our Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Well, we have a sort of a chapter called the chapter and verse number 97 was by Allah Almighty He addresses His Prophet peace be upon him with regard to the insults and the mockery is happening against him from from from his tribe. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says or mighty he says in the verse, what not animal and more subtle subtle coming my opponent or Mohammed we know that your chest becomes your breast is become tight with regard to what they have sent against you, meaning all the

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the mockeries and that they have said against you the insults against you calling you names calling you magician calling you mad calling you

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crazy battery battery new.

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Allah you know, extending his probably that we know about the pain that these people are causing you and what they are saying against you. The marker is against you, we know about this will

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be my opponent. And then Allah tells the prophet in the next verse, how should he deal with such a thing he says, For some bad behavior because our convener says you need increase in praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah increase in glorifying Allah Subhana with Allah, what could it mean essentially, this is how you should retaliate. Well couldn't mean essentially and be amongst those who who pray, be amongst those who supplicate This is the best time my brothers and sisters to pray and to supplicate and to In fact, there's a great opportunity now to tell people about this prophet Mohammed a salatu salam, I do not believe there is no such thing as a holy war. War was never meant

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to be holy, in fact, was never the holy. I do not believe in a holy war. I believe in holy Peace. Peace meant to be holy, a whore. How can all be sacred How can war be holy word? It just causes bloodshed. It causes killing of innocent people, innocent kids babies being killed. How can that wholly be How can it be wholly tricking innocent kids to kill innocent people over though? Absolutely. I do not believe in holy war. I believe in holy peace. And that's what Islam is all about. So my brothers sisters out there, my Muslims. The way to respond back to these mockeries is, you know, media, they use media, we use the media, we we write posts post on your social network.

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If you got well put some ads on TVs on radio stations, websites, Facebook, Twitter, you name it, right? tell people about this, this prophet of Allah, the prophet of mercy to people out there who really really Prophet Mohammed, like I said, this is the best opportunity to inform people about our religion, to my brothers and sisters in humanity, the non Muslims out there. I just want to route in fact, just inform you of a very an example. It's a story that happened long

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time ago in Iraq when the tatort invaded the Muslims in Baghdad and caused lots of killings, they caused lots of bloodshed. And and there was a man, a pious predecessor. In fact, there was a scholar by the name of ebony Tamia, when he struck a deal with with the tatata. When the data has the data, they they wanted to come out from Iraq and they want to stop the bloodshed. And then when the leader of the Tata wanted to free the the people in jail in the Tamia, the Muslim scholar, he told him, You start with the math first before Alan Miller, which means he says, you start freeing the People of the Book, the people, the Christians, that the Jews who used to live with the Muslims in Iraq, in

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Baghdad, he told him free those people have the book first before you free the Muslims. This is what Islam is all about. This is the essence of Islam. This is the justice of Islam. This is the reality of this of the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed who Allah has sent us mercy not only to the Muslims or the Arabs, no, Allah has sent him as mercy to mankind. Thank you for listening to my message and I really hope it goes through. Thank you again, and I greet you with the greeting of Islam and I say I said Mrs.

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