How I learned professional lying!

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum, wa barakato. Some of the interesting complaints sometimes I hear from the youth, regarding their parents is that my parents don't understand me. Or some or my parents don't have time for me. Some said that I learned professional line at home.

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Some said that, you know, I cannot find the role model at home. Just just some of the complaints that I hear from some of the youth. We know that in Islam, of course, our parents they have rights, but do our children have rights as well? What is wrong today about sometimes about the challenges that we face as parents with our children? What can we do to improve You know, this relationship? In fact, I have 25 directives and tips on how to improve this relationship with our children, including some golden advice. All will be in Sharla hoteller offered in my how to raise parents seminars, coming up this Sunday 24th of November inshallah, Sunday 24th of November. It's all about parenting.

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It's all about children. It's all about youth. It's for the entire family inshallah to Allah. So please do not miss out especially if you live in the GTA to come and attend www Riyadh or zazzy.com. You will find all the information there ww react or zazzy calm is that Kamala Harris

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