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Forever – Heaven and Hell

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Riad Ouarzazi

Channel: Riad Ouarzazi

Episode Notes

Episode Transcript

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Hello cancer. This is readdressing I'm like, I'd like to invite you personally, you know, one of the students of Kabira said and the students of McGill in Montreal, this coming up Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the seminar forever It's called forever all about you know, Heaven and Hell

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on Saturday, it's friday saturday it's all about the head fire decisions that lead to head fire. And how can one save himself or herself from head fire and then Sunday all about you know, a meticulous description of Jenna and how can we all antigen in Sharla huhtala so here my invitation coming all to all of you inshallah, tada, my students, my dear brothers and sisters from Montreal, and I can't wait to see you. Please come and join me. Friday again, 67 seventh and eighth of February union Concordia University in Sharla. Whoa, Tada. Don't miss it out because it's going to be an epic and shallow data as I can walk into Santa Monica. Not like that.