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hamdulillah Handan que sera appraises do towbars Hanworth, Almighty God who has guided us

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and always blessed us with a incomparable blessing by guiding us to Islam, no matter who fails to realize the truthfulness of that statement, even allow the robbing Allah

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mentioned in one of his sayings,

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Millennium dunya

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learn on

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their phone, the blessings of this world is that Islam suffices as a blessing if we get nothing else from this world, or we leave this world

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with it in law,

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school law on our phones

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and nothing else will matter. Nothing that missed us, or passed us by in this world will matter. Because the brief time you spent here will be forgotten, as soon as we visit the graves

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on that. On the other hand, if we leave this world, and we've obtained two positions of power and influence, and we gain all the wealth the world has to get

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at everything the world has to give.

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For we leave this world.

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Mullah Mohammad Rasool Allah is not on our tongues and is not in our heart.

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Then what does it mean? What is the word

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he's done before Allah subhana wa Tada. And we realize the truthfulness of this

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Vichy man

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may have

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my wealth is of no benefit now. All of those millions, all of those billions that I loved and stole, stolen, killed for. And if you look at this copy today,

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and people are hesitant to speak like this, think you'll end up on YouTube.

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You'll end up like you're my wife

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on YouTube.

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But Henry Ford Truman

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once said, President Harry Truman, former president, he sees president,

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who has done nothing more,

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is moved by fear to shut his mind. Or close his mouth. Every American is impelled.

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And Harry Fullan made that statement in the aftermath of the struggle against fascism.

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Any understood

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fascist who wants him to tell it terian regime and totalitarian rules don't want anyone to criticize

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anyone to speak out. They will by fear and intimidation.

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And when that happens in a democracy, the viability of that democracy is impel.

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But that's not what we want to talk about. I want to talk about our religion.

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Because this religion, and we started this talk with is a source of hope,

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as a source of salvation, is a source of good

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and offers many solutions to the problems that are eroding the society. We talked about the financial collapse of those countries, and perhaps the entire economy, was the ruler of the world that is users transaction interest. Is that the root of it speculation is that the root of monopoly is that hoarding is at the root of it, as all of these economic practices are forbidden insider trading, is that the root of all of these practices are forbidden by Islam.

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All of these practices are provisioned by Islam, which behooves us as most of them not been told about the solution.

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it's time for us to work

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for his solution, and your work to let people know about

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this is now in our communities, and our economic practices and our institutions, to let this light shine. So the people perceive it as the darkness the sense

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that there should be a light. And this religion is light.

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As religion as light, is probably as the light

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and the forehead itself as the light nor every believer is of Allah, Allah, moose in their wacky world of laws, the lives of the heavens and the earth. And every single believers are like

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every single believers alike, and we have to shine that light and not cover it up. Don't put a hovering over it, that is shining through the world. As we move

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deeper into this election campaign.

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Many Muslims

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think about how they should vote, and vote for some Muslims don't

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think intelligently how we can best use this

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that we've been blessed with it is a blessing.

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Every blessing, as they say, potentially can become a curse. It's up to us to make sure remains a blessing. But in any case, so we asked ourselves, who should I vote for? What policy should I endorse, as Muslims, we don't have to experiment. We don't have to set up a think tank.

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To discover once you govern our agenda, our agenda, our scholars who have looked at the source of all sources of our religion, looked at the Quran and looked at the Sunnah. And then extracted from those, the objectives, the purposes, the principles that we can derive from those sources, they have already given us insight as to how to go about the process of agenda formation be that on a personal level, or V that the level of communities and organizations

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they're deriving from the teachings of the religion, what are sometimes called

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the Great overarching objectives of the Divine Law, there are some times you franchise and cool the apple hubs, the five way universals of the Divine Law. And those five things inform our personal and they should inform our collective agenda, whether those things The first one has the dean, protecting religion.

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So that tells us as an individual, or as a community, we can support any project

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that will lead to a friend the viability of religion.

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Because the Sharia the Divine Law was instituted to preserve religion, because we legend defines us and lays out the path of salvation.

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So that's the first fundamental times and our platform. And in this country, where Muslims are strong minority,

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that might mean

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for the sake of preserving an environment where we are free to practice our religion, supporting groups, our ideas are not supporting but possibly aligning ourselves with groups, or ideas

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that will endorse

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civil libertarians, for example, or for free and open system where everyone is free to present their ideas. So that means whereas most of them were free to practice, we're free from this lab. We're free to wear clothing that identifies us as Muslims. That's our personal freedom. But people want to watch your fire, they're free to worship fire

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at a flawlessly system, it doesn't concern us what they do.

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What concerns us is maintaining the integrity of the system so that we are free to do what we do. So if we look at the objective

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as opposed to the particulars

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And then is informed our thinking to understand that to preserve the environment, we might have to compromise some of the particulars. Because this this URI wants us to preserve our religion.

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The second one

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is deep discussion, one of these could be 10 co paths, we have to do five and seven minutes.

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The next one

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protecting life.

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This law was instituted to protect life.

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And as many Daddy can intensify the venue so you can know who

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the lady nuts of the sad figure and other nurses, woman.

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Nurses Jamia worker save the life. Whoever takes the life one justice is if they've murdered all of humanity, and one bears or saves a single life is as if they saved all of humanity. This is what Islam is all about. So knowing that we cannot support

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the policies of this war machine, and who knows, but it's one of the somebody because when you have trillions of dollars, dedicated to an infrastructure whose only purpose is to kill people, you have to find somebody to kill

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it as most of them wishes said no.

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Sharia law says you save life, and you only fight as a last resort.

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As an imperative, as dictated by your economic interests.

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of the American people, generally, there are good people, and there are a lot of them.

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And generally,

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people will stand up and acknowledge this truth, that as Muslims, we should put this on the agenda. And we should push it because our religion demands

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protecting the intellect.

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And when we look at what sort of policies we should endorse, or support, or put our weight behind is not just anti drug and anti alcohol, we have to think

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and realize drugs and alcohol, we fight them on the demand side. Before we supply them on the supply side, we try to put faith in people's hearts, so they don't need any drugs, we try to put contentment in their soul, so they don't need any alcohol. And then you can have adult yellow on every corner, and a liquor store on the other corner. And then no business. Because no one needs to offer their mind or to alter the state of being. Because there was a loss of habitat in the heart. And that's the greatest delight.

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physically alive is.

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Those who believe and their hearts find comfort in the religions of the remembrance of Allah. That should be our job to work to fill this country with the remembrance of Allah subhanho wa taala. So people don't need and they don't need alcohol, to find comfort.

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Talk about these earning intellect.

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We have to move beyond drugs and alcohol, we have to look at the policies that are dumbing down our children,

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the educational system, and making meaningful and real reforms in the educational system

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that creates gummies in the school. Why is that? So? Because there's a system put in place to keep everyone dumb, because it's cheaper and is more politically wise to have a semi educated population and import your rates.

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Because everyone has a good education, and everyone knows how to think if everyone can cope, you get so many of them. And then you create what's known as a revolution of rising expectations. I have this good education. I learned how to do calculus in fourth grade

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and you can employ them all why am I working at Burger King flipping hamburgers?

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You create revolutionary pressures in your society. So keep everyone

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Tom, I'm flipping burgers at Burger King because I can't count to 10.

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So I guess I should be at Burger King and import your brains.

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When we talk about preserving intellect,

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there are other things besides drug and alcohol that we have to look at

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protecting and preserving progeny, which is a fancy way to say children,

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our families, but specifically our future generations,

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which means

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any disruptive policy environment, the destruction of the environment,

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no environmental soundness in our future our children have

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on the Fisher deck, you can read the air, all the land has been poisoned by toxic dumps.

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We are in the forefront of the environmental movement, the Iroquois nation.

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That was some of you, you go into the store, you see some products that have seven generations on them.

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For most of these country companies is a marketing tool.

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is seven generations come from the Iroquois nation,

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when they develop the policy? They will not implement that policy? And they do they thought out collectively the implications of that policy for seven generations. How is this going to affect our children and their children and their children and their children and their children and their children and their children. And if there's an adverse effect on those future generations, we're not going to do it. That was a basic principle that guidances policy formation guides the file policy formation here. How much money can evade me today

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has been destroyed the environment, I'll go the private house on an island in the South Pacific

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destroys our youth. We're telling them to kill each other, listen to the music. On the come a bunch of gangsters

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become a bunch of horse and prostitute.

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character makes money.

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Let's do it.

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That's how we make policy.

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Under overturn a law that will make cars more efficient, that was that will work against polluting environment

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because they might affect the oil business.

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That's how they make policy. And again, as a community, we have to galvanize our resource began to put our heads and our hearts together to introduce these principles into the policy making process. And finally, the preservation of wealth.

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And to preserve wealth,

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no interest, no.

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No monopoly, monopoly, no speculation, no insider trading and trading.

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No value is causing.

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How you preserve wealth. When your currency has value is gold or silver. You always have money for when your currency is just paper. It has the value of paper and insert economic conditions and can be absolutely worthless. Germans gone with their benchmarks in 1929 and 1930.

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They're avoiding them

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because it was cheaper to borrow the money then to use the money to buy board or fuel or coal. And then we're using it to pay for wallpaper on the walls because it was cheaper to put the dark marks on your wall than it is to buy wallpaper and the same thing can happen to the dark

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when the British

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reserve well

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when we talk about preserving wealth, we're not talking about reckless capitalist green

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because our principles for preserving wealth also lead us to distribute wealth

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and their wealth is a well defined right for them environment of course forced to x and by spreading the wealth out you preserve it because the poor people love you more when you get a smaller and smaller you

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You have super rich people living in walled and gated communities, and everyone else is becoming increasingly poor.

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People start to get resentful.

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And they start to have people thoughts for you, they start stealing from you. They start looking at ways to be where you are

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is not why we should stand up and do our best articulate a credible alternative. And that takes our own community, working hard in our ways, great and small. And never underestimate the power of something as small as done consistently. As the most beloved act to Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Tyler's going to make that thing, have an impact. And as always want to remind all the brothers and sisters to stand up and be proud to be a Muslim. Stand up and be proud to be a Muslim. And that's your light shine. And you can make a difference. You can make a difference in your neighborhood. You can make a difference in your school. You can make a difference in your job

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