Responding To Evil With Good – Reminders and Reflections

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of Islam and the benefits of gentleness, including reducing evil and increasing evil tension. The speaker also talks about a woman who was yelled at by a Prophet and later beat up by a man. The speaker emphasizes that gentleness is a means to increase tension and suggests that it is a means to increase evil tension.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa.

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So the verse is recited upon us in the first Straka were from Surah facilite. And there is a Quranic commandment there where Allah Subhana Allah says, it is our ability he has an

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Repel evil

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with that which is good.

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Responding to evil, by evil only increases evil. So, the Quran says, if there is evil, repel it by good

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave the best example as to how to do this give you a quick a quick

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example they said that one time the Prophet peace be upon him was the graveyard and they were

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digging a grave for one of his companions who passed away and as they're digging the grave and making the grave somebody from the Jewish community walks in, and he starts yelling at the Prophet peace be upon him. Yeah, Mohammed, rude dalla Jamar Lee for intercom Yeah, Benny Abdullah Taalib Coleman mothball and tomato FIRA de mal Qudra. Allah, the very key. He said, Oh Mohamed gave me back what you bought it from me. I know you found that you have Abdulmutallab you like to delay paying back even though you have the ability to do so. It was very, very rude. And people were so upset like how dare you speak to the Prophet. So I still am like this, especially given the circumstances

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of what's going on. And the people wanted to beat up on him. So the Prophet peace upon him said no, the man has rights and he's asking for what is his and he tells me we're gonna hop up to go and give him whatever it is that is due to Him. And as they're walking or Murata say really wanted to beat up on the man. And as they walk in the man holds the hands of armor and hot tub and says, a shadow Allah Ilaha illa Allah who know Muhammad Rasool Allah, I bear witness that this man is a prophet of Allah. Now I'm not at all confused. And he said, What do you mean? And he said, I have reviewed everything that is in the Torah, about becoming messenger. And he said, every description that was

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there, but there was one that I wanted to personally test myself. All Jah Fie, oh Safi and who couldn't lemmas da da li je le jehlen Is that Helmond sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. He said that the more

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the foolish, act foolishly towards him. It only increases him in gentleness and clemency and said, I know I was being rude, but he said it was the perfect time to test this and see if he is really a prophet of Allah, or not a prophet of Allah.

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And when the Quran says Repel evil with good repel evil will with gentleness. There are eight different benefits of gentleness just one of them is. They say that gentleness diffuses tension.

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Unlike responding to evil by evil, it only increases tension, but gentleness diffuses diffuses that tension? May Allah Subhana Allah grant us gentle souls Europa Island