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Sam Harris’s Disrespect and a message on Reaching 500k

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Mohammed Hijab

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. How's everyone doing? I want to thank everyone for getting me up to 500,000 subscribers on YouTube in sha Allah we use this platform together to propel the Islamic message forward and argue the case for Islam. And I also wanted to make a point about this individual Sam Harris who try to disrespect me right by time blocked me on Twitter for ask him a very innocent intellectual question challenging his position on determinism or his his position on the terminus. He tried blocking me out of fear and humiliation. Now, I will say is this is that this is not 10 years ago where new Atheism was somewhat fashionable This is where is the decline period

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of new Atheism. Islamic dour is on the ascendancy the on the internet space. And so we don't need you for anything and with all due respect, you know, you're like a backup dancer new Atheism, of new Atheism and new Atheism died when Christopher Hitchens died