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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. A message from puppy that shrimps in London. He is what I'm coming back again, I'm sorry, but you know what, I can get enough of you, I know you can get enough for me. So we went up, I'm coming back to teach this amazing, newly, newly newly, you know, seminar that just came out Forever, forever, what, whatever, whatever.

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So it's all about gender and gender. I know some of you got a little taste. You know, you're in the heart surgery, you know, when we did the one hour tour in Geneva, but here in fact, it's going to be one full weekend, describing you know, Hellfire and then Sunday describing shutting up a full day in general as if you're there. Lots of fun awaiting for you, in fact, is going to be another roller coaster of emotions. But at the end, it's all going to be about Shana in Charlotte. A lot of fun, I've got a lot of things in fact, be prepared for you in store some new techniques and some new crazy moves, you may say inshallah to add chips. You know how much I love you guys, right? So you

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don't want to miss out because you either miss it or miss out. So do not do that. Don't do it in Java data to come in. It's only one weekend Come on guys. It's only what we get them in our and it's all about sitting them and in fact, because we're going to go old agenda together in Charlotte with Jada and we're going to do a dance

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to add it all together what it's had add to that some gentlemen Come on, it is highlight so we can have lots of fun during the signature. I'd love to add up and I hope and I pray that the lesson

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would make us all gather and meet in the highest demand.

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So please check out you know another website for this particular seminar and also a chef's you know, populations website for more information on this amazing, amazing one weekend seminar for ever