Importance of fajr prayer

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Today my Legal Hotline that I have in difficulties we cannot fulfill. Would you know of a loved one who has you know, difficulties we can afford pleasure and come in and praise our professional individual certification is the most important side day. Allah subhanho wa Taala sympathies out in the end from amongst all other prayers, Allah subhanho wa Taala says in his lap, after Miss salata, the two locations de la casa Pele was an official establish the prayers from after sunrise until night here it was talking about the Muslim in Asia. And then Allah says what an official and unrecycled official meaning here the federal Sadat in Canada show that indeed unofficial, the

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Federal, it is witnessed witnessed by Alice penna witnessed by special angels who come and write down the names of those who praise a professional engineer. There are so many virtues of the appraisal profession, especially in German, Indonesian, and they are because you may be asking some questions about Are there any tips you know, pointers of that will help us wake up for pleasure? I've got a lot I've got in fact eight pointers that can help in short, low to high to help you wake up and professional Iijima Indonesian. I will be sharing them in sha Allah Allah as part of my rock retreat in Morocco, coming up in April from the ninth to the 14th. inshallah, Tada. The theme is

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walking with the Prophet, learning about Prophet Mohammed and learning about Prophet Mohammed and MPN. There's so many things that we will learn from the Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, check it out inshallah with the higher www that rock retreats calm as I said mid conflict like that.